While Watching the Oscars…

One of the biggest developments of American Idol is not David’s loyal fanbase (which is something to gush about, surely) but Ryan Seacrest’s pompous ego.

So, obviously, I got a real kick out of Sacha Baron Cohen’s red carpet stunt at last night’s Oscars, during which he shows up pre-show in character as “The Dictator” and pours the ashes of “Kim Jong-Il” all over … wait for it… Ryan Seacrest!

You can see how Ryan tries to be a good sport, but I know his head wants to explode over his very expensive tux getting ruined!! Methinks Sacha got banned for that stunt. Neither the Academy nor Seacrest have a sense of humor, ya think? heh.


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  1. I’m not a fan of Seacrest’s because I believe he makes false promises (eg, I’d like to have you back on my show again) and money and status seem to be priorities for him. I’m glad Cohen shook him up a bit.

  2. I have to catch up on the oscars today… They gave a cameo appearance to a young, well known singer, I did see that…way to go young singer. It would be pretty nice to see David at the oscars sometime when he returns



  3. Welcome news …


    You’re doing a two-year mission for the Mormon church. Will it cut you off from showbiz?

    “I will be in seclusion but not totally. I can use the computer once a week. I can write letters to my family and friends. I can tweet my fans to update them on what I’m doing.

    • That is good news if David can continue to use his twitter. Esperanza was just amazing last night at the Oscars. I did kind wonder if Ryan was “in” on Sacha’s stunt and knew about it but maybe not. I don’t think Ryan does have a good sense of humor but he loves publicity. Just like JLo. It was still entertaining to see Mr. perfectly groomed Ryan get “ashes” poured over him. lol

    • That would be great, if he can check in via Twitter…

    • I guess someone gonna be hit by the reality once he leaves or someone gonna broke the rules or the rules are actually more flexible that what many people say and what i read on their sites?.
      In any case i can see already the ”Nice” comments from his peers there if he still having communication with the fans …. will be nice if he don’t become very preachy, many don’t like that , in that case can be just meh :/ … but i can totally see this scenario too ….. so will see, I’m now more curious about his adventures lol.

  4. Shanny in Australia

    Thanks for sharing that HG. Not sure if it was funny or not…but it was interesting either way. I thought the ladies helped him survive that sticky situation really well actually…they were the ones who were really down to earth about it and just said it straight rather just trying to pretend everything was all right.

  5. Shanny in Australia

    I would love an English version of Nandito Ako. I’m wondering if some legal constraints have actually ended up preventing that from happening. For instance, the producers and marketers of Nandito Ako (who are they anyway? Tv5? Ivory music? Sony?) would probably be fearful of an English version competing with the sales of the Tagalog version. I hope down the track sometime, David will still do the English.version.

    • I heard David say he wanted to stay true to the film by singing the original NanditoAko. I can’t remember where he said that but it sounded like it was his decision not to sing the English version of NanditoAko.
      I think the song writer really wants him to but don’t think he will at this time anyway.
      David made it sound like he gave it serious thought.

      who knows he may change his mind in the future.

  6. Well SBC is a bad comedian, i don’t enjoy anything about him :/

    Tomorrow Bunny Josh Bradley chapter 🙂 , don’t miss it 😉

    I like the voice tonight 😀 , ready and excited for AI11 tomorrow, hopefully my favorites gonna be OK 😉

  7. this author sees “american idol” as bland and slipping while “the voice” is on the rise.

    “This far into the show, every remaining contestant seems a reminder of a past one: DeAndre Brackensick has the flowing curls of a Jason Castro (but a better voice); … Fifteen-year-old Eben Franckewitz has the pre-puberty voice of a David Archuleta or some kid from “America’s Got Talent.””


    • i forgot to add, note that David is still the benchmark of comparison for young, male contestants. 🙂

  8. I actually like Ryan, though I don’t have much experience watching him beyond Season 7 Idol and bits and pieces since.

    I do remember him treating David well when he interviewed him on his show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZhpdzsrec4&feature=relmfu Also, I appreciated his comment that ‘David Archuleta doesn’t have a bad bone in his body’.

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