Curiosity Got the Better of Me (Unfortunately)

What the heck am I watching?

Oh. Yeah.  American Idol.

Before I go any further, here’s a trip down memory lane during this same Top 24 Week on Idol.  ‘Member this performance?

Me too! 😛

So, imagine my shock and horror at finally tuning in to Season 11 – just to see what the good folks are up to since I’ve been having such a good time tuning into The Voice – and what do I find?

Oy veh!

First, what the heck was that… that … that thing I just witnessed at the beginning of the show? Some goofball doing a jazzed up version of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”?  Some generic-looking dude named Reed Grimm pulling out the drum sticks (seriously, after David’s “Drummer Boy” performance, other folks just need to sit down!) and trying to “move like Jagger” when he looks like he’s moving like his grandpa at some nursing home?

Just… No!

The follow up performer – another generic-looking guy – had the audacity to do a Motown song? Seriously, where the heck is your “soul”? Just… Ugh!

OK, so right now Season 11 is off to being the cheesiest cheese that ever cheesed!

And just when I thought they were bringing in some “diversity” with their Justin-Guarini-meets-Jason-Castro lookalike, the man made some painful sounds in what seemed to have been a semblance of a falsetto?!

Do I DARE keep watching for the rest of the night?

Sigh. I miss me some David.

More than that: I miss me some Simon Cowell, because unlike the present three stooges, he would have called out all these acts on the big “hot messes” that they are!

And this is what happens when American Idol continues to be in denial of David’s unmatched talent.


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  1. I tuned in long enough to hear some fool take on David’s “Angels.” My head is about to explode!

    It’s time to turn the channel…

    • Heejun just made a big mistake on AI. lol Never sing Angels if you are not David A. David owns that song. It did remind me what a great vocalist David really is so that was a good thing.

  2. Oh no Heejun just didn’t mangle Angels? Yes, yes he did. If one is going to try to sing a song that David has taken from the original you gotta at least hit some of those glory notes. BAH! Not so good tonight.

  3. Heijun, that’s his name? Well, he’s dead to me. DEAD!

    Seriously, don’t screw with a song that David OWNS! What ignorance!

    I’m too through right now. Idol needs to pack it up.

  4. Love Heejun, i hope he pass tomorrow, i agree it was not the right song thought, not because David, because each singer has his style , but because he can do better and deliver with such emotion with other songs that fits more his voice, love his explanation 😉 …. the judges are not judging btw, he was the only one receiving bad feedback in the middle of a bad guys night in general.

  5. o man trhat was sad ,,no emotion ,,it was acomaday wasen,t it ?????

  6. This little gem has me feeling better after that mess i just wasted 2 hours on…

    • I think Heejun is very entertaining but I do not get where he has a good voice IMO. It was not just tonight I really did not like his voice in the auditions either. He is very funny and maybe he would make a good comedian. lol I did like a few performances tonight but I think the girls might be stronger tomorrow. I like the talent on the Voice better this year so far.

    • Great video of David!!

  7. I watched Idol too so I wanted to see what everyone was saying, but I found this that I thought you’d all like to see.

    David can not only sing – he’s a fabulous model. What a good looking guy! I like the remix of TOSOD too.

    • Bench did an amazing job with the photo shoot and the video. David has never looked better. I like Bench.

      • I love Bench too. I hope they gave David lots of money. He deserves it. I’ll bet this will sell lots of clothes.

  8. david made a lot of money when he went to the philippines, i am pretty sure he grosses 1 million dollars, with the acting, the bench and talk shows, doing signings???

  9. that is just my opinion that he made 1 million dollars while he was there or he could have made less than that, idk?

  10. grammyj, i think he got lots of free clothes from bench, i mean who wouldnt want free clothes???

  11. Somewhere I saw a dollar amount of around $350,000 just for Nandito Ako.

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