David “Had Fun Filming This!”

Sure looks like it! 🙂


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  1. I love this commercial, and it does look like David’s having fun. Looks like David could have and endorsement for the clothing line, Bench –
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    Ben Chan @BCbench just told me that @DavidArchie is now part of the @benchtm family! He will be launched as a celeb endorser next week!! ☺♥✓

  2. ie the last thread on D making money and Forbes- while $$ may not be David’s goal, since money talks, his ability to make money this year and while he is gone, will help the industry continue to recognize he is a force to be reckoned with and garner respect on his return. So, in that respect, it is important, even in his absence he does well financially.

  3. Looks to me like he’s discovering his commercial appeal just now , a little too late for us to enjoy more , but enough for him to make sure a good economic base in the next two years , 😉
    He’s human like of rest of us and clearly he has the normal ambitions humans have …… to have a good live you and your family , so maybe be in the Forbes list is not his first goal , but is natural and usual to put a price to your work …… happen then that the IDEAL is to make money doing what we love to do and yes your price give you some status and say a lot about the quality of your work, at least in the business world and in the eyes of some people in the industry 😉 ,….. btw i just read in a buzz note from there that he literally said he accepted some additional engagements to give the income to his parents , so that is part too of his motivation to go for it there too …… I’m glad for him by this opportunities at this point. 🙂 .

  4. Seriously….

    The performance of that song IMO is one of the best ballads David has done in a long while. The first few notes immediately touched my heart, but then the combination of the intensity of his emotion, the flails, matching arm movements to the lyrics AND his good looking scuba suit – just about did me in.
    His genius amazes me. That’s all.

  6. I forgot to mention Jay Durias’s mad keyboard skills as well. The melodic structure of this song is a complete contrast of songs meant to be sung well. David however manages to take us to church with a superb ending.

  7. fishy and joymus, thanks for the videos! david looks so confident and comfortable. and his take on “whereever you are” is pure soul david! and i agree, that scuba suit looks nice on d.

    i.will.miss.him 😥

    • Oh, I agree – wow both songs were great and I loved Jay’s mad keyboard skills too. David’s singing genius amazes me too – he’s so expressive. He really loved when the fans sang along with SBL. Glad he’s going out with a bang. Scuba suit for the win. I hope it’s true that he has an endorsement from Bench. More pictures of D in great looking clothes.

  8. David is having a wonderful time in Manilla especially with great new opportunities gathering momentum just before he goes on hiatus. He sounds wonderful.

    Just a question, has he said hello or hey how are you doing or mentioned his long time home fans (especially the younger fans) in a vlog, interview or tweet? I probably just missed that.


    • Yes. In a mini twitter party the other day, a fan said “we miss you in the u.s.”. He replied something like, “I miss everyone there too”.

  9. RIP Whitney Houston. This is just so incredibly sad.

  10. I hope Whitney is at peace now. What a voice!

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