Vlog: Heading to the Philippines

A bit late with this, but here’s David’s first vlog for 2012:


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  1. So, proud…. ck out article on fanscene…. David sang for that senior who has cancer and her twilight wish was to meet D.

  2. Beginning at 2:03, D mentions he will be doing some recordings and other appearances. I hope the appearances are in the U.S.; I’d love to catch a show before he departs.

  3. Oh my heck. When I’m Phyliss’ age, I hope I look as good as her!

    I was surprised to hear that Kari was accompanying David since it’s not a tour, but I’m glad. I think she looks after him well and they seem to be good friends. Maybe mic has another job now or is he going too?

  4. david arrive in the philippines in black shades and a gicci hangbag, well okay. why is the philippines fans still waiting for david arrival at the airport??

  5. there is a rumor that david already arrived at the airport and he snuck in somewhere, if the rumor is true and the philiippines are still waiting for him, they are standing there looking stupid, not trying to be very rude, just saying??

  6. okay nevermind his plane just landed. i read he was there not to long ago, i guess some fan thought it was him but it wasnt.

  7. david arrived late today. yeah i know right, it weird that kari is with him, maybe david is paying her to come with him, i thought she doesnt for work for him anymore since the MKOP chirstmas tour ended.

  8. seriously? david two co-stars are there at the airport greeting him with flowers, i bet he will blush!!!!. haha!.

  9. why are the girls there, they will see him on monday at the tv show set??. maybe david told them to meet him at the airport??

  10. just saw the pics of david and with the co-stars!. he is loving it!.

  11. Here is a link to some pics taken at the airport. http://mjmarfori.tumblr.com/

  12. according to some people in the philippines, david and charice are planning very private visits together during his stay in manlia, that rumor doesn’t surpised me. glad that david landed safely in the philiippines.

  13. Peter, Bwahahahaha! 😆
    Rumor is…there were hundreds of fans at the airport for David’s arrival along with his 2 co-stars and the press! Now that’s the way to greet our guy!

  14. David’s fans in the Philippines are just amazing. They are so supportive of him.

  15. okay my comment about david and charice earlier, it not a rumor. the source is true!. i mean think about it, david and charice best friends and they talked everyday, why wouldn’t david not wanted to see his galpal, well duh. a source is reporting that david will see her on sunday(he doesn’t tweet on sundays, that would be a perfect day to see her). again the visit is gonna be very private. my guess would be at her home. well have a goodnite everyone.


    • in my opinion, i think david will see charice and her family tonight, maybe for dinner. alright bye


      • I hope David does visit Charice and her family if they are in the Philippines. He should maintain his friendship with her as I think they have a lot in common.

  16. It’s fun watching all the pandemonium in the Philippines, but it makes me wonder–do I maybe need a more grown-up hobby?

    • No CC…it is very interesting to see what life is like for David away from the pressures and conflicts (someone hating his guts). Seeing him in this light shows his maturity and diplomacy taking center stage. So this is how it could be here, if one could imagine that.


      • True. But it also makes me see the possible attraction for him to have a two-year period of being anonymous. (Isn’t that the supposed plot of the mini-series–a take-off on the plot of Roman Holiday with the idea of wanting to be anonymous?)

      • Good points SB, cc halo, and tibi.

  17. I just think he’s doing his best to please everyone, including himself …. agree or disagree he’s leaving for the Mormon Mission, but looks like he’s gonna take all the chances he has to try to still relevant in at least one market before to go ( Probably the market that gonna save his future career) and that is not bad or selfish at all , it just (i hope) shows a little bit of strategic mind , the other part of that strategy and smart attitude will be showed if he put in charge someone knowledge of this industry to take care of his business.

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