Vlog: First Day on the Set

Good for David for being “excited” about doing a guest appearance in a soap (I guess):

I must confess, though, peeps. Way back in the day, when fame-hungry Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis got a guest spot on The Bold and the Beautiful, I laughed myself silly over how desperate he was to get his name out there in any way.

Now that my favorite Idol ever is all “excited” about appearing on a Philippines soap opera that even his own Filipino fans think is beneath him, I’m just gonna say…well…

*Face palm.*

On another note: Happy MLK Day! 🙂


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    • OK Marie, tell us more please!!

      Oh and he could have stayed with iCarly or something Disney something immature and sometimes silly. A person of David’s ‘nature’ just might get more satisfaction where he is.

      I sent the site address for ‘TDC’ with JR’s coverage, to a friend on a songwriting team in LA because they are interested. Being on a slapstick 1/2 hour comedy show here just doesn’t draw much attention.


    • I loved the “Something Bout Love” song and thought it could have been a big hit single. I did not think David ever fully embraced the song or had his heart in promoting it. He wanted to push Elevator which is a song I never cared for that much. That is IMO. lol I hope by hearing a fan sing it to him he realizes that it was a really good song that fans liked. I also think the video is cute and fun and I would like to see David do more “fun” videos other than his vlog. Well maybe 2 years from now at this point. lol

      • Those are also the types of videos that are posted on you tube by musicians David’s age. I actually think the mini series is a great idea. It is a good starting point for David if he is interested in acting. I agree with you rae.

      • By “fun” I mean informal and unrehearsed with others in the videos. lol

      • I also love how intently David is watching the fan’s guitar playing in that video. It almost looks like he wanted to be strumming along too. lol I would hope when he returns that he will be able to play the guitar and feel comfortable doing that as I did hear rumors David had been practicing.

      • I had the same feelings watching that video.

        I remember being so relieved when I first heard SBL, because I really loved it, and had been worried–can he do as well as Crush? I thought, yes, this is such a fun, infectious song. But when he sang Elevator on the few TV appearances, I couldn’t figure it out. Elevator has grown on me since, especially with all the concert sing-alongs, but it still seems relatively uncommercial.

        I think SBL was a hit in the Philippines, wasn’t it.? So he must know people like it. Just watch the audience dancing along at this performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWi6suv1RtA It’s a mystery to me.

      • cc halo Exactly.

  1. Wow, David’s totally and completely shy in that one! Haven’t seen that shy guy in a while…

  2. Happy MLK day!
    What a great quote I retweeted ( thanks momJulee for your retweet!)
    “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear” MLK Jr.

    What a cute vlog. One reason among many we are so attached to David is he takes us on his journey emotionally and visually. What other artist or celebrity does it to the extent he does? I love the “on the road” shots lol. Feel like I have hopped in his backpack.

  3. This is not just a guest part on a soap opera. He is leading man on prime time mini series. The media blitz and buzz- is fantastic. He is all over Philippians TV and print. No comparison IMO. And he will be signing the theme song as I understand it? I assume this series will be run and re-run for several years, much as the I Carly and Hanna Montana were run for several years in US. Plus, I am so proud of David stepping out of his comfort zone and taking on a more adult themed role, I am sure that is a challenge for him. IMO this is a big accomplishment to act a part. I think it is good his first real acting job is in a part of the world that loves him. US media is so critical. They treat David like a little prince. I love his interviews also- so relaxed and open. I am not sure as much information about the mission would have come out in a US interview. He seems more guarded generally with the Western press…

  4. I’m just selfishly grateful that he didn’t hibernate in Utah until the day he entered the MTC. Gettin’ tons of goodies to tide me over for a couple of years.

  5. I think that at this point in David’s career nothing is beneath him, let’s be realistic. He has nothing to lose doing this soap. On the contrary he is gaining money, buzz and experience in acting…but what I like the most about this acting thing is that he is going to get loose…Sometimes I think he is a little uptight or shy, when he is not in the stage…This experience will help him to have more confidence to do anything IMO

  6. I’m with Rae on this one. I’m the first to admit that when I heard about the rumors of this project my reactions was…WTH?? And, um, no.

    But as its developed and we’ve seen how its being handled, I’m so excited about it now. Not necessarily just for the show itself (come on, we all know its gonna be cheesy — that’s what soaps are all about) but because of the recognition that David is getting for it. In my opinion, a good portion of having a career today is having people interested enough in you to talk. And the amount of press that this show has gotten has amazed me. Of course, the coverage in the Philippines has been awesome but the really surprising part has been the number of news outlets reporting it in the USA. Definitely took me off guard on that one.

    I think this will be good for David as well. We all know how difficult it is for him to open up like he will have to to act. It will definitely stretch his boundaries there and I think for the better. Plus the idea of seeing “romantic David” makes me cackle with glee. 😉

  7. “…appearing on a Philippines soap opera that even his own Filipino fans think is beneath him”…

    I haven’t read all of the fansites, tweets, etc., but maybe the disapproving fans are in the minority. I’m excited for D because he seems genuinely excited; I think this is a fantastic opportunity.

    • I’m not following any Filipino fans who aren’t giddy over this. I did see a lot comments (on D’s pre-trip vlog) that he should have signed with one of the more “popular” stations in the Philippines.

      Agree with all that it’s a great opportunity to build his confidence, hone his acting skills and keep him in the minds and hearts of a very devoted fan base. Re-runs!

      And let’s not forget the possible DVD. Did someone mention that? I may have missed it. I’ve loved many a TV show in my day, but my first box set will end up being Nandito Ako. Oh, the life of a die-hard Archuleta fan. lol

  8. I just read that this project (soap/miniserie) was idea of Sony Music Philippines’ boss…That’s interesting.


  9. I agree with Lala and Rae that this is actually a good opportunity for David. He can try out acting in a very accepting atmosphere and get paid what I believe is probably a very good salary. This will help his finances for the two years he’s gone and hopefully help fund some music projects in the U.S. since he doesn’t have a label. He’s getting great press so far, and it has been such fun to follow all the tweets and view the many pictures. He has already recorded a song, the theme song from the show, for us to enjoy once it comes out.

    With the music industry in turmoil musicians are having to find avenues to pay the bills and acting is one way. Hopefully David will be a good actor. If he’s not good at it we will still love looking at him and hearing the show’s theme song!

  10. Count me in with everyone who thinks that this a great opportunity. I agree with all the advantages that have mentioned. Plus, all the hype that David has been getting will go a long way to keep him in the public’s mind in the Philippines for quite awhile after he’s embarked on his mission. He may be able to kick start his post-mission career in the Philippines; I’m quite certain that Sony Asia will quickly resign him. Perhaps that will help him get signed in the US. Lalaland’s article link shows how much a supportive label can do.

    Also, this acting experience appears to already be helping David overcome some of his inhibitions, it’s got to help him up his performance level as well. Although it looks like there won’t be any other chances to use what he’s learned before he leaves.

  11. I think this is a great opportunity. I’m sure knowing how much Heritage means to David, he felt he needed to honor his Grandmother who was a great actress by at least trying this opportunity. He also sees it as a gift to his Asian fans much like MKOC was a gift to us.
    He also is rumored to have had offers from US and wanted to try something where he knows he is accepted by a culture, media etc.
    Those in the Phillipines that originally didn’t think this was a good idea have since changed their mind.

    Also great news about the Song being released to I Tunes.

    • I just hope the song is released to U.S. iTunes. I guess if it’s not we will still hear it via you-tube.

  12. Here’s the “hug” video with sub-titles:

    On TDC Xaris said: “I am having way too much fun watching Mr. “I don’t want to write/sing romantic songs I can’t relate to because I’ve never been a relationship” become the focus of a love triangle, standing around with absolute beauties draped against his shoulder, getting hugged, slapped, and whatnot.”

    I feel the same way. This is just too much fun….

  13. Desertrat and Joymus…Ok if I quote you on The Voice, I love both quotes?


  14. movie name: Licence to Kill (us).

    leading Role: David JAMES Archuleta BOND

  15. I know I’m being a downer, but I just saw this article about the Peace Corps pulling out of Central America due to the dangers. Earlier, I read a young volunteer’s opinion that it wasn’t really that bad , but if Central America is David’s true destination, I hope there’s plenty of security for him. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/22/world/americas/peace-corps-cuts-back-in-honduras-guatemala-and-el-salvador.html

    • I think security for David on his mission is a very legitimate and valid concern, cc halo. This day and age you have to be very concerned. I would hope that they have a good plan in place for him where ever he goes as he is a high profile celebrity. Even if David does not realize it, I think he is.

    • But Belize is a good place …… very turistic btw , the all CA countries have some issues , so his capacity to move around can be compromised . South America is similar , from my view Chile and Argentine are the most secure . But at the end of the day i just think he’s gonna have some restriction anyway in any country.

    • without appearing judgmental about certain parts of the world-unrest etc… I gotta confess I was hoping David would go to Spain. In fact, I wish I was going to Spain. Somewhere along the coast would be awesome.

  16. Aw HG , you make me laugh with the Constantine M anecdote. this fans base should learn that we can’t say ”I will not drink of this water ” , you really don’t know if David can be in a similar situation after .

    Me too ,When i heard the news, i was like what ? , specially after the speculation about Steven S lol, but i agree with the ones who said that it was the right place to try, in a more friendly environment and a lot more appreciative . So yep , it is right place to take a risks i guess …. hopefully a sweet kiss is in the scrip too, so he can close this era killing that taboo some fans have about …. i mean the guy has 21 , a little fake kiss in not reason to feel scandalous ha, ha 🙂 .

    About the genre , Cmoi help me to realize the this kind of soap-operas are very successful and commercials in some cultures, looks likes Asia in one of that Cultures ; if the case is alike in popularity like it is in Latino-America and even Brazil market , he’s gonna stay for very long time in the minds of many people out there, i tell you more than more two years, (, hopefully because of the good product and quality) , i still remembering with affection some roles in some of my favorites ones, back in the time ,and even in the very last few years that i have the opportunity to catch some Mexican ones ….. ( guilty pleasures 😉 )

    I guess one of the points that make people still skeptical about this project , is that even the Asian – Filipino people were ….well skeptical too and even critical about the quality 😐 .

    Anyway the all point is that with this move he stay relevant in Asia , with a very good and healthy ($) sponsor and picking the curiosity and interest of some American gossip , that even if they tried , he can denied that what he’s doing caught their interest lol……. again he still having that rare Xfactor. sadly any possibility to do and see a saga of this adventure is almost impossible for the next years :/

    • I think David being in this mini-series is very positive. I have no problem with soap operas as I have watched them. I think if he was in Glee or Smash it would have been positive too. It is all exposure and David learning acting so it is all good but the other shows would have been too. David just went where the opportunity was and I do not blame him at all.

  17. You know what? I’m just being honest, and taking stock that I used to come from a place where I laughed at the likes of Constantine, only to see David doing something very similar. I’m stating the irony of course. 😉

    But I think it’s cool most of us here are excited at these opportunities for David. Heck, I think we were sure by this time, he would have disappeared into oblivion, so this buzz right now is keeping him very much sought after.

    At least I can’t complain about that… 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia

      I think your thoughts are very honest HG.
      I was happy with the news when it was first announced and since seeing all the buzz and royal treatment and all the fun associated with this project, i’m just completely excited! It all seems pretty great to me. So far the role seems perfect for David and I love that he is the leading man on a prime time show being used as the advertising pull for the entire tv station. David never would have.got that in the US. Let the good times roll! lol
      Oh and i’m DYING to hear Nandito Ako! 🙂

    • And i love you’re honesty, and you’re not alone with your thoughts . 😉 , to me the all Constantine irony remind me of some discussions about David projects in the past in IDF and other sites . ….. and yes at the end of the day , some of us, we can’t help but be contagious about this project , i mean the all ”out of his comfornt zone ”’ is what i find so entertaining lol. ….oh and his fans girls dying of jealous ha, ha . 🙂

    • This is all so fun and silly, but in a funny way, I like knowing that he’s got so much more depth, with his decision to sacrifice it for something he believes is greater. Otherwise, it would just be too Justin Beiber for me. I’m lol-ing over speculation that he could fall for his 16 or 17 year old co-stars.

    • I hate to admit it but during Constantine’s season, he was my fav contestant and I thought he would outlast Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood. With all of Carrie’s success, I still don’t get what the American public sees in her. She has a great voice but to me, she doesn’t appear to enjoy singing.

      • I agree with you about Carrie. I do not get it either and I like some country music. She just lucked up. I am a big Kelly Clarkson fan.

      • Carrie Underwood always struck me as a Barbie Doll who could sing country. There’s no “there” there.

      • I love Carrie lol, i really feel her interpretations too , she’s spunky and funny to me … yes can be perceived like a Barbie girl, but is not problem to me because i have respect for her work and ethics and she’s very humble too.

      • We were at the dress rehearsal for the Kris Allen/Adam Lambert idol finale, and Carrie came in to do a quick rehearsal of her performance later that night. She was really cute and self-deprecating. I think she said something about going out somewhere and getting into a problem because she forgot she was famous, lol. I remember how kind and thoughtful David said she was.

      • Oh, and she was awesome live.

      • I’ve always liked Carrie. She seemed like the girl next door on Idol and I’ve been happy for her success. Now Scotty is a different story. I have never cared much for him, and I generally like country music. His album has reached platinum.

      • Maybe I shouldn’t say it, but Scotty bothered me when he gave credit to God for holding back the rain from his AI homecoming. But it poured on Hailey’s homecoming, and Lauren’s homecoming showed the destruction of her hometown by a tornado. Maybe Scotty should have kept that to himself.

      • I didn’t knew that about Scotty lol, what i can say he’s young and he was really grateful that day ; ) and i really love his album , i actually bought it and give last December , i was not a fan at all in the show, i was a Haley fan, i mean i still in Haley’s side , but i’m enjoying Scotty progress so much, his kind of normal and funny too .

      • Shanny in Australia

        I think Carrie seems sweet enough from what I have seen but I find her a bit screechy somehow. Great talent if she would just stop singing those high screechy notes and tone it down a little. lol

      • Carrie screechy notes ? lol i don’t know what you talking about , i mean for real , that girl has a very beautiful and well controlled voice 😉

      • I am not a fan of Scotty. I just do not get how he won. lol I was a Casey fan and remain one.

  18. From the article Lalaland posted above :


    ”Mr. Intalan said the project started as a dare last August when Sony Music Philippines’ big boss Narciso Chan came up with the idea after Mr. Archuleta’s sold out concert last July.

    Mr. Intalan said negotiations followed involving lawyers and talent representatives from New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.”

    There you have Sony support in his last Asia Tour and their supposed presence in one of the NY concerts, someone reported. 🙂

    • Yes, I think that the Sony connection is great as Sony has their hands in many things all over the world.

  19. Glee wouldn’t have stretched him or anyone’s perception of “who he is”. This, a romantic leading Man; much better and a whole lot more fun!!

    • Agreed! I know Glee is a top rated show but if they had D on, I believe he would be asked to play the role of a singing high school student. He’s been there, done that with iCarly, Hannah Montana and Murray High.

    • The characters on Glee aren’t ever just singing high school students. They always have an issue. Charice was introduced as the outsider who threatened the lead character’s place as lead diva. I liked her and wished they’d had her on longer and developed her character.

      • I liked Charice’s character on Glee too and wished they would have developed her character. I couldn’t see David actually ever agreeing to be on Glee as the story line aren’t always G-rated.

      • I liked Charice’s character too. I thought they should have kept her on the show. I am not as interested in Glee as I used to be. I just do not care for some of the guest stars they had on recently.

  20. David’s press conference today:

    I love all the press he has been getting and he sang a line from the mini-series theme song. He looks really happy.

  21. Shanny in Australia

    Finally caught up on the comments and posts here recently… and just wanted to have my 2 cents towards the previous post ‘David in hindsight’.

    I think CAS probably hit the nail on head when she said… “David says he always wanted to do a mission and I believe him. I have always wanted to take calculus but I have never done it. Instead, I need to use my academic time learning things that support my career. When David use to talk about his mission being his career I believed him. I think circumstances resulted in him changing his mind.”

    I fully agree with her. I think people keep looking at it as a black and white thing. He knew or he didn’t. He decieved us or he didn’t. He purposely wound down his career or he didn’t.

    Life is more complicated than that, circumstances change, life ebbs, life flows…and you just go with the flow… 😆 😉 I think that is what David has been doing in many ways…taking one opportunity at a time and making the most of any given situation. And now, when he’s…. got nothing to win and nothing to lose…. he’s decided to take the opportunity he always wished he could have and pack himself off on a mission.

    • ebbs, life flows…and you just go with the flow… I think that is what David has been doing in many ways…taking one opportunity at a time and making the most of any given situation. And now, when he’s…. got nothing to win and nothing to lose…. he’s decided to take the opportunity he always wished he could have and pack himself off on a mission.
      I agree.

    • Well i agree too somehow, the all point is that ‘the Mission’ duty is was the thing holding him back to grow with his career, you said it right he was just going with the flow, if there was an opportunity , ‘I gonna take it ‘ but if not ‘I don’t gonna fight for it’ , because at the end of the day he was waiting for all his business to slow down and go. ….. of course this is just speculation based in the information he already gave.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Personally Tibi, I think the mission thing probably ONLY held him back the last half of 2011 because he had made his decision once and for all that the time was appropriate to go on a mission. Previous to that, I think he was into his career. Even at the beginning of 2011, when he broke from his management/jive and said he just wanted to take a moment to consider his next moves, he got himself a band together, worked on writing etc. There were signs of building that foundation. Then a few months on because he was in a lull in his career, and it was probably now or never, I believe he decided to take that opportunity of a mission.

        He knew Jive wasn’t going to promote his TOSOD album. It’s written all through his songs. But he didn’t want to bend to their ways regardless. That’s where things slid down hill. I don’t believe it was because he didn’t want his career. Or that he knew he was going to go on a mission next year kind of thing. I believe he has taken the mission opportunity because it became an option.

      • Well , he said two years back , that means his ‘Mission’ was in consideration since 2010, that make match with the change of his attitude , the release of his book and the interviews he did by then about the subject too , the lyrics of TOSOD , the fan complaining about his lack of strategy and energy for his career…. and yes like CAS said , i can totally picture him taking the low sales like a last signal to go ….. just my opinion

      • Shanny in Australia

        Tibi, like CAS said….just because a person says they ‘planned’ to do something in their future or they’d ‘like’ to do something in their future, doesn’t mean they will do it if circumstances don’t work out. I tend to think that if David’s career was climbing up and up, he may not have made the same decision.

        But…what will be will be….maybe some will think I’ve got my head buried in the sand lol. That is ok. I just think like I said earlier, life is more complicated and opportunities change and I don’t think David consciously or even subconsicously has tried to sabotage his career like some people have suggested in times past. I just think what he considers success in his career is quite different to what a lot of fans think.

        Anyway, I hope I’m not coming across as argumentative. I don’t mean to be. And I’m happy for everyone to have their own opinions. Like I said…I know some will think I’ve got my head buried in the sand and that’s ok. lol

  22. A funny tweet regarding the slap.

    BTW, I hate hate HATE to say this, but I wish they’d done David’s hair differently… I love when it’s all messy and off his forehead and now its ON his forehead and I am upset. Also, freakishly jealous of the girl David is comforting in the video.

  23. “Every time I come to the Philippines, I feel the warmth of the people and how they accept me here, so I think it would be easier for me to try acting here,” says David Archuleta.”…google alert.

    We have been hearing a lot of that from David in his interviews, so who is this a direct message to, N American fans, the N American industry as a whole or who?

    I am truly sorry that he has felt at a loss here, but happy for him that he has found a comfort zone there.


    • i would say not the fans.but the n.american industry,and american media,just watch tmz some time after that you have to wash your eyeballs and ears ou t

    • Shanny in Australia

      SB, as I was reading one of the many interviews floating around right now, I thought of your question…..and I agree with the others…..I think David is talking about the industry people. Not the fans. They are probably very gushing and enthusiastic and eager to please David. He is a much bigger star in the Philippines than he is in the US, so they are probably a little more starstruck by him than entertainment execs in the US. And US people probably don’t wear their emotions (and gushiness) on their sleeves as much as Filipino people. Plus David has felt the sting of the entertainment industry in the US and it probably makes him more guarded and more weary and less willing to trust any admiration (by the industry) he is shown in the US.

  24. David seems like he’s having a blast and that’s great that he’s trying something new. Very soon (March?) he will be gone for two years and I am just enjoying the time we have with him.

    Hope you are all doing well!

    • Wow, they’d like to do a movie with him too (if he was available). Nice article and thanks for posting it.

  25. Is David hurting his chances of doing something like this in the future in the US by implying he is not as accepted here?

    The article also reveals that he is off to Singapore after filming.

    • ihe*** no its a wake up call fpr the us. decent tv.not this crap we get here ,here its all about sex.and if thats all they think about they are missing a whole lot in this world .you show them david

    • That question will be answered when he becomes available in the future. He seems to have a message if we listen closely to him. Perhaps when he has his time away, it will all become more clear to him and his homeland will have new meaning.


    • No, David is not hurting his chances in the U.S. by doing acting in the Philippines. It will give him acting experience and will show if he can act or not. His real passion will always be music, but this could open up other opportunities after his mission is over.

    • Ummmmm, not sure if he wanted his chances in US, did not said himself that he refused many offers?

      I’m just think he really feel comfortable far from the critic view of many here to do his first acting gig … i mean can you imagine what would happen if he do , one of that hugging or hopefully kissing scenes in US lol? , you can say some US fans are already in shock and reacting like if he will become an abomination or monster if that happen lol. i mean seriously , he is in the right place to kill some stigmas about him and take a path of normal person with normal attitudes , a healthy 21 years old guy 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia

      I don’t think so. If people had their chances hurt in Hollywood by the things they said or did….a lot of careers would be over. Hollywood is too fickle and too blinded by the golden dollar to care about some obscure generalised comment someone said in another country a couple of years ago…kinda thing.

  26. New interview , looks like Mr i can’t pick sides, finally changed his habits ….. this Idols first Kelly and Now David lol


    • David gives his best interviews in the Philippines. lol Interesting.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I dunno, something about that article, not all the answers ring entirely true with me. Maybe something got lost in translation or the person was making stuff up/borrowing from other interviews maybe. Probably the lost in translation part. David said only a month or so ago, he doesn’t talk politics. Or even sports. lol If he really did say those things….its sounds more to me, like he was just agreeing with everything to be amicable.

    • Maybe is that a possibility Shanny , but who knows maybe he really is in to Mitt Romney at that point to do a public adhesion ….. is just not the move i expect from him right now , not when the politics in that party are so ….well ….. complicated ? to use a polite word 🙂 . Anyway , again he is unexpected with his actions and looks like hard core conservator, i mean really hard core . :/

      • Shanny in Australia

        Like you said, the fact that it is so unexpected – and he said recently he doesn’t even take sides with sports teams let alone politics – leads me to believe we should just forget about the Mitt Romney comment.

        For instance, look at his answer on the Book of Mormon musical. He kind of had a neutral answer to her question and then when she voiced an opinion about it, he just went along with what she was saying.

        As I said…IF and that is IF he did say those things like she reported them….I think he was just being amicable and going along with what she was saying. I really wouldn’t read too much into anything in that interview.

      • lol tibi- you are right and at the risk of talking politics- which I try to avoid in my life- that “party” as you say is a mess. However the problem the party has with Mitt is he is not conservative enough for many. Add his religion to it and how well he is doing in the polls- well they are wringing their hands.

      • Shanny- I agree- I don’t think we will be seeing David at any political events anytime soon with his mission just around the corner.

      • David sang at one of the Obama inaugural events. Was that being political? Did anyone have a problem with that being taken as a political statement or endorsement?

      • Shanny in Australia

        True Marsha.

    • MIC is openly for Romney, so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise if David endorses him too. Since he’s leaving in a couple of months–he might figure he’s got nothing to lose as far as alienating some of his fan base–by the time he’s back it would be old news.

      But it’s also true that things are sometimes lost in translation, and the way he supposedly put it, is pretty strange. Would he really say, in effect, “I’ll support him if he asked me personally”? Something was left out of that conversation.

      I wish he would stay publicly neutral, but I’m learning that as much as I admire his talent and good character, he’s not a role model on all topics. He’s young and still uneducated, and it’s useless to worry about his opinions on anything, except for music.

      • Shanny in Australia

        “Hes not a role model on all topics”
        Well if someone isn’t a role model until they agree with all of a person’s views on life, then I doubt there is a role model living in the whole entire world. lol

      • LOL. Saw it on Facebook a while back.

      • Are you saying if he’s for a Republican candidate he’s not a good role model? Well Chris Brown was a big Obama supporter. Is that the entertainer we should all look up to?

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cchalo, you are right about just focusing on the music. I think David is like all things in life…take what works for you and leave the rest.

      • I wouldn’t choose a political candidate based on Chris Brown’s recommendation, either. Eww, especially not him.

        Tibi was referring to the Kelly Clarkson fiasco where she endorsed Ron Paul, without having any clue about accusations against him of racism and homophobia. One shouldn’t assume that busy musicians have any more expertise on any topic than Joe Blow.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I agree. In fact I think it is pretty fickle to vote for a candidate just because somebody famous endorses them. lol Be that Oprah or Chris Brown or David Archuleta. My pet peeve with elections is that too many people get swayed by fancy speeches and expensive adverstising and don’t actually do any investigations into policies, the candidates or political ideology. Too many people in this world are slowly giving up their freedoms because they are too lazy to be politically aware.

        😆 Ok, can you tell, we’re approaching a soapbox of mine? I’ll back down from it now…. lol

      • I’m pretty sure there are a few David fans who do consider him a role model in ALL things. There’s one video of fans asking him what exact dish he ordered at a restaurant he recommended, and then whether he got it with chicken or not, lol.

      • I am not a Republican but if I was I would have voted for Jon Huntsman. He was the most moderate on social issues and other issues IMO. I think the tea party and evangelicals control that party too much. I also saw Huntsman’s daughters on CNN and liked them. I think David should date one of the “hot Huntsman girls” as they called them. lol The ones left will have a tough time winning IMO regardless of who is endorsing them. I really am not thrilled with any of them on either side, Democrat or Republican, this year. Wish there was a good independent choice. Just my two cents for what it is worth. lol

      • Unlike Kelly, David didn’t bring up the subject by volunteering his political preference. He was asked his opinion. I think David would be happy if he was never asked another political question.

    • “two-year vacation”….

      Where do I sign up for one of those?

      • If I was David I would be doing my mission in Hawaii. I saw that was one of the places they go to. lol

  27. His father is openly for Romney? Not that I would be surprised but where did you hear this? And does Romney really want his support?

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