Vlog: David Wants Us to Come to His Concert Scene in Manila!

So, how many of you are up to traveling halfway around the world for this event? 😛


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  1. Me!! Gassing up my Concorde now. Anyone else who wants to go, get me your lat and long. I’ll swing by on the way. ;p

    Srsly though. If I was anywhere near the Philippines, I’d be all over that offer. #FangirlAtHeart

    • Yeah! haha You and me both, sister!

    • Shanny in Australia

      Yeah, I’m in! My street is pretty good for landing too – long and straight but you’ll just have to watch the roundabouts at either end. So what time should I expect you? Oh don’t worry, I’ll just listen out for the big loud rumbling noise outside my door.

      • Seriously Ali, swing into Nova Scotia, I have an airbase 1km away. See you at your location Shanny because I don’t mind having the time of my life either. Can I bring you anything from Canada? A person should be stopping by Australia sometime in their lifetime!


      • Shanny in Australia

        Haha, yeah some snow would be good. Too hot here at the moment and i’ve barely touched snow in my life.

  2. Deets on being in the concert scene here: http://bit.ly/zfvxkT

    “For international/local fans flying in for the concert scene, please email your names to nanditoakotv5@gmail.com before 9pm (Philippine Standard Time), February 2, 2012 so we can reserve slots for you. Proof of arrival (i.e. Passport, ticket, boarding pass, etc) will be requested upon registration on Thursday or Friday.”

    Seeeeee, they’re just waiting for us to land! LOLOLOL. I’m so ready.

    (So super excited for all the fans that get to attend this! Such fun!)

  3. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    You MUST be passing by my state in the middle of the country, so look for me. I’ll pack my bags and stand in the yard, waving, so you can find me. Darn it. I’d LOVE to go. I can’t wait to see footage (and the actual, you know, cheesy show.)

  4. He’s coming to where I am on Sunday!!!!!!!! Squeeeee!!!!

    • Are you going to see him? singapore?

      • I won’t be going to the signing at HMV. It’s a cd store – I don’t think I’d survive the crush. But I’m trying to get a ticket for the Idol party performance. It’s a long shot so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The party is at Avalon, the hottest club in town.

      • Will keep my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to get a ticket!
        Keep us posted!!

      • good luck. i would love to see him in person again. ooooh he is so pretty up close.

    • Fenfan

      Do come for the CD signing..some fans (including myself) will be there. Would love to meet you 🙂
      Yes, the tickets for the party are thru contest and limited, not sure how many fans can get to go. We are so dissappointed ! Its is tough for ‘devoted’ fans like us to get to see him !

  5. Be sure to pick up Heidjoy and me in Iowa. We will be standing out in a cornfield- lol.

    David sure seems to be enjoying his acting experience. The tweets, pictures and speculation is just so much fun.

  6. It so much fun being a fan right now, will enjoy it all before the drought.

    • yes cq it is nice to see David out in his element. Making new fans who are knocked out by his sweet, kind persona and his megawatt voice and looks. its wonderful for me to be able to see it again. I so miss this part of David. His interaction with people.

  7. HG- Hi. I’ve lost your email address. If you still have mine, would you be able to shoot me a quick email and I’ll get back to you? Tks.

    Hope everyone is having a great day. 🙂

  8. Who’d a thunk David had all these fans living in cornfields. 😉

    • He needs to do a concert in Iowa since there are so many fans here-lol.

      According to the rumors David has recorded three songs in the Philippines – Nandito Ako, Wherever You Are and Rainbow. I hope that it’s true. The more songs the better. I’m looking forward to the Josh Bradley concert!

      Wherever You Are

    • HA! HA! We’re coming out of the Cornfields so to speak!!

  9. Rainbow? I hadn’t heard that rumor. Yippee!!

    And I’m a Kansan who can drive easily to Iowa if David does a concert there. Thumbs up to that idea!

  10. Boy is our David relaxed. I’ve never seen this expression before. 😀

    David and Ana

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    • It immediately reminded me of Paul McCartney for some reason..


    • David did say he was growing as an actor…and here’s proof! lol An example of the emotion he’s learning to express.

      He’s just so fearless! Incredibly shy, doesn’t show extremes of emotion–and yet here he is blazing new trails. He never ceases to amaze me.

      What do you bet he ends up being the second Idol contestant to receive an Oscar?

  11. Another funny photo.

    David eating ampao. He ate balut , too.

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