American Idol Really Really Wants a Girl to Win!

If “America” weren’t so biased as they’ve shown themselves these past few years, I would call the competition right now and say Jessica Sanchez is Season 11’s American Idol.

But, you know, there is Phillip Phillips to contend with since he’s channeling David Cook, Chris Daughtry, and Scotty McCreery all rolled into a cuter package of the “white guy with guitar.” But who knows? “America” just might surprise me yet, as they did when they voted for Fantasia as the Idol winner back in Season 3.

What I will say with certainty is that American Idol, at least the producers, really, really,  really, really, REALLY want a girl to win this season.  What else would account for why last night’s Top 12 guys all collectively SUCKED (give or take a nice performance by the likes of said Phillip-squared and Joshua Ledet) and tonight’s Top 12 gals totally and royally kicked the guys’ collective butts?

I’ve seen this kind of card-stacking before on the part of the judges and producers. When they want a girl to win, they go out of their way to put through a huge portion of really talented girls and totally mediocre boys in the Top 24. This happened in Season 3 (when Fantasia won) and Season 6 (when Jordin Sparks won). This is also what they do when they really, really, really, really, REALLY want a woman of color to win.  They make it so that “America,” even if they have certain biases against black girl “divas” and their style of singing, would vote for said “divas” because their talent is so above and beyond that they don’t have a viable alternative.

So, this year, not only do Idol’s producers want to break the gender streak of the past four winners, they want to break the racial streak as well.  And, now that I’ve heard Jessica perform tonight, in a sea of blondes and brunettes, methinks she will go far for a number of reasons.

1.  She’s an amazing singer of the “diva” persuasion.

2. The boys generally SUCK!

3. She’s gonna stand out in a sea of blondes and brunettes with equal talents (like Elise and Skylar, who also impressed me tonight).

4. She’s got no black female “diva” singer to compete with (NOW that I’ve heard Jessica it makes sense that they didn’t put any black girls through if they really want her to win) and therefore won’t have to “split votes” among the soul-music audience voters.

5. With her admiration for Jennifer Hudson (see above video) and her great rendition of her “Love You I Do” tonight, she’s got the “black” vote in the bag, along with the Asian and Latina/o votes.

6. We have yet to have a non-white and non-black American Idol – she’s a worthy contender!

So, yeah, I’m calling it for Jessica Sanchez!

Now watch as the show (or “America”) does something stupid to mess up her chances of winning…

After all, This … is… American Idol! 😛


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  1. don’t watch AI anymore after David season. It’s a little sad that the comments will now be about other artist instead of David. I know that in order to continue these fan sites, that might be what happens.
    I will support the sites, but will not comment on other artist.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Cq, you’re so loyal to David! 🙂

      I am too but can’t help commenting on pop culture. I wonder who David prefers on AI?

      • David tweets about watching AI all the time. He just send a tweet about contestant Joshua Ledet. He always tweets and comments about AI and other talent shows. David is a huge and supportive fan of new talent. I agree that AI does not treat David they way they should but he is not alone there. AI does not treat most of their former idols that well. That includes the I still like “The Voice” better this year.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        The Voice kicks Idol’s butt this season. No contest! 😛

  2. My husband was really enthused about Jessica Sanchez after this performance of The Prayer:

    I agree, but can’t help also rooting for Phillip Phillips this year, despite his white-guy-with-guitar thing. I always root for the girls, with a notable exception in Season 7, of course.

    • I think that Jessica is amazing and should win as to me she has no competition. Although I agree that Skylar and Elise have good voices. The problem is the audience that AI tends to draw just loves “WGWG” but they are not commercial or relevant enough to sell well on the long term. For example David Cook, Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen, ect. ect. I do like a few guys like Philip but Jessica is clearly the stand out artist IMO. I am sure AI wants Jessica but I bet the “America” that watches AI will get it wrong once again. lol Jessica is so talented that she does not even need to win AI anyway,

  3. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    David does support the show, and more than most of his fans, I think he understands that it is a show out to make money more than a show out to find great talent. That’s why they spin things toward the new every season.

    Even though I get that, I stopped enjoying after David’s season. I like the Voice more but am not addicted to it.

  4. Last night, I listened to Idol while working on something else; as such, i could not see the contestants. Jessica’s voice and song selection made me look at the tv to see the performance. I hope she wins. I think she would be very marketable in the pop scene.

  5. There are other really good female voices, but she is a total package in the sense that she is able to show emotions as she sings, so it is not just her voice but a real performance to watch…Jessica would have my vote if I had a vote!! Then I would have to want to vote!!


  6. new vlog!!! can’t wait to get off work so i can actually watch it. 🙂

  7. disappointed fan

    An album for US fans: “some of my favorite songs that relate to the next phase of my life” = LDS songs 😦

    • Yes, that was my thought too. I just am not interested if that is the music he is talking about. I am also not a fan of gospel/Christian music. I am sure there are some fans that will be interested. David leaves at the end of the month. It is his choice and he seems happy with it now.

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