Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

David Dream Sequence #33

So, I dreamed I went to the movies with my mother, and David’s “Waiting for Yesterday” was used in the opening credits! It was used again throughout the movie, so that after the movies, when driving home, my mom said she really liked the song.

It was my opportunity to introduce her to David’s music, and I happily obliged! 🙂

I was exhilarated and excited that others were now discovering everything I loved about David.

And then I woke up.

Update: Just learning about Etta James’ passing today. 😦 I absolutely love, love, loooove her “At Last” (maybe one day David will give us a cover? I melt thinking of it…)

RIP, Etta James. You will be missed! I can’t help but cry when I hear this song…