Hijacked Again?

So, what say you, peeps? Are these recents tweets really from David, or someone else who got into his account?


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  1. he probably was hacked again by a crazy fan lol. I’m just kidding, I didn’t believe the excuse of the fan hacker the last time about his mission lol. I think that those tweets were really from his little sister, except the last one by David lol.

    I just watched all the episodes of NA and David is really good ! I can’t wait to see him in more scenes. I really think that he did a better job than most of the other actors (especially his uncle lol) because he’s not overacting. I know it’s like a requirement to overplay in soaps but David seems really natural.
    So, about the story line, can we say that Anya’s brother is also Holly’s brother ? I didn’t think I’d enjoy this soap that much lol. And I know it’s only the 5 first episodes and that the characters can evolve but right now, I’m in team Anya/Josh 🙂

    • i think anya and hooly are half sisters. another question i have is what does uncle steve have on josh’s mother? if she’s of sound mind, she must know that uncle steve raised her son? why has she not tried to take josh away from him? and what’s with that indiana jones hat that uncle steve (ie, #mih) often wears? guess we’ll know more in a few weeks, lol.

      • i’m laughing at my “hooly” typo; of course, i meant holly. 🙂

      • I thought the same about Holly and Anya being half sisters at first, but the mystery around the identity of Aladdin’s dad (is that the name of Anya’s brother ?) and the revelation about Teresa having an affair with Holly’s dad made me think that the little brother is related to Holly. I don’t know lol. I’d prefer it to be that the two girls are half sisters because it’d bring much drama lol and it’d be exactly what we should expect from a soap. But there’s still 4 weeks, so there’s still time for unbelievable revelations and really dramatic stuff lol

        I wondered too about Josh mom. Him being an international star, she can’t think he died during the fire and she surely knows he’s with his uncle. In the first episodes, the uncle said that she is responsible for the death of Josh’s dad, so maybe that’s part of the mistery…
        TBH, the uncle makes me laugh, I can’t take him seriously because of the hat but also his strange resemblance with David Cook lol

      • uncle steve’s acting is hilarious! i look forward to his scenes.

    • Well the uncle is the evil in the series, of course he need to overreact ( happen in all the Soaps, even in the US ones) , people always remember the good guy and the bad one , usually and specially in the Soap Operas i saw, the Bad one has some particularity on their behavior and physical appeal to mark the different with others , i wouldn’t criticize his sense of fashion, because in real life you can find people with different ones , and i find interesting people making a big deal of a hat ? lol … the guy is doing a good job too …. because i don’t like him ha, ha … i mean his personage in the series … so should be because his doing a good job. 😉

  2. I forgot to say, if someone would take over his twitter while he’s gone, I’d like it to be a professional, like Kari or his PR person (if he still has one but I doubt D would like to pay someone to do it). I’m not sure it’d be a good thing to let his twitter account to a family member because as entertaining as it could be, they proved in the past that they don’t really know the fine line between public and too personal informations. Who knows what they can decide to share lol. Well, TBH, I just don’t think that they can be trusted in this area…

    • Also, if David and his family would like to share news about him during his mission, maybe they can just use his OS and add a new section where they can share photos and messages if they want… Anyway, I think that he’ll have to keep his OS updated if he has the intention to release songs while he’s on his mission.

    • I agree with you cmoi about David’s twitter and OS just like I stated in the previous thread. I think it is better not to have any family member in charge of it.

    • lol. The good thing that Kari seems to be able to do, that Mel never could was be professonal, yet appropriate and appreciative of the fans and I assume the promoters, partners etc, She also seems to get David and appreciate his outlook on things.

  3. I’m almost positive that David will keep his OS and facebook open with someone updating it. I’m not sure about his twitter but I think he will probably have someone update it too since he has so many followers. I am sure he will NOT have his siblings update it! The reason that not a lot of fans post on his OS is that it doesn’t have a fan board on it, but I don’t think David needs that because he has so many great fansites already like this one. I have checked out other idols’ OS like Cook, Jordin and Kris Allen. David has way more going on with his OS than they do and all three have a label and professional management.

    • I agree that his fan site is sooo much better than when he was with a label. It is updated timely and has good tidbits. I like that it has a connected you tube channel also. I am fine with how the team is doing with that and feel that should be what is updated, along with facebook for any messages from David.

      I guess if Twitter was needed to promote the realease of new music, that would make sense- to use it in that way. Also, it could be used to tweet pictures, if that is permitted on his mission. I think it will be interesting to see if he looses followers and how many and how quickly. Certainly it would make no sense to delete the account since he has said he will return to the business. Deleting it would make folks wonder if that was the case.

    • Also, you probably know but fans are trying to get him to a million before he leaves. That would be pretty cool! A nice round number with lots of zeros.

      • i hope he reaches a million. if he did something out of character (e.g., twitter battle w/ kanye west or chris brown, mock the outfits worn at the Oscars, make a strong political statement, etc.) he’d reach the number really quickly, lol.

      • lo,l desertrat. You are so right about that.

      • The funny thing is, the person trying the hardest to get D to one million followers is Aaron Paul, the writer of Nandito Ako. He was trying for days to get in touch with David. From tweets I’ve seen, looks like Kari may have gotten the two in touch.

        Yesterday, Aaron tweeted how sad he is that D wasn’t able to record Nandito Ako in English. A couple of nights ago, he was tweeting fans to tell all their followers to follow David. A true fanboy moment. lol

        I’ve always wondered why producers and writers here weren’t knocking David’s door down to work with him. I’m just going to keep telling myself that it was contractual issues.

  4. Nandito Ako is a beautiful song but I think it’s overkill if D records an English version. It would be interesting if Charice recorded the English version so that it could be mashed up with D’s — hence, we’d get a duet.

    • I don’t think it would be an overkill, I would love to have him record the English version. Somehow I really don’t want a duet with Charice, she’s a good singer, but for now, I just want to hear only David’s voice.

    • NA should saty in the original language … in my opinion now, before i thought different . 🙂

      • Even though I can’t understand it, I just love Nandito Ako. The melody is lovely and David singing it is divine. But, I’d probably love the English version too.

  5. TBH , i don’t see the point to let his social sites open if he don’t gonna have a career in the next two years …… specially his twitter should stay HIS twitter , that is what make the point to follow him. 😐
    And if that stay a possibility for him to stay having a twitter account open, his family is the least appropriate candidates … for the reason people here already mentioned.

    I agree his OS and FB page could stay open if eventually he’s has the intention to release something new, otherwise i don’t see the point.

    If like the rumors say, he is a three or four weeks to go i really not sure if he’s serious on his intention to record more music …. i mean secular music , that more of the people would be interested; i’m sure though he’s going to record some Hymnes or Gospel (like he call them) i think he promised to some fans .

    ”I’ve always wondered why producers and writers here weren’t knocking David’s door down to work with him. ”

    IDK, i just think people, producers really recognize his talent, but i always had the impression ( we even talked about this in the past in other forums btw) that he’s kind of picky? , and least easy to work with that many people think , specially now that he has his freedom …. looking at the songs he rejected in the past, i don’t see any ” sinner ” situation on the lyrics, but looks like to him many little details are a reason to block and put a veto on the songs , specially in this immediate pre-mission phase ….. if he want in the future to add some deepness to his songwriter skills, and even to interpret the songs from others song writers , he need to overcome that list of little prejudices he has against many normal things or realities on life ….. right now he’s just going deep and deep on the mystic/religious aspect , i seriously can’t see how he’s gonna be able to reemerge with a more open mentality ….. just my opinion.

    BTW , he was super picky in US and then …he’s going to put out an album full of Love songs and just did a Soap Opera full of situations that for him are very questionable lol …. go figure ….. that is David the unpredictable …. of course i enjoyed more this that any other latest project 🙂

    • I think that many celebrities that have a large twitter following do not actually twitter all the time. I think some never do. They have hired people that do their twitter. I do not see why David can’t do that too.

      • Oh, David can totally do that ; ) , i’m not saying he’ can’t at all, i just pointing from a personal perspective if i will still interested to follow a person knowing that actually he’s not the one tweeting …. maybe in the case it is his official assistant just to deliver some business and release news …. that will be interesting …. idk at the end maybe is not that important tbh lol.

      • Yes I agree that it really does not matter as David has not hired professionals in the past to handle his career so why would he now when he is leaving for 2 years. I thought Kari did a great job in the Philippines but then she is a pro with experience with working with music artists and the industry. I also think in hindsight Melinda and WEG were not as bad as I thought they were except for her huge mistake at the end. David has really never let professionals guide his career for any length of time and IMO that is a mistake. But it is his mistake to make. His younger sisters are adorable and kind of fun IMO. lol

  6. oh jazzy did it again. amber seems like a real fun sister. i think when david go out, i think he should take his computer everywhere he goes, well not anymore now because he won’t see his family for two years so his sister can’t hacked his computer when he is gone.

  7. whoop it not jazzy. sorry about that, it amber.

  8. Tibi, your last paragraph is exactly why we cannot predict what David will do. Just when we think we know what he will do he surprises us. I also think if he was still with a label we would have gotten a lot less music from David. Someone at MJ’s commented that if he had re-signed with the label and stayed with WEG he would probably have put out another single like Jordin, and who knows if radio would have played it. Jordin still hasn’t released her third album as her single didn’t get radio play. David on the other hand has put out the Asian edition of TOSOD and now the Forevemore album plus being featured on the MOTAB CD, and is planning to put out music while he is away. He has put out more music in four years than any other idol.

    • I’m one consistently saying that I’m sure he’s gonna do music in the future, what kind and in what kind of context? idk : and i don’t gonna venture to predict either … i’m conscious that I’m one of few fans that hold back a little to believe all what he say, at least from the few that still posting on his fansites , i just being cautious with my expectations this time or maybe just handling more like ”after this years i’m more curious about what’s gonna happen” and i don’t gonna apologize for that 😉 …
      Let me explain that in my reasoning i was wondering that if he want and is positive about to come back to build or rebuild his career , why he don’t do some simple steps to at least make easy that transition?
      Why he can’t sign a distribution deal at least to make easy for his fans around the world to buy his material? why not to sign a publisher deal to be sure his work and image gonna be promote on his absence via TV back up music by example? ( more important right now that even a record deal)… he can still producing his music if he want ( even i really hope for him moving forward more far that the Utah and LA limits in term of collaborations) …. yes many artists make breaks on their careers, but usually is after they’re already stablished artists , and don’t even that give them the security to comeback the same , and not a groupe of faithful fans can’t replace the professional work in terms of promotion and publicity or contacts … and yes i agree he already put a lot in the market , more than any Idol and that make me proud for real 🙂 , but clearly is nothing consistent to be considered ‘His ‘ style or signature … not yet at least … i gonna say that in the future i want to buy his music specially because is exceptional and good and not only because is David.

  9. I do believe that David does want a career in music in two years. He has said he does in interviews and I believe him. He needs to keep his OS and Facebook open. Fans that are Mormons continually say that Mormon missionaries when they come home go back to whatever they were doing before they left. Also there is no career path in the Mormon church for a returned missionary. Pretty much everything in the Mormon church seems to be done on a voluntary basis. If he were in a protestant church he could have a career in church music or ministry but that doesn’t seem to be the case in the Mormon church from what I’ve read. Any Mormon fan reading this can correct me if I’m wrong, so I think David will try to return to his music career. Whether he can make a go of it is another question, but I believe he will try.

    • TBH i was not even thinking about this (church work ) like a possibility, but saying that he need to get over with some prejudices or fears about simple and normals things in life to be considered serious about his songwriter skills and like and mature adult artist …. in two years he’s gonna have 23 going to 24 , the cutest factor can be over by then, specially if like some people predict he’s gonna be married 😉 or like himself said will be college time …. so his focus will be other than to have a career … his time to be full focus into build a career could be over by then , so I can expect an slow come back if that would be the case .

      And about the other part of your post and just because i want to explain and be clear ….. right now he has the money to offer his free services to his Church if he want ; ) , yes even in music …. , is pretty obvious to me that they save something before to offer the services, otherwise will be irresponsible with their own families ; that doesn’t make less respectable their dedication , neither the fact if some pastors receive a salary 🙂 and i read too that some administrative posts are actually paid , so in the big picture many people in other denominations give their services free too , more of the church musicians don’t receive money for their services and even many pastor of small and medium sizes protestant Churches 😐 … many of this people give their service for free , maybe not in the same organized structure , but i now by self experience that is like that …. all around the world, even here in Canada, some works even in more precarious condition than many can imagine … just for the happiness of sharing an specific gospel and/or work very close with those in need . 🙂

      • I agree Tibi that most church work by all denominations is done by volunteers. I was just trying to say that it would be hard for David to make a career of music within his church as their doesn’t seem to be a path for being paid for that. He could of course go to college for something else or another musical path like a music teacher.

  10. Anyway happy Nandito Ako second week you all . 🙂

  11. looks like jazzy hijacked d this time. will it ever end? have they not been told this is wrong? 😕

    ooo jazzy, u r so sassy and bootifull. i wish i wuz a pokemon mastur lyke u. y am i not a majestic being like yourself?

  12. david’s behind-the-scenes shoot for Bench! Wow ….

  13. Amber, then Jazzy.

    Obviously David has been away from home fulfilling his preparedness required prior to going to his MTC. Going to as many temples as he can in his area is one of the requirements. He left his computer home so as not to be tempted to go on the Internet and take the focus away from his priorities, which seems to be all about the mission.

    As for the music he promised to be released over time in the next 2 years. Not holding my breath because he may not have time. We shall see.

    The countdown To Mission Zero began as soon as he stepped off the plane when he got back from the Philippines.

    But hey, we will have “Forevermore” soon and for now we have NA
    in which David have been extraordinary!

    • Going to as many temples as he can in his area is NOT a requirement prior to entering the MTC. And he probably left his computer at home because he didn’t need it. I don’t think we actually know where he was at the time he was hacked. Could have been out with friends.

      • Shanny in Australia

        He could have been out recording some of those songs he said he was going to record when he got back to the States. 🙂

    • I kind of agree in the point that i don’t see him either opening time to record more than the religious song he promised to some fans …. again David overseas is a lot more fun than David in US … hopefully i’m wrong , i will be happy to be wrong about this, and he’ll record some different stuff ….. obviously i hope specially he’s gonna leave the way for his songs to be purchased via itunes at least …. but i’m skeptical 😉

      ‘The Mission Zero” LOL, sound funny …. the kid is kind of obsessed sometimes , ( not his only and first one ) , well i really don’t know if is a requirement , but he’s doing this already since some time ago , is like he’s hypnotized by the temple structures ..idk , i find the all thing interesting ?.

      Forevermore can be fun, but the shipping is to high for his young fans to buy in US , so because this i insist and wish he signing a distribution deal … to make it easy for his US/Canadian fans and even in the rest of the world to buy the music …. but again i’m skeptical. :/

  14. It’s none of my business but I can’t help it – I need to say this.

    David’s twitter is a tool used by him to grow and maintain his business. His siblings must stop messing with it. Their mother needs to discipline those girls. They need to be taught a lesson. And David himself needs to take steps to protect his account.

    I will shut up now.

  15. and just what harm have the sisters done?????

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