Between Tears and Laughter

I will say this much about David’s adventures in the Philippines with his acting premiere on Nandito Ako. Thank goodness he did something so trite, so sentimental, so dramatic, so out-of-character, and – most importantly – so much FUN! – that I was moved to laughter. 🙂

And, I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I needed something light and fun from David. Otherwise, with the passing of Whitney Houston last week and with the impending Mission on its way, I would have been a total mess!

David may be an enigma, but I swear he has a PLAN! Talk about cheering up his fanbase before he disappears on us! 😀

It was quite the cognitive dissonance to watch David’s evolution from his “Heaven” debut (at least in my world) when he was so shy and not-quite-camera-ready to this new confident guy who didn’t want to sing about love but is now willing to act in a love story?

Our baby boy is all grown up! *sniff*

Or (as I suspect), he’s away from his “Team” and is now able to breathe and spread his wings.  Methinks the Mission will be a much-needed growth experience.

Setting aside for the moment that he’s in a Manila-based soap opera, don’t you just love how he’s willing to step out into the world (albeit from the faraway glimpse of the very mean-spirited U.S. media)?

Anyways, it’s been quite a yo-yo week for me when it comes to the music industry.

On Saturday, February 11, just past 11 pm EST, I learned about Whitney Houston’s untimely death.  Boy, did that put me in a downer mood before turning in for the night! On Sunday morning, I tuned into all of Whitney Houston’s music videos (shown on BET) and marveled that, back in the day, pop stars didn’t have to show much skin to be a success.  They just had to have The Voice!  Watching Whitney in buttoned-up shirts and jeans or evening gowns – while the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna have to be showing off their bodies – was a reminder of an era where “sex” wasn’t the point. What kind of career would David have gotten had he grown up in that type of music environment?

Later that day, David provided me some comfort when he tweeted a video of Whitney Houston’s “I Love the Lord.”  In one fell swoop, David summed up the beauty and power of a singing legend while keeping the faith and proclaiming loudly his own love for the Lord. Trust me, I needed to hear that message, considering that

1. I was tuning in to the Grammys despite its elimination of several categories in music performed by mostly Latin, African American, and other artists of color – categories for which Whitney Houston won four of her six Grammys (see Article)


2. Nicki Minaj, in all her tomfoolery, performed a “Black Mass” Satanic Ritual at the Grammys in the wake of Whitney Houston’s passing (she’s utterly ridiculous and tries way too hard – see why David needs to take a break from music if this is what passes as “entertainment”?).

By the time Whitney’s funeral rolled around last Saturday, and I tuned into CNN, I was reduced to a puddle of tears, especially at that moment when they raised the casket and carried it out of the church.  Nothing like hearing “I Will Always Love You” (and listening to its heartbreaking lyrics) to pierce at your heart. But then, David reminded us again of the power of music.

In the midst of this sadness, I thank David for making me laugh again and for making me believe that he will be much changed and ready to get back in the game again.

I honestly don’t know why folks think David won’t be able to return to music in two years. He’ll be all of 23 (the age Adele is right now), and he’s still got time to prove himself.  Anyways, now that Adele has shown that you just need vocal talent to sell records and now that Whitney Houston’s music is back in the public sphere – and will be for quite some time this year, what with the 20th anniversary of The Bodyguard coming up and the summer release of her last movie, Sparkle, co-starring Jordin Sparks – a new generation (including an audience that has grown up on American Idol) will be ready for the serious vocalist.

I can only remain optimistic that, in two years time, the public’s appetite will have been whetted for more vocally-driven soul music while this current autotuned techno dance crap will whither away in the dust.

David’s got a PLAN! I’m positive. He helped me shift from tears to laughter in one weekend, just as I’m sure he’ll help shift the music industry from fluff to substance.

He has already promised us in many ways that he’ll be with us “Wherever You Are”:

You know he always sends us messages in a song! 😉

Keep the Faith, Trust the Archulator, and all that!


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  1. “just as I ‘m sure David can help shift the music industry from fluff to substance.”

    Well said. “When you believe…” in David Archuleta, as we do, it is not only possible, but likely. It’s in his Plan.

  2. very good ,very good hg you got that right,trust the archlueta,

  3. Another awesome post HG!!
    You,once again, combine intelligence and wisdom along with earthiness and crazy love for David into a great perspective.
    “Trust the Archulator”, wow, that goes a long way back. There were so many times that I wanted to believe that but I just couldn’t totally do it. There seems to have been so many highs along with expectations followed by lows with discouragements. But you know, now I can more clearly hear the words of many of David’s songs in TOSOD
    and they told us he would persevere and ride through whatever.
    Underneath the fears and uncertainties, he has the spirit and will and love to go forward and he has. Oh boy, he has! More than anything that’s what a music career and life takes.
    New mantra, “Trust the Archulator.”

  4. HG — this is a beautiful post. Thank you so much; I needed this today. Thank you.

  5. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    thanks, hellogorgeous. the series is fun and it is more fun through the sharing with other fans.

  6. Thanks for your blog post. Just saying a quick hello. Nice to see all the promo out there right now. I am getting for a very big trip of my own very soon!

  7. Thank You HG What a whirlwind of emotions is right!!

    Freo Best Wishes on your adventure Safe travels and let us know when you are back.

    David has so much depth, talent and beauty, its awe inspiring.

    I have some hopes for the Music Industry after seeing Adele and Civil Wars receive award.

    Bless you all during this time of turmoil and hope for the future while treasuring the present.

  8. That was a lovely writing HG! For those who have not met HG, she has a lovely smile, (smiles often) especially when she is watching David sing and the snow is falling.

    You are a down to earth, realistic person, definately with great perception. Sounds like I am reading tea leaves…

    I also met Freo this past Christmas…Have a wonderful trip and come back and tell us about it!


    • hg you are really one of David’s greatest supporters and fans. What a wonderful post. I do not know if I am as optimistic as you are about David’s career when he returns but I do appreciate your being so positive about it. I also agree that the end of Whitney’s funeral on Sat. was so touching and poignant. Adele does give you some hope about the current music scene but Chris Brown and Rhianna’s just released duets make you wonder. Have you heard the singles as they are “sexually charged”. lol How does David fit in? I hope he can figure it out.

      • The music industry always gonna be rough , Good singers Vs Mediocre singers … my hope are not in a changed industry but in David real determination to have a career even if the industry is cmplicated …. i think is possible, we just need to look at the Grammy’s this year …. minus Christ B. 😐

  9. OK, Josh B was so depressed today :(, i wanted to give a hug, poor kiddo :/ .

    I was waiting for your long post HG, i agree with most of what you say, at least for me this miniseries help me to go back to my love for this guy …. like i said before i’m truly glad that this one was his last project … he looked happy while he was recording and his fans are happy for him doing something unusual .

    In the other hand , ” Trust the Archulator” , was never my motto, i can’t lie saying something different , but i believe on his Talent and his Charm and i hope that will be enough to restart his career in the future. i can see my self in the future ,still buying his material, specially if is good , because a part of my fan girly spirit never gonna died , but truly is that we all gonna evolve and find other interests ….. so idk about the hard core part ….. good news is that he still having people who love him out there, even if they don’t bother to come to his fansites, or vote on some polls, or following his personal journey on his mission …. so wishing more of that free fans in 2014/15.

    If he has a plan idk, many of us always thought he was going with the flow, accepting what life give him , so i’m not concerned about his happiness, because looks to me like he will be happy anyway with whatever happen in the future …. for some that is to be grateful and for others that is to be conformist ….and tbh the future is always unpredictable, even if we have a plan and again alll is possible in Archuland , so i don’t gonna go too high with my expectations about him, all what i know is that will be way different next time we will be able to see him , hope is a good way.

    And about the link daisi posted above , the only thing i can say is that at least i can change my opinion about him from being naive to be realistic about the future, nothing we can do … more sad but expected is the part about his family …. i just can’t believe or give glorification of his absence two years knowing this, sorry David ! 😦

  10. HG, wonderful post. If I could express myself as you do I would have said the very same thing. Whitney will surely be missed.

    Trust David, I always knew he had a plan! Thanks for keeping your site open when David leaves.

  11. HG, great post! I so what to believe that David has a plan and I hope he has a team to keep things going for him while he is away.

  12. From twitter :

    International fans! Details on ordering @davidarchie’s Forevermore fr @astroplus1 incl bulk orders, here: Tx @suttygal

    For those interested on buy Forevermore 😉

  13. Another great post HG, but I’m with Tibi in the “trust the Archulator” in that I’ve never liked that slogan. David is human just like the rest of us so he’s going to make mistakes. I’m sure he’d be the first one to admit that. I am really happy that he chose to do Nandiko Ako because it’s been such a fun cheese fest for us. He really turned on the waterworks in the cemetary scene. He’s doing so well for a first time actor. I also can’t wait to hear the songs on the Foevemore Album. I’m so glad he will be leaving on a high note.

  14. I’m glad David is realistic about his career once he comes back from his mission. I doubt the music industry is going to change but there will always be some gems here and there. I hope David will be one of those gems someday.
    I really like David in Nandito’s the first time I’ve seen him angry and yelling at someone and crying without hidding..I’m sure there are going to be a lot of fun scenes to see in the miniseries and I’m looking forward to it.

  15. Viña del Mar Festival ‘ the Big Musical party of America’ in Chile started today …. with Luis Miguel, Marc Antony and Luis Fonsi gonna be there this week along with other artists …… i pointing this , because i always thought that at this point of David’s career he will be there debuting big his first spanish songs, i remember in my good old hardcore days, i e-mailed often this people lol , sending them his spanish performances 😐 …. guess still in the dreams list. :/

    • David tweeted that he was watching AI tonight. I did too. I thought Jessica Sanchez was amazing singing “The Prayer”. I would have to think she has a very good chance to win it all this year. She is only 16 years old and what a talent. I still think the Voice is more entertaining than AI this year.

  16. I was watching too, Jessica was just amazing !!! 😮 , she’s half Phillipino and half Mexican , I love Heejun too , he’s so sweet and deliver very well the emotion of the songs …. i like the dark hair country girl, Haley , Phillip P and Joshua …. 🙂

    • Yes I agree with you, tibi. I liked all those you mentioned too. Jessica is the only one that really stands out to me so far.

    • i just watched jessica, she has a really nice voice. the only red flag for me was hearing her say that her mom is unemployed because of the amount of time she committed to advancing her (ie, jessica’s) music career. jessica then went on to say that she’s tired of seeing her family struggle and that she wants to be able to support them. my message to jessica, you do not owe your family your life.

  17. great post hg. i too feel optimistic that david can come back to music if he wishes. like him or not, chris brown is the ultimate example of a comeback. after his “incident”, he wasn’t filling 1,000 seat venues, stations weren’t playing his music, and jive tried to sell of his music contract. overall, his talent for dancing and writing catchy songs has prevailed and he has a grammy to show for it.

    • Good point about CB, but I think the general public always forgive bad behavior and want that come back. With David, it’s so different, first, his career is just starting (IMO), so the general public aren’t curious, other than…..oh the kid from AI, whatever happen to him. Second, (only IMO) his religion beliefs kinda hold him back. If his career was in a better place, I think that his come back would not be a problem at all……..just a little worried about David’s career comeback, he might have to start from scratch, especially if nothing is done to keep things going while he is away.

      • I agree with you desertrat and cq about CB. It is all about what sells and who makes money. I am hearing that CB and Rhianna duet on the radio all the time. So even if some do not like it they are both doing extremely well. CB has managed a comeback. That is why I worry about how David does fit in and his comeback. I have to agree cq that his devout religious beliefs do kind of hold him back in today’s music industry as he is not a huge success in the industry. They overlook anything if you sell well. That is just unfortunately the truth. I do still appreciate everyone’s positive posts regarding his career. You can’t help but pull for David to do well when he returns but idk.

  18. if nothing else hg you and i will stil be here in 2014 ,love ya

  19. I still am hoping that one of these songs David is recording before he leaves will become a hit……….I know it’s a long shot, but it would make me feel a little better about his hiatus.
    No hit record to keep the general (us diehards will always be here for David) public interested, I do fear that he will have to start from scratch when he returns by reinventing himself in some way.
    I still say a compromise could of been made to satisfy David’s need to serve on a mission, but still keep his career going, IMO.

  20. what a loving tweet pic of david today and i hope that tv doesnt fall down from the celing, that wouldnt be good if it did. it look like david could be heading to LA or nashville this weekend to do more recording songs.

    • I wonder where David will record his new songs. He could even record in Utah. His first pop album he recorded all over the US while on the Idol tour. I wonder what songs he will record.

      • Hope he records a variety of song, he can sing anything, but really wishing that he has a real good original song that will be released and makes the charts. I just refuse to give up on this wish.

      • grammyj, my guess it will be in nashville but i do think that david want to spend time with joy and nate williams when he leaves for his mission because he is very close with them and he does record songs with them than go to LA after(not to record songs) but just vistt some family and some close friends before he leave, rumors that he is leaving sometimes next month??

    • To be honest that would be not only refreshing but promising and even exciting if he goes to Nashville to record some tunes, better that his Utah connections or even than his LA ones, with Sunny ( ok i will be Happy if he release some of the tracks he did with Dapo back in the TOSOD era)…. but tbh i really don’t think he has time to do it …. i admire and value his last push before to disappear the next two years , but i kind of feel some anxiety on his behavior … idk …. i just think he just should start to be quiet and let it go for now …… after all his success in the future can be achieved with one single song with good support … and i want to assume he has already some economic success after Asia , enough to support his won single in the future.

  21. So i assume nobody want to talk about Idol or Nandito Ako, but i should say that i’m really impressed with David acting skills, he really did a good job , the guy is a fast learner , well in many artistic aspects. 🙂

    • you know what,i have not seen any of nandito ako shows expect the first pliot, i go on youtube but refused to show it and than tried the more websites but it wont still works for me at all but still trying thought not having any luck so far, i am really bummed. only thing i can do is read the fans’s previews of it on theirs twitters, some people like when david get mad. goodnite everyone.


    • i’m enjoying nandito ako. the evil uncle character is hilarious. i don’t discuss the show much because by the time i get to watch an episode (ie, late night), it has already been discussed.

  22. i agree – David is a fast learner. I have been enjoying Nandito Ako. I’ve been watching Idol too. I like a lot of the top 24. There’s some really talented singers this year. There will never be another David, but he’s unique.

  23. i seldom watch the audition rounds of american idol but i will follow the show now that they have a top 24. i believe this is the 2nd year in a row that there are no black females in the top 24. on top of that, idol is letting go of vocal coach debra byrd. 😦

  24. For everyone who is having trouble watching Nandito Ako, here is the link I use to watch it:

    Just replace the date in the link with the date of the episode you want to see. The show started airing on Monday the 20th, so there are 5 episodes to watch so far. The quality is good!

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