American Idol Fatigue

I just couldn’t do it last night. After 10 seasons, I just got so bored I turned the channel.

I’ve been doing American Idol since Season 1, I found my Idol in Season 7, and now, I’m just … done! I absolutely do not care anymore.

So, folks, those of you who are tuning in, if anybody looks interesting, feel free to post here! 🙂 Maybe I’ll change my mind when the Hollywood rounds begin.

After all, it was during the Hollywood rounds, back in 2008, when I listlessly turned the channel and came upon the show that I discovered my beloved. Maybe hidden gems are in store?

Nah! Like I said, I already found my Idol, who recently tweeted this pic of himself “hanging on the set.” 🙂


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  1. KathyH (@KathyHsayshi)

    I haven’t been able to watch in a couple of seasons. Of course I hear about it since I follow David and David fans, so I generally know any news before my husband, who still watches the show. LOL.

    I’m liking the Sing Off. Not as much as Idol season 7. David’s such a spoiler.

  2. Shanny in Australia

    Well since we don’t get American idol here in Australia, I get AI fatigue every year at this time as I sit and watch conversations of performances and people I know nothing about, scroll down my screen on twitter and all the fansites. lol Just have to say ho hum, tap my fingers on the desktop and wait patiently for the season to end. lol

  3. Agreed!!! I heard the theme music on a commercial the other day and my stomach actually turned. I tried watching last year, knowing the machinations and false hyping that went on and just trying to find the entertainment value somewhere and I just couldn’t.

  4. Re: Idol… BB says it better than I could… 🙂

  5. Dang it, David. You’ve ruined it for me too. No reason to watch that show much anymore. I’ve tuned in sporadically for the past few years and my interest level is lower than ever. Not gonna bother until Hollywood Week either, and I’m doubtful that I’ll want to catch many episodes this season.

    Regarding the tweetpic; what happened to the “David Archuleta” chair? Did Jasmine steal it?

  6. I only started watching Idol during Season 7 and of course was hooked on a certain singer. No artist on the show since season 7 has come close to affecting me the way David did. I do still enjoy watching the show though. I enjoy listening to the different genres that the singers choose, and the different interpretations of some familiar songs. I try to look past the shenanigans of the show and just enjoy the music. I have bought cd’s of other artists from the show and enjoyed them very much. I don’t get caught up on voting polls with David in them, because I may not always vote for him, as I like some of the other artists too. Way too much good music out there to limit myself to only choosing one artist. Now, as far as choosing best character and overall good person, David will always win hands down:)

    • What? There is more than one good artist out there?????

      I am really enjoying BB GG…

      For a geat laugh go to……TOfan will entertain us for the next 26 months on and off anyway, this is a hard crowd to please!!


    • So true about many good artists out there that I follow and David is a big fan of many of them too. Like Adele and Bruno Mars. Miss his song of the day from different artists.

  7. Thanks you HG for your answer in the previous thread, and i want to repost this comment from there (by jus’saying)

    ”David would be David even if he was brought up Catholic, Baptist, Jewish or no religion at all. He is who he is.
    His relationship is with GOD, not the church. That he is Mormon is a fact of being born into a Mormon family. He is following the path that he was taught he should follow from a very young boy as all young Mormons are taught.”

    I agree, I’m not denying that his entourage has an influence on him, but big part of his personality personality is innate in my opinion. i mean not every Mormon out there is a David, clearly part of his charm and uniqueness is that he is different an special in many aspects,

    ”David said his character as Josh is like himself and if the script brings up that Josh is Mormon as well…I believe THAT may be a deal breaker for many who are already sad & puzzled about him taking a 2 year “break”, and because THAT will be too much.”

    Well , that would be too much lol , taking in consideration the present circumstances and sensibilities … breaker? idk, maybe for some if people find this annoying, i really think the only sensitive subject that can become a deal breaker is some political positions …. just look at Kelly C situation, i read people saying ‘Ok , that’s it’ ,no more with her” ….specially if the artist is not really informed about the political views of the person he is backing.

    ”Would we even be discussing David’s religion if he were not Mormon? Why not just except that David is a very highly spiritual individual?”

    Good question, i may said how many fans would be here if he was from a different believe? …… at the end of the day is what you say, many of his fans accept him and open to him like a ”highly spiritual individual” ……..looking at the person capable of take the lead to do the good without pretensions …. we really want to see him like that , we really want to believe is like that, i would say many need to look at him like that , because like HG said ” I(we) still need to preserve my(our) best thoughts about my beloved David Archuleta.”, and still looking at him like a ‘crossover’ religious/moral person, who has so much to learn, but that has TOO MUCH to give (and I’m not talking about doctrines , but about personals values) …..i hope we all become successful in our intentions. 😉

    • This discourse reminds me of the Nurture vs. Nature debate. Is David the way he is because of environmental influences or was he born that way? I don’t think scientists have solved it but it’s fun reading this discussion.

  8. Oh! And HG thank for your invitation to comment about Idol lol, i still loving the show and i find those kids really hard workers and full of dreams , i respect their enthusiasm and dedication to follow their goals ….. but i don’t think other aspirant to singers is a favorite topic in David fansites , so better keep my thoughts to my self in that aspect. 🙂

  9. I think I have singing and dancing reality show fatigue, lol. I like watching those shows if I’m flipping channels and happen to find one but I don’t schedule my time around them. But how could I when so much of my spare time is spent catching up on all things David. 🙂

  10. I enjoyed quite a few of the contestants last night. I pricked up my ears at a very young-looking 17-year old named David, who sounds like early Michael Jackson. Personality-wise, he’s a the anti-David Archuleta, a charmer whose nickname is “Steal Your Girl”. He beat Scotty McCreery in a local talent contest. (Of course, I think our David could totally be “Steal Your Girl”, if he wanted, lol).

    Even if you don’t check out any one else, go on YouTube and watch the audition of Phillip Phillips. I usually root for the girls, but I agree with the buzz that he already looks like the winner. You just can’t take your eyes (and ears) off of him.

    • I will watch AI but probably not every night. I also watched X Factor, The Voice, and the Sing Off. They are not consistently good but they are entertaining shows. I so agree that Phillip Phillips was good last night. He was an original talent and I like that. He reminds me of Casey from last year. It always interested me that David was and still seems to be a big fan of the show. He watched it when he was young and that video of David as a young boy singing for Kelly Clarkson is just a classic vid to me. David seems to be the first one to appreciate new and young talent that appears on these shows. I have mixed feelings about the way AI treats it’s idols but If it was not for AI I would never have known about David.

      • The really appealing thing about him (Phillips) is music just seems to ooze out of him, he has the “electricity” as JLo kept saying–like someone else we know.

  11. off topic here about david going on a mission, i heard a rumor that he will be going somewhere in asia but not in south amercia. now on amercian idol show, the people are the show, they have really good voices and i think it gonna be a really tough show to voted any of them off because they are so talented singers.

  12. I missed AI last night, but am watching tonight. There will never be another season a magical to me as season 7, but I find the show entertaining. I like AI so much better than X Factor. X Factor – the staging was just so over the top and I didn’t connect with the contestants. It was too much about the judges. It will be interesting to see how well Melanie, the winner of X factor will do with the big $ record contract. I read that she signed with the same management company that David signed with after Idol and the same manager, Jared Paul. Of course, she won’t have MIC – lol.

  13. david being late, not a good move for being a actor. people was waiting for him on the tv shoot, david was prolly talking to his family and friends on the phone when he got back to his hotel last nite, he should be sleeping for getting a fresh start the next day shooting. when you are a actor/actress, one thing you cannot do is being late for a tv/movie shoot, it make the people who works on shoots looked bad. goodnite.


    • DavidArchie David Archuleta’s Tweet:
      Word of the day – slugabed: One who stays in bed until a late hour; a sluggard. Does this mean David is not perfect? Good to know. lol

  14. The initial ratings for AI are in and they are down 24% from last year. I never do like the auditions that much. Interesting.

  15. Hilarious post at SnowAnglez 😀
    David has most awesome fans!

  16. The last time I watched AI was season 7. I remember the night David sang Imagine I was exchanging text messages with my friend about the performance and we both said he was going to win.

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