Nothing Says Photogenic Like David Archuleta!

Makes me wonder why he hasn’t been endorsing more clothing lines other than Bench. 😛


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  1. he looks so good and taller. haha

  2. Now David can have his own clothing line of plaid shirts and graphic T’s! It’s fun that he actually did get an endorsement. I’m not sure if he was ever offered any before.

  3. This picture looks like the shirts stepped out of his own wardrobe which is good! Nothing shocking and that’s good also! I wonder how they will update their lines over the next couple of years?

  4. Ok, guys! Brace yourselves;D

  5. Endorsing hair product/ Bench Fix

  6. They NEED to release this video shoot !!

  7. Enjoying the pics!

    Here’s another I call Superstah, lol.

    • That was one of my favorite photos. Was up @ 3 a.m. for the Ustream of the Bench event. David sang 5 songs and gave a tearful thank You.

      It was so neat to see the two levels of fans and the confetti coming down in celebration of our STAR.

      Check Facebook David Archuleta He finally saw a video fans made for him and was very touched.

      Lots of good messages and twitter has been on fire. One more day and two more mall appearances?? …then back to US

      If interested in buying Forevermore Album email:

  8. WTH is going on here?!

    Geez David, you could’ve warned a gal before turning into a sex symbol. Weird word my a**.

  9. I am a fan from the U.S. that is so very thankful for the opportunities that David has had in the Philippines. They have treated him as a super star and because of the internet we could all go along for the ride. I love David the model now too. The Bench pictures of David are great. If David had stayed in the U.S. instead of going to the Philippines all we probably would have gotten are tweets from Sunny about her angel and maybe some fan pictures of David from a store or restaurant. Instead David accepted the challenge to act, record a CD of ten love songs, and an endorsement for clothing and hair products. Way to go out on a high note, David.

  10. The post was meant for Grammyj. Julee also loved your follow-up post. Its true. THIS is what we have been waiting for all these years. But I also think David was not quite ready till now. He’s slooowly beginning to own his looks, talents and charisma.

  11. It is good that he found his break. He was not comfortable when he was asked to do certain things in the US but he came into his own throwing a punch and all else that came with the soap series.

    You still can not compare the photography that was done for his CDs or for the MTC CD with the work overseas. For those photo shoots, his makeup was either non existent or natural but it is obvious that there is more makeup in the Bench shoots as his lips are nearly the color of his skin.

    David had his start in the country that every singer and every actor dreams to be successful in. They pour in from countries around the world to make it big because that is where NY, LV and LA are and that is their dream. David was given his first opportunities in the US and throughout the last few years he has had issues or conflicts with labels, management and so on. He was a totally free agent when he did his concerts last summer in the Philippines and they all got together and made the plans. He was free of a label, management and his schedule was wide open. Movies are made about the dreams of the singers and actors who try to get their start in the US and some actually do. Much of the time commenters wondered if he really wanted to be a big star at all, so perhaps it has just all come together for him being given that particular chance to make a bigger name for himself before he goes away.

    Some of the people in the music industry in LA were a buzz for at least a day after they heard that he was going on a mission. In one office that I am aware of, the phone never stopped ringing all day after his announcement to leave for two years. He was being noticed and his opportunities were just starting. They felt that he was on the rise to fame and was being noticed at that point in time as a rising star with a phenominal voice. The mission part was understood, so that is not an issue but the Christmas tour had Sony watching him in New York and people watching him in LA. His chances were coming along at that very moment and we were here writing about it with our own excitement.

    David was noticed by the Latino family of musicians and was encouraged to do a Spanish album. His guest appearance at the MTC Christmas concerts was phenominal and people came from around the world to see it and him. !,200,000 applications are usually received to see the MTC Christmas concerts but last year there were 1,500,000. It was proclaimed to be the most successful opening night in the long history of the choir. His start to more soulful music had begun. He was not without rising stardom and as we saw, it was flourishing long before the Philippines. His maturity and self awareness was set to happen during his mission so that was not a concern. The youth find it, they really do.

    There will be time to reflect.


    • Nice post SB.

    • I agree SB. David has grown leaps and bounds since Motab, and his decision which led to him dropping his label. Once he made his decision he started gaining confidence with this newfound freedom and creativity. It was noticeable in his MKOC tour and the fighting he did before hand to go ahead with it. Once he made his announcement he gained even more freedom and confidence and it was apparent in Beaver Creek. His decision to do this Mini Series was his and many doubted it but he forged ahead and in the most accepting environment he grew even more. The environment he’s been in the last month has been such that he could take risks knowing he was also following his calling. Everything is falling in place for David. Two more signings today and he’ll be ready to come home and record for US fans. All the steps David has made have brought him to this place, the biggest one as of late is Freedom.

  12. Has this been posted yet? OMG!!!! The eyes……
    Thanks once again JR!

  13. Latin America loves David Archuleta trending world wide!? The huge billboard!!!!

  14. Here’s what David said at the Forevermore Press conference:
    “I’ve worked very hard for the last 4 years or so. To be able to come to where I am today… to be able to have the opportunities given – to record, to do shows, to provide for the fans – and it is also been my way of living, I mean it’s been my job, too. So to have to decide and leave all that is very hard. But I think this is something when you trust God. I dunno what’s gonna happen in 2 years. I dunno if I’m gonna have to start from scratch again. But I trust God. I have trusted Him so far and He has never let me down. I don’t want to let Him down cos this decision is for Him. So I trust that He knows my intention and He will provide a way when I get back, like He always has.”
    With an attitude like that I can’t worry about David. He is going with his eyes wide open and is trusting God with his life.

    • So proud of David and how he handled that whole Presscon. JR has all 8 tapes of the interview which is so impressive. David’s growth is quite apparent in how well he handled all of the questions and the interviewers were respectful.

  15. david saw the latin amercia trending tweets, it seem that he could do a latin song when he get back from the state maybe, that would be cool?? i think that david could be going france for his missionary, just a thought. rumors that he is leaving on march 28, who knows? i still think he is leaving in april thought? i love the bench pics, really cool!.

  16. not france, i think david could go to cuba for his missionary hmm?!?!.

  17. I’m agree with Grammy , me too i prefer David overseas than in US, definitely his attitude and behavior is more open , relaxed and confident there …. i always had this impression, and now more than before . Grammy is right about the high possibility of his presence in US instead of Phillipines would be less productive and all about angels tweets (that make me laugh a lot) , is like he can’t allow himself to not even to hang out with different people that his entourage and like if all his actions should be translate in to the mystical aspect , non offense , but an important part of his hard core and his own entourage don’t want him got out of his comfort zone to not compromise his Morals, something that should be reevaluated , since is clear by his recent Asia experience that is not true and he can still being David in every project he do, adding positive and bold experiences to his career without actually goes in detriment of his values.
    I don’t think either that his US opportunities were not there at some point, i just think he was not mature enough to take it or was afraid to be judged … i remember the Magazine who tried to contact him to put him in the cover , and the Latin Grammy people who want him to participate in the Latin Grammy ateliers back in 2009 ?, and other events he was invited and he had not a positive response , he sure received some attention too in US , but again in this side of the world he has the tendency to see the evil in every detail of the business or it was just not his time.

  18. Some excerpts of a Manila interview i saw on FOD :

    ”The singer-songwriter admitted that he isn’t used to such a fast-paced process. Nevertheless, the venture made him realize how much he’s grown as artist.”

    “In my life I tend to be very slow. So it’s nice to know that I can do things quickly and still be okay with it. Sometimes I’d be like, ‘Ugh, I wish I had more time’ but it’s like, ‘You know what, we still did our best with the time that we have…’’

    “I’ve realized… how I’ve been able to make decisions a lot faster, how I’ve been able to learn what I want or don’t want, to have been able to speak up more,” said David ” ( someone here said this yesterday right? )

    See? this last month is one of the more exciting ones since long time ago for ALL his fans in general and I venture to say that maybe for him too , not letting out that was a learning one and a total revelation for him about himself ……i was worry by the comments about the quality of the NA production , made for some Asia fans, but seeing the trailers i just gonna enjoy this last happy note from him for now, because i’m Latina so i should enjoy this since Soap Operas are part of my culture lol.

    Anyway i still thinking that his career and future would be unpredictable despite his wishes and determination right now to came back, nobody’s future is like we imagine , at least not 100 % :/ but i put value on his efforts to leave some material to be exploited on his absence , good for his fans and good for him , double gain then ……. in anycase he can’t say he lacked of chances and opportunities to have a long term and healty career, because he has more than the 90% of the population around the world and even on his artist one and more than the average 😉

    • My observation a few days ago was that the looming deadline of the mission was a good thing for David and the the smart Pinoy industry leaders took advantage of limited time. David had to make quick decisions and not over think things… He strikes me as that type who would do that.

      Again hats off to the Philippines Not only do they seem to have a warm culture where David felt comfortable to try new things, the entertainment leaders seem to be few enough in numbers and have good working relationships to work quickly and accomplish a great deal! I don’t think things could be pulled together that quickly in the US. Too much red tape.

      • I agree with you Tibi and Rae. David could not have done an album in three days in the U.S. or a big photo shoot promotion for a clothing company in a few days. They did work with great speed. I had such fun watching this all unfold. I give kudos to Kari too as I believe that she was the one encouraging him to go for the extra projects (album and Bench endorsement) and he did. I also wonder if he wasn’t going on the mission if he would have done any of this. Because of the time limitation he had to make a decision and I have always thought that he did the mini series for the money for his business and family while he was gone for two years.

  19. @DavidArchie
    Saw that “Latin America Loves David Archuleta” is trending worldwide lol. Thanks you guys! A Spanish song then? Let’s see what we can do!

    What? …. i missed this :/ …… and David we were waiting for at least and EP in Spanish like forever , actually that is one of my big disappointing parts of this era , i guess we should be fine with a song then lol, ….. or a cover of ‘La Oreja de Van Gogh ‘ 😀

  20. Have been away from the blogs for a while, ignored the videos from southeast Asia just from being busy and not wanting to read all of the “details” of every move but just saw the photo shoot with the clothing line…and all I can say is…

    all in good time…

    mission??? bring it on…

  21. Enjoy the Bench pictures!
    ok this pic is playful

  22. Anyone remember TLC’s “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” cd from the 1990’s? Well, now we have the 3 faces of David, lol.

  23. Last Vlog from Manila..

  24. OMG !! This is too funny & its David !! ROFL

  25. After his singing, I enjoy his advertisments the most!

    Get packing David, long flight home…But doesn’t it seem shorter when you are on your way home? There will be lots of tweeting going on for David from his homeland fans any time now…


  26. After looking at all the Bench pictures and watching David’s last vlog from the Philippines, all I can say is he’s a beautiful person inside and out!

  27. David is coming home! At last!

    I’m feeling a little sorry for the Filipino fans. David will be boarding the plane which will bring him HOME very soon. There probably will be “ninja” fans at the airport to see him off and they will look on as the plane flies higher & higher until it disappears in the horizon. And this chapter in David’s amazing five week Philippines Adventure will come to a close. But they still have Nandito Ako to watch every day for another several weeks and hopefully so will we beginning 2/20.

    I’m looking forward to any music David has time to record before he leaves. However, I would be more than satisfied if he records
    “covers”. To me, they will be “new” because David is a genius when it comes to making any song his own. It’s the voice I love to listen to so anything he sings great to me. Heck, he can hum a melody of any song and it will be fabulous. His voice is an rare exquisite instrument, a gift only very few have been given. One thing I do hope is that along with the maturity David has shown us in his MKOC Tour and in these last five weeks, the music will follow along the same mature lines. I think the magic number was 21 for David. When David turned 21, that is when he may have said it was time to put away childish things and step out of his comfort zone. He came into his own and accomplished more than even he ever thought he could. He rose to all the chellenges & he should be very proud.

    And I really believe the best of David Archuleta is yet to come! 🙂

    • I also believe the best of David Archuleta is yet to come! As far as the recording he will be doing here, yes any music would be nice, but I am hoping he does at least one original. My dream is that while he is gone that one song of his will top the charts, a real long shot, but a girl can dream. A hit song would be a very nice welcome home surprise.

      • Yes! A hit song would be great!

        Actually, I believe there may be some songs David has already recorded that never left the cutting floor or were shelved from way back when he was making his first album. We have already had a few which were leaked like “Senseless” & “She Not You”, and my guess is there are others we have never heard which may just need some tweaking. And what about “Wait”? It has yet to be released here in the U.S.

        It will be interesting to see what David comes up with musically in the short time he has before he leaves at the end of March or early April. And even more interesting to see if there will be a significant difference in his style & sound when he returns after two years. David may be taking a hiatus from his career but surely will write songs every chance he gets. You can take the man out of music business but you can’t take the music out of the man if that man is David Archuleta.

  28. david fianlly going home, i hope he go he goes back home to utah when he land in los angeles, he must stay there to spend time with sunny, other family members and also friends in LA while he is there for week or so before he leave for his mission than headed back to utah and happy birthday to his sister jazzy!!!!! . goodnite everyone.


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