A Fear of Fading

So, Monday night, when I was tuning in to The Voice, I had an immediate reaction when one of the contenders, Dez Duron, came on my tele:

“WOW!! He’s hot!!”

*fans self*

The next thought that came to my mind is:

“OMG, he has a vague resemblance to David Archuleta! Gee, I really hope he can’t sing well.”

Strange, isn’t it?  It was that weird feeling you get, for those of you who’ve ever been in a relationship or if you’re married, of looking at another guy, having that immediate attraction and THEN feeling guilty that your thoughts were wandering away from your beloved. Ever had that experience?

Well, that’s how I felt when I saw Dez Duron. I thought I was going to fall for a different singer as a fan, and I started feeling GUILTY!  Imagine that! 😛

So, yes, when he came out on stage, and opened his mouth to sing a Backstreet Boys song of all things, I actually breathed a sigh of relief.  No way is he going to do it for me. (Yay, David! I can be FAITHFUL to you!)

And then I held my breath, hoping none of the judges would turn around, giving him a chance to stay on my TV for a few more weeks, tempting me.  And none of them did!


Forgetting for the moment that every single judge (especially Christina) regretted their decision once they saw how gorgeous he was, I’m just glad that I have yet to find a celebrity singer who could do it for me the way David does.

So here’s the conundrum: can I really stay faithful to David when he’s away for two whole years? I mean, yes, I will be checking out other artists – I love music and need my fix. But can I stay faithful to David as THE VOICE of all voices that no one can come close to? My own “celebrity true love” that no one else can replace?

Fascinating that David is tweeting about “true love” – methinks he’s making plans to marry post-mission even before finding that true love. David, this is how it works:

1. You get a first sight view: “Hello, Gorgeous.”

2. An interaction takes place between you and the beloved that cements it all for you (in your case, you opened your beautiful mouth and drew me in hook, line, and sinker).

The End.

That’s how it works, and that’s what I woulda told you had I been tweeting live the same time you were (congrats to Refnaf for a getting a direct response from #DavidArchie!).

Having said that, the Dez Duron moment has me seriously worried that my love would fade once David is gone.  Can my fan love stand the test of time?  Will our love fall by the wayside once he’s gone as we start checking out other artists? I even worry that, they won’t even be as good and as enriching and fulfilling as David, and yet their being on the scene is all that will be needed while The Voice is away.

A fading memory (in two years). It could happen. I just want to be able to hold on, that’s my biggest anxiety about David going away on his mission. I’m not worrying or losing sleep over it, mind you. My life is too busy to get that carried away.

But something as simple as tuning in to a Dez Duron on The Voice had me really worried that so many fans could easily replace David, to the point that his “comeback” wouldn’t make a dent in the music scene.

The only thing that gives me hope is having that deep-down feeling that nobody else is even on the level of David Archuleta. I felt he was destined for great things, back in 2008, and I still feel this way, even as he prepares to step out of the pop world.

But his smiling face, promising us “more music” and that he’s “coming back to music” keeps me willing to be faithful. I can’t help it.

Oh, surely, there will be hot guys coming on the scene now and the next few years, but will they have The Voice?

Not a chance! That’s the faith I have, and that is eventually what will keep me faithful (I hope).

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  1. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    LOL, hg. i’ve had similar thoughts without having the handsome face to put them there — more of a, “can i hold on without the constant input” idea. I know I’ll move on with my life and will most certainly find pleasant disteactions. but since David is leaving me “in a good place” i will most certainly look out for his return and, if he does as he says and puts out music and performs, i cannot imagine that i won’t be there with bells on.

    i’ve become zen about it, i suppose. i could walk out my door and be hit by a bus tomorrow but i don’t want to live in fear of that. plus, on the upside, david will be two years more mature and, in the land of david, time has been a good thing in many ways — voice, looks, confidence and more.

    sorry for the lower case. cut the heck out of my finger last night and am typing with one hand. david’s true love tweet was a welcome distraction.

  2. I have always had that feeling of…believing he is destined for great things…that there is still more in him musically to do. I don’t know why I have always thought and said that. There has always and still is a lil sumpin sumpin different about David. LOL! I will always be a fan.

  3. Post-mission David would be interesting, even he himself believes so…

    David Archuleta answers fan questions http://t.co/IJwUnCYo

  4. In a way, I think David will be starting over when he returns….maybe that’s a good thing. He will be know as a new artist in the music scene, lol.

    • Even though we “know” David, there are many who don’t.
      I can just see it now…David receiving his Grammy and many saying, he looks so familiar…Where did that VOICE come from…WOW, he’s HAWT…Where has he been…Why have I never heard of this guy before…Is he for real? 😉

  5. Great 4 part interview from Singapore:

    David says he definitely do a Spanish Album on his return, especially since he’ll have a lot of Spanish influence while he is gone.


    hope that link works. Up on FanScene

    I’ll be here!! Hope I can enjoy other music while David is gone but never have been this dedicated before. Will look forward to his return.

  6. I’m with Kathy – David is leaving me in “a good place” too so I will be waiting for his return to music. I don’t have a crystal ball so I have no idea what his future holds in the music business. It is really tough out there for singers, but he will always have a core group of fans that love him. Whether he can continue to make a living from singing remains to be seen, but I know he will always sing even if it isn’t his main occupation. Now he has some acting under his belt, so he could pursue that too when he returns.

  7. I too caught Dez’s performance on The Voice the other night and my first thought was how cute he was. I’m a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys and was disappointed in Dez’s version of “I Want It That Way”. Had it not been for his looks, I wonder if they would have had him on the show.

    My interested in all things David has waned a bit but as I’ve mentioned before, it really needed to. I follow other artists but I can’t imagine any of them taking David’s place in my heart. He’s just that special.

    • “I can’t imagine any of them taking David’s place in my heart. He’s just that special.”

      Ditto. 🙂

    • Aww, there really is nobody like him. I really believe that. I listen to other artists too, but it always comes back to David.
      It’s his voice that I feel I NEED to hear.

    • I watched Dez’s performance too. I agree with you hg. I did think of David when I first saw him. Dez is very cute. lol He did not have David’s voice but I do enjoy “The Voice”. David is very special but I do follow other artists. I really do think that David is lucky to have some fans that are just so awesome in their support of him. Hg you are certainly one of them.

  8. Also, I didn’t see The Voice, but judging from this post, my eyes like the guy in the first picture better. lol

    • I just watched Dez’s performance. Yeah, he’s really cute! I see some Mario Lopez in there. lol

      • Shanny in Australia

        Haha, yeah looking at that pic, he looks like he stepped out of the 90s, no wonder he sung a backstreet boys song. lol
        A handsome lad nevertheless.

        As for worrying about someone else replacimg david….i was never this interested in any celebrity before david and I don’t believe there would be anyone after david. It’s just david or bust, for me. lol
        Plus I think sticking around is a.decision of the.head as much as the heart and i’ve decided with both, that nandito ako. (i am here) lol

  9. off topic, speaking of the tralier, there was a scene the ones that david was touching the two girls actress’s faces with his hand, that wasnt david, it was a stunt double!!.

    • David said he did the love scenes and did not have a stunt double for those scenes.

      • heidijoy, david says the” loves scenes”, loves scenes is where you making out not touching hand on the faces? so david was making out in the mini series???

      • Check the Videos from Star Hub Chat. He had a stunt double when the guy swung the Oar at him and the Motorcyle but not the love scenes.
        Maggie Fod asked the question about stunt double. I choose to believe David including the tender scenes. He doesn’t lie!!

  10. david will speak spanish on his mission, sound like he could be going to somewhere in asia not in latin amercia??

  11. i heard rumors that david is leaving sometime the end of march, i hope he will able to spend time with his family before he go, he had been busy thought in overseas and march is almost here. in my opinion, i think he will be leaving on april 1 not in march.

  12. Those who need the constant drug of new photos, new interviews and new music will surely have their interest lured elsewhere. But his music will give us all reason to seek him out on his return. I hope he really capitalizes on that moment.

    • lol, “constant drug of new photos, new interviews”. Yes, we have been spoiled with all things Archuleta. I agree with you, in the end it’s all about the music. So happy he is leaving music to tie us over until he returns to us.

  13. charice is in japan right now, maybe david will fly to see her when he leave for the philippines hmm. it only 4 hours away. i know he has to get back in the states, start recording but if he had to get perpared for the mission next month, he mind well cancel the recordings when he get back, he must not even have the time to do it, he would have been back in the states if david didnt have to do the concert on feb 11, that holding it back from recording and getting ready for his mission and spending time with his family before he leave, he is gonna be a very busy bee when he get back in the states and when he leave for the mission, he wont have time to breathe, geez!

  14. I am watching AI but I had to post this article on David as it is interesting. I do not think it was posted here. David talks about wanted to go to music school after his mission. I think music school should be now for David instead of later. I always thought he should do that. http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Showbiz/Story/A1Story20120207-326349.html

    • about “wanting” lol

      • To be honest after reading that article and these other interviews in which David talks about his mission I can state that I do not understand missions at all. I guess you have to be in the church because I can’t imagine young people like my children wanting to do the “mission thingy” as someone commented. I just do not “get it.” but then I do not have to. If David does go to music school, like I think he should, who knows when he resumes his career. I really do not care because it is not my career or life. It is David’s. I am just a fan with opinions.

  15. heidijoy, i don’t think david did not do ‘ loves scenes” that is kissing and more than that, you know what mean?? he is a very devoted mormon, they are very strick with kissing and more of making out thing. i saw the touching hand on the girls faces scenes, that was def not david sorry and when the scenes was shown, they didnt show david’s face!? i believe he had double stunt do with thoses scenes, maybe david want his fans to believe he was doing that stuffs but who knows.

    • Once again, you are choosing to call David a liar, idolfan. He himself said that was him. If you think he lies, I believe you have no place in this fandom.

    • By love scenes he means hugs, tenderness, wiping tears away, the look in his eyes and face etc. It is David! Get over it.

  16. i got to see it to believe it!?. have a goodnite everyone.


  17. wow! did you read on a other fans forums that david’s family was shocked when he told them he was going on a mission, very surpised by this?

  18. ”The only thing that gives me hope is having that deep-down feeling that nobody else is even on the level of David Archuleta. I felt he was destined for great things, back in 2008, and I still feel this way, even as he prepares to step out of the pop world.”

    I don’t think is easy to find the all combo , looks , personality and BIG voice …. sometimes you find better look , sometimes personalities that catch your attention , and yes maybe voices who makes you feel the intensity of means of the lyrics , but Big ones plus the others elements? nah ….. is exceptional ….what make of David someone unique .

    He’s gonna have always a hard core fanbase , that even if is small , you can denied is hard working, and i’m convinced he still having fans out there that just don’t post on his fansites ( because yep your’re taking risks with your reputation lol , going gainst the poppular opinion) ) and they gonna show up, once he success to put good music in the market …. people still loving him and recognizing his voice ….. so his challenge in two/three years will be more to put good music and rebuild a fanbase , now like an adult , what means that the cute factor will be less and less important to many , the game will be a totally new one for him …. all will be just different ,from him to the music and life context and priorities not only from David himself , but from his fans too.

    I will be absolutely thrilled if he become all the GREAT i expected in 2008 too …… so i gonna go better with in two year many things can change , including his mind ….. i just not want to be disappointed …. i’ll be happy to hear his voice in the radio every where , or see his videos in TV and i’ll be gratefully and genuinely excited for him by that success …for now , like Utahmom said in the past, his career still a big interrogation mark.

    And BTW , i’m so excited for the Voice and Idol this year …. i have place for both of them in my heart , i have a similar feeling with Dez Duron , Judges should gave him a chance LOL …. will see what the music market has to offer . 😉 ….. because i like to support that hopefuls dreams.

    • tibi I think it is very smart to be realistic about David and his career at this point. We as fans all hope he does well when he returns but who knows what will happen. I am watching all the shows too. I even watched XFactor. David likes these shows too because he has tweeted and mentioned in interviews that he watches them all.

  19. ”going against the popular opinion 🙂 )”

  20. He will always have a place in my heart. That is all.

  21. I have always followed music and there has never been anyone like David for me in all of these years, so, I just can’t imagine forgetting him, replacing him, or having my feelings change in the next two years. I’ll be here waiting for whatever comes next.

  22. a poster on fod presenting him/herself as someone in the know, suggests that david will be leaving for his mission on the last wednesday of the month of march.

  23. Ok, if the title of this article is in fact a direct quote from David, I am very surprised to hear him actually commenting on a girl’s looks. He has never called anyone “beautiful” and has dodged all questions regarding stuff like that, so it’s interesting to see this:

    • beautiful inside and out, ahhh….this acting gig has been so good for our David. Really starting to come out of his shell.

  24. Lol…I don’t know, it is a normal thing for mormon boys to be so shy/nervous around girls like David at 21 (in the workshop video) or is he a special case?

  25. I was thinking the other day about how certain singers/celebrities who are thought of as teen stars do outrageous and often blatantly sexual things so that people will think of them as adults. Britney Spears and more recently, Miley Cyrus. It got me thinking. What is more convincing to show you are an adult? Getting overly amorous with a phallic cake, or dedicating two years of your life to missionary work? As far as extreme and convincing, I’ll go with the mission thing.

    Donny never went on a mission, and I think, since he wouldn’t go to the other extremes, he never overcame the “Puppy Love” thing. Just getting married doesn’t seem to be enough. He was never really considered a full grown Mormon man.

    • I know what you mean but I blame more the managers/publicists and the dad/mom managers more than the teen artists themselves. Everyone knows that sex sells so the managers and others push their clients to do what it is needed to do according to them in order to be successful and sometimes it works (Britney) and sometimes it doesn’t (Hillary Duff). With respect of Miley…I won’t blame her for the things she does in her private life the problem is that she allows people take pics of her doing “bad things” for everyone to see..it is like calling for attention…I don’t care for her much, I think she is a charismatic actress and that’s it, not much talent singing wise.
      Will David gain respect in the music industry just for going to a religious mission? Mmmm…I don’t think so. I think the music industry just care for profitable artists. David will have to work hard and be very smart business wise to be able to make it in the American market.

      • I agree with you LaLaland that David will have to work hard and be very samrt business wise to be able to make it in the American market, however, I think he can come back and be sucessful in the Asian market. I also think his niche market in the U.S. could be Christmas music and concerts. I’m hoping that he will be able to continue to make a living singing, but it won’t be easy.

  26. okay i am wrong about david saying that he did love scenes, did anyone here saw the kissing scene pic leaked, that was def not david!!!.

  27. nothing is easey in the us.these days people are to cridtal of everythung not just music .even in the job market

  28. i am was right that was a stunt double and a kiss!!.

  29. hmm wait! when saw the trailer, it was, josh,holly and ana and some other dude on the beach, that could be him in the kissing scene pic with ana on a different scene??? the other guy could be er boyfriend on the show but i have no idea who the other guy is???

  30. I think that going to a good music school would be excellent for David. When it comes to music schools, I hope he has the courage and out-the-box-ness to look beyond BYU, which certainly has a music program, but there are much better ones out there that may also suit him better.

    A place like Berklee could be an outstanding fit for him. Maybe Steven and/or Eli, both alumni, will or have put a bug in his ear. I’ve been to Berklee and I think that David would thrive in the atmosphere there. I studied at a top music school so I have very strong opinions about them! 🙂

    • “I think the music industry just cares for profitable artists.” Yes, I agree with this Lalaland and do not see it changing. I hope that David can be profitable in a few years when he returns but idk. ” A place like Berklee could be an outstanding fit for him.” I so agree with you freofan. Maybe David will go in a few years from now.

    • Music School? Not likely. As devoted as he is to his religion, David will probably follow the “directives” of the church and will get married & start a family well before his 30th birthday. Maybe even shortly after he returns from his mission as this is what “returning missionaries” are encouraged to do. He even said in one of the interviews in Singapore how some missionaries meet their future spouses while on their missions. Perhaps he is hoping he will meet his future wife during his “hiatus”.

      It doesn’t mean he won’t return to music, only that his priorities may change.

  31. Hey HG if you decide to blog about Dez Duron or ‘The Voice” count on me (just kidding ) …..i just wanna tell you that i think ”The voice” has o second chance for some rejected hopefuls , at least was like that last year 🙂 and Dez I’m yours cover on his YTB channel is actually good . 🙂 can be entertaining i guess . 🙂

  32. David had ALL the opportunities an aspirant to singer can have and maybe more, since his youngers years (almost ten years yet?) to have a successful and profitable career . The 99% of musicians don’t had , have or will have the chances of success and support David’s had until today and he decided to put himself out of the game ….. sorry is not to blame the industry, culture , public ….. it was HIS decisions from the start ….. according to him self , it was his plan, his priorities , the best record companies could not have done anything for him , if in his mind all about the business is not computable or don’t fit with his high moral standards .

    Look to me like he is very idealistic right now , judging for some parts of that interviews ….. if is true he’s going to a spanish Lat. Am. country , i hope then he’ll be ready to learn that he’s gonna live with maybe the triple of what many there have to live, and our families still having high moral standards, strong family values are, very spiritual devote orientation , that we’re really happy people and with a big sense of solidarity ,maybe the life who’s gonna be changed will be his and not theirs … if this can’t be used to have have a career, i wish him he can use it to build a new concept about the reality out of Utah …. i mean seriously . 😐

    • Wow, you are so right! As a big David fan, I look at David though rose colored glasses. I think David is one of the great singers of today, but he needs to be more flexible in order to have a music career. He needs to keep his religion out of his music career, unless he wants to go the Christian/Mormon music route.

    • “…maybe the life who’s gonna be changed will be his and not theirs … if this can’t be used to have have a career, i wish him he can use it to build a new concept about the reality out of Utah.”

      I love this!

    • Shanny in Australia

      David has been saying all along about how much he is going to be changed and learn and grow from his mission.
      I’m sure his family have told him what living in Honduras was like, he has been to Honduras, he has been to the Philippines, he has been to India….I don’t think David is under any pretences…I think he knows he will be confronted with some life changing situations. I think that is a big part of the point to him.

      • Clearly there are a lot of idealistic ideas going on . and clearly some pretensions too…. not saying is his fault, but honestly some comments on the net let me perplex ….. sometimes the poor ones are the ones who think poor people lack of any kind of richness and the ones who thinks that your ethnicity , gender , culture or religion put you in a superior status and automatically in the position of ‘change lives’ in a foreigner culture :/ … is just not like that ….. and yes i now convinced that he’ll learn a lot if like a returned missionary said in an article i read, if he allow himself to be absorbed by the culture , ignoring a little the rules.

        To hear or see for a few months is not the same , sorry …. takes more that a few steps out of his Lalaland to understand and feel some realities , to understand that at the end holding hand is not that gross , specially if they are holding because of pure fraternal affection , that spontaneously hug others can be more a manifestation of support and genuine love for your peers , that the last thing an oppressed woman need to hear is that to hold her salvation a man is in need , that actually single mothers can have very established families and strong values …… and this going and going and going ….. better to go now. 😐

        Sorry for the rambling 🙂

      • Some very interesting points tibi. I agree.

  33. And…. David was lucky guy back in S7 , i guess was the only season without Hollywood Group Performances . 😉
    Anyone on Idol tonight? 🙂

    • I would have loved to see David in a Group Performance. He sings really well with others and can harmonize so well. And Tibi I think David wants to experience another culture and I’m sure he will learn a lot from the people there. It will broaden his horizons.

    • Yes I watched tonight. David was lucky to not have to deal with all that drama his year. Some good points regarding David, tibl. Most artists would have loved to have his opportunities and fan base. I find it interesting that “Eman” even stated in a recent interview that David always talked about wanting to go on a mission. How could a record label work with someone that wants to leave for 2 years? Eman also said some wonderful things about David and his fans in his interview. I actually hope David does go to a Spanish speaking country on his mission. He should make that Spanish album as it would open the door to the Latin music scene which would be great for him. That is a huge market.

      • The “Eman” article was interesting. I had a hunch that Eman was like a big brother to David. I was surprised that Eman would make the comment that D has a stronger fanbase than another idol he’s worked with who has more hit songs. It was obvious he was referring to Jordin Sparks. The statement wasn’t really negative w/regard to Jordin but he shouldn’t have said it.

      • here’s the quote i was referring to.

        Archie’s fan base is “real and staunch,” Eman said, and doesn’t worry about Archie’s fans forgetting about him in two years’ time. Eman, without naming names, said he has gone on tour with other “American Idol” alumni, including some with many more hit singles than Archie, but that they have never matched the intensity and the number of people that come to see Archuleta in concert.

  34. Tibi…I agree with you..David is an idealistic guy, a dreamer haha..I think he wants to do it all and doesn’t want to have regrets. It’s going to be challenging though. In the latests interviews he said he wants to come back to the Phillipines and Singapore, he wants to make an Spanish album for sure, he wants to try more acting, he wants to go to music school, he wants to do concerts, he is thinking already in the possibility of finding an spouse in his mission…..It seems he wants to achieve a lot of things when he comes back from his mission. Right now I can tell he is very enthusiastic about acting and performing because he is coming from a great first acting experience and he is super excited about it, so I wonder if that excitement will last 2 years or if his priorities will change with his experience during the mission….What will come first after his mission, career, personal life, music school/college, other religious related stuff?…He is unpredictable, well, life is unpredictable…It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

  35. David is said to release a full OPM (all Pinoy Music) album : http://davidarchuletavn.com/2012/02/10/david-archuleta-to-release-an-all-opm-album/
    Apperantly, this is the “fun project” he talked about on twitter.

    if i can be honest with you all, i’m not really that excited about it.

    • i meant Original not all. sorry

    • I am not either.

    • Tweet from David: “And for fans everywhere else, don’t worry there’s something for you coming too! Already working on the other projects! 🙂 “

      My concern now is that David doesn’t seem to be setting aside time for himself. It’s hard for me to fully enjoy his gift to his fans when it seems he’s rushing to do things just to please us.

      • Yes I agree. He needs to take out time for himself at this point. I am also concerned about who David works with when he does return to music in 2 years. I hope it is not Sunny and #mic as I would not be that interested. But will he have other options at that point? I hope he does and grabs those opportunities as fast as he can while doing music school too. That is just IMO. I agree with you about the eman article, desertrat. It was very interesting. Here is the link to the article.http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogsburger/53475176-53/archie-eman-archuleta-album.html.csp

      • Shanny in Australia

        Wasn’t Sunny the one who helped him record and produce the songs on the Asian Tour Edition. Lots of fans praised those songs, even here at SD.
        I think she gets a hard rap.

      • Sorry Shanny. I am not a fan of “Dream Sky High”. lol Just not my type of music. Everybody has different tastes in music so that is alright with me. lol Also I just am not that impressed with her music from what I have heard. I do not think I am alone in my opinion. lol I am quite sure she is a lovely person but that does make her relevant in the current music industry. I do like Kari. David should keep her. She is professional and well connected but then I really never had the issues with Melinda WEG that other fans did either. Except for her one very unfortunate and ill advised tweet about the end of David and WEG’s relationship, I really do not think she deserved all those personal attacks now.

      • I think Melinda made a big mistake well several mistakes but don’t we all in life? There had to be lack of communication issues involved. She gets a “hard rap” too from fans. lol I am quite sure David has and will make mistakes in his music career choices as that is life. Of course it is his choice. I also am not really a fan of Gospel or Christian or Religious music so if David is headed that way after his 2 years than I am not really that interested in that. This is all just IMO of course. lol

      • Marie , i agree with you, one more time , at this time to put the responsibility of his non progressing career in US is futile ….. he was just not into it . 😐

        And i’m seriously doubt he’s gonna go for a Gospel album, maybe hymns , but that will be more for a very specific group of fans .

  36. I think that David has been having a really good time with the singers/musicians there and for once he is free to just do what he pleases on the spur-of-the-moment and there is no one to tell him he can’t. And although he seemed tired in that vlog, he seems so happy doing all these things and it is all way more than I ever expected when he made his statement about leaving ona mission. I really like seeing him so happy to be doing things with the other artists and the Philippine fans and his new acting buddies have really boosted his confidence or something so for me it is all good!

  37. I don’t think that you have this SD…His acting has led him to this little piece of perfection…


    • Shanny in Australia

      That is hilarious, I love it! Although I’m not sure if it would make me buy one…it’s exhausting just listening to her blabbing on, in the commercial, let alone in my pocket. lol

  38. Shanny in Australia

    I presume you’ve all seen his tweets explaining that the album he is nearly finished doing in the Philippines is in English and for all the fans….? And he has a new vlog/Behind the scenes video up…..

    • I saw the spouse talk too. He is too young and has too much going to worry about that. Many students where I work put off the douse thing until they are more established, if that is what he wants. The music school thing would be awesome…. I wish he were going to berkleenow to be honest. He would grow tremendously there as well doing the music he loves to do. I am convinced that if he were not Lds he would be doing something more down those lines. What a waste of talent and time.

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