David at the Nandito Ako Mall Tour

Thanks for posting this video, Desertrat and Marie! 🙂

An aside: has David put on some weight?


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  1. Pic of David singing “Crush” – wow, look at the crowd! Also, this is his closing “I’m loving angels in steaaaaaaaaad” face.

    • Love all of these videos of David. His fans in the Philippines are just amazing. So supportive of him.

  2. david says ” i will be back in the philippnies” hmmm? does it means “mission”?!?! just a thought?

  3. huh? “david put on some weight” he is still skinny to me thought?

  4. i hope david will do some recording in nashville after returning the states, he will prolly go back to LA.

  5. Hope everyone saw this picture. Not sure I will ever recover:


  6. He is so embarrassed when they talk about his looks.

  7. well okayi guess david had put wright on him but it doesn’t seem like it,. i hope david is enjoy his day off! i hope he is visiting charice’ mom and her brother carl in laugna. have a goodnite everyone.


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