No Translation Needed

Seriously, how does he do it?


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    David has exceeded in all areas during this TV Mini-series. I’m LOVING every minute of it! The bunny suit costume scene is cheese-a-licious! Fun! Fun! Fun!

  2. TV5

    They rhyme.

  3. Here is another video of Nandito Ako plus the interview at Talentadong Pinoy. He looks great, sounds fantastic and in the interview he is happy and poised. The hesitant, shy, tongue-tied David is gone. The fans are going crazy too. Just, wow!!

    • Oops, I forgot the link:

      • Shanny in Australia

        Thanks for that. I hadn’t seen the interview part. So many vids now, it’s hard to keep track….. lol
        And I agree with everything you said. It was the same for the press conference too- poised, well spoken, confident etc.

  4. Here’s an excellent article with David stating that doing the mini series was a life changing experience, and he would like to do more acting in the future:

    • great article!

      “He’s like a son to you. You get attached to him. Sobra. He’s so humble that he’s not comfortable when you try to praise him.”

      Can someone explain what is meant by “sobra”?

  5. behind the scenes of the “wait” video. david explains the concept.

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