Week in Review: David Keeps Us Posted

Whoever is giving him tips on promo, where was this person when he needed to promote The Other Side of Down?


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  1. Thanks to jackryan, a video of David on a TMZ like program. Their TMZ is much nicer than the one in the U.S.

    • I agree with you , hg Why wasn’t this person giving David promo tips in the Philippines there for TOSOD and who is it? The video for his first week in Manila is so good. His promo in the Philippines has been excellent. His twitter is even better for promo. So different from the past few years here in the US. He also seems much happier to me.

      • I’m guessing that Kari is behind some of it. I think she’s helped David and she doesn’t tweet about angels-lol.

      • I agree grammyj. Kari has to be behind some of it. I am very impressed with her and with the no angels tweets. lol tv5 in the Philippines could also be a part of it too.

  2. you think it also good be tv5 ???,after all thats why they paid big bucks for him to raise there rateings,

  3. just glad to see him doing promo anywhere with that big smile

  4. he looks great. so happy

  5. i think i have to watch it again just to get that happy David feeling, ya know?

  6. thanks JR, i needed a smile today

  7. Debra5354, it’s good to see you here; it’s been a while.

    Here’s a gif of serious David that made me smile.

  8. Thanks DR. i sure do miss David performing.

    • Me too. For so long I’d been handling David’s decision quite well but it’s starting to hit me that he’s really leaving soon.

      • Yes, It is starting to really hit me too that David will be leaving soon and that he will be gone for 2 years.

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