(Sigh) Missing This Face Already!

I wonder what “other projects” his fans will be getting? Is it selfish of me to want an English song or songs, dedicated to his American fans? Yep, I’m starting to get jealous of his Asian fans! 😛

UPDATE: New Vlog


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  1. Shanny in Australia

    David’s tweets said the album will be in English so all fans can enjoy it. It just meant the songwriters etc were Filipino.

    I actually think it has worked out well because from what he was saying in that 4 part interview in Singapore, it sounded like since he had such a short amount of time, he wasn’t sure to what standard he would be able to record/produce the songs he was going to produce.
    This way it seems we will be getting a professional full CD and hopefully he will still come back and record those gospel and pop songs he was talking about….. because I’d like to know what songs he would have chosen to include if it was all up to him.

    Did you see his latest vlog he posted HG?
    I posted it on the previous thread if you haven’t.

  2. even though i’m asian, i want his other projects to be dedicated for his american fans too.

    i mean, the OPM album can be for anyone to enjoy, but David clearly said in an interview that the album is “a great gift for filipino fans to go along side with everything else that’s been going on” (as if everything that he has done there is not enough).

    well, I’m in hope that at least, his other projects would be exciting and wouldn’t be rushed.

  3. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    i am going to take what david provides and be happy. it could have been worse. he could have stayed in utah with his family and friends during the past weeks and the upcoming ones, knowing that he’d be away from them.

  4. so I get that Vangie thing is not a real product? It looks to be some kind of spoof, like those on The Onion. But this looks to be a commercial for Nandito Ako, TV5 and David in general.

  5. I am happy he is recording new music. He is proving Randy Jackson right – he can sound great singing anything, even the phone book. It does sound like most of the songs will be in English, but, hey, I even love the songs he sings in foreign languages. He is just so expressive when singing. I love all the videos, pictures and tweets we are getting, We see more of him when he is in the Philippines that we do than when he is in the U.S. I hope when he returns from his mission he goes right back to Asia and picks up where he left off. He is a celebrity there and I love it!

  6. English translation to the Vangie commercial..hilarious ! ( credit to Ria)

    Thanks, VANGIE, You’re a doll!

    FYI, VANGIE is a Filipino comedy spoof of the iPhone’s “Siri”.

    Thanks, VANGIE. You’re a doll!

    English translation thanks to Ria:

    Vangie: Then we’ll go back to the hotel. You have a taping at 11. Don’t forget to bring your black jacket with silver stripes. But you can also bring the beige one. You look good in that. 2:00, you have a mall show, interviews and singing. Choose a nice song, ok? Not a lame one. You need to be outgoing. Then in the evening, you have recordings. Your performance needs to be boom! pak! to the next level! Understand?

    David: Vangie, I don’t understand a word you’re saying.

    Vangie: Oh, right, you speak English. Sorry. — switching to english-ing mode.

    David: Thanks, Vangie. You’re a doll…

    Vangie: No, I’m a phone. Wow, you’re kidding me there brother. Give me a smile. Anyway, here’s your schedule for today.

    * It’s funnier in tagalog because Vangie makes use of slang and taglish (mix of English & Tagalog )

  7. David Archuleta in: Part 7 (NEW!)- “PERSONAL SCHEDULING”: http://t.co/wNVi6LFJ

  8. I’ve been trying to catch up, but David’s been so busy it’s impossible. Interesting that his career in Asia has reached such heights right before he leaves. Maybe it will ensure that David will feel confident in returning to the music industry in 2 years. If his career just dwindled during these few months, it would have been discouraging, so I’m glad for the all this amazingness (even if it’s in the other side of the world).

    It’s also been refreshing to see him completely free from the hangers-on. Btw, on the last thread, Shanny said that Sunny produced the ATE songs. Uh, nope, sorry. I read that those were left over from the TOSOD album, and thus were owned by Jive, which was how they were able to be released on a Jive product. I’m pretty sure new songs done on the side after he left the label would not have been allowed contractually. I’m still not a fan of Sunny’s music.

    • Thanks for that information Utahmom. I did not think Sunny had anything to do with that album but was not sure. lol Like I stated in the previous thread I am quite sure she is a lovely and wonderful person BUT . I will leave it at that. lol

      • Yes, if I were to meet Sunny, I’m sure I would love her.

        The songs for the ATE did need some “sweetening” before release, maybe Sunny helped with that, but she wasn’t mentioned in the credits, so I doubt that.

        And Shanny, hope I didn’t sound harsh–I was in a hurry.

    • ”It’s also been refreshing to see him completely free from the hangers-on. ”

      Yes !! i’m sure that make more easy for him to interact and build his confidence.

      And yes, Sunny can be a lovely Lady , but if the US prospect include her and other closest well know mentors , i’ll just not have any interest on it :/ …… i guess that is what makes the difference with Asia, is not only that they give him more offers , but too that he is more open to work with others there, in US he’s very restricted in many ways. 😐

    • Shanny in Australia

      Well I didn’t say she definitely produced them, I suggested she may have helped.
      If Sunny didn’t help then what was she doing spending heaps of time with david right before the Asian tour and what were all those late nights about, rushing to get songs comped?
      I’m not saying you’re wrong Utahmom, just wondering how it all fits together then.

      • Comping vocals is part of the mixing process. As I understand it, “sweetening” a song usually involves the final mixing and perhaps adding a few more tracks (instrument and/or vocals). Maybe Sunny helped with that. The main tracks would have been laid down earlier with the songwriters/producers. If memory serves, those songs were written with Joy, Matt Squire, and Lady V among others, but not Sunny. Her input, if any, was probably minimal, otherwise I would think she would be credited. If anyone has more knowledge about this, please chime in. 🙂

  9. It will be nice to hear some new music from David. I am glad things are going well for him in Asia. I do not blame him for going where he is very popular and gets these offers there. Good for David.

  10. Wow!! an album? lol, i didn’t see this coming tbh, but hey ! looks like David is learning to take to chances when they are here ( maybe a little too late ? ;/ ) …… me too i’m glad for this project , even if is for the Asian fans , US fans will find the way to have it anyway ,, of course hopefully legally 🙂

    He’s rushing into too many things right now , i just hope they gonna care of the quality ….. in any case is clear that he has enough material to feed his Asia Market for a while, he is happy learning about himself and discovering new artistic loves and building a new confidence and looking very independent and in the way making good money, because i’m convinced that he’s gonna make the Idol Forbes list gain this and next year.

    • I agree with you Tibi about David making good money. I’m quite sure he did well financially from his Asian and Christmas tour. He also didn’t have to share his money with a label as some singers now have 360 agreements and have to give part of their money from touring and merchandise to their label. I also think they paid him well to act in the mini series. I do believe that is part of the reason he agreed to do it – the money will take care of his family the two years he is gone.

      • ”…. the money will take care of his family the two years he is gone.”

        lol, but his family is on the full productive years (his parents and siblings ), is normal to help, but my guess and hope is that they gonna take care of them selves ….. not that should be our business anyway, just a guessing. 🙂

  11. I also think that Kari has been a great manager/personal assistant for the Christmas tour and now in the Philippines. I hope she’s on his team when he returns. I like that she takes pictures and videos too.

    • Actually I would like Kari to handle David’s career while he’s away. I’m convinced that he needs someone to manage things while he’s away.

      • Yes, I think Kari would be a great choice to have some role in his career while he is gone. He needs to have someone that is a professional and has some connections IMO.

  12. I just watched the Singapore Trip video – love it! I guess with all the travel, the jumping jacks help him to loosen up and relax. Does anyone know what they’re singing to him at the 30-50 sec marker? He’s singing along with them and I still can’t make the song out.

  13. “It’s “Stomping the Roses” I believe. I had to put headphones on
    to hear it. But I’m pretty sure that’s what they were singing. Watch when David is singing and you’ll be able to hear it.

  14. So, the OPM will be released on Feb. 26th?! They sure don’t waste time, do they?

  15. marie, tibi, and HopeUD, thanks for responding to my question. I confess, I never listened to STR much so it was hard for me to pick up on the melody.

  16. The Filipinos are very friendly people and welcome people including David and Lucy Hale (as she commented herself upon her arrival) with open arms. From carrying out his original mission plan of singing for the good of others, to a change in his plans, David has made his way to accomplish as much in music and the arts as he possibly can. Although he remembers 4 years afrer AI as being not too long a time, two years away from the industry can bring many changes. But, he is preparing the best he can with his opportunities. The first few months following his departure will be a most interesting time. While in the Philippines, as we have seen, he is gaining knowledge, confidence in himself, maturity and independence while learning the every day ways of a new culture, ‘something’ like what he will be facing while on hiatus. His artistic talents are developing quickly. But not to forget while there, he has also been able to give of himself to others so his day is always full.


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