Preach It, David!

It’s telling, isn’t it, which song David chose to pay tribute to Whitney Houston in his tweet. I guess he’s no longer going to be shy about expressing his religious outlook, is he?

In this case, knowing how much he luuvs him some gospel music (and the pop diva herself), good for him! 🙂

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  1. Loved the tribute and the song!! Beautiful and so timely. RIP Whitney

  2. i wonder if jennifer hudson will sing this tonight. the grammys are so long, guess it will be a few more hours before we find out.

  3. jhud just made me cry. beautiful tribute.

  4. That Nicki Miinaj performance was absolutely HIDEOUS!! What a horrible song and rap performance!!

    The ONLY good thing about that mess is that it’s bound to send all those Illuminati conspiracy theorists into an Internet frenzy!

    At least the Vigilant Citizen will be fun to read, especially if they connect the exorcism/levitation nonsense to the “demons” Whitney Houston surely must have seen before her untimely death!

    • i stopped trying to figure out what the heck nicki was taking about 30 secs into the song. that was one hot mess of a performance.

  5. Well the Grammy tonight started with a prayer by the host LL Cool J. …. it was a touching moment :(, Whitney last video in the net was
    ”Jesus love me” , so David is totally in context with his tribute. And Whitney sound glorious in this song … can’t believed how sad is this. 😦

    And about the performances , i really like Bruno tbh, his happiness on stage is just contagious:), Adele was powerful and emotional , the old glories group performances very sweet and nostalgic, Taylor S delivered well with her interesting new style, Non fan of Katy P, but i recognize that her vocals were a lot better tonight , Sir Paul M still doing his thing with class. I agree that the male side is lacking of powerful solo voices …. hopefully in the next years David will still having a place to fill in that category.

  6. in my opinion, david is still shy. i don’t know why david is going gospel, i am sure he is getting that from charice, most likey.

  7. with his forevermore new album, i am sure charice had something to do with him singing thoses songs, charice sings gospel herself. goodnite


  8. Simply GLORIOUS. Her voice when she is singing gospel, like her godmother Aretha, can make you feel as if you are having an out-of-body experience… I feel the power and presence and majesty of God in her voice, her emotion, the mastery and control and confidence in which she unleashes her vocal instrument… this is real loss, this is true heartbreak… this is when I really thank God for modern technology, for being able to have THIS VOICE preserved for all time… her voice and her recordings need to be in the Smithsonian… who can deny her vocal instrument being designated a national treasure… Prayers go out to her mom Cissy, daughter Bobbi Kristina, all the family and friends who loved her. Their pain and loss has to be unbearable.

  9. So, I don’t know what album in-lay means, but apparently this is it:

    • If this is the cover, I like it! He appears to be singing heart felt love ballads.

      On another note, I just saw the pics of your little one on The Voice ….she’s absolutely gorgeous!

  10. HG,

    “I guess he’s no longer going to be shy about expressing his religious outlook, is he?”

    Uh, I think he got over the shyness way back when he made his now famous announcement about going on a mission. After that, there was no mistaking that David is religious and will follow his LDS directives.

    Thing is, he is still an enigma. I mean who would have thought after that announcement he would do a soap opera? A soap which depicts angry hurtful words, lies, death, fights, & a three-way love triangle? Oh yeah, and music. An enigma for sure.

    Looks like he wanted to “sow his wild oats before going into the military” so to speak. Yes, definitely still an enigma for sure.

    • David is a very complicated talent IMO.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Justsayin’ you’re asessment of things is quite entertaining. lol

        Actually Hg, as soon as I saw his tweet and the music video, I thought of you and GG and the convo we had a.wee while ago about gospel music.

        And Hg, I too noted him being a bit more open by posting that video. My theory on it all is quite simple though….I think since the announcement he feels more free to be himself and not always worried about offending people by admiting he’s religious. Must be a bit of a weight off his shoulders, maybe even a part of why he has seemed more relaxed recently…? It also makes me feel a little sad that he couldn’t be his whole self with the fans until now.

    • Ha, ha …. you know what part is annoying?, some of his more conservator religious fans in crisis because he’s holding hands, wearing a short , touching a face or with the possibility of a kiss , that will be nice and right in the point , since is a Love story , but still a very vague possibility …. is incredible the exaggeration about that, and all the prejudice around a person who did it …. tbh 😐

  11. This video of Whitney H, along with the NA from the super bowl and IWLY were the most mentioned after her dead last friday , i saw them in the news yesterday all day, is because show a big part of what she was and part of what was her identity like person , the Believer, the patriotic woman and the artist with big connectivity in the three aspects even with her problems ….. so i’m not see David’s tweet like a particular act of self declaration , is just a good choice considering the person . Again the Grammy’s started with a Prayer, i think the host deserve my respect, people gonna talk about this for sure , and not in a nice way :/

    David tweeted and vlog in the past too Christian Gospel songs and singers , so that is not new and weird , i never took that like an act of ”Preaching” at all …. preaching to me is more evident with some of his interviews maybe , of course is totally expected to be more frontal right now , after his very public announce of going in a mission for his LDS church, you just need to read the interviews in Asia to realize that. He’s really proud to be the example and model to follow for his peers … that i guess it was another of his goal with this decision.

    Anyway , here the track of The Preacher’s Wife “I Love the Lord” – some beautiful comments there too.

  12. I didn’t see him as being preachy because he put a link to a gospel song. Whitney and many artists have all sung gospel songs at one time or the other. I mean Beiber suppose to put out a Christmas cd. I heard him in an interview say that he does what he does for the Lord…OMG *shakes head*..yea whatever that’s another story lol.
    When someone dies people will say…he/she is in a better place…do they actually know that? No, they just say that to comfort family or maybe themselves. The point is there are many people and many different religions. Some…well most don’t even stick to what their religion says. They go about their business and go to church, whatever kind it may be, and don’t ever live by the rules of their church. One example…I know people who claim to be baptist and according to the Bible if you divorce you are not suppose to remarry, but people do anyway and still go to church with their new spouse. I for one am glad to see someone actually live by what they believe in…even though his religion may not be the same as mine.

    • And here we go, yeah, because you has the power of judge JB intentions and heart *shakes head* here too 😐 Is interesting know that you bring Justin case , he always has been vocal with his Christian roots too , since the start of his career if i well remember , so that kid is doing the best he can under the circumstances, what he did with his Christmas album helped a lot of people that even if you’re an archifan you can’t denied … and yes if you read his fans messages and tweets, many of them feel inspiration to do the good because him , oh and guess what, he give the 10% of his gains to Charity too 😉 …. so i don’t gonna judge this beiberfans either…. many of them feel for Justin what many archies feel for David, if in both cases people can take the good to copy , is ok for me, not need from the archies to be arrogant . :/

      And second one you right the spiritual experience is an individual act , you can’t say everyone from a particular denomination is the same ….. i think David is a refreshing celebrity, if he follow and believe totally his Church doctrine idk, but sure we should see the good part of it …even if we think is difficult to separate of the all ensemble of beliefs.

      And about the divorce example you’re giving … if you gonna use that example , you should be careful because because each case is different and I’m sure God will judge them in justice according the circumstances of each one ( the circumstances of that divorced Baptist that you know)….. not to us to generalize and pointing fingers in that aspect .

  13. Tibitibi- I wasn’t trying to be a judge. Its amazing how an opinion or examples given can be turned around into something that I didn’t mean. Regarding the Justin thing…I didn’t know he gave part of his income to charity. That is wonderful. It’s great to know that someone with that amount of fame and money would think of others.
    I see that what I was trying to do did not come across as how I intended it. I didn’t know he was a religious person because of the way I have seen him act. Apparently, you know more about him than I do. I feel like I am not allowed to have an opinion here. I am not as good as others at expressing what I want to say. The example I gave was actually for many people that I personally know, but I only said one. The point I was trying to make was that a lot of people do not stick to what their religion teaches whatever that may be. There are different variations in different religions. I was not pointing fingers as I don’t live like I should also. I don’t know what I said that was so bad you had to slame me. Just wanted to bring up another side of this. Don’t worry I will try not to mention you know whos name again! 🙂

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