Nandito Ako Trailer

Thanks for posting this, Junnie! 🙂


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  1. I am going to see him tmr 😀

  2. Lots of drama in that trailer. And a fight scene! Lol

    Junnie, enjoy the show tomorrow! This may be his last live performance before he leaves.

  3. this song is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! go david!!!!

    • Amazing- so gifted. David has such a knack for foreign languages. Really bodes well for being an international star.

      • Beautiful. You are right rae. David’s knack for foreign languages does bode well for him being an international star. He is also Hispanic and speaks fluent Spanish.

  4. Watching some of the coverage- I feel bad for that sweet little Eula.
    She seems especially sad.

  5. mjsbigblog mjsbigblog
    VIDEO: David Archuleta Nandito Ako Trailer! (MUST SEE) (OMG. I. CAN’T. EVEN!!!)

    Please go leave a comment over there!

  6. saw the tralier, looove it!!!!!. there was rumors that charice was with david at the grand fans day at SM mall yesturday!?!?. hmm.

  7. i heard that david is going back to the manlia after the singapore trip for a feb 11 concert event and i don’t know if you guys heard rumors that david start his MIC training on march 1, if that is true he need to go back to the state soon as possble and i thought he said that he was recording some new songs when he get back from the states, i guess not now.

    • desertrat, that what i read. my guess charice didnt wanted to get caught and didnt seen around david because of his fans, she prolly stay in the background.. there is rumors floating today that charice is indeed in philippines visiting again??

    • Shanny in Australia

      I really think that March 1 is just a rumour.
      David stated back before this acting gig, that he would be doing some recording in Feb and the first part of March.
      Then in the Philippines (around the middle of January) he said he would be going in a couple of months.
      To me, that all points to him leaving mid to late March.
      ~shrug~ I guess we’ll see soon enough. I just hope he’s leaving himself enough time to get this recording done. Want lots of songs. lol

  8. david kiss in the nandito ako!!!!!!. go david!, i bet he was so nervous!!!!.

    • Do we know for sure if there was a kiss? It would seem the script would call for one but time will tell.

      • raekovingangels,according to some fans it says that david kiss in the mini series. i guess the secret is out!. i read on a other DA fans forum that his contract said no kissing but maybe david had changed his mind and he did it.

  9. i just read the comments at mjs and for once, enjoyed reading there. Someone stated that if you compare david listening to “crush” for the first time to him viewing the trailer, you still see the shyness but also lots of growth and maturity.

  10. It’s pretty obvious it’s more fun in the Philippines! David, who are you? lol LOVE this!

  11. This is such a sweet tribute video from the Philippines fans. David is wiping away tears at the 3:12 mark. Aww.

  12. I think the acting is helping David connect with the audience even more when he sings-

  13. Shanny in Australia

    How do you post vids here? Can anyone explain please? 🙂

  14. Shanny in Australia

    I loved loved loved seeing David’s reaction to seeing the trailer for the first time. But I do wonder if maybe it would have been nicer for him to be able to watch it in private a few times first off. He seemed like he was shy and emotional and intensely interested and then distracted by the fans screaming. Was probably hard for him to take it all in and process it and appreciate it and get comfortable with it, knowing his every move was being watched. Anyway, loved the intense/serious look on his face, that we don’t usually get to see quite in that way as he was watcing the trailer. Along with all the other shy/laughing bits etc. 🙂

  15. i wasnt there at the event so i really don’t know if charice was there or not, some people reported that she was there with him but i really thought charice was still in los angeles getting ready for her new tour on march 5. the only thing i didnt like was the bunny suit scene. that doesnt add up to the mini series, that part should have been cut off but it was a funny scene thought.

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