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Between Tears and Laughter

I will say this much about David’s adventures in the Philippines with his acting premiere on Nandito Ako. Thank goodness he did something so trite, so sentimental, so dramatic, so out-of-character, and – most importantly – so much FUN! – that I was moved to laughter. 🙂

And, I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I needed something light and fun from David. Otherwise, with the passing of Whitney Houston last week and with the impending Mission on its way, I would have been a total mess!

David may be an enigma, but I swear he has a PLAN! Talk about cheering up his fanbase before he disappears on us! 😀

It was quite the cognitive dissonance to watch David’s evolution from his “Heaven” debut (at least in my world) when he was so shy and not-quite-camera-ready to this new confident guy who didn’t want to sing about love but is now willing to act in a love story?

Our baby boy is all grown up! *sniff*

Or (as I suspect), he’s away from his “Team” and is now able to breathe and spread his wings.  Methinks the Mission will be a much-needed growth experience.

Setting aside for the moment that he’s in a Manila-based soap opera, don’t you just love how he’s willing to step out into the world (albeit from the faraway glimpse of the very mean-spirited U.S. media)?

Anyways, it’s been quite a yo-yo week for me when it comes to the music industry.

On Saturday, February 11, just past 11 pm EST, I learned about Whitney Houston’s untimely death.  Boy, did that put me in a downer mood before turning in for the night! On Sunday morning, I tuned into all of Whitney Houston’s music videos (shown on BET) and marveled that, back in the day, pop stars didn’t have to show much skin to be a success.  They just had to have The Voice!  Watching Whitney in buttoned-up shirts and jeans or evening gowns – while the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna have to be showing off their bodies – was a reminder of an era where “sex” wasn’t the point. What kind of career would David have gotten had he grown up in that type of music environment?

Later that day, David provided me some comfort when he tweeted a video of Whitney Houston’s “I Love the Lord.”  In one fell swoop, David summed up the beauty and power of a singing legend while keeping the faith and proclaiming loudly his own love for the Lord. Trust me, I needed to hear that message, considering that

1. I was tuning in to the Grammys despite its elimination of several categories in music performed by mostly Latin, African American, and other artists of color – categories for which Whitney Houston won four of her six Grammys (see Article)


2. Nicki Minaj, in all her tomfoolery, performed a “Black Mass” Satanic Ritual at the Grammys in the wake of Whitney Houston’s passing (she’s utterly ridiculous and tries way too hard – see why David needs to take a break from music if this is what passes as “entertainment”?).

By the time Whitney’s funeral rolled around last Saturday, and I tuned into CNN, I was reduced to a puddle of tears, especially at that moment when they raised the casket and carried it out of the church.  Nothing like hearing “I Will Always Love You” (and listening to its heartbreaking lyrics) to pierce at your heart. But then, David reminded us again of the power of music.

In the midst of this sadness, I thank David for making me laugh again and for making me believe that he will be much changed and ready to get back in the game again.

I honestly don’t know why folks think David won’t be able to return to music in two years. He’ll be all of 23 (the age Adele is right now), and he’s still got time to prove himself.  Anyways, now that Adele has shown that you just need vocal talent to sell records and now that Whitney Houston’s music is back in the public sphere – and will be for quite some time this year, what with the 20th anniversary of The Bodyguard coming up and the summer release of her last movie, Sparkle, co-starring Jordin Sparks – a new generation (including an audience that has grown up on American Idol) will be ready for the serious vocalist.

I can only remain optimistic that, in two years time, the public’s appetite will have been whetted for more vocally-driven soul music while this current autotuned techno dance crap will whither away in the dust.

David’s got a PLAN! I’m positive. He helped me shift from tears to laughter in one weekend, just as I’m sure he’ll help shift the music industry from fluff to substance.

He has already promised us in many ways that he’ll be with us “Wherever You Are”:

You know he always sends us messages in a song! 😉

Keep the Faith, Trust the Archulator, and all that!