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Fans of David (Visit) have been real good at providing links to the episodes (and to TRANSLATIONS!). So I’m following their lead and re-posting here! 🙂

Episode 1 (2/20/12), Part 1Part 2,      Translation Episode 1

Episode 2 (2/21/12), Part 1Part 2,      Translation Episode 2

Episode 3 (2/22/12), Part 1Part 2,      Translation Episode 3

Episode 4 (2/23/12), Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4,      Translation Episode 4

Episode 5 (2/24/12),  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4,      Translation Episode 5


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  1. Thanks. I am enjoying watching these episodes. David has some very good acting skills.

  2. Embe86, Thanks so much for the subtitled link to Nandito Ako. I’ve been watching anyway, but it’s really nice to understand it all! 😆

  3. hg and embe, thanks for the clips! i’m fully caught up and now i sort of know what’s going on.

    does anyone know the role of the guy who accompanies josh to the cemetery and to the palm reader? is he a apart of the josh’s management team? uncle steve’s son, (ie., josh’s cousin)?

    from the previous thread, thanks tibi for the info re.haley and her upcoming music releases. also hg, thanks for the info re. the ai season 10 top 24.

  4. The Voice contestants Nathan Parrett and Pip Andrew:

  5. Re David’s twitter account- I don’t think anyone should use it. I think it should just stay there until his return. He should tweet
    something like “is in Utah” or “is in LA” lol- like his first tweet,

    If he wants someone else to tweet updates for music etc, I think they should start a separate account, such as one for his official site.

    other than when his family or others have hacked, he has always used it as a personal message board to the fans, I don’t think that should change while he is gone,
    Oh and Happy Sat nite all!

    • guess that comment was OT… I was responding to something from a few threads back. Have been busy & not commented this week but have tried to catch Nandito. Somehow it reminds me of a soap opera that my mother watched when I was a child- The Edge of Night… not sure why. lol

      • give the hack job d’s sister did on his twitter yesterday, this comment is very timely. i prefer that only d comment from his twitter account. his facebook and website accounts are less personal; it doesn’t matter to me who updates those.

      • I’m not sure what I think should happen with David’s twitter. A lot of celebrities don’t do their own twitter. If someone would take over his twitter I would like it to be Kari. I think she did such a good job for David on the MKOCT and in the Philippines. All I know is that I will miss David’s tweets!

      • I think that 2 years is a long time to let his twitter account remain inactive. I also think his OS should be “done over” and managed by someone else. There has to be a reason fans do not go to the OS as there are not many comments on his OS. I know I rarely go there. They both should be handled by someone with strong connections in the music industry like Kari or a PR person if David wants to resume his career when he returns IMO. However, David does not always make the best career choices IMO so I doubt that will happen. I can say I really do not care. lol

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