Four Years Ago, I Said, “Hello, Gorgeous!”

Another anniversary! 😀

Feels more like four SCORE years ago, doesn’t it?


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  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    Does feel like four score years ago. LOL. Happy Anniversary. You were right then and you’ve been right consistently since. 🙂

    Now. Do you have a crystal ball? (JK)

  3. I certainly didn’t know that four years later I would still be following David, and what a journey it has been for him and for his ODD fans. He is still the humble guy he was back then, and all the things the judges said are still true today. One more month and then book one of David’s public musical career with come to an end. I will look forward to book two of David’s music career in two years. He’s going out on a high note from his Philippine journey. I just hope his career will take off when he returns from his mission.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! what a journey.

    For those with twitter We will start trending
    Welcome Home David Archuleta
    6 p.m. PST on into the evening

  5. So sweet. And look at Kari getting all choked up.

  6. The second video on the page at the link below is David singing “Wherever You Are” on the Talentadong show and a trailer of Nandito Ako and an interview about the show with David and Eula. Four years ago who would have thought that David would be a big star in the Philippines. He still has that sweet, shy smile when he’s done singing. Here’s the link

  7. live stream of david’s tv premiere!

  8. Reading the pulse music boards re. Adam L.’s latest single, his fans are exactly where we were when SBL was released. Adam’s single sold 39K its 1st week (SBL sold 21K). His fans are complaining about lack of promo on the part of Adam and RCA. They also say that he’s lost some fans and that aside from his online fan base, Adam has no presence in the U.S. Does all this sound familiar, lol?

    • That is very interesting desertrat regarding Adam’s latest singles sales and his fans complaints. When you consider the amount of support and promo Adam L. received after AI it is quite a drop in sales. Yes, I think his fans are in for some disappoint when they release his album this year. I did get to watch some of NA today. I enjoyed what little I saw of it because I had to work and David’s performance.

    • Again the only thing this Adam situation proves , is that is to each artist to make the good decision at good time, because opportunities are rare on this industry and for some are a case of one time in many years and never again …… all the second albums from the idols lately are flopped sadly , with or without promo , with or without support of the label , is a tough business and only ones surviving are the ones who do the right choices and are capable to reinvent them selves , move quickly and go for the opportunities just at the moment they are there. Talent , Opportunities and Luck i guess. Fans can’t do better that they already did . 😐

  9. Thanks Desertrat, In the words of my students – too bad, too sad.
    Seriously though, with the hindsight of 2 years we can commiserate with them. That summer/fall of SBL was a lowpoint in our fan community and there was terrible hurt all around. There is nothing to be done on the fans’ part. It will all have to sort itself out and like David, Adam will have to reinvent himself several times over.

    On a high note – it sure was fun getting to see David this morning. NA is a great little story 😀

  10. Nandito Ako was so much fun to see …… so happy right now , i almost fogot my dissapointing with his past decisions career lol.

    This link has the all episode in 4 parts :

    IDK for how much time …. sad story 😦

  11. david must be in new york right now.

  12. Naw, pretty sure he’s in Utah.

    Loving the show so far!! Finally got a chance to watch it on YT. I hope we’ll be able to get all the episodes that way. *fingers crossed*

    Congrats on your four years, HG! So glad we all have had a chance to get to “know” David. And thank you for this site. I may not comment alot but I read every post 🙂

  13. David is in Utah. He was all dressed up at a Waffle Shop. Some are speculating whether his great grandmother that died lived in Utah.
    Looks like David was dressed for Church. Amazing since he was thousand of miles from here yesterday.
    Imagine he wants to spend time with family before doing recording etc.

    Time is getting short!!

    Kari reported that they had a copy of the Series that they watched in fllight yet David was nervous this am before it aired. Probably wondering what everyone would think.

    I enjoyed it!! has a survey to have people post where they are from. David and NanditoAko have been trending worldwide at various times.

    • According to his Abuelito (grandpa) FB page someone linked on twitter; his Great Grandmother died in Honduras and the ceremony will be there in La Ceiba and i don’t even think she was LDS btw.

      And the latest TT ww were so much full of win , like all times …..getting nostalgic now . :/

  14. so he is in utah, i guess he will be headed back LA this week or next week to do more recording, i thought he did all that in the philippines because he wouldn’t have enough time to do more recording of him going on mission next month? i saw the cilps of the mini series, pretty good so far!!!?? the casts are really good on the show. yeah sorry to hear about david’s great grandmother.

  15. hmm i just read that david’s great grandmother lives where lupe’s family born.. maybe david was dressed on church for MIC training or something and read that david didnt know his great grandmother too much because she lives so far away?.

  16. idk but i read also she didn’t lives in utah, the great grandmother was on david’s mother side.

    • I believe David’s great -grandmother lived in Honduras.

      The Nandito Ako series started with a bang! Or maybe I should say it was ON FIRE!! David, a movie star in the making was really good even though he did not appear for long in this first episode. And who cares if I couldn’t understand most of what they were saying? David..I mean Josh spoke English & that’s the important thing.

      I kind of took a guess about some of the plot. His date with Holly must have been “arranged” since Josh is an International Artist and Holly is a “Beauty Pageant” winner who is from a wealthy family & they have an instant attraction, but there is a reason which will become clear at the end. Holly it turns out, is adopted after being given up by her mother as an infant to give her a better life.

      Then there’s Anya who is pinning for the boy who saved her from the fire and Josh also has never forgotten her either. They meet when Josh takes her bunny suit. They don’t realize they had met before in that fateful fire. They will at some point when she shows him the watch. And they realize they have always loved each other and that fate brought them back together.

      I don’t really know what the storyline will be. I just imagine this is what will happen, I just think it’s fun to guess who Josh ends up with and why.

      I’m so glad David is back even if just for a few more weeks.

      • just’sayin yeah that right, she lived in honduras. in my opinion, i think david was starting his missionary training today in provo or maybe he was in a small meeting for MIC but who knows?. david just did a interview in the philippines, he sound like he says when he get back in the state, he was ready go to his mission not recording any new songs.

      • Just getting home from a very long day at work. I am looking forward to watching it!! I loved all the trends on twitter for David. GREAT STUFF! 🙂

      • As an adoptive mother, I sure hope that the plot has nothing do do with Holly being unloved due to being adopted. Ugh!

      • I conclude that David is a lot more fun and productive overseas, so if in the future he decide to still going for a career, i hope his base will be somewhere else , definitely in US he has too many factors that limit him to hang out with the same people over and over and over again, and that restrain his opportunities …. i doubt that gonna change in the future …. just saying btw .:)

      • “definitely in US he has too many factors that limit him to hang out with the same people over and over and over again, and that restrain his opportunities” tibi I could not agree with you more. It is those needed connections he does not have. I also am concerned that will not change even after his mission.

  17. I spotted Ramiele Malubay in the 1st few secs of the Hollywood Week video. I wonder if she still performs in the Philippines.

    a pic from the good ole days:

  18. haha watched the first episode. Really enjoyed it and could follow the story, even considering I did not understand anything but the English. Lots of drama. A mean uncle, a loving mom & son, a fire, a death, a little girl & boy meet… Still amazed for David for doing this. Is there a way to watch it with an English translation?

  19. Interesting watching David act. We know him so well- his mannerisms, his voices, his faces. At yet, it does not really seem like him, somehow…. so I guess he really is acting!

  20. Yeah . lots off drama , i’m actually getting impatient with some fans all over the internet and sites , looks like they never paid attention to the US soap operas scripts in their own country ….. i already said i grew up on the telenovelas culture and i caught a lot of US – Canadians ones in TV , so i can say that the product (NA) was well done …. however you like or not this format , the production is good as well the acting… and judging for the amount of exterior scenes , i can say too it was not a cheap one.
    Any ways romantic moments , tears, extreme intensity delivering the emotions and of course the cheesy and sentimental factor, are part of all this along with what looks like a tangled plot ( adoption, parent that still live after everybody think otherwise , lead roles that ending to be relatives, girl leading roles getting sick and miraculously came back super healthy ) i mean …. people just need to be focus on what it is to enjoy the story line lol ….. 😉

  21. Idolfan David hasn’t started Missionary training yet. When he does he stays at the MTC and it is the beginning of his Mission and is counted as part of his Mission. So he wouldn’t be able to leave and record. So he hasn’t started yet.

  22. I am loving this Nandito Ako so so much. What little we saw of David in the first episode was really good. He is a star!!

    Archuleta Philippines did a live translation of the dialogue for the first episode. Although not every line was translated, it was enough to make the plot clearer for non-Tagalog speakers.

    I hope they do it again tonight. They are such dedicated fans. I am really thankful for their hard work.

  23. fenfan, it is nice to have English translations wherever possible obviously helpful to David’s fans. But, more importantly perhaps to them is the fact that it encourages a wider audience and that will undoubtedly add to their success.


  24. sb,

    i’m sure archuleta phils did the live translation to help intl fans understand the plot line, not for any other reasons

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