Nandito Ako Music Video

For those who might have missed this when it premiered earlier this week – for the, what, 1 or 2 fans not paying attention, right? 😉


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  1. Thought you guys would appreciate this TV5 Trade show performance of Nandito Ako by David… It is all kinds of epicness!

    • EPICNESS for sure plus perfectness, and beautifulness and all the good nesses! This song is totally embedded in my head and has now become my life soundtrack song.
      And I have to add, what about that shirt???

    • Beautiful music by David. In the bigger picture, Is there anything by the international media in regards to the premiere of Nundito Ako and David’s participation? There are so many interviews and videos released that I would imagine there are comments in the United States, perhaps on Entertainment Tonight? He has been actively involved in projects for weeks now that have become highly successful so reviews please on the premiere for starters North American reporters or anyone in the media outside of the Philippines.

      • My mistake, that is…Nandito Ako!

      • Re. Intl media ….

        I don’t know the answer to your question, however, I think D needs a publicist to make it happen ( if it’s not already happening).

      • Sandy~ I was wondering about that myself. Unfortunately, I kind of doubt that the US knows too much about this since D doesn’t have a label, publicist or promotions team here right now…It might take the fans to let the US media know. (hint hint :))

      • One clever person is all what he need to capitalize in part this moment for the future in US, don’t think is gonna happen though 😐

    • Beautiful performance. Such a star!!!

  2. Lea and David finally met! yes!

    Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @DavidArchie, it was indeed a pleasure to meet you. Blessings with the mission and with the rest of your future!

    • So Happy David met Lea!! Just think he first saw her in LesMiserabales at age 6. He credits her and cast for his love of music!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Hope they sing together some day.

  3. From the last post :

    ”Marie Says:

    I am beginning to think that David has” found himself” as an artist and an entertainer in the Philippines. He is away from all the “hangers on” and doing so well. Kari has done an amazing job over there with David. I give her so much credit. Great trip for David.”

    I agree with you Marie, really looks to me that this Phillipino experience helped him a lot in more than one facet of his maturity , is like he is rediscovering himself not only like artist but like person , this is really pushing him in a good way towards his young adult phase and out of his awkwardness teen behavior … that ironically is one of the best souvenirs i have from him lol.
    I’m trully happy for him with all this experience and again because the economic aspect is finally recompensed too 🙂
    And yes Kari is doing an amazing job too. 🙂

  4. NA is really a beautiful melody, i like it a lot, hopes for an english version. 🙂

  5. jus’ sayin says on last post:
    What I find so compelling about David is that he has that magnetic pull, that his glorious voice alone made fans of all faiths AND those with no religious affiliation as well as the unbelievers, agnostice & atheists. It mattered little what HE believed. It was, IS all about the voice. There are many fans he changed for the better. I don’t mean he changed atheists but who knows? He gave those on the fence like agnostics or those who had lost their faith for whatever reason, to have HOPE, that there is a Higher Power.

    He has become an integral part of many people’s lives. For David to silence his voice, to become isolated from those who need him the most to recruit & convert new members for the LDS church is confusing because if he wants to turn people to God, he was actually doing that little by little. Not to one person at a time but to thousands at every event, appearance & concert. There are so many more he could reach if he keeps doing what he’s doing, if that is in fact what his goal is, bringing people closer to God and not just to be a LDS member.

    I’m not saying David is an Angel or is a completely perfect being, not at all. But there is an aura around him which is not easily explained, a warmth which comes from the love he has for God and his fellowman. Whatever he has, the “glow”, makes everyone he touches with his voice want the same thing. And it has nothing to do with being an LDS. He is already doing God’s work, using the gift God gave him. For him to stop using that gift for any length of time makes no sense.

    AND, I couldn’t agree MORE.

    • David has said over and over in these interviews in Asia that he is doing his mission for what it will teach HIM, how it will change HIS life. In effect, this is the very first thing he has done to please only himself. Why is that so hard to understand? Shouldn’t we be happy for that? Look at all he is doing right now to please us before he leaves. We would deny him the right to do something for himself for awhile? I don’t get it.

      I agree with all that was said about his effect on people, but I would disagree that we, his fans, are the ones that need him most. That’s a rather selfish view, imo. We’ve already had the benefit of 4 years worth of joy. As we have seen with this trip, it does not matter where he goes or who he meets, it is still the same. And just because he isn’t doing it in the public eye, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Or are you trying to say that all we’ve felt and experienced from him will be lost if we are not fed it on a daily basis? Yes, he is doing God’s work now, NO, he will absolutely not stop using that gift where he is going, we just won’t be seeing it.

      All I know is, dislike for his religion aside, I trust David when he says that there is something for him on this mission that he needs for his life. None of us know what that might be. I would expect it might be something that no one of us would ever even have been able to guess or speculate about. That is what is remarkable about missionaries. They put themselves in the Lord’s hands He refines the edges that need refining.

      No one will believe me, but LDS missions are not all about converting people to our church. It happens, but THAT is the side benefit to what happens to the missionary.

      Please, let’s send him love and let him go.

      • I do understand he has said that it’s want he wants to do for himself, not for the church. If David went away on a mission without being for the LDS church or any other religion for that matter, the talk would be completely different. I respect his decision, even if I don’t agree and don’t like him being away for two years.
        Now as far as David ONLY doing all the stuff before he leaves only being for us fan, I think there is also other motivation involved, namely his career. David is also becoming a business man and he knows that he has to keep his fans interested with enough stuff so that he could come back to a music career. If he didn’t care about his career, he would let his fans know that he wanted to go on a mission and would not come back. Again, going away is not the problem, the length, to me is the problem, IMO.

      • Perhaps the Philippine experience and some of the heads of TV5 etc have provided David with a form of mentoring that David has badly needed. People who took notice of more of his talents and worked with him or I could add believed in him. That is how many in North America are getting their start, with someone who works alongside them. Justin Bieber for example who just made a little cancer stricken girl very happy … as seen around the world and reported in the news. You don’t have to be a perfect vocalist to be loved by the people or able to give hope either. Taylor Swift showed that in the words of a song sung at the Grammys.

        David as important ad he is to his fans worldwide was involved in giving hope to the sick he visited, giving hope to the desperate, giving attention to seniors and in return reminding all who watched to take notice of the less fortunate and do something special for them. There are many pictures, videos and articles about the healing qualities of his voice.

        But to keep it clear, he has his reasons to take this break as we have read repeatedly.

        No one needs to let him go, he needs to go to learn how to understand so much about people that he may not have had the opportunity yet to learn. Each of us have travelled on a different path and some need the time away to experience whatever is advantageous to mature and feel secure in themselves. Heaven help the artists who become lost in their present lives and cannot break free to live a safe life.


  6. Here are David’s own words from a recent interview as to why he is going on a mission:
    “So many people say—and for me too—music is one way of serving a mission. But it’s not the same thing… Those missionaries changed my mom’s life and changed my life, the way I grew up, the way I was raised, and what is important to me. They’ve sacrificed so much, they leave their families… and everything that’s comfortable and easy and convenient to them to become closer with God and to be closer with other people. Learn how to love the hard way… that’s what I feel would be very great to have in my life,” he related.

    He has said in interviews that he is going because he wants to serve and as a sacrifice. I can’t argue with those noble reasons even though I will miss him and don’t want him to go.

    He also seems to be trying to cram in two years of work before he goes – a mini series, 10 song album, numerous mall appearances, Bench endorsement with photo shoot and he did a music video for one of the songs off his new album. He also says he’s going to record more when he is back in the U.S.

    • Yes i agree his plan to leave some material on his absence is kind of smart like strategy , if he has a good connected person to use it i a clever way this next two years will be better. 🙂

    • As a diehard fan, I do read everything that is written about David and what is quoted as said by him.
      God bless him, he is sacrificing his whole career for this mission and that is his choice. I ‘d venture to say that not that many that go on these missions have to sacrifice a career, like David.

      • “God bless him, he is sacrificing his whole career for this mission and that is his choice. I ‘d venture to say that not that many that go on these missions have to sacrifice a career, like David.” ” Although it is a rite of passage for LDS youth, the percentage of youth that actually go, is rather low.” I have to say, cq, that you raise some very valid and interesting points. I agree with you.

      • Actually I meant interesting points cq and Julee. lol

  7. The mission still a rite of passage on his community , is important for the LDS families to send their childs to the mission trip, (i still arguing about the pressure issue but anyway ), is not either the only religious community offering this experience , opportunity or commitment , others even in more difficult conditions that the ones David gonna be exposed, so the LDS mission is just for us more notorious now because David and is for sure an life changed experience , whatever activity they gonna do.
    He said in this interviews that he is grateful by what the missionaries do for his mom, that he need to should sacrifice and that he’s gonna learn to love in a hard way … this says a lot about his motivation to go …. i’m sure any human beings can be challenged in many ways and grow up , we can’t denied that, yes even if the personal conflict for many of us is the disagreement with some of his rules and doctrines he’s gonna teach ….. but overall i guess he is a genuine spiritual person too and yes , that is part of his attire and charm, not to putting him on a padestal, because tbh that is a little awkward from some fans , because he is a human being and still having that right …. he can do more still in the public eye ? , yes i agree , but what life he’s gonna have regretting and feeling bad to not do it what his entourage expect from him ? and feeling that emptiness late on his life …… and yes his fans going to survive and should to survive to the absence, maybe is time to be focus in their own spiritual paths if that is what David represent for them or a new hobby for the one who followed in this way …. One day maybe he’s gonna understand and accept that other gifts and responsibilities God’s give to him and that goes more far that a message in one song … or maybe not and we’re just assuming more of what he really is …. idk ….. end of my latest thoughts … just follow the conversation here …. non offense intended 🙂

    • I agree that he is definitely leaving a legacy for him to be able to return to singing. That ought to make everyone feel relieved.

      Interesting fact – a lot is said about the pressure he feels to serve, even though he explicitly said he is not going because he felt like he had to. Are we not believing him? Although it is a rite of passage for LDS youth, the percentage of youth that actually go, is rather low – I want to say 36%, but don’t quote me. It is less than 50% anyway.

      • I totally agree that David is not being pressured to do this mission. Thank goodness that those days of David doing things just because of one told him to do it, are over. He is in charge.

      • It was cleared up by David himself a long time ago that he was not under anyone’s pressure to go. I believe him, most do so that is settled. I want him to go now because as time gies on I see for his personal growth that there are unanswered questions in his life that need answering so that he can be
        secure in himself and move on. His insecurities were first seen when he was on A1.


      • IDK i just made my own opinion about the pressure issue some time ago reading some comments from his fellows LDS commenters in other sites and press and blogs … even before his decision was made ….. is not just about David, is that at some point i realized how important is to some families to have their sons enrolled like missionaries and at what point this decision to go or not can affect their social lifes ( their words), specially in Utah . So yeah i call that pressure peer .

        In David’s case i guess I (we) already knew he was in need of a break to clear up his mind and reorganized his life and priorities, even my sister said so two years ago and she’s not even a fan , so one thing plus another just push a person to take the final decision, different is to try to denied he’s not in peace with his choice , because i think HE IS comfortable with that right now , is to him to figure out what he want on his future …. me i just giving my view.

  8. knew I could count on one or two of David’s LDS fans to respond to my comment brought over from the previous thread.

    I just want to say, I have read all the reasons David has this need to sacrifice 2 years of his life for God and the LDS. I get it. I understand he feels in his heart he must do this. He has been asked and has answered why at just about every interview he’s had in the Philippines. So I know all the reasons he has for going, from wanting to have the experience his friends have had to wanting to feel closer to God. I don’t know of anyone who is closer to God than David Archuleta. But I get it. I’m just a fan who happens to not agree that he should do this. Selfish of me? Maybe so. But it’s how I feel & I have a need to express my feelings just as his LDS fans seem to have the need each time a comment is made which is in disagreement with him going, to express & defend David who needs no defending since he’s been clear up to now.

    I get that David’s LDS fans are devout LDS and I respect their right to defend their beliefs. But I don’t feel David needs anyone to speak for him because none of us know what David truly believes in his heart. He has always been non-judgemental and treats everyone with respect, regardless of who they are or what they believe. David is special that way and it’s one of the many reasons his fans love him so much. Will the Mormon church insure that David will be safe wherever he goes on a mission for them? Because if he were not LDS, he would not be taking this 2 year hiatus. Of that I am positive.

    I know this scenario is unlikely, but what if David decided to cancel a traditional “ride my bike & go door to door” mission for 2 years for whatever reason? How would that go over in the LDS community? Because it’s what I wish & pray for every day.

    I mean no disrespect to anyone,

    • I think that is an interesting question jus’sayin. How would the LDS community react if David did change his mind about going on a “traditional” mission? People change their mind all the time about major choices in life. Would they be supportive? I have wondered that myself.

    • . . . Yet you leave us one or two LDS fans wondering what it is we are allowed to comment on. David does need no defending, that is for sure. I personally feel he also doesn’t need the constant griping about his decision. Yet if griping is OK as an opinion, then it follows that support should be as well. I’ve noticed HG, who runs the site, seems very supportive of David’s decision. I wasn’t aware I was doing anything wrong.

      I have been a fan of David’s since the beginning and up until it became obvious to me that he wanted to go, I was perfectly fine with him not going, in fact, felt exactly like everyone else – that music was his mission, etc. etc. I’m not sure what you mean by the LDS community however. Our church is a worldwide church with 14 million members. I have an idea all 14 million of us do not follow him that closely. He put himself in the spotlight with his announcement and I have no doubt many are proud of him. If he changed his mind and made an equally heartfelt announcement saying he’d changed his mind, I would hope they would be just as supportive.

      It’s a moot point however. Does anyone really think he’s going to change his mind after watching those press con videos?

      One thing we agree on, it would be lovely if he only went for a little while. I have counted down 700 whatever days 2 times and I have to admit I’m not looking forward to doing it again. I know exactly what everyone is feeling who have never done it before.

      • Good points. I am sure there are different opinions. I do agree that many of us think it would be nice if he only went for a little while. It is his choice, of course

  9. It’s funny to read that David is doing so well in the Philippines because he has “found himself” and is away from the “hangers-on.” Perhaps he is doing so well there because he is supported by the Filipino fans, no? How many weekends in a row have they shown up at the mall? Have they let David’s albums tank over there? Do they spend all their time online demonstrating their “writing skills” to each other or do they go out and actually do something in the community to celebrate his birthday, for example?

    “Ride my bike and go door to door mission…” Atta girl, way to dumb down sacrifice, faith, and service to one’s church. But that’s what the U.S. fans seem to do best. Just sayin!

    • Ummm , let me said that we are saying is that this experience has helping to find himself like artist and person , boosting his confidence , i guess that was actually part of his words to describe all what he’s doing there 😐 , of course his fans there are hyper supportive , they have less trauma that his US fans since they use to having him just sometimes , even some countries still not having the honor to see him life , so maybe for them two year is nothing ….. Aaaaand many of us really don’t need to show a certificate of good and supportive fans to actually feel we are 😉 …. i mean really 😉

    • anon,

      That is a direct quote from David’s description of what he would be doing on a traditional mission. His words. not mine.

      You don’t know me. You judge me but you don’t know what I have done personally to support David, do you? The Filipino fans are indeed very supportive of David and it’s great. But they don’t have exclusivity on how to support him.

      I can be a die-hard fan of David but that does not mean I have to agree with every choice he makes. I have & will always buy his music, have & will continue God willing, when he returns, to attend as many David events and concerts as I can because that is how I have always supported him.


      “Atta girl, way to dumb down sacrifice, faith, and service to one’s church. But that’s what the U.S. fans seem to do best”.

      was an insult not only to me, but to all his American fans.

  10. Hey folks.

    The more we get from David during his time in the Philippines the more I feel anxious about his mission. It’s like “ehh…two years?! really…?” I wonder how I will feel about it all 729 days from his departure. But from watching in particular the recent presscon vid with the mission question he looks so at ease and comfortable with his decision so…

    I think a lot of these recent vids really put the last 3 years in perspective. He didn’t expect the fame, didn’t know what to do with it, didn’t know it would last, and didn’t know how to manage his own expectations for his life once it became public. Really reaffirms HG’s “David in Hindsight” post for me.

    Let’s face it folks, growing up is hard and overrated. I think coming to the mission conclusion caused David to take a sharper look at his musical/professional life and decide “Where the heck am I going, anyway?”

    Everyone noticed a change from the start of the MKOC tour, a freer, more confident David and that’s only doubled and tripled in the Philippines over the last month. I think, and you can call me out 2 years from now if I’m wrong, that David will come back from his mission and do what he wants with his music with a much clearer direction. Check out the “forevermore” presscon vid when he’s talking the mission; he calls music his job, his way of making a living. It’s the first time I remember him saying that music was anything more than a gift and something he enjoyed.

    I honestly think – despite how sad 2 years without David will be – that eventually David would’ve become burnt out and frustrated with no real focus in his professional life and we would be much worse off in the long run. Like SB said, “Heaven help the artists who become lost……” Heaven help we should keep David from doing something he’s feels in his heart is right and let that beautiful glow dim. Not that I like it. But it’s not about me.

    • Well said Amanda. I also agree with the first part of SB’s comment
      Each of us have travelled on a different path and some need the time away to experience whatever is advantageous to mature and feel secure in themselves. Heaven help the artists who become lost in their present lives and cannot break free to live a safe life.

    • After listening to David, I am convinced that he needed to do this mission, I just wish he had choosen a shorter one (am not Mormon, but I read that missions can be 18 to 24 months long) 18 months, would of been a happy medium, IMO.
      I would be overjoyed if David was doing only a humanitarian mission, now that to me is true sacrifice.

  11. OMG that totally didn’t look that long when I was typing it. Sorry, haha. 🙂

    • I have seen David just as you & everyone else have seen him this last month. I also saw him live not once but multiple times, some VIP, some not, in his MKOC tour. And yes, I did see the change in David. I was not the only one excited to see David as we had never seen him before! Little did I know he had a secret which would soon explode our David world as we knew it. To say I was in total disbelief is an understatement. How could the David I saw on stage with his new swagger, his new confidence, his sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle sensuality which brought us to our knees, say he was leaving for 2 years! It was impossible! I did not want to believe it. David, is an enigma. He is unpredictable. Who knows what he will do next week? Or next month? We don’t know exactly when he is scheduled to leave. He’s vague about it. But why is the time & place he’s going kept under wraps? Is it a normal thing for missionaries to keep secret the time & location of their mission? Or is there some concern about his privacy & safety if word get out about where & when he is going?

      The next jaw-dropping announcement? David starring in a soap opera about a love triangle? What? Then a new album? Recorded in a matter of a couple of weeks?

      I did find it somewhat puzzling about the Bench clothing endorsement though since very soon he will be wearing only the clothes LDS missionaries are allowed to wear. They must have made him an offer he could not refuse.

      I have also seen the continuing growth, confidence and ease David expresses in his interviews and in his demeanor in the Philippines. He has been outstanding in everything he has been involved in while there. Too bad he will leave soon and we have no idea if all he has done there, the momentum from all the hype, the promotions, the series, the album,and all the appearance, will carry over to this next year or into the year after that?

      I have followed David Archuleta since his Star Search days. I was so happy when he appeared one day on my TV screen on AI because I was always sure he would surface again & go on to do what I was so sure he was born to do. But I’m not sure it will be so easy for him when he returns and it doesn’t have to be that way. I have accepted the inevitable, but I’m not & will never be happy about it.

      • Great comment, I totally agree.

      • It does seem like alot of unplanned things happened to the end of David’s trip….Kudos to the movers & shakers in the Philippines who took advantage and make a top priority the of that little bit of time David had. If something is really important, industry leaders can find a way. David had to make some quick decisions, which clearly he did. Maybe the looming deadline helped him to not over think things. JMO.

      • oh…so true. “David, is an enigma.”

      • An unpredictable 😐 … i always said it, people just don’t want to believe ….. i remember in IDF days we were talking about this and concluding somehow that he’s just going with the flow … this was our impressions back in 2010 ….guess still the same , the only real plan now and maybe ever is the mission .

  12. Jus Sayin’ – I appreciate your honesty to say how you feel. I hope when David returns from his mission that you’re still a proud fangirl/fanboy. 🙂

    Oh, and in the vid from JRforDA titled part 5 “on Whitney Houston and…” he mentions that he won’t be the States during the release of forevermore…he’s slowly slipping out the deets!

    Speaking of, I hope everyone’s heard about/seen the presscon vids? There’s some real nuggets in there, not just about the mission and David’s faith. Talking about how fast the OPM album came about because he knows what he wants and doesn’t want and doesn’t need to take forever to make a decision anymore. Explained a few little tidbits about making TOSOD.

    I’d be real interested to hear people’s thoughts on all the little details that came out…

  13. TBH i just going to end this era enjoying the NA series …. I’m glad he was able to find this last projects to fulfill his goal about going out of his comfort zone , to capitalize some money and to leave some to the fans . His decision was made, nothing can change his mind , so probably the sage move here is to move on , enjoy others artist , if he do a come back with good music or something interesting , i will be happy to buy or support that specif projects … if not , well i will wish him a good happy life ; i’m keeping good souvenirs from this four year of expectations , that really enjoyed , it was a very entertaining time , with new music , fun recaps , memorable discussions , lots of learning … it was good overall.

  14. From twitter , the new advance of NA in TV5 <<<< Slapped David included lol.

    • tibi, thanks for the vid!! awesomeness!! David getting slapped ? haha, cool.

      And i wholeheartedly agree with your statements above. It has been a great 4 years (really?!!!) and have many great recordings and videos of David in my collection that I treasure.

      Jeez people!! Let him go and live his life however he sees fit!

      Everyone might consider to lighten up. Its his life.

      Live yours.

      • I do not think it has anything to do with people needing to lighten up. lol I think it is just fans stating their opinions on how a music artist’s decisions might effect his career. A music artist needs fans to have a career which makes it very different than other professions IMO. I think everyone knows that it is David’s career and his choices but fans do have differing viewpoints. It is not my music career so I really do not care. lol Time will tell how this 2 year mission will effect David’s career. I read today that Adele was joking about leaving her career for 5 years. I am quite sure her label and management would not let her. lol

  15. Above, Julee says:“…he is doing his mission for what it will teach HIM, how it will change HIS life.”

    This is what makes me feel good about his decision. I think for him to continue to inspire people to feel better about themselves, do more for others, live healthier, believe in themselves, etc., that he needs to follow his personal calling and see where it leads. If he doesn’t, he risks losing his edge, his uniqueness.

    I’m still devastated over losing Whitney, so please bear with my Whitney talk. 🙂 I’m glad D had the foresight to know when to walk away and he seems to be at peace with his decision. I just listened to his comments re. how Whitney influenced him musically and that his mom listened to her music all the time. His comments made me feel better because like someone said several threads back, he’s like a light and he focuses on the light he sees in others.

    • For some reason I feel that he is safer on a a mission right now, then being just about anywhere. It is really strange how things unfold, but yes David, go and learn and live in peace! I guess it took looking at sensationalism to bring that thought to me.


    • I agree with you about Whitney desertrat.

  16. i am still surpised that david’s family was shocked by his decsion go to a mission, i thought they knew, ahh nope!!!. david is not just going on a mission, he is just going on a 2 year vacation.

  17. i hope david go somewehere in latin amercia on his mission.

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