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  1. “fans expect kissing or shirtless scenes?”

  2. “I need a professional manager and a label?”

  3. he looks like someone familiar in that pic but i can’t recall who it is.

    anyway, new event for David (David at the Pyropalooza) :

    why does he go to philippines a lot? does any one here have a clue? is it because he gets more offer to perform there or what? why doesn’t he go to any other place like Thailand or Canada?
    to be honest, i just feel kind of sorry for those fans who never get the chance to meet him.

    • My guess is that David goes to the Philippines because he has support from Sony Asia, a promoter and lots of fans. I think he gets paid really well there too. It’s a matter of supply and demand. If he had that in Canada or Thailand he would go there too. I know he has fans there but he needs a promoter or someone who will pay for his appearance. Pretty soon he won’t be going any where except on his mission.

    • Phillipines, Singapore have promoters who are willing to bring him there and organize events and they pay him.
      I wish someone in the US would do the same!!
      When he does concerts here, he foots the bill. Luckily most places sold out but there is more risk. Less enthusiasm except for us die hard fans.

  4. That’s a spicy nacho!

  5. “My mouth is full and you want a picture?” I’m not smiling with food in my mouth.

  6. Caption …

    Lady: David, say hello to one of you biggest fans, desertrat
    David: I have a fan named desertrat?


  7. You say that tasty dish I just ate called Balut is really what?

  8. lol

    • shortly after idol, david cook made a snide remark about david being a leading man in a video. he should send that photo to cook and caption it, read em and weep.

      • What exactly did Cook say?

      • i don’t recall exactly what cook said but the comment was made in 2008 after the tour. cook was asked one of those “david vs david” questions during an interview. I forgot the question but cook poked fun at the thought of David being a leading man. I recall posting on Noting David that Cook’s comment said more about him (ie, Cook) than David.

        I just browsed the TDC archives to see if I could find it. It sure was fun going thru all the old posts. There were so many regular posters then who you no longer see on any of the fansites. It made me a little nostalgic.

      • Yes, it does make you nostalgic to read old posts or see old vids. Kind of a bittersweet time for me as a fan cause I know David is leaving very soon for 2 years.

  9. “are you kidding me ! oh nooooo ! Charice found a way to play a fan for my concert scene!!!”

  10. Check out the comments coming in following the concert at ..

    ShannyofAustralia…has a summary comment..


  11. “Shanny in Australia says:

    February 3, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Let them be in awe of the fact that they were in the presence of such greatness these last three weeks and that greatness was so true and authentic, that it did not have to proclaim itself. It was meekness and humility, a presence that was felt but not entirely understood UNTIL THIS MOMENT, when their eyes were opened, their understanding enlightened and they beheld with their own eyes and heard with their own ears the power of THE ARCHULETA!!!”


  12. A couple more interesting coments…

    oheulacaballero Eula Caballero
    “@MyDearWriter: I think most of the hearts here just melted…. #NanditoAko”– I don’t have any. JB had mine. OMG :O

    MANILA — American Idol star David Archuleta will perform his rendition of “Nandito Ako” for the first time on television this Sunday.

    The international singer will grace the “Talentadong Pinoy: International Edition” episode…

    SO we will see it thanks to ninjas I am certain…


  13. You are welcome! It is a pivotal time for David with much more to follow.


  14. I love all the press for this mini series in the Philippines. Here’s for TV5 today:

    It has a few little clips of David, the concert venue and some of the fans in line for the concert.

  15. fans lining up for Grand Fan Day …

  16. Nandito Ako Trailer !!! Looks promising ! Can’t wait !

    • OH MY JOSH! David’s FIGHTING and being THIS close to a GIRL!! It’s so weird to see him so out of character! I cannot wait to see the show! Sorry for all these exlamation marks, I’m just too excited to type periods!

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