David in Hindsight

So, from what David had to say yesterday while in Manila, it’s amazing how you find yourself backtracking and going over all your assumptions in the past few years. After all, just knowing that David had planned to go on his LDS mission like two years ago puts a fresh new spin on things.

For instance, he imagined that his success after American Idol would have been shortlived and that he would go back into obscurity with the start of a new season. To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of this.  I mean, yes, any realistic Idol contestant must realize this is a real possibility after their season-run on the show, but it’s amazing how very few contestants – many who are so much older than David (and therefore supposedly wiser) – accept that as such.

No.  Their tendency is to milk their exposure on Idol for all it’s worth and hope to parlay that exposure into a much sought-after career in entertainment.  Regardless of whether they find long-run Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Hudson success (or even short-run success on par with Clay Aiken and Fantasia), I don’t think any Idol ever expects to head back to obscurity. So David’s revelations say a whole lot more about his relatively youthful (and still ego-less) outlook on his own merits and potential. I sure hope he aims higher than this in future.

Then, there’s the plan to go on a formal mission all along.  Which basically means that, while we fans were bellyaching over David’s label and management’s lack of vision for his career, he was basically not investing all that much into it.  It’s like having that lightbulb go on: Gee, no wonder you were going nowhere fast and why your heart wasn’t into it!

Because, let’s face it, fellow Archies. It wasn’t hard to see that David did little to promote “Something ‘Bout Love” when it was released, and his label did very little to promote his sophomore album when it dropped. I guess if you’re a young guy planning your next move toward a religious mission, little things like a music career are just oh-so-secondary.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I still lay a huge chunk of the blame on his label and management. After all, had David found Bieber-level success with his music, continuing toward a LDS mission goal may not have been as likely, even if he still agonized over it privately.  I just believe what I believe, which is basically:

1. After promoting “Crush” and getting a hit pop single and a decent gold-selling album debut, Jive was pretty much done with their “Idol” obligations, especially since David wasn’t the actual winner and, therefore, not worth spending more money on beyond their little tween/teen bubblegum pop crowd.

2. Beyond placating his die-hard Archie fanbase with a bunch of tours and a memoir, his management didn’t have any further obligations to build his public image nor his audience beyond the fans he found during Idol or afterwards.

3. (most importantly) if David’s main goals were toward his faith and fulfilling his church’s obligations through a mission, then his heart wasn’t directed toward his music career. Which, in all honesty, I can understand.  At 21, why get caught up in building towards a career when you believe you have time (and I still think he does)?

The problem of course is that, had David spent more of his energy building on his Idol and fanbase momentum, he might have rigorously searched for a new label, new management, and new collaborators.  Sometimes one must be proactive about these things. Take Taylor Swift for instance. Girlfriend knew what she wanted and had the courage to leave a label when it conflicted with her own vision for herself. I’m sure David has the same commitments to his own music, but if he has another “calling” (faith not career), it’s hard to build on something when there is another goal getting in the way.

What David has done right (IMO) is to nurture the relationship he already has with his fans and knowing that, if he wants to keep at a music career, he will eventually have to deliver the goods. I think he’s taking his time and slowly growing his way into his public persona.  But knowing what his primary mission has been all along (pun intended) it does make things a bit clearer as to why he hadn’t been more grabbing of the bulls by the horn, so to speak.

These current “opportunities” of music videos and acting (even if they’re mostly overseas) suggest David is responding to where he is wanted, but if his heart isn’t into pop music, I hope he’ll figure that out sooner than later. If nothing else, I hope his mission will make him decide once and for all, not IF he’ll continue with a music career, but where exactly and in what genres specifically he will flourish and stamp his mark on the world.


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  1. I’ve been going over everything in my mind too. TOSOD was loaded with clues…especially Who I Am. “…stop this craziness somehow. Leave it all behind me…and no one’s gonna find me”. I just wasn’t listening. Even with all the rumors and knowing how devout David is, I never thought he would leave.

    Had Idol not happened, he would have gone on a mission at 19. I believe him when he says he didn’t think he would go far on the show. This whole music thing really threw a wrench in it. lol

    Anyway, I’ve made peace with it. I think. Talk to me when he actually leaves. lol The interview with Archuleta Phils helped a lot in terms of reassurance for the future and answering many head scratching moments from the past.

    • You are right Astrid that “Who I Am” was loaded with clues. I was just listening to the song and the lyrics make so much sense to me now.

  2. Great Post, hg!!! I agree with every point you made. “It’s like having that lightbulb go on: Gee, no wonder you were going nowhere fast and why your heart wasn’t into it!” That is exactly the way I felt. Thank You for expressing it. Astrid I feel the same way you do. I have finally made peace with it, I think. lol That does not mean I agree with it from a music career standpoint. I have to be honest. I think David was pushed into a music career a little more than he should have been by a certain family member/friends when he was younger. IMO it was not always “fun” for him when he was a shy kid. David should do want he wants to do now. As a fan I am not comfortable with saying he should do things he does not want to as then I am no better than the ones that were pushing David when he way younger. I hope that makes sense cause it does to me. lol I just hope David finds it within himself to “aim higher” when his mission is complete and to know that he deserves it.

  3. i saw on twitter that david want to marry half and half, what the heck does that means?? i never heard of that saying before, have you all guys?

    • I have really no idea what that means, idolfan. lol

    • I don’t know what it means either. I do see tweets where fans are saying that David looks half Filipino in his recent pictures. I agree with those fans; it’s in his smile and facial features.

      I haven’t had the chance to watch the clip where David comments on the mission, etc. Once I have, I’ll come back and comment on the lead post.

  4. i think it means that david want to marry a asian girl not amercian, latin or others.

  5. is a Latin saying: means, find our half, our perfect person to marry.

  6. I would like to see David putting out a Spanish album so that he can tour in central America & south America. Also, I think he would make a great comeback in the Latin music industry.

    • Maybe he’ll record one or two songs in Spanish to be released in his abscence. A Spanish album would be great but not before his mission, I don’t want to see it treated as a little side project lol because it’s too often an excuse for no promo. I’d love a duet with Fonsi too !

  7. So someone slap David ….. i mean Josh today lol ? …… now that is to go out of his comfort zone ha, ha 🙂

  8. And about the post, for instance i’m glad we’re not imagining things back in the time, his attitude and energy and spontaneity changed since 2010, is a fact , to be specific after the release of his book . I said before that to me he’s trying to please everyone , including himself , but clearly his plans are totally determined by the rules of his community and tbh i don’t see how this gonna change in the future, specially when you read already people talking about what should be his personal path when he comes back form his mission duties; that is what make me (us?) to think if there exist a real possibility of a second chapter on this story.

    And tbh i think he really wants a healthy good career and recognition. you can see he really enjoy all this , (and not that is not lack of humble attitude or start behavior, just saying before someone jump to make look this bad ) , anyway , you can say that his plan to be present when he’s gonna be absent is actually interesting , and can works if he put the responsibility in the right person , otherwise idk 😐 , i tend to smile though when he say he’s gonna try to be in contact somehow, because i think is about the time for some people to start to disprove his good intentions , and accusing him to want more his fame that other things. :/ , because sometimes that people who don’t get it is close to him too looking a each one of his actions to decide if he is worthy or not to be part of us.

    David is a very good guy , that has the right to be free to decide what he wants far by any kind of manipulations coming from his entourage, Church or fans …… i should pay then for his freedom to think and power to decide.

    man i already nostalgic about this chapter end. 😦

    • ”we should pray then for his freedom to think and power to decide”

    • “And about the post, for instance i’m glad we’re not imagining things back in the time, his attitude and energy and spontaneity changed since 2010, is a fact , to be specific after the release of his book” So true tibi.

    • I agree, except I think he changed after his album failed to sell well and he was’t allowed to tour. I recently saw an old interview where he talked about his pending tour with excitement. It must have been a blow when his career stalled. It was after this time period that he became more pensive. Can’t help but wonder what he would have done if things had been different.

      David says he always wanted to do a mission and I believe him. I have always wanted to take calculus but I have never done it. Instead, I need to use my academic time learning things that support my career. When David use to talk about his mission being his career I believed him. I think circumstances resulted in him changing his mind.

      M thoughts may be speculation, but for me they best explain the scenario I have watched over the past few years.

      • Interesting thought, CAS.
        For some reasons, I prefer to think that he didn’t give his all for TOSOD because he already was thinking about quitting his label and leaving for a mission. It’s the only way for me to explain why he didn’t hire a professional manager (and I think that the condition by Jive to release his sophomore album was to hire a professional management) and why he wasn’t that enthusiast about promoting his first single. I think his album failed to sell well because of how the release was handle by Jive but also by David. In the conditions things were done with TOSOD, it was expected to fail, and I think that even David knew it IMO (even the fans saw it coming lol).

  9. speaking if his mission, i really do believe that david is going to the philippines for his mission or do you think he might go to somewhere in south amercia or india, he likes it there too?.

    • Asia not at all, Europe maybe, South America likely , almost sure is in some Spanish Country with some LDS presence already ….. of course with some social stability, that left out Centro America , Peru and Colombia ‘ Brazil speak Portuguese , so maybe is Argentine or Chile , not sure about Paraguay or Uruguay . I know he has fans in Chile , so idk about that.

    • Oh India , can be too a possibility, he can do better job there ….to me . 🙂

  10. tibitibi, I really don’t understand what you are trying to say!
    Can’t we just accept things simply and try not to dissect everything to its last layer?? We don’t know what is going to happen in the future, so why worry and judge about it now?
    What I do know is that David has been true to his words since the very beginning. I don’t see any reason to doubt him…Just take one day at a time and move on with our lives…and when he starts to sing and perform again after he gets back from his mission, its up to you to still be there or not. I know I will still be his fan..
    Why cause heartache to yourself and the others by bringing on this speculations about what the people around him did/will do/will not do about him and his career.( Sorry if I understood wrongly what you wrote!!)
    Like I said why worry about the future NOW?

    • Excuse me? , if i’m not wrong we have a post above and i giving my opinion about, you disagree ? , is ok to me ……is because that’s called ”o.p.i.n.i.o.n” . so what is your point ? 😐

    • ”Why cause heartache to yourself and the others by bringing on this speculations about what the people around him did/will do/will not do about him and his career.”

      Is funny that you talk about speculations, do you already noticed that i’m talking exactly about other sites or fans speculations, that make look like his life is programmed to be in one specific way already? Do you read frequently this site, to notice how many times i said that nobody knows (not even David) what can happen in the future? Do you realize than you and me , both we have the right to believe or not , to be optimists or skeptical about the future ? Oh i do you remarked that we’re talking about the interview where he confirmed that he was planning leaving since two years ago, what that means for you?

      ”Like I said why worry about the future NOW?”
      I’m not worry, i’m still expectant like i’m since 2009 waiting for his career to pick up somewhere , hopefully to a good place ……. what kind of horrible fan i’m uh?

      BTW you can too be focus in the positive aspect of my post, i mean if you want to avoid what you think is negative . ” His plan to be present when he’s gonna be absent is kind of interesting and workable ” 😉


    • I think part of the role of a fan site is to allow fans to express themselves.- and part of that, includes speculation and discussion, in additional to praise and adulation. Everyone is different in their outlook and beliefs. David’s fanbase is very diverse- which is a beautiful thing. Honesetly I woud like it to be even more diverse- although that may be harder for pr/marketers… lol. One reason I post here at SD is the freedom to express yourselves. I don’t always agree with what everyone says- including Tibii at times. But I enjoy reading her thoughts. Your approach may be different. That is also fine as it works for you… 🙂

      • I agree with you both of you tibi and rae. I so agree with you about the diversity rae. That does concern me that David will no longer have that diverse fan base. But that will be up to him and his team to change that when he returns to his career. If he can and wants to. Nothing changes the fact that he needs professional management and a label if he wants a “mainstream” career in music when he returns. Unless he decides to be an alternative indie rock musician in a band when he returns. Like “Death Cab for Cutie” as that is what my son listens to. lol That would make me laugh. What his choices will be at that point idk. David should go because he does not want a music career now and he wants to go but everyone should be “realistic” as to what he is coming back to when he returns. I will always feel bad that he wanted to leave his career regardless of the reasons. He just was not equipped to handle the music industry IMO and I hope he is when he returns but who knows. The music industry will not change. It is what it is.

      • The tension comes in when those disposed for praise and adoration come under constant scorn or attack from those who want more critical and speculative expression. Namely those who have in the past used certain fansites as the poster child or whipping boy for the sunshine and rainbows meme. What makes one manner of expression better than another? If one doesn’t ascribe to the culture of expression on one site, the internet is rife with other places one can seek out and find to gather with others of like mind. It’s always been that simple to me. I can be a silly and goofy fangirl with the best of them, and I can also be a critical thinking and over analytical about things depending on the topic, or my mood. There is no one way or best way to express one’s fandom. As long as one is a fan – buys and supports the artists music, goes to see them live when possible, etc, no big deal.

  11. it funny how fans are still speculaions where david might be for a mission?. some fans are saying it might be in guam?? david did says he is riding a bike, i hope he will be careful, a LDS boy who was on a mission was hit and killed by a car. if he is going to ride a bike, it seems he might be going where a lot of land? i guess he isnt going to be in US for a mission that for sure.

  12. again, david says he is riding a bike, it seems he know the place and location very well and i guess it gonna be in a small country for sure.

  13. david says he is very comfortble in the philippines, that me think why i think he is going there for a mission??

  14. the press in manlia asked him where he is going for a mission, he refused to anwser that question. i guess david still wanted to keep it private at this time but i pretty doubt it he is in fact gonna tell his fans where he is going, i read on fans boards that he will tell where but i wouldn’t hold my breath on this, just my opinion.

  15. well have a goodnite everyone


  16. idolfan, you’re right, it is a small country and with maximum security, David will be well maintained, I assure you.

      • I think that security is an important issue wherever David goes. I do hope his church is prepared for it as I think David is not realistic about security concerns IMO. There are “crazies” everywhere that pick on high profile targets or just even American targets. It is very sad but true.

  17. I am enjoying David in the Philipines. They are treating him like a prince which they like to call him. I love all the publicity that he gets when he is there. The promo spots for the mini-series have already started. Here is a video from one of the shows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuxZkJ0FLs0&feature=colike
    He is definately going out of him comfort zone doing this!

    • I agree with you grammyj. This mini-series is good for David. I think it is great that Kari is with him. IMO David needs to surround himself with professionals in the business like Kari when he returns to his career.

    • I am way too excited about this. I think I spy the start of the slap scene in this video. lol

      • I think I see it too!

        At 21-23 secs — Is that Charice (on the far right) catching D with another woman? 🙂

      • Lol
        I read on twitter that there will be a DVD. I wonder when they’re going to release the theme song David already recorded. Maybe they’ll use it for promotion and to create early interest on the miniseries. I’m sure it’ll do great, especially if it’s sung in Tagalog. Shakira is number one on iTunes here thanks to a cover of a popular french song.

  18. Someone in comments on another David fan-site who seemed to know said that David is going to Belize. I have no idea if that person really does know, but it doesn’t sound like a place someone would guess. I’m sure once David goes on his mission we will find out where he is. The Archie detectives will find out…..

  19. very funny about charice haha! charice lives 2-3 hours away from manlia, it called laguna, one of david’s co-stars attended at charice’ mom birthday party thought! but david didn’t go?? i don’t know if david and charice are keeping themselfs away from each other while they are both in the manlia from press and fans or they are not no longer in speaking terms or still friends, they might still be but who knows. i read on twitter that there will be a ” kissing” scene it was report from a insider!!!. best of luck of david on his acting!!.

  20. i never heard belize??

  21. if it true that david is going to belize for LDS mission, no fans should not go on vacation to get a glimp of david, let him do his mission thing. if david ever get caught with his fans, he might ended up leaving the belize and his missionary will be over, that wouldn’t be good, just saying.

    • David going to Belize for his mission was just a guess. I have not knowledge as to where he is going to go. It’s being spread to other fan-sites so I thought I’d better say that I don’t know where he is going on his mission! I was just kidding about wondering if fans would go there on vacation if he was there.

    • Thanks Rae! David responds to a question re. Charice at 4:00. Idolfan, were you in the audience asking that question? Just kidding. 😉

      • desertrat you are good. I did not catch the Charice question on the press conference vid. David said he was friends with Charice and admired her . Idolfan did you see that. lol

  22. there are rumors on twitter that he is going to belize!?!? if that is really true than hopefully david won’t say anything where he is going because of the his fans might try to go there and glimp of him!!!!. again that is not a good idea for his fans to do that, just saying again.

    • idolfan I think that is a possibility where ever David goes as he is a celebrity. With the age of the internet now nothing is a secret anymore or for very long. That is an issue for David and his church to deal with. Look at all the rumors you see on twitter. lol Can’t wait to see more vids and pics of the mini series taping. lol

      • marie, if that happen if fans find out where david is or he ever get caught, david would called off the mission and it would be over and he would not be happy about it. as i think about it, i think maybe david just don’t go the mission and i know how this means is world to him but he need to worry about his own safely first, just my opinion. yeah marie, same here too with the mini series taping and videos!. i hope he does a good job.

      • I agree that safety should always be a big priority where ever David goes. I would think it would be.

  23. i think david should think about that kind of stuffs or maybe he has? again, maybe david should not go because of safely reasons, just stay with music and acting, speaking of acting, i read he is loving it!!!!!!.

    • I am sure the church has given a great deal of thought to safety- but it will likely still be a challenge- will be interesting. I hope he can have somewhat of an anonymous experience, but who knows.

  24. I was just in a grocery store and TOSOD came up on their background music. Stealing a quote from Mikesd, my ears perked up like dog ears, lol. I felt like telling everyone to freeze and listen to The Archuleta. 😀

    • desertrat, that is so cool! david says he is doing some writing when he get back from states, i wonder he is will be going back to nashville or LA?

    • I had a similar reaction in toys r us not long ago. I was surprised to hear him singing and even more surprised that he was singing “Who I Am”. I miss hearing David’s music while driving in my car but I just can’t listen to him right now. Wonder if others have had that response?

      One thing has not changed. I am still lurking at Soul David.
      Loving your posts HG. I am waiting for another dream. Your last one was telling. I did an analysis in my head but didn’t have time to transpose my thoughts.

  25. is david doing his first taping today yet??

    • Yes, the first taping of the mini-series is today. Here is the tweet from Kari:

      “Josh” is getting into hair and make up getting ready to start taping the first scene.

      and here is David’s tweet:
      David Archuleta @DavidArchie 3m
      Monday morning here in Manila. Good morning! First day of shooting scenes for the mini-series today! Here we go.

      David is named “Josh” in the mini-series.

  26. i found out that charice’s mom favorite color is black and red and david were black and red suit on the same day of the party did he wore that color for charice’s mom special day!?!? very odd. i bet charice told david to were that color!!??

  27. i read on twitter that charice is leaving for the philippines on wed head back to LA and i wonder if charice’s mom will visit david on the mini series set!? if she ever does, of course she will go when charice is not in the philippines!? due for privacy reasons. glad to see that david is having so much fun acting! cannot wait to hear more! goodnite everyone


  28. Vlog : First day on the Set

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