About Those Acting Lessons…

OK, is it just me or is anyone else holding out hope that the “acting lessons” David tweeted about is less to do with that upcoming soap opera gig in the Philippines and more to do with that possible gig he’s supposed to have going with Steven Spielberg (remember that rumor)?

A gal can still dream, right? 🙂


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  1. Shanny in Australia

    haha, no I’m not holding out for an acting gig with Spielberg. But I have been thinking that the ‘acting’ part of that rumour turned out to be true, so perhaps there was some truth to the other things that were said by the Sony person.
    For instance, between David working with SonyMY and a Sony person at David’s concert, I can’t help but wonder if David has some sort of agreement of intention to sign with them when he gets back from his mission. Or even the possibility that he could be releasing some music with them while he is on his mission. ~ shrugs~ Now that we know he was thinking about/planning on going on a mission during the past year, it makes sense as to why he didn’t officially sign with anyone but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have plans to do so in the future.
    Not sure how the Spielberg thing might come in, other than to think maybe David singing the theme song for something for a Spielberg movie or being used as a voice in something animated? Does Spielberg do animated movies? I don’t pay much attention to that sort of thing.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I wonder how/why David has been working with SonyMY anyway? Does Sony do ‘contract’ work or something on a project by project basis?

    • Does Spielbrg do animated movies? Well, his most recent, Adventures of Tin Tin, is currently in theaters, and I’m assuming Prince of Egypt and An American Tail count, right?

      • Shanny in Australia

        yep, I think they’d count. lol I don’t usually pay attention to who was the producer of which movie.

        David’s got a distinctive voice…he’d make a good animated character. lol

  2. Spielberg also does various kinds of TV series, example Band of Brothers on HBO and upcoming Smash with Katharine McPhee on NBC.

  3. Maybe the rumor it was about the wrong runner up and VRS mistook Kat with David ? , 🙂

    In a serious note, i would love better for him to close this chapter of his short career with something more ….. well more little high level?
    an animated film of adventure like Tin Tin would work very well like souvenir in the nostalgic moments in the future lol . I have nothing with him doing his work to feed the Asia market, but what you can think when the asian fans them selves, claim it was not the best choice to pick like first acting gig?

  4. I remember the Speilberg rumor but I never really believed it, lol. Re. Speilberg, I used to enjoy his cartoon, the Animaniacs. It was very witty.

  5. From previous thread

    ”desertrat Says: random comments ….

    To me, D is sort of like a lame duck politician right now. He has the freedom to take risks without suffering serious consequences of his actions. Whether it’s Glee, a soap opera, etc., I say go for it, get what you can out of it, and have fun. ”

    Ha, ha good definition . 🙂

    I was happy to see that Casey Abrams signed to an independent label yesterday. It proves there are labels out there that can meet the needs of the artist. Not all of them are “bad”.”

    I’m so happy for Casey too, is incredible that almost all the top 10 from last year has being signed already and going to release album in the next months ; ) (love them) . And yes an Indi Label could be too a good option for David, but don’ t forget that even the indi labels and artists have deals with the big ones to assure the distribution of their material , even the Taylor Swif one; and the artist need to be really convinced of the work they’re are doing , since the resources are limited …. in other words this indi labels demand the double of the work, so maybe a more mature and focus David can do it in two/three years, this if his focus by then still his music and career ……who knows.

    • I think maybe David is going to use Sony as a distributor as they are not a record label in the US – they are a distributor. So if David does release some music independantly while he is away as has been rumored, then Sony could be the distributor. Sony was the distributor of all of David’s music so far while he was with Jive.

      I would love for David to do acting or voice-over for Spielberg, but I too think that was probably a rumor that isn’t true, but I will be very happy if I’m wrong.

    • tibi you are right. I think indie labels due require more work. You are also correct that they are all distributed through the major labels so you have to deal with them. grammyj you might be right about David using Sony. I find this discussion of the music industry more interesting than other topics.

      • Me too. I’ve learned a whole lot about the music industry following David. It certainly is way more complex than I ever knew. I thought if you sang a great song that radio would play it. I found out that was FALSE. There’s lots of music “politics” involved and it’s harder than ever to get radio play. David will have to be signed with a major label to even have a chance to get radio play. The good news though is that you can still have a career in music without it. But you are right, Marie, it requires lots of work.

      • That is one of the positive things I have gained by following David. I have learned a lot about the music industry too grammyj. The good, the bad,and the ugly. lol

  6. Hello! Just checking in! I am still here and very much a fan. I think it’s great that David is trying something new with the acting.

    I had to chuckle at the “Young and the Restless” comment a few threads back. I used to be addicted to that soap and I would be beside myself if he appeared on it, lol. He could be the new admin assistant at Jabot or could work on the magazine stuff. I am laughing at myself right now!

  7. on twitter that david in the philippines through the 13th to feburday 5. i hope david have a safe flight going from LA to philippines tomm.. i still think it a bad move for him going to the philiippines but he seems really happy going there, yeah of course just to see charice!!.


  8. It seems kinda last minute to cram a couple of acting classes in a few days before he starts working on the show.

    • Yes utahmom. It does seem last minute. It is too bad that he did not take some classes in the past year after he left his label. I really am interested to see the show.

    • That seems to be David’s and his team’s modus operandi.

    • I thought the same as you about the late acting class. Maybe he’ll have a coach there to help him before filming the scenes and it’ s enough for this soap. (Or maybe his dad asked them to replace the girls’ names by food names in the script. He’s going to be great and we’ll know that when he was courting the lead girl, he was in reality thinking about the filipinos great mangos lol)

  9. Definitions to learn (Wiki info mostly):

    1. Record label : is a brand and a trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Most commonly, a record label is the company that manages such brands and trademarks, ” Coordinates the Production, Manufacture, Distribution, Marketing and Promotion, and Enforcement of copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos; conducts talent scouting and development of new artists ”(“artists and repertoire” or A&R); and maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers.

    Sony is a Record company who do all the process.

    2. Independent Label

    Record companies and music publishers that are not under the control of the big three are generally considered to be independent (indie), even if they are large corporations with complex structures. The term indie label is sometimes used to refer to only those independent labels that adhere to an independent criteria of corporate structure and size, and some consider an indie label to be almost any label that releases non-mainstream music, regardless of its corporate structure.

    Llike Taylor S label or Civil wars to point two examples

    3. Publishers as labels

    In the mid-2000s, some music publishing companies began undertaking the work traditionally done by labels. The publisher Sony/ATV Music, for example, leveraged its connections within the Sony family to produce, record, distribute, and promote Elliott Yamin’s debut album under a dormant Sony-owned imprint, rather than waiting for a deal with a proper label

    4. About the distribution :
    Unsigned or Indie musicians will be willing to come on board before you find distribution. That is your best case scenario. If they can’t get this lined up, there’s not much you can do but try to juggle a little bit and work on getting soft commitments from people. Here are some things to keep in mind about distribution:

    Digital distribution is much easier to find than physical distribution. Aggregating services like Tunecore will put the music on sites like iTunes and Amazon.

    Some physical distributors will work with anyone, but your ideal situation is to land a distribution deal with a company that is selective about the labels they work with. These companies will actively get involved in selling your releases to the stores and will often help you advertise your releases. These sorts of companies usually want to know that you’ve got a busy release schedule planned – they don’t like working with a label with one release.

    Me 🙂 : By what i know Sony, along with WMG and UMG (the new one behind Idol) have deal distributions with many indie artists very well know , the Rocket Summer ( David’s friend and co-writer of STR) , write and produce (even play all the instrument in many of his recorded songs) has a DD with one of this Companies . According with the net , is pretty usual in the present market that artists ($)solvent enough to produce their own music , take this choice, keeping their musical identity freedom, but putting this special responsibility in the hands of some experts. Early last year in a fire that happened in England , was reported that the material lost was all about the physical stock of music from Indie singers Sony was doing the distribution. 😦

    Hope this help to understand , even if I’m not an expert, but i’m too learn so much this last years. 🙂 …….and wiki help a lot lol.

    • tibi very informative post. I agree that wiki is a very useful tool. Thanks.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Hmmm….so it sounds like Sony could be on board for the distribution of David’s music, without him actually being signed with them…..? Is that what everyone else gets from that?

      BTW, I left you a message on the previous thread Tibi. 🙂

      • Yes, Sony does the distribution for some labels, and in the U.S. no one is signed to Sony per se. They are signed to another label such as RCA (and Jive when it was still a label) and Sony does the distribution of the music (CD’s and such). In other countries is appears that the artist is actually signed to Sony.

    • Thanks for researching that, tibi.

      It appears to me that David has a contract with the Asia division of Sony that he has to fulfill before he leaves. That could explain why he put out the Wait video.

    • I gonna give you this in addition to the early information :

      Adele Record Label is XL and (big?)indie label from UK , but for her introduction in US market she signed too with Columbia Record (filial of Sony) .

      Civil Wars record label , indie Sensibility Music , i know because i read months ago their distribution house is one big label too in US , but they have (according with they twitter ) additionally a deal with @dinealonemusic to release their music here in Canada.

      The same story goes for some urban and rap singers, they produce their own music under they own indie label, but they can make deals with the big ones in the industry to conquer other markets and to have the distribution assured .

      In David’s case, i have not idea what are his goals in the music aspect , but clearly they’re focus in the Asia market right now. Sony Asia is a big part of this game, they’re giving him the exposure for him to do new contacts and find the new opportunities to continue to follow his goals in music (if …).

      Yes he can do and produce his own music, he can pick his collaborators, write his music, but he can’t survive in this business alone and isolating him – self from the rest of the business people.

      I still wondering why him or his team never did anything ( just to warm) for the Latin market, having the support and other kind of advantages, why the let go the Europe moment after the Mcfly tour, or maybe the interest on the tour it was just the economic and that’s it? 😦

      Following the comments about the sense of improvisation over his career all this years, i would add, that many have the same impression , even from the past, looks like he always goes with the flow ,( his words) , maybe is because that i hesitated to believe he’s gonna put the passion to pursuit or even make plans with specific goals for the future , because i totally can picture him thinking ‘I will wait what opportunity come with the time and i’ll be happy with whatever i can do, because is a good place anyway ” , that to me is a very ”interesting attitude” specially when the person has that amount of potential, enough to go for something more and over the average of the rest of us.

      • Thanks for the information Tibitibi !
        I remember an article about Adele’s success in the US and it was no coincidence or only words of mouth as some people like to say. I know that “luck” is an important element in the music business but the artist still has to recognize the opportunity and take it. I think that David had many opportunities but for a reason he “missed” many of them. One of them is the follow up to his tour with McFly. I had the chance to attend one show and I can tell you that they loved him instantly. I still wonder why he didn’t do any promo there.

        And about the Latin Market, when he’ll come back, he’ll have a role in a telenovela à la Guadalupe, it was a great one lol. For me, it’d seem as random as doing this miniseries in The Philippines lol. But I’d love a participation in a Bollywood movie (he’d have to sing and dance and wear great outfits lol), the Indian market is immense too… Of course, I’m just kidding !

      • Very interesting tibi. Thanks.

      • LOL cmoi , David ‘ The galan de telenovelas’ from Steven Spielberg to Guadalupe http://youtu.be/WrahDd-r2BI >>> this one? 🙂

        And i love Bollywood movies …. not kidding 🙂

      • I can’t open the link on my phone (i don’t know why ?) but it’s the one with Alfredo as the love interest. I watched it when I was in Morocco and the actors voices in moroccan weren’t well synchronised lol. Oh, and all the scenes involving kissing were cut really badly, it wa so funny but I still liked it. The actress who played Guadalupe was a star there ! So I have hope for David too lol

        (and I love Bollywood movies too ! I saw Sharukh Khan in Paris once lol)

      • Just got to sit down and read all of your fantastic info, tibi. Thanks! I may bookmark it to re-read, because business is not my thing.

  10. according to philippines facebook david had the soap opera sripts for very long time, they have must have gave it to him during his visit last year when he was there before the MKOP chirstmas tour and he made the mission annoument, i read on twitter that there was rumors it was cancelled before he made that decision go to mission, it seems to me that it was a last minute thing about david going on a mission. i don’t know if the LSD church told him not to go because maybe the missionary training for 3 months for jan schedule or david beg the church he can do this to do the acting gig or the philippines tv station was mad about cancel annoument and maybe david for more money or he was being forced to do the show but who knows but i think something might have happened with david himself, chruch,tv station behind closed door with this mess and it kinda make scene to me that david says he is going on a LDS mission half of this year in SLC in my opinion, i think david wanted to do the acting so badly and he got his way.

    • This mission was not a last minute decision. It was really a life-long decision. I’m sure David signed a contract for the miniseries, didn’t try to get out of it, reported to the Mormon church about what obligations he had coming up when he sent in his mission papers, then waited for his mission call……nothing more than that. I doubt very much that anything was “last minute”. I doubt whether David tried to get out of or cancel anything. David has never shown any signs whatsoever of being a person who tried to get out of commitments or “get his way”. Just my opinion, but I think I’m right.

      • Mango – this is awesome!
        “Just my opinion, but I think I’m right.”

        And idolfan, nothing in this fanbase gives me more smiles than your posts!! Really!

        But mango is right, the mission was hardly last minute. Even a missionary who is not a pop star simply let’s the church know when they are available to leave on their mission. Frequently guys get a mission assignment that is several months away.

        In my humble, but correct, opinion! 🙂 IMHBCO

  11. julee well thanks. mango, i heard rumors that the contract for the mini series was not sign yet because of his very busy due the MKOP chirstmas tour and, i remember a rumor last year that david didnt wanted to do the chirstmas tour, which it was fishy in my opnion, maybe it had to do the tv show acting gig was sheduled for last year not this year. i think tv station gave david the sripts just to think about it due his busy shedule last year, just guess and reading rumors and my opinions. mango, you are funny about you post your opinions might be right, hmm okay(laughing)

    • I agree with Julee, idolfan. Your posts and rumors make me smile. I do enjoy reading them.

    • idolfan I get smiles from some of your posts too. I check twitter often on the net but I just do not want to bother joining it. However,if I ever did join I would follow you. lol

  12. huh?? david have a new record label in asia, well that funny i heard rumors that david might record some song in the philippnies when he is there for 3 weeks and wait did he said that he might works on songs during his LDS mission? it sound to me that he might be going to philippines for mission for 2 years than if he is working on some songs during his missionary??

    • I don’t think David will be allowed to actually record songs while he is on his mission, but he can write songs during his free time.

      • grammyj, oh really, i thought david said, i guess i am wrong. i hope he does write songs on his free time, that would be cool if he would do that.

        on other note, i still don’t know why my opinion are funny to people, that what how fanbase feel, it cool. hey! my opinions might be right in the end, you never know, just kidding(laughing) see you guys later.

      • grammyj is correct. He won’t be recording on his mission.

      • It’s the “rumors” that you hear that make us smile, idolfan. I don’t know of anybody who hears more rumors than you do!

  13. mango, thank you and you are so sweet. i read the rumors on twitter and fan boards, i am very shocked that anybody didnt hear about theses rumors?. about the rumor that david didnt wanted to do the MKOP chirstmas tour, it the rumor was true, there was more to the story to it but i won’t say why, it seems personal to me that very shocked that it was spread on the web like that.

    • Who are you following on twitter and fan boards that have all of these rumors? I guess I’m not following the same people, since I never hear them.

      • mango, i don’t have twitter, i would like to have one thought but i told by people don’t do twitters and facebook, i was like okay i guess i won’t, they says it not safe, idk.

  14. if i ever do have twitter, nobody would follow me anyway?

  15. Hi Marie & Shanny (& everyone) – From previous thread (I think)..I’m still around, lol. My internet time is very limited right now, so I’ll be stuck in lurking mode for awhile. But yes, I’m still as much of a fan. Just…a quieter one. lol.

    And thanks, HG, for keeping the site open (late). I think it’s important for fans to stay connected during this time, and to have somewhere to go just to chat. 🙂

    • Hello VJ. I missed your comments. Hope all is well with you. My internet time might be more limited soon also due to some work stuff and family moves so I know how it is.

    • Hi VJ. Glad you’re still around. My online time is getting more limited too as work gets busier, so add me to the list that may be lurking more.

  16. mango and julee and Astrid, you guys are awesome saying that you would follow me on twitter, that was very nice of you guys to said that. david really happy going to the philippines today in the vlog, 7 words why he is happy to see C-H-A-R-I-C-E! well it the part of the reason too. glad that david says he will give his fans updates from there. i would like to see his acting going, it would be intersting to hear.


  17. BTW david is getting paid a lot of money going to the philippines doing the mini series and also doing other projects too!!!!.

  18. david have mentioned recording, did david signed sony record label contract, there is a sony record label in the philippines???

  19. it is called ” Sony Music Entertainment” phillippines, it for major global record label.

  20. OK how come no one posted David’s vlog? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0_gAsOWxzw

  21. marie, i am so sorry that i didnt realized your comment about following me on twitter and you don’t have one, if you did have twitter i would follow you too. i read on fan forums that kari is going with david to the philiippines too, that is cool. i guess jeff won’t be going with him this time. have a goodnite everyone



    • That is a weird photo essay, appears to be mostly an excuse to dig up sexy photos of women who have left the LDS church or were rumored to have maybe been raised in families with tenuous Mormon ties. Only a couple of women working the “Modest is hottest” philosophy in that article.

      • I thought Julianne , Chelsie and Lacey still part of it? And what ? is just a bikini and they’re celebrities ,they still good girls , so please many well modest dressed women are not that nice and saint anyway. ….oh and David is there too ….well dressed 🙂

      • Julianne Hough is living with Ryan Seacrest, so definitely not still in the fold.

    • interesting article tibi.

  22. idolfan — I think you should write a TV series proposal based on all these rumors about David. Could be a pretty funny series and most folks would have no idea who it was loosely based on. We are going to need some entertainment.

    • crabpot, i don’t know if i can do that thought? i hope you are joking right?

      • No, I wasn’t joking. You seem to have tons of material and plenty of time to spend writing about it. Why not try to make a little money off your creativity? You could get lucky!

  23. omg!!!! do you all see the one comment on youtube for vlog that david did today, some guy says david has a drug problem, i mean what the heck?!?! you guys should see it, that was not cool?!

  24. crabpot, wow! you werent not joking about it. thank you for some of your nice comments but idk if can do that and i don’t think i would be good with that kind of stuffs, it would be dumb. laughing.

  25. david just tweeted he is about to take off for philiippines, i hope he has a safe flight and kari too. david sure love it there so much and everyime he mentioned it philiippines he get so exticed about it. i think he just move there if he love it so much.

  26. i am sure charice is so happy to see david when he arrived there!!!. i think david should tell charice that he have a crush on her, he prolly a chicken to tell her haha!.

  27. or david just sing it to her unstead telling her!. crush is one of his song.

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