Happy Valentine’s Day!

… from David … and from me! 😛

Remember back in 2009 when David actually “called to say he loved us” on our cells? Sigh.


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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day HG and all who gather here.

    Ah! Yes I remember the Phone call. “I just called to say I love You””

    Wonderful memories. Happy Day!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Someone thought Davd looked tired on his Valentine’s blog. I really don’t think he has had time to sleep this past month in the Philippines. I can’t believe his schedule and all he is doing. Here is the latest mall signing to come:
    Bench Launch
    Bench officially welcomes David Archuleta into their family of international celebrity endorsers this week.

    The campaign launch will be this Friday, February 17, at 5pm PHT at the Ayala TriNoma Mall in Quezon City, Philippines. David will be signing his new photos for the Philippines’ leading clothing and lifestyle brand.

    A billboard for Bench’s campaign with David will be put up in the next few days in Magallanes.

  3. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    Happy Valentine’s Day, HelloGorgeous and fellow SD readers.

    He looked so tired and yet still not grumpy.

  4. Check out the Google Doodle for Valentine! Too precious! 😀


  5. Happy Valentines’s Day !!! everyone 🙂

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to all here at Soul David!

  7. @karenkid posted this on twitter and I had not watched it for awhile and I still love it (David at age 15):

    Happy Valentine’s Day, HG and thanks for everything you write!

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day, Soul David! I remember that phone call very well. This was my favorite phone call, though!

  9. So when David announced quitting the music business for a spiritual break of 2 years many of us including myself got bent out of shape at the news. Now Adele has announced a break for 5 years. Maybe they have started a new trend in light of so many recent celebrities coping inappropriately with fame. I read that friends of Riahnna are sounding warning alarms as well.


    • Well Adele , really hit a worldwide status to consolidate her career with her last album, her sales in US are superior to the 5 millions, that from the ”21” album only , the singles have similar sales figures only in US , worldwide the sales are just insane, she has already 7 Grammy’s , she has on her story an impressive 46 awards winning and 102 nominations all around the world , and that just with two albums at 23 , right now she in therapy after her vocal cords surgery , so i imagine that count too like part of her decision, trying to gain confidence again and on the top of all this , she just find Mr Perfect :), so she can for sure slow down a little bit to put another album , having that kind of accomplishment in the professional aspect, why not to take the time to regain confidence and build her personal life ? … i’m sure she’s gonna show here and there in some public events anyway, maybe not singing for now, but making some social time. 😉
      I don’t think is the same that David , who probably gonna need to restart his career and try to reach some high professional accomplishment to give to his professional profile more status …. just my view.

      • I agree with you tibi. I wish David was taking some personal time for a year to relax and enjoy his life while maybe going to college part-time. He could have still done some public events. I do not know but others have commented that missions are stressful and it seems like he disappears for 2 years. Adele and David are two very different situations.

  10. I hope you all are having a happy and LOVE filled Valentine’s Day!
    David’s singing messages are the sweetest things ever! He’s so good to us.

  11. adele is quitting music for 4 or 5 years for a guy, what a waste of time career, she is starting to get very popular now with her music and her voice and she is only 23 year old geez!. i bet her boyfriend talk you into quitting music so he can have all for himself?? it wouldn’t shocked me if david ahead to that direction when he get back from mission for 2 years.

  12. i meant adele not you whoop.

  13. it look like david won’t be going on a mission to end of this year now due to doing more work in the philippines and he prolly want to spend with his family and friends when he got back from the states, i read rumors that he was supposed to be leaving in april but it could may or june perhaps??? i heard he was supposed to go home today but i guess that isnt happening now.

  14. Always believe in God. There’s nothing like the power of prayer,” – @DavidArchie

    Well said David ! 🙂

  15. What I find so compelling about David is that he has that magnetic pull, that his glorious voice alone made fans of all faiths AND those with no religious affiliation as well as the unbelievers, agnostice & atheists. It mattered little what HE believed. It was, IS all about the voice. There are many fans he changed for the better. I don’t mean he changed atheists but who knows? He gave those on the fence like agnostics or those who had lost their faith for whatever reason, to have HOPE, that there is a Higher Power.
    He has become an integral part of many people’s lives. For David to silence his voice, to become isolated from those who need him the most to recruit & convert new members for the LDS church is confusing because if he wants to turn people to God, he was actually doing that little by little. Not to one person at a time but to thousands at every event, appearance & concert. There are so many more he could reach if he keeps doing what he’s doing, if that is in fact what his goal is, bringing people closer to God and not just to be a LDS member.

    I’m not saying David is an Angel or is a completely perfect being, not at all. But there is an aura around him which is not easily explained, a warmth which comes from the love he has for God and his fellowman. Whatever he has, the “glow”, makes everyone he touches with his voice want the same thing. And it has nothing to do with being an LDS. He is already doing God’s work, using the gift God gave him. For him to stop using that gift for any length of time makes no sense.

    Jus’ sayin’

    • I am beginning to think that David has” found himself” as an artist and an entertainer in the Philippines. He is away from all the “hangers on” and doing so well. Kari has done an amazing job over there with David. I give her so much credit. Great trip for David.

      • I agree with you Marie!! I hope Kari stays on David’s team as she has been great. It has been a fabulous trip for David.

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