David in a Bunny Suit…

Thanks, Desertrat, for posting a link to today’s preview episode of … NANDITO AKO! 😀


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  1. I am curious about the ratings of this show, but I can’t find anywhere or anyone talking about it yet. Anyone has this info? I would appreciate if someone local will comment on this also, as I understand sometimes it’s more then just looking at the numbers.

    • I saw somewhere (FOD?) that the ratings were not good, but that they had steadily increased–from 2.5% to maybe 4% of the audience for the first four shows. There was some discussion that many people don’t have the channel on their TV.

      • Oh also, there was also something about the ratings not being as good as the show before it–Wil Time, but better than the one after–Valiente.

      • thanks cchalo. Do you know what % does the top rated show get on that same hour from other networks, and from TV5 itself?

        I understand that TV5 is a new network, therefore low ratings is almost a given. I just try to guess if TV5 is happy with the ratings. I would think if the numbers show slightly higher than TV5 normally gets, that would be a good sign already.

  2. Today episode was so good !! and in some parts make me wonder if David think like Josh ….. but was a lovely episode … the best one until today #TeanAnyaFTW 🙂

    Oh btw the scene of Josh jumping in his Bunny costume in to the limo was a classic lol, good stuff in David words 🙂

  3. Hi Everyone!
    Tibi – I also had the same thought about David thinking like Josh. Because this character mirrors so much of his professional life. I am sure in acting as well as singing there are multiple parts of a role in which the actor/singer will be able to relate to. It especially got to me when Josh spoke of a lack of a real vacation and the taking of so many pictures. That is why it would be great to see him in another role totally the opposite of what he is now portraying.

    Finally got to see SMASH last night. KMcphee can sing and dance but I personally think raw, untrained David is so much more interesting to watch. He certainly acts a lot with his eyes. Its terrific!!!

  4. i saw the bunny clip, it was pretty funny. david tweeted that he went for a bike ride, he is almost close to going on a mission!!. i called it “bike in training” haha! maybe that is a part of missionary training??

  5. I just re-watched the Ryan Seacrest interview Bookaholic posted. Hearing David go on and on about staying close and not being a stranger to his brother and sisters gives me pause in light of his upcoming two year absence. His priorities surely have changed since then.

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