Another Trailer for Nandito Ako!

They really are promoting the heck out of this thing, aren’t they? 🙂


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  1. where is everyone? 🙂

    i just stumbled across this goodie from 2009 – jambajim mocks david’s tweets. enjoy ……&id=1619279

  2. this is random but this pic of david on “the voice” reminds me of a statue i saw somewhere in England over a decade ago called “the angel of the north”. everyone on my tour bus took photos beside the statue and we stood just like david is standing.

    david on “the voice”

    angel of the north

  3. I’m behind the times but wanted to bring this over from thr previous thread

    “,tibi, thanks for the vid!! awesomeness!! David getting slapped ? haha, cool.

    And i wholeheartedly agree with your statements above. It has been a great 4 years (really?!!!) and have many great recordings and videos of David in my collection that I treasure.

    Jeez people!! Let him go and live his life however he sees fit!

    Everyone might consider to lighten up. Its his life.

    Live yours.”

    We have been LUCKY people to have shared these years looking at David and his life in microscopic detail when he didn’t have a CLUE that he would win. He has handled himself well.

    Not gonna get into the whole management issue. We all know what has gone on. The mission was always in the back of HIS mind because that’s who he IS.

    Good luck David and can’t wait to hear what he will do when he gets back.

    Till then I will live my life with all its happy, sad, busy, complications.

  4. And will still come back here. Cause its my “wonder whats goin on with David ” site. And it makes me smile

    Thanks HG

  5. I just noticed my avatar almost filled the box so just had to add another.

    Nite nite all. Sleep tight. Does everyone say that or is it just in my family? Doubt it.

    Back to regular life

  6. amazing how d maintains such perfect hair after participating in a fist fight and being whacked with an oar, lol.

  7. And what a beautiful avatar it is 🙂

  8. Desertrat, that jambajim video was hilarious! Love him.

    Finally caught an Idol episode tonight. It had a montage of sobbing contestants. The first thing I thought of was Nandito Ako…

    I’m so looking forward to this havarti-laden cheesefest! Although with all these trailers flying around, I feel like I’ve already seen most of the series. Will there be anything new left when it actually airs?

  9. Sometimes I feel as if David has been kidnapped! Well maybe not kidnapped, but he seems to have forgotten his fans here. He has yet to give a message directly to the NA fans.

    Yeah. So I’m jealous and hurt. When is he coming back to the states? IS he coming back for even a week or two before he leaves forever…uh, two years?

    Happy he was able to do all he has done these last several weeks, but I still can’t wrap my head around him doing a “soap” with all the drama JUST before going on a Holy Mission. Or maybe when he goes on his mission, he will leave even more “drama” behind when reality hits the fans like a ton of bricks! 😦

    • My fingers are crossed in hopes I’ll be able to catch him at an appearance in the U.S. before he leaves.

    • I do believe that when David does “actually” leave reality will hit his fans. So I agree with you jus’sayin. Although many of his US fans unfortunately are not as interested at this point. On the other hand if David was going to just continue on with no label to record and no management then to me his leaving is easier to accept. He is going to be starting over when he does resume his career in the US IMO. I do think it is great David has his Asian fans and their support. Glad for his success over there.

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