Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

American Idol Fatigue

I just couldn’t do it last night. After 10 seasons, I just got so bored I turned the channel.

I’ve been doing American Idol since Season 1, I found my Idol in Season 7, and now, I’m just … done! I absolutely do not care anymore.

So, folks, those of you who are tuning in, if anybody looks interesting, feel free to post here! 🙂 Maybe I’ll change my mind when the Hollywood rounds begin.

After all, it was during the Hollywood rounds, back in 2008, when I listlessly turned the channel and came upon the show that I discovered my beloved. Maybe hidden gems are in store?

Nah! Like I said, I already found my Idol, who recently tweeted this pic of himself “hanging on the set.” 🙂