“David Idolizes Bench”

How cute is this behind-the-scenes photo shoot video? (Thanks, Grammyj, for bringing this over here!)


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  1. To cchalo:

    A few threads back you said: “I just re-watched the Ryan Seacrest interview Bookaholic posted. Hearing David go on and on about staying close and not being a stranger to his brother and sisters gives me pause in light of his upcoming two year absence. His priorities surely have changed since then.”

    I really don’t think David should put his own life on hold just to be near his siblings. He doesn’t have to be geographically close to them to have a close relationship with them. A bond between siblings should be able to survive a 2-year absence, otherwise one might wonder if the bond was strong at all. I think it’s unfair to say that David’s priorities have changed – you think his sisters are gonna plan their lives according to where David is and what he does?

    • I just love this Bench video of David. He looks so good in it.

      • David just sent this tweet out: @DavidArchie You guys might say “Why Florida?” but my manager’s down there & people I know that”ll make sure I get it before I go and while I’m gone! 🙂 I am assuming he means Kari as I believe she lives in Florida. This is very good news. I am so glad that David was able to make a strong connection to Kari. She is professional and seems well connected in the industry.

  2. Agreed, to both of you. I certainly haven’t planned my life according to where my brothers have lived, and neither have they.

    And I too love David’s relationship with Kari and am happy to see a fan address.

  3. Terrific … re. the Kari news! After watching the modeling clip, green and turquoise are becoming two of my fav colors. The green t-shirt had me reminiscing about David’s very first vlog.

  4. He needs to wear more turquoise! He looks fabulous in it.

  5. I love the bench modeling clip ! David looks fantastic and really at ease. It’s also really great to have a fan mail address. Fans asked so much about it and now that he’s about to leave, he tweet about it lol. It’s like he’s doing all he can to do the opposite thing an international pop star would do lol. At least it means he wants to keep in touch with the fans, I think that I’ll try to write him a letter (in frenglish lol) just to thank him for the last great 4 years of being a fan …

  6. You know, I think that his decision to go on a mission really helped him to be more open and to try new things. What I’m trying to say is that he seemed to restrict himself more when he was saying that music was his mission than now that he’ll do a traditional one. It’s like he allows himself to do things as a singer (or as an actor or a model) that seemed from my fan’s perspective to be inconceivable for him before. And the best thing is that he seems really comfortable in his skin and really confident singing love songs, modeling and acting in a soap opera that involves a love triangle ! I’m not saying that he’s going to sell his soul to the music biz lol, just that his decision to go on a religious mission, instead of making him more reserved or more preachy like some of us feared, he seems more open and freer than he ever was. Can’t wait for him to go because I’m impatient to see what he’ll have to offer as an artist (essentially) when he’ll come back !

    • I agree 100%, cmoi. It’s been so obvious since the moment he made the announcement that he felt free!

      • Yup, and that freedom has given us so many goodies to enjoy! Thanks David!
        From previous post…I don’t know much, but I’m with Tibi on David’s income while in the Philippines. I’m pretty sure he banked more than a mill. I’d venture to guess, significantly more than that. I have no proof, just a speculation.

    • agreed. It was like he was at a speedbump and now he is over it. yaaa,

    • I always thought he look more happy away from US , i mean seriously and this time more like an independent 21 old young adult in charge of his life …. hopefully doing the mission , really gonna give the freedom to be him self without feel he should be perfect and try to live his life without the pressure he still having of be the ‘Perfect Role Model’ for the world.

  7. Embe – I don’t think David “should” do anything other that what he wants. Observing his emphasis on being close to his siblings and contrasting that with the decision to separate for two full years is interesting. Reminiscing about time with his brother and sisters is what made him the most emotional just before his announcement in Salt Lake City, and what his costar reported made him tear up when discussing it with her. It’s obviously huge for him. Perhaps it’s not a change of priorities as much as a decision to sacrifice what he seems to consider paramount.

    I think it’s interesting to listen to that interview around the time he says he was first deciding to go on the mission. I realize now that he was in the process of deciding before and during his book tour–it really must have been what started him reflecting on his path in life.

  8. And about his family , i just think that like group they’re already evolving , since the moment of his parents divorce ….. her sister just get married , his young brother has 18 already , maybe going to college or following his path and going in mission, and even Jazzy that to me looks more mature that even David sometimes, gonna have almost 18 in two years , all of them in the age where young explore their option in life … of course he’s gonna be surprised for the changes , but happen in all the families i guess … we all have strong relationships more with some siblings that with others, depending of our life experiences and connections.

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