“David Archuleta Can Act”

I woke up this morning to see “David Archuleta Can Act” trending on Twitter!! HAHAHAHAHA! 😀


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  1. Its the first time i am watching it. Indeed, that David Archuleta can Act !! I actually enjoyed it , with the translation of course. I hope there will be a DVD released with subtitles.

  2. LOL, I,m glad i’m not the only one thinking ‘David Archuleta can act’ ….. i’m really enjoying the all Nandito Ako series, more than what was expecting ha,ha , so Thanks embe for the link for today episode 🙂
    In a side note , i think Holly is daugther of Anya’s mom with Holly’s dad ( of course the result of an affair) … she she gave her baby because the difficult to offer her a good life ….. just guessing 🙂

    % days in a row trending WW …. impressive and super fun ! 😉

  3. Yes David Archuleta can act. I would say he is one of the few in the series who is not over acting. Everything seems so over the top but I am enjoying it!
    Impressive crying at the cemetery.

  4. Being a fan of David’s has been so much fun because he is continually surprising us. Yes, he can act! Who would have guessed in December that the little acting project he talked about was being the leading man in a Philippine mini series/soap opera, and that he would enjoy it so much. It also lead to the Bench endorsement and a ten song album. We probably wouldn’t have had this much new music from David if he was with a major label and had professional management. Nandiko Ako trends on twitter everyday so there must be alot of us that like this cheesefest!

    • grammyj, yes, I agree, being a David fan is so much fun, for now. Next two years, being a David fan will be rough and not so much fun, unless David and his team have a few things up their sleeve to keep the funfest going while he is in hiatus, fingers crossed!

      • I hope David’s team does keep his twitter, OS, and facebook going. I hope we also get updates on David and pictures of him from his mission. In this information era you would think that his church would want his fans to be informed somewhat. Missionaries in my church can use technology to keep people informed.

      • ”I hope David’s team does keep his twitter, OS, and facebook going. ”

        His team? who? if not him, better to leave his twitter alone … his OS and FB page are not the same personal than twitter so not problem there …. Kary still my choice 🙂

        IDK , I’m still wonder and thinking what he’s gonna blog about if he have communication from his Mission quarters ?? I’m sure his church will be happy with the attention, because he’s definitely a great PR for them, and his hardcore fans too would be super happy , but idk i find the thing a little alienating for his fanbase hearing about him converting people to his Mormon doctrine ? ….. because is the only thing i can imagine him will be able to talk …. maybe i’m wrong ? I seriously doubt he can talk about music or secular subjects …. but again, i can have a wrong perception of the all thing .

  5. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    Speaking of fun, Snowangelz is a must-read today. http://snowangelzz.com/2012/02/24/part-4-nandito-ako-script-leaks-not-really/

  6. For everyone who is having trouble watching Nandito Ako, here is the link I use to watch it:


    Just replace the date in the link with the date of the episode you want to see. The show started airing on Monday the 20th, so there are 5 episodes to watch so far. The quality is good!

    • Is there something with the subtitles?? I want to know what they are saying , specially the girls …. i want to know if i made the right assumptions and guesses 🙂

  7. Yes David Archuleta Can Act. He has been trending on a daily basis for: NankitoAko: Welcome Home David Archuleta; Latin American Loves David Archuleta ; Josh Bradley ; We Will Wait For David Archuleta etc etc. At least six days straight.

    David can definitely act and has grown leaps and bounds in the last few months. It was noticeable in MKOC and even more so with all the opportunities in the Phillipines. Meanwhile back in Utah, some Mom came up to him to tell him their family have really enjoyed the series NanditoAko and that the children have memorized the song.
    The gift that keeps on giving.

    Hoping to that there will be communication while David is gone. David said in an interview that if he can’t communicate directly, that he will definitely have someone keeping us posted in additon to releasing new music.

    • I hope that “someone” keeping fans posted is Kari. David should keep his twitter going but he needs the right person doing it like Kari IMO. Tibi you raise some very good points that I agree with. Nice song by Haley.

      • I vote for Kari too!! Definitely need someone professional to monitor twitter and official site.

        Wish fans would all start supporting DavidArchuleta.com more and leave a comment. Thinking that will help David realize we do want communication about him or for him while he is gone.
        I suspect this is where new music (US) will be released periodically.

        David said in one of his first interviews with fans in the Phillipines is that he would find a way to communicate with fans either himself or through a manager.

  8. http://youtu.be/CR69UUygxJg >>> not David related , but i love Haley R and this is her new single . 🙂

    • I’m glad she got to release a song. Do you know if she has an EP or al I’m coming out?

      • Oh Yes !!, the single will be release somewhere in march , debuting in AI11 with the video and the album in the summer 🙂
        She signed last year with Interscope and just had a World Wide Publisher deal with Ole based in Toronto to push her songwriter skill in the market too. 😉

  9. I was wonder if some Phillipino fans can make a recap ( a written one and a video one) from the episodes this week to send it to MJ’s and other bloggers ….. just to help the buzz, maybe they will like to post it in sunday eh?

  10. David can act, model, and even sing! He’s a real renaissance man. 🙂

  11. TIBITIBI, here’s a link to all the translations of the episodes. I can’t remember where to find the subtitled episodes, but you can still read the translations and see if your assumptions were correct 🙂


  12. DANG IT!! I was in Logan last weekend and ate at Angie’s. Just found out that David was there today.

    I wonder if David is trying to visit all the Utah temples before he leaves? It’s sort of common for prospective missionaries to do that. I’ll guess Manti or Bountiful for the next temple.

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