Are Guys like Mitt and David too Polite?

So, I woke up this cold but tranquil Sunday morning to gaze at that lovely photo of David (see above, and thanks, Crabpot, for pointing me to it!). Only to later have that  tranquility disrupted when I turned on my TV to see a beaming Newt Gingrich (ick!). Turns out he won the South Carolina primary, and he won it big (40% – Whaaat?!).

Now, I try to stay away from politics much of the time (not always of course), and I’m not Republican so have no interest in these primaries other than to see who Obama will go up against, and of all the other candidates, I really thought Mitt Romney was the most viable of the others (at least the least of the other evils).

So, what happened?! How did that … that (Ugh! Can’t even say his name again!) win out in the end?  I can’t believe  folks took that “temper tantrum” that was thrown at the debate as anything serious! An attack against the “media”? Oh puh-lease! Wasn’t this the same culprit who led an entire media and political assault on President Clinton back in 1998 when his affair with Monica Lewinsky was discovered? An affair that happened while said culprit was engaged in his own affair? Who, not longer after that media circus, stepped down from Speaker of the House and left Congress altogether?

What short memories people have! How, pray tell, did he soar back in the limelight? I thought we had all (rightly) left him behind months ago.

That’s what I was thinking in my political naivete. Until it dawned on me that there must be something else going on.

On the one hand, I don’t think Romney’s struggling is completely divorced from the anti-Mormonism of many conservatives, but I also wonder if he, like David, suffer from embracing a certain kind of masculinity that doesn’t resonate with mainstream American ideals of masculinity.

In many ways, I’ve noticed that someone like Mitt Romney shares a similar trait with David Archuleta besides their faith: they both project a very low-keyed, even-tempered, very polite version of masculinity. In short, they both come from that old school of “gentlemen.” And gentlemen seem not to be a gold standard anymore.

I mean, seriously, who in their right minds picked NG over MR?  I feel just like those tween girls who had that famous meltdown when David didn’t win American Idol.  Remember that You Tube video that went viral? And remember that girl who was outraged that “America” voted for the “other” David “who didn’t even shave”?

Well, that’s how I feel! I can’t help it! It’s like: “OMG, that candidate doesn’t even watch his weight! OMG, that candidate walked out on not one but two wives while they were diagnosed with diseases! OMG, he’s a bully and a jerk!”

And, yet, somehow, these bullies and these jerks are able to pull ahead when the other guy is being “polite.”

I will admit, however, that I doubt NG will prevail, and Florida’s a different state compared to South Carolina, and I have no doubt MR has funds to match NG when it comes to the limitless spending now at their disposal with all these attack ads.

Where I get queasy is when voters put away all common sense and vote for undesirable candidates because their roguish, boorish, and bullying behavior gets interpreted as “brave” and “courageous,” while they mistakenly view the more softspoken and polite gentlemen as “weak.”

Isn’t that how David eventually lost in the end when he was on Idol?

I know many progressives who are praying and hoping that NG takes the nomination because they think this will ensure Obama’s reelection. I am not so sure. Imagine that bully going up against another even-tempered polite guy like Obama (Ugh!). What an ugly campaign season that would be! My spirit couldn’t take it!

I will continue to hope that the rest of the country doesn’t think like South Carolinians (sorry in advance to South Carolinians as I say this, although I did read somewhere that 80% of eligible voters didn’t even bother to show up at the polls – which is equally devastating because, just look at the results of such non-actions!)

Sigh.  Anyway, back to my gazing at David (no wonder he’s looking so happy to be out of the country!)


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  1. saw your post and had to come here.. in a word.. YES!
    sad but true and just like showbiz it is spilling into politics.
    what is in is the frenzy, hype and hutzpah and not necessarily who is the best.

  2. HG, Thanks for this post as I was thinking the exact same think this morning. I am sorry but Newt Gringrich?? People is S. Carolina must have a short memory of what this man did in the past and I am not talking about his personal life either. He was one of the most disliked members of Congress for a reason and many did not even like working with him. He is a bully. I do wonder if some of the issues you mentioned about Mitt are hurting him with the voters,hg. Mitt is clearly the better candidate although I think that Obama will beat either of them. The difference is if he is up against NG I will be the first in the voting booth to vote against NG. I just do not have those strong feelings about Mitt. At least Mitt seems like a decent person unlike some others.

  3. This is one of the reasons I think Mitt lost- coupled with the fact that he is too moderate- ( well historically at least he has been a moderate Republican- but seems to be moving more toward right) At any rate- I am a registered republican- ( since local elections in my part of Florida pretty much decided in the primary) I will cast my vote for Mitt and hope that the results are different than SC. I really don’t trust Newt at all.

    • That article has some good points in it, rae. Thanks for posting.

    • And I hate to bring up religion- but the media already has as this was the headlines in my local paper- Jan 15- one of the largest publications in Fla. So far Mitt is leading in the polls in Fla- hopefully that will hold.

    • KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

      Rae, I think the article raises good points. A lot of people vote on issues or even a single issue, and for some evangelicals, it is probably some sticking points over religion or issues that are considered to be tied to religion.

  4. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    Maybe there’s a sense that someone that, ahem, “gutsy,” could beat Obama? Gingrich is one of the worst choices, in my view. I liked Huntsman and I also like Romney. I wouldn’t have voted for either, though, as I like the incumbent and am a born-democrat.

    • I totally agree with your comments, KathyH. I also am a democrat and will probably vote for the incumbent. I would like other choices as I was a big Hillary supporter. It was a good point about nice guys,hg. They do finish last sometimes and they should not.

  5. HG: I do think you have a point also about “nice guys”. Politics like show biz- dirty & ugly. That is why so many qualified people don’t go into politics. Intelligence and the desire to serve the people is not enough. Special interests rule our country. I continue to be disgusted with what goes on in our country with lobbyist and special interest. Hard to even stay positive about our future. But kind funny the guy ahead of me in the grocery line was ranting to the teen age bag boy about Newt. He has such a bad image- it would be hard to believe that middle America could get behind him.

  6. Rae, all I know is NG is a bully and will do anything to win! I love me some nice, polite gentlemen (otherwise, I wouldn’t be here adoring David Archuleta) but sometimes they just need to do a one-two knockout punch to get those bullies out of the way.

  7. I am in total agreement, HG.

  8. Ok I’ll be honest, I have a soft spot for Romney because I fantasize he will ask David to sing the national anthem at the inauguration (just kidding that fantasy vanished with the mission – still kidding).

    Not kidding when I say this post is spot-on. HG, I like that you used the simple term “gentlemen” to describe the type of men unpopular today. I find it frighting that a majority of a state would embrace this candidate. I am an independent and would never vote for an individual whose level of arrogance and hostility made me wonder about personality pathology.

  9. What you are seeing is a Republican party in total disarray and disorganiz­ation. I­’m enjoying every minute of this farce that’s playing out. Wanna know how farcical and absurb their primary process has become? Remember the ‘beer test’ they touted for Bush during the 2000 election? (the candidate you’d feel most comfortable with discussing issues over a glass of beer). Next test will be Florida. Floridians like their beer. You can have a beer with Newt. You can’t with Romney. Guess that means that NEWTY WINS IN ANOTHER LANDSLIDE!! 🙂 What a floor show this is going to be – cheers! 🙂

    • GG — LOL. I was thinking of the “beer test” too.

      I don’t know if everyone’s heard this great clip of the president singing Al Green at a Harlem fundraiser: He’s just so relatable, and the speech he gave is compelling.

      It seems counterintuitive that conservatives think Newt could beat Obama, when the polls show Romney competing relatively well against him. But I think once the president really starts campaigning and making his points, and assuming the economy continues to improve, Romney will have a harder time, personality-wise. He’s pretty stiff, and his extreme wealth makes him seem even more out of touch with the middle class voter.

      Like KathyH says, Gingrich is “gutsy”. But I think it’s worse than that–he’s brutal. In the paper this morning, he’s
      quoted, slamming Obama as weak. It gave me chills (in a bad way). It may be that many Republicans view it as the only way to win.

      • I love that video of Obama singing. Thanks for posting it, cc halo. Obama is just so charismatic. It is just sad that some Republicans view NG nastiness as a way to win.

      • KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

        I agree, CC. Brutal is a descriptor that fits my view of him as well.

  10. I recently read an article re. rookie NBA player (& LDS church member), Jimmer Fredette stating that his game is suffering because he’s “too nice” on the court.

    Are Pres. O, Mitt, Jimmer and D too polite/nice? Not really. All four have managed to achieve high levels of success in life being who they are. Newt’s egotistical, combative, bullying ways will always ultimately result in downfall.

  11. Well, too much to add to your post HG to give a more complete context , to keep short my posts ; 1. The party is a complete mess , i mean , 3 elections , three different winners . 2. Whoever who take God’s name to justify the nasty politics against less fortunate people is a Big Arrogant …. who knew God was republican uh? 😐 3. No, David only suffers by in own indecision and his problem was his own amount of desire of success, people love him and his opportunities were by far better that thousand of artist out there, but his priorities were different, so not was not people fault, but him. 4. Mitt R and David only share beliefs, Mitt can be aggressive in his own way, if you noted his campaign , you’ll note what i mean 5. MR problem with voters is something more than religion , if you keep up with all the debates and appearances you will not that he has difficulties to connect with the middle class 6. NG has a lot of baggage from his past, but The Politic is not exactly what i call a clean profession 6. The only ones capables of going after BO are MT and NG , but seriously doubt they going to success.

    Att : Me

    • Tibi I think you did raise some good points that I agree with. David has had opportunities that thousands of artists would want. Look at all the people that still try out for these reality talent shows. I still think some voters will not vote for Mitt because he is not nasty or aggressive enough for them and think he can’t win and because of his religious beliefs.

      • Maybe some , but being realistic, he was leading the polls a week ago, but his team made big mistakes and a weak debate before the important day , i still trying to understand why? 😐 …… and again his ads against Obama and NG in Iowa were not exactly passive and gentleman like at all , so if he lose the nomination is because his own mistakes (for now), not because his religion. Sorry i just find funny that people want to put that like the principal reason and to put a sort of stigma on people who just like the other guy, without take in consideration his religions affiliations ….. to much prejudice from both parts, in my opinion of course.

        Anyway this week they have another debate, that gonna be interesting and MR has the opportunity to clean mistakes and connect with people relating somehow to their problems ….. and about NG , i really don’t think his wives problems is i business ended and neither his congress past.

    • funny you say that- about the connection. Mitt kinda reminds me of when John Kerry was running for president- the common man on the street factor seems missing somehow.

  12. A little off topic but bringing it over from the last thread. David was definitely very thin and lean during the Christmas tour. I am a runner like him, and I know he upped his running training to prepare for the rigors of performing and such.

  13. It totally mystifies me that NG is gaining support from the conservatives. I think the conservative faction is derailing the Republican Party.

    I prefer contemplating on that pic of David as well. It’s quite compelling.

  14. We’re also in the middle of a presidential election here in Finland. One of the candidates that made it to the second round is openly gay and in a relationship with an Ecuadorian guy, who was just involved in some kind of assault scandal. I’m not gonna vote for him – not because of his sexual orientation but because I know very little about politics and find the other candidate, Sauli Niinistö, more familiar regarding his views.

    First we had a female president, now America has a black president and perhaps soon we’ll have a homosexual president. The world is definitely changing 🙂

    • Yep, I’m surprised to see some of the changes in my lifetime. Your post made me think of a former poster here, Valbraz. She’s from Brazil and they have their 1st female president.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I’m actually a New Zealander and lived under a female Prime Minister there. She was in for about 10 years. Now I live in Australia under a female Prime Minister.

  15. and about NG , i really don’t think his wives problems is i business ended and neither his congress past.

    It is my business when said candidate wants to throw around words like “family values” to oppress other people (like folks who fight for same-sex marriage), as if he were some paragon of virtue, and it’s also my business to know his congress past – it gives you an idea of what he will be like when he has REAL power as POTUS.


    • Amen! I’m sick of Newt’s pious baloney.

    • I so agree. That man is scary and ruthless. Now that he has gained momentum, I would hope that he will be scrutinized more to show people what he really is. Romney’s campaign should have more than enough fuel for the fire. The media should do its job as well and remind people of NG’s past.

    • By ” Not business ended ‘ i mean that it is sure that the media and adversaries gonna pick up the subject again in the next weeks ( that would be silly to ignore that in the campaign )….. this is a long run far to be ended yet. 😉 Sorry if my english confuse you .

      Oh! , what i can tell is that any kind of minorities have nothing to gain with any of this four candidates , just saying . They let it go Huntsman that was the smart one and human of all the them so :/ …back to my corner 😐

  16. Hey peeps…. Just had to post this……>> an option for your political problems…. please don’t take offense…. and *foul* language alert!!!

  17. refnaf–that was hilarious, a little risque, but hilarious. As a canuck, I can relate.

    Also, don’t know if you all have seen this, but I found it interesting. Comments from Michael Orland and one of the vocal coaches on Idol. Solves the mystery of the crying backup vocalist during Hollywood Week too.

    • Yay ! she was crying lol, people were right after all. 🙂 … thanks for the article . Look, i have not doubts now after to see how David is handling and planing his presence in the next two years , feeding his hard core with some occasional releases , that he can do a come back, Asia market is a big key for him at this point . However the comparisons with Michael J, Frank S and Gloria S and even Elvis P are so out of the reality, but this come from Pamela P that is a hard core stan of David . He’ll do music in the future , i have not doubts , what kind of music, what kind of artist and what kind of success is what we don’t know and nobody risk to predict , better to handle a moderate and realistic optimism.

      • It was just the interview with the Idol insiders that interested me. I agree, the comparisons with icons were totally unrealistic. David’s future career is a much bigger question mark.

    • I’m glad this was finally cleared up but knowing this fanbase, I’m surprised no one contacted Orland about it 4 yrs ago, lol.

  18. refnaf, refnaf, refnaf…so bad but a great Canadian Girl like I have always said. Could have done without the baby seaL but life is never perfect.

    HG a pleasant change and I follow your politics just enough to know what you are talking about. Can you imagine the name President Newt Gingrich? The names get more strange all the time…actually a sign of the times perhaps.

    For us I am waiting for Priminister Justin Trudeau…a budding great politician following somewhat in his Priminister father’s footsteps, great personality, handsome to boot and a debonair French-Canadian.

    The joys of politics…


  19. Back to David.
    A new video is now up from the first week in the Philippines! ———–>

    • That is a great video. I am not sure who put the video together but they did a really good job with it. I wonder if Kari helped with the video?

  20. speaking of Nandito Ako, good luck to david going the ” kissing” scene, he seems he is going for it!!!!. there was rumors that the kissing scene was pulled out of the script!. i guess it in now!!. i read really good reviews about david acting the series. we hope able to see it. goodnite everyone


  21. Rae, to have dripped the …runner up albatross…is an accomplishment that I have been asking for now for such a long time. I wonder what might change next?


  22. I don’t trust any of the politicians, Obama included, to do what they say they will do. They are all in thrall of the Wall Street and political dollars, and they all have their agendas of which we know nothing and will NEVER know. Its a waste of time time to theorize on their possibilities. They are all bought and sold. Example: Obama going to raise 900 million dollars for his campaign? That’s a lotta $.

    Newt is a toad.

    Mitt wants to be president sooo bad he has been campaigning for 8 years.

    Obama has discovered he likes to be leader of the free world.
    What did he do before? Vote present.

    We as a nation are in sad shape.

    Back to David, who is only in thrall to God.

  23. no offense anyone, i thought President Obama would be different but it didn’t happen. No unity i was so hoping he would bring, just more division and more spending. My children and grandchildren are paying for the slackards (several are neighbors of mine ) who could work but live on disability & unemployment and drink and party all the time)
    it just drives me nuts!!!!
    Young able men come in to apply at my company have just been riding unemployment when i have jobs to fill, they just come in to fill out their cards, not to be hired. its crap, crap, crap!!!

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