Brave is David Archuleta!

Thanks for posting this vid, Rae! 🙂

Seriously, is there any other pop star out there who would attempt to sing a song like this? Beautiful as always…


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  1. It is a beautiful song! When it’s released in its entirety, I plan on listening to it a few times to see if I can interpret what it means before reading a translation of the lyrics.

  2. David and the cast making goofy faces, lol.

  3. Just saw this on FOD. I call it, “David in 2014” because he looks a little older when not smiling.

  4. David sure has that “bell canto” working for him.

  5. His bravery and courage never cease to amaze me. He is one of the bravest people I know.

  6. Compare those wacky photos with the one posted by DR. It’s like two different persons. David has such an expressive, beautiful face he should be in movies. Just imagine extreme closeups of those killer looks on the big screen!
    I love that snippet of Nandito Ako. He is the only singer who can make me feel the meaning of a song when I don’t understand a single word of it.

  7. Even though that song snippet is really short, it sounds like there is more depth and richness in David’s voice. Isn’t this really the first studio recording we’ve heard in over a year? The ATE songs were mostly recorded for TOSOD and GCT was over a year ago too.

    I didn’t vote in the poll, but would have chosen visiting less than I do. There probably won’t be as much to talk about, but I’d still like to check for any David news and comment when I can. Life is busier and about to become insane, so I’ll be lurking more, but still around.

    • Yes, when David does actually leave I do wonder if there will be as much to talk about. I also will check in for any David news or comments. But he has not left yet. I agree with you SB. Some very thoughtful and insightful comments.

  8. Reading day to day tweets and tidbits of what David is doing is OK but hardly sustainable for two years right along with blogs telling what he is doing …unless…he is singing and we can hear it and not by the way of @ someone Rt @someone else and so on …unless I was 16 all over again.

    ” Seriously, is there any other pop star out there who would attempt to sing a song like this? Beautiful as always…”…now that is what brought me to David’s kingdom and keeps me here, as all else becomes repetitious. Watching David right now has become a reality show like ‘Bachelor’…even though we are grateful to watch as he launches his acting career I would trade it all in for the seeming more simple life of a super star taking a 2 year hiatus of his personal choice and I did say personal. I sometimes wish that it was personal to him and not so every day complicated. Don’t stop the music or don’t intertwine it with everything else perhaps. Just my personal feelings on the subject.


  9. Shanny in Australia

    This david journey doesn’t seem complicated to me. Does it have a few twists and turns and a few surprises? Yep. But that’s life and no-ones life and no entertainers career is completely predictable. I enjoy all of david. Perhaps because i’m happy to let him do his thing and just accept whatever he is able to give us. (Not making any pointed comments there )

    For me, the only complicated part of fandom are the complications we fans make. Sometimes I enjoy the complications that come through clue finding or discussions but many other times it is exhausting. Being a fan of David’s and participating in online discussions has taught me a lot of valuable lessons about myself and a lot about human nature.

    I think if people could somehow just find a.way to free david from all their expectations and just fully enjoy him, people might enjoy the journey a little more. I say that with all sincerity and no judgment.

    • I agree with you Shanny. I am now trying to just enjoy David’s career and have accepted his choices as it is his life. I’m glad he chose to do this mini-series in the Philippines. I love all the pictures, tweets, and the clip of the song. I’m looking forward to hearing the whole thing. David continues to surprises us, and we can never be quite sure what he is going to do. That’s part of what keeps me checking the David fan-sites although when he goes on his mission I’m not sure what information we will be getting. It will be interesting to see if his “team” takes over his twitter. If there are a lot of tweets about angels we will know who is running it-lol

  10. tweets from the guy who wrote “nandito ako”:


    i really love the way david archuleta sings nandito ako!! the pronunciation, the diction, the phrasing!! i am a fan!! moved me to tears!!

    David archulata’s nandito ako really out a smile to my face. He is really a gifted singer!!

  11. Everyone needs to be sure to check out the hilarious posts at about the Nandito Ako scripts. The Archie fandom has such creative writers!

  12. Re a few threads back about Mitt being too nice- well I have been bombarded with mailings since I vote in the primary- I would be a target voter and the gloves are off. All Newt’s baggage coming out on these ads- the ethic fines and his own party not supporting him as speaker of the house… Well see if it makes a difference and how many voters even turn out. It is crazy that people are apathetic with their vote.

    • I’m from Iowa so I saw lots of negative campaign ads on Newt before the caucus. I can’t imagine that Newt will be the nominee – he has too much baggage.

      • You’d think–but how did he get so much support right now despite all that? I just don’t get it.

        …And I really hope we don’t start seeing tweets about angels on David’s twitter. You made me laugh…

        More and more, I’m thinking that David’s career may actually benefit from his mission. It will create a noticeable break between the young, teenybop image that many people seem to have of him and a definitely mature David. It may be a good thing as well that he didn’t have a career as big as JB’s. The odds of overcoming such pervasive teen idoldom are formidable.

      • Re. Newt, I read that a lot of republicans are voting for him because they they just don’t like being told how to vote (e.g., vote for Romney because he can beat Pres. Obama). Newt has put issues on the table and worded them in ways that they seem to resonate with a lot of people’s frustrations.

  13. Soul Marcus!

    • It says the video is blocked in my country. 😦
      I tried to find another version of this song on youtube but it comes back with the message “copyright has blocked audio”.

    • I think Marcus is very talented and wish the video was not blocked. I like him, Peter.

    • It’s the VEVO version of his (soulful) debut single.

      I’ll try again later when more versions are posted on YouTube.

  14. The scene outside D’s dressing room at one of the mall events.

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