Keeping Us Informed (Gasp!)

Why David, I hardly know ya! When has he ever kept us so quickly in the loop when overseas (almost makes me hope he’ll do something similar on his Mission!)

Update: thanks for this vid, Astrid! 🙂

A few thoughts:

1.) He really will try and keep in touch while on his Mission (yay!)

2.) Oy, David! I can’t believe you thought fans would disappear with a new AI season! You really don’t know how special you really are!

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  1. He did say he’ll keep in touch during his Mission, HG! Happy day!!

  2. It really helps, knowing that. Love the love he gets over there and love that fans are ALL great about sharing.

    • Me too. I love when he goes to the Philipines because they treat him like a big star. The fans there also take lots of pictures and videos that they share with us. Also they ask the best questions. The mini series will probably be cheesy but I’m going to enjoy it. It will give him a chance to try out acting and see how it goes. His two co-stars are very cute, they seem to be big fan-girls.

  3. I hear JR’s voice on that video!!!!

    • Wish I could SEE her!

    • Marlie, there’s a photo on FOD w/ 4 women in it. JR’s name is listed under the photo with 5 other names. Do you know if thats her? I’m on a tablet and at work so I can’t cut/paste the link to the photo right now. Im with Ralph, I’d like to meet her one day. She should start her own fan club, lol.

    • Here’s the link. Just figured out how to cut/paste on tablet.

      • That link is a great idea. Good promo. David did still mention wanting to record “pop songs.’ I think that is good. I actually liked the interview. JR is such a great fan.

  4. they are really promoting him (and the miniseries) ! I can’t help but start to be really excited about all this, especially because of all the infos we’re getting ! They really know how to create buzz in The Philippines and I also love seeing how much they love him and appreciate his talent !

    • I had to post this comment I read on mjs blog. I thought it was a very perceptive comment based on what David said at the press conference: ” So much information came out on the press conference. To me, the most interesting tidbit was that he had made the decision to go on a mission 2 years ago but that contractual obligations – likely to Jive and 19R – prevented him from going. I agree with you that David’s decision to not re-sign with Jive or the other labels that made offers to him after he left Jive in early 2011 was likely based in part on his desire to serve a mission in 2012. I also think that many of the personal and business decisions he’s made since deciding to go on a mission 2 years ago were influenced by his decision to remain eligible to go on a mission. It will be so interesting to see if his personal and business decisions change after he completes his mission. Personally, I think that David Archuleta that returns from the mission will be very different from the one we have today.”

      • Thanks Marie for posting this comment ! It’s exactly what I was thinking and it sure explains many things about his career decisions. I’m really thinking now that it’s a good thing for him to go on a mission (maybe not for two years but there’s nothing I can do about it lol). I just hope that when he’ll come back, he’ll be able to finally focus on his career. It’s also reassuring to hear him say that he’s planning on recording songs to be release during his absence and that he’s already thinking about future projects. I’m aware that he still can change his mind in 2 years, it’s a long period and a lot of things can happen. TBH, I don’t want to take anything like it’s written in stone. I think that the “wait and see” approach will work better for me. But this press conference was the best thing after his mission announcement. I just don’t know why he didn’t share those infos sooner, I’m sure it’d have eased things for the fans.

      • It would seem that the contractual obligations and then the fans and opportunities this past year of “winding” down that stopped him from going sooner. I am glad that is out.

      • Yes, I thought the same thing about this comment, cmoi. It did explain things about his career decisions whether or not you agree with the mission. I just wish I wrote it. lol I also agree that I just wish the mission was a shorter length of time due to career concerns. However, It is very clear to me that it was his choice. All my concerns about the lack of label now seem kind of futile cause David did not want a label as his focus was elsewhere. lol That is alright. I do hope when he returns he will be able to focus on his music career. I think it is a very positive sign that he is planning on future projects. But I do totally agree with the wait and see approach now.

      • and second IDK how to feel about this , so was a decision made it since two year ago?…… so our impressions about him auto sabotaging ( like we described that period by then) his own career were true? So the interview the blogger/student form BYU back in 2010 , where he said he was leaving on mission once his contract with Jive was true too? And why if he and his family knew it was something he can’t avoid to do, why they signed a contract for three albums that obviously would take it him more than three years to fill and would prevent him to go at the age it was required? and why they just let all this fan speculation going and going , blaming pretty much everyone around him and all over the internet when the reality it was that he was the one holding back the all progress ? ………he’s good keeping things for himself , but letting the speculation and rumors to take care of his fansites and going after others searching for responsible is not exactly the right thing to do 😐
        I really don’t know what to expect for the future, when you confront his cheerful perspective with other realities coming from people from his community about his priorities in two years ….. a Benton Paul _ Broooke W type of career or some more structured dream ….. really don’t know.

      • tibi Some very good points that I agree with. I just am glad it is finally out from David that he would have gone sooner if he did not have the contract obligations.

      • tibi I have to believe that a big part of the reason that David did not go earlier were financial concerns for his family. It is not clear to me if his parents have jobs so I would think that the money had to play into his waiting to go. As much as every one says that it not about the money at all, I think it was. lol David was holding himself back because he had other plans and now that I know I do not have an issues with it. It’s David’s choice and he is 21 years old.

    • Let me say first that this people there in Philippines really know how to work a crowd, i don’t see yet any video , but by the comments look like it was fun , so i hope the mini series will be a success ….. i imagine that the intention is to sell the product all over the Asia and using Private and in Demand system to all the Asian population all over the world. So please TV5 do a good job. 🙂

  5. Some infos about the miniseries story line :

    “Archuleta will be appearing with homegrown Kapatid talents Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero in a mini-series called Nandito Ako. He will play Josh, who is an international singer of Fil-Am lineage. Josh was born and raised in the Philippines until he was five years old and when he lost his mother in a hotel fire. Josh returns to the Philippines to find out what really happened to his mother as well as find out who was the little girl he encountered during the fire. Since Josh is Fil-Am, Archuleta will be delivering his lines in English.
    Nandito Ako is inspired from the hit song popularized by singer-composer Ogie Alcasid. At the presscon, Intalan revealed that as a treat to fans, Archuleta will also be singing Nandito Ako as the teleserye’s theme song”.

  6. ”HG : Why David, I hardly know ya! When has he ever kept us so quickly in the loop when overseas ”

    He just signed a contract with this TV company, I’m sure he has obligations about the promo too, TV5 knows he has a hard core market in the other side of the world too 😉

  7. Nice twit pic. Is this Josh? lol

  8. i love the pics with david and his co-stars and some david himself only too. david is going to charice’s mom birthday tonight!!. i hope he had fun at the party. i read he starting shooting the mini series tomm, i thought it was supposed to shoot on monday, i guess not.


    • geez! on twitter the party is tonight until to midnight and there media will be there and celerities are invited too and david as well, i guess david doesn’t want the press and his fans to know he is going to be there, he is going to be sneaky about it. wow! i didnt know charice’ mom knows a lot of people, i guess because charice is very popular. it gonna be a fun big bash party for sure. i guess david could be recording that song soon. okay


  9. on twitter, someone got all wrong. here it is, charice’s mom birthday is going on right now and david left the photoshoot to go the party and charice has a gig tonight somewhere in manlia. it so cool that david will keep his fans updated while he is going through the mission. have a goodnite everyone


  10. I can’t believe I am posting this because I think these polls are meaningless and a waste of time but I do not want to see Scotty beat David. Sorry I am not a Scotty fan. This must be Burkey’s influence on me. Vote. lol

  11. i read poor david got slapped in the face for a scene.

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