David to Star on Philippines’ TV5

Well, I guess such TV spots are better than nothing (his official site has finally made the announcement). At least it’s something to talk about (besides his church and their stance on gays, people of color, and the world in general).

OK, folks, I do need to remind you all about my policy on Soul David to be respectful of each other.

I like great, provocative conversations as anyone else around here, but I see things were getting a bit heated yesterday.

And you wonder why I think it’s only good management (professionally speaking of course) to “keep fans happy as we wait.” Without good solid entertainment, we only have our own speculations and judgements to feed off of in the interim.


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  1. I am looking forward to seeing how David does with his acting in the soap. I think it will be posted somewhere in the US when it airs in the Philippines. lol I hope it is a musical. mjs blog did a post on David’s starring in this Philippines prime time soap and I found the over 50 comments to be mostly positive. That is a good thing. Have a nice week everyone at SD.

    • a musical would be great ! I don’t know why but I’m not that interested by this project but for sure, I’d be more excited about it if it implies singing.

  2. OK, some speculations about the miniseries. I read on twitter that the plot line will be about a love triangle and that David will play a prince charming ? He wasn’t kidding when he talked about doing things out of his comfort zone lol. The plot doesn’t seem very risky but for David who said in the past that he doesn’t want to write love songs because he’s never been on a relationship, I find it really interesting. I always thought that with some acting lessons, he can be a great actor because of how amazing he is at interpreting a song. All the emotions and the passion he puts in his singing can be a great base to develop his acting skills. I’d like to hear from him about this miniseries and why he accepted to do it. As a fan, I like seeing him try new things but I never thought that he’ll agree to play the lead in a soap opera (involving a romance) when he shared his reticences about writing/singing a love song not so far ago.

    • cmoi I agree with you. I think this could be interesting and kind of fun to see how it all plays out.

  3. I agree with you guys. I think it will be interesting and fun to watch another side of David. But, since I suffer of secondhand embarrasement, I would like to know your impressions about the show beforehand from you guys. I find the soap operas kind of silly and corny but I know it will be a first time for David doing this, so I’m not expecting great acting or something like it…and it won’t be a make or break it thing for David, so it’s not that big of a deal if it’s a silly production.

    • I like seeing people embarrassing themselves lol, maybe because it happens to me all the time but I hope it won’t be David case. When I think about his music videos (I know it’s not really comparable but I can’t think of anything else), he always did better than what I was expecting, especially in the ALTNOY one. And he wasn’t bad in Hannah Montana so I’m sure he’ll be good. He’s also more mature and he certainly gained in confidence this last year. I just hope that the scenario will be good too (it will probably be cheesy, but I hope for good cheese !).

      • I think David can be a decent actor with practice and I don’t worry too much about him. I’m just a little concern about the script of a soap opera…anyway like you said, if it’s going to be cheesy, it better be a good cheese.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Lalaland, are you Filipino and afraid the rest of the world watching will laugh at a Filipino programme?
        If so, I don’t think you should worry about that, I think most of us are just happy to see David for a whole mini series. I can imagine everytime he is on screen everyone will be so focused on him they won’t care too much about the other stuff.

        I remember when I was a kid and you know how kids say silly things like ‘haha you’re embarrassed” just to try and make you feel embarrassed. I was always of the opinion….a person is not embarrassed unless they feel embarrassed. So just refuse to feel embarrassed. lol Things are what they are. For example….So you fall over in front of everyone. Big deal, that happens sometimes. So the mini series quality isn’t that great. Big deal, the Philippines is not Hollywood. (By the way, I don’t think much of the Australian drama’s either. So it’s not just the Philippines. lol) David is a wonderful example of not letting yourself feel embarrassed by your mistakes. And don’t we love him for that?

        Anyway, this is turning into a counselling session, lol and I just realised you might not even be worried about the quality of the Philippine programmes. lol
        Take care. 🙂

  4. Oh, I heard that there will be a really bad villain (there’s one in all the soap operas, right ?). It’d be a female role inspired by the reaction of Charice after reading the scenario. 2 possible love stories for David was apparently too much to handle for her… I’m sure that Idolfan has heard of it too lol

    I hope that the great writers from this fan base would be inspired to write some fan fictions after watching the miniseries. It would be really funny !

  5. There are many super stars who had their first roles on soap operas and some of them are: Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Kevin Bacon, Demi Moore and Brad Pitt. These are just a few and the list is nearly endless.

    It seems that soap operas are not such a bad place to begin acting.


  6. hey everyone, oh god! charice just arrives in the philippines in wheelchair not too long and hurt her foot riding her skateboarding accident in LA, i hope she is alright!. i think david will do great acting in the mini series. i read there might be a kissing scene!?!? go david if the rumor is true!? i guess david will be leaving for philippines tomm!?

  7. i dont know if charice came back in the philippines because of david or her injured foot hmmm???? that what fans are wondering???

  8. I think it is great that David is stretching his comfort zone. yaaa!
    It will be fun to follow!

    • raelovingangels, i doubt it david will do a kissing scene because he strick with that stuff i am sure or maybe david had kiss a girl before???

  9. okay, i read on twitter charice’s mom birthday is this weekend the reason why charice came home and i guess they will birthday party for her and pretty sure david is invited!!!!!!. i heard david wont start shooting his scenes until jan 18????

    • idolfan I just knew that you would give us updates on Charice and David in the Philippines and he has not even arrived there yet. You did not disappointment me. lol

  10. david and charice both will be at philiippnies at the same time, why that doesnt surpised at all, i knew this would happen!??!

    • well, she’s from the Philippines and thanks to your many reports about her we know that she comes back to her country frequently, so me too, I don’t find it surprising that they’ll be there at the same time. But even if it was in Timbuktu for example, I’d call it a nice coincidence lol

  11. DavidArchie
    Took an acting class for my first time today. Fun stuff haha

    Great ! It’s never too late lol

    • david took a acting class, geez! i wonder how that went??? i guess he hire a acting coach??? no problem giving you some of you guys david and charice reports??

      • no problem for me lol (about the D&C reports). Like others said, it amazes me that you always find a connection between them. But it’s only fun and imaginary for me so I hope you’ll never take my comments too seriously.

      • IMO there is nothing wrong with fun comments that are not to be taken seriously. lol

  12. oh man! charice hurt her foot on skateboarding on chirstmas day in LA,well that lovely. i just saw her pic in the wheelchair this morning at the airport in the philippines being interview by press on facebook, she doesnt look to happy at all. i guess she spent the hoildays in LA or somewhere else. i thought she would be home for the holidays, i found that weird.gald to see david is taking acting classes for his acting gig, i guess david will acting serious not funny what he did on icarly and hannah montana.

  13. Well, this thread is all kinds of fun. Way better than all the angst about the mission. I’m glad David’s going to give acting a try and since it’s in the Philippines we will be able to watch on you tube. If he’s any good at acting he could eventually pursue it in the U.S. Anyway, it will give him some cash and more exposure in Asia.

  14. some people thinks he is going to suck at it but who the heck know?? i cannot wait to see it myself. i am sure david will giggles in some scenes for sure?!

  15. is this for real?? if david marry a non-mormon girl his parents cant come to the wedding???? that is dumb if that is true, i mean really??? is that a LDS temple rules of marrriage?????

  16. before i leave this board, it wouldnt shocked me if david cancel this acting gig last minute because he might be getting tweets by his fans and press about charice being in the philippines at the same time he will and when david and charice are in philippines, they always asked the ‘ dating”question by press, they are always asked that question everytime that they are there, like i said it wouldnt surpised me if david cancel it because of this, i know this may sound dumb but just saying, well have a goodnite everyone.

  17. i am sure david will see the tweets today!!.

  18. Is there any info on when the series would be aired? If he’s gone already, it would be a nice thing to keep us happy for a bit.

    • cc halo i read on tweet by charice fan who lives in the philippines) it will aired on feb 14 if david doesnt cancel the acting gig because of the press in the philippines.


  19. Man, off topic, but I gotta agree with Steven J Robinson on this one
    his tweet:
    Spending $1.5 million to take over a PUBLIC hospital to give birth: HAVE A HOME BIRTH! Can’t stand the celeb attitude at times #rude!

    Think of how many children or needy families that kind of money could help. I realize they earned it but wow- really?

  20. i just read that charice will be home for two weeks if that how long david will be staying there!?!?

  21. i think the best thing for david to is to cancel the philiippines trip and the acting gig, it would be a smart move for him to do that to aviold the press and charice situation, i mean seriously.

  22. oh! it says on the facebook that she is on a two weeks ‘vacation” so she came home to see david too!?!? and today is her mom birthday not this weekend. okay i better shut up now.


  23. ‘It seems that soap operas are not such a bad place to begin acting.”

    Not is not a bad place to start a career, but not exactly the best place to take your semi-successful signing career on 😐 , sauf if they’re giving him good money and additional motivations, in that case go for it. 😉

    Took an acting class for my first time today. Fun stuff haha”

    Oh boy!! this already say to much about the quality of the series, specially if is drama , just a few ticks in advance is a risk , my opinion.

    ”But, since I suffer of secondhand embarrasement, I would like to know your impressions about the show beforehand from you guys.”

    lol i have the same problem.

    I always thought, judging for David blogs, that he could be a great writer of some genre of adventure and comedian actor, i find his narrative entertaining and his HM gig was very good in my opinion, very natural , i guess is because that I’m surprised to learn that this is about drama, i really can’t picture the all situation, maybe only if in fact his role is like him and very clean role …. of course i will love a romantic scene and a la ”Anne of Green Gables” and his charming Gilbert Blythe (in the second film of the series, not kiss, to not create scandal in some fans lol , but so exciting lol)

    I would love too his voice in an animated character , if not in US , maybe in Japan, following his Asian flow , I guesshe do not have time for that, but could be interesting ! 🙂

    just my two cents.

  24. off topic here i am reading fansofdavid comments, some fan calling me a ‘poster” whatever!!!!!. i am just posting my opinions and thoughts about david and charice okay.


    • Shanny in Australia

      That was me Idolfan. lol My comments about you and your fascination with Charice were all good. Calling you a ‘poster’ was just another way of calling you a ‘commenter’. 🙂

      Everyone who ‘posts’ messages on fansites are ‘posters’. Maybe you are getting mixed up with the word ‘poser’? lol. No, not calling you a poser. 🙂

  25. Aw! Idolfan, i’m sorry !!, i never understand why some people comment here, just to have their Hero Moment away in some more ‘ Values Oriented sites’ , i guess you’re not the only target of this person …. is sad because i actually thought the poster was really sincere with her feelings and her capacity to be part of the discussion .

    In the good side , maybe this time you sweet excessive/obsessive fantasy about a David and Charice meeting can become a reality . 🙂


    • tibitibi,it okay, well it doesnt bother me anymore.i am not mad at all. if people want to talk about me, it fine with me and most of my comments are just my opinions and thoughts that all. if some people thinks that i am being serious about david and charice, if i am than i am very sorry.


    • Shanny in Australia

      Hmmm, not really sure why my comments about Idolfan, warranted this response Tibi. All I said at FOD was that there was a person at Souldavid (Idolfan) who posts about David and Charice all the time and it was funny. I also said I thought idolfan would have a field day with the latest tweet about Charice going back to the Philippines while David is there.

      There was nothing underhanded in what I said and no hard feelings. When Idolfan first started posting about Charice, I admit, I did find it annoying but now I think it is just funny and light hearted. I actually think idolfan does it on purpose as a bit of comedy. And I enjoy it.

      • shanny in austraila, i am sorry for annoying people about charice and david and no hard feeling too. i glad to see some people think i am funny and comedy when it come to my D/C my opinions comments, it cool. you take care.


      • Shanny in Australia

        You seem like a fun, good person Idolfan (even if a little crazy about Charice and David. lol 😉 ) Glad there are no hard feelings. 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia

      Tibi, i’ve been thinking about what you said here…and I realised that you reacted the way you did because you were annoyed about what I said in another unrelated comment I made….the one about cchalo just trying to cause problems with her comments about the LDS church.

      Well I kind of want to apologise. I was talking ‘about’ her so it could have come across as gossipy. I didn’t mean to be gossipy – I do think I was really referring to the situation that many people on both Souldavid and FOD have.been affected by – and cchalo is a regular on FOD so I was not talking behind her back…but as I said, it could have.felt a bit gossipy and what I said, didn’t need to be said right then, so I shouldn’t have said it. I am sorry for my lack of disciline and mis-judgement with that.

      Staying honest about things….i do stand by what I said. Cchalo has said that she has an agenda against the church and I have reached the stage where I think I have to stand up to that. I have tried to be patient through it all but it is clear that she is going to be relentless in her attacks. I am absolutely not out to get her anything but I will not be quiet and turn the other cheek any longer. I also do not intend on ‘attacking’ her either, but I will not be silent to her attacks anymore.

      I debated over whether or not to make this post because I feel like each time I talk about her, rather than to her, it exacerbates the issue but I decided I needed to make the apology and in doing so, I had to explain my position on the matter going forward, so that you would not think my apology for the gossipy tone of my previous comment, insincere.

      I know that you probably don’t agree with me, and how I see the situation. That is ok too. We will probably have to agree to disagree….again. lol

      • Shanny in Australia

        P.S, could you please just leave a note so that I know you saw this? Any little thing will do. Thanks. 🙂

      • Shanny, you misunderstood my response about having an “agenda”. I was replying to the accusation of having a HIDDEN agenda. The point I was trying to make, was that I’ve been pretty OPEN about my issues. They have to do with actions the church has taken that I think are unjust, particularly with regards to homosexuals, also at times, race & gender. Like thotherdavid said, I admit that I don’t mind having an excuse to get on my soap box, but it’s not like I’m opening subjects out of turn. Frankly, I think it’s the furious responses that have created most of the fuss.

        If topics are opened up on the fan sites, sometimes my responses are blunt. If a couple of times I’ve been too blunt for the particular forum, I’ve apologized. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do remember expressing shock at some of the pressures David was under, and at some of the rules for missions. And I have chimed in when folks talk about proselytizing. I can’t remember any other church topics I’ve responded to. My responses may sometimes be more “out there” than some others, but I’ll try to come back off the ledge in the future.

        But believe me, I hold back. A lot. If you want to know my thoughts on efforts elsewhere to get David fans (presumably of all churches and nationalities) to implicitly endorse the LDS temples, just google “holocaust victims” and “lds church”. Ay yi yi.

        Growing up, when outsiders would question my controversial church, (which we’ve left, btw), I thought they were mean and rude. Thirty plus years later, I have a different perspective, they just got me to think, which really wasn’t that bad a thing.

        I can’t help it if you just don’t like my overall tone. IRL, you wouldn’t recognize me. I’m very meek and mild. Funny, my daughter actually just hollered at me that she was going out with friends. I asked where and who. She just said Disneyland, with my Mormon friends, lol.

      • Shanny in Australia

        CC halo, your comment to me here is a prime example of what I am talking about.

        What does ‘googling holocaust victims’ have anything to do with David, him going on a mission or the discussion at hand.


        It is comments like that, that come across as a thinly veiled attack on the church. And certainly make you look like you have an agenda against the LDS church.

      • Oh Boy , you two girl are more similar than anyone here lol, Shanny, yes i was …disappointed and not for first time , because when i lurk somewhere else ,and i saw people who post here making comments about SD posters , my first impression is that is not very ethical and make me think if people and some
        occasional posters make their debut here just to claim victory and recognition in other places, under the assumption we are ( that other places) the ‘Real Ones’ ‘The Best’ or ‘The Supreme Owner of the Morals” , yes is harsh , but sometimes reading some comments , sound like that. To me is simple like if we can’t handle the discussion , and we risk to leave with hating feelings , we should avoid not only to post , but to lurk .

        I’m my self participated of this discussion, i refused even to extend my answer to one poster, just because i perceived some ‘Heavy Air” at that moment in the general discussion.

        I’m not a ”link posting person’ and in the past i said it many times, i was against that practice, but yeah, i followed many of them, and if people and some sites became the sponsors of this practice to show one face of the situation , well i have not problem to follow the links from others to show me other sides of the same reality.

        I have my very personal opinion right now , but again is just to me, my social context , and life /work experience can be different to the other people here and can affect and give me a different perspective of any kind of belief . The point is we can to present arguments , show reasons , try to convince, but not to impose or to manipulate the information or people emotions, that works for both sides btw ….. i think diplomacy is a big part of this dynamic, but this not give a warrant that sensibilities wouldn’t be affected, so is to each individual to take care of him self …. in the context of this kind of discussion i mean.

        Anyway , i said it before , i like courageous posters like you two in this site.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Thanks tibi for your response. And your paitence, understanding etc. lol 🙂

  26. i saw on twitter that and it is on youtube, david says he “love charice as a friend” “love her a friend”( in my opinion, yeah right!!??) but he says” he never dated her” ( in my opinion, that is not true at all???) and do you have crush on charice: he says ” no i don’t”( in my opinion, again that is not true and yes he does!!!!???) i am taking a break posting here for a while but i will still read comments here. take care everyone. bye


  27. Speaking of acting, I always liked this “Crush” video of D walking thru the flower shop. His walking/talking at the beginning and end seems so natural; he should have won an MTV award for this, lol. Enjoy.

    • I agree desertrat. I liked that video too. It also reminds me that it is too bad that David could not have gotten a few other hit singles off his first album. It sure would have helped his career and that was at the height of his popularity. Off topic but I wanted to mention that I miss some posters that used to post here at SD regularly. I have noticed that they (burkey, VJ, and some others) have not posted since David’s mission announcement. I really miss their comments but I understand.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Remember Vj had been saying for a while that her family were coming to live near her and it was going to mean she wouldn’t be able to participate on the fansites very much anymore. She did once leave a message, since the announcement, saying she still loves David and will wait for him.

        Sending out our thoughts and good vibes to all our missing Archies.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Desertrat, I think I’ve only seen that once before so i enjoyed watching it again. Thanks.

      Does anyone know what the details are surrounding this vid…? Why was it made and when for instance?

      • Yahoo music used to make them for various artists. Around the time this came out, Jennifer Hudson did one for her single “Spotlight”. The setting for hers was a hair salon, lol.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Oh ok, interesting. Thanks for answering my question. 🙂

  28. Random comments ….

    To me, D is sort of like a lame duck politician right now. He has the freedom to take risks without suffering serious consequences of his actions. Whether it’s Glee, a soap opera, etc., I say go for it, get what you can out of it, and have fun.

    Browsing MJ’s blog, I saw reference to the Idol, XFactor, The Voice “my show is better than your show” bickering among the show judges. They need to get real. These shows all follow the same premise and I’m sure this bickering is only to boost each show’s ratings and to keep the judges in the public’s eye. And speaking of cheesy shows, cheesy isn’t necessarily bad. All these shows are cheesy in a good way. The masses seem to enjoy cheese. 🙂

    • Yes I watch these shows just for the cheesy entertainment now . lol The judges on these shows are the ones that benefit the most now. Look at the boost in their careers by being on these shows. I was happy to see that Casey Abrams signed to an independent label yesterday. It proves there are labels out there that can meet the needs of the artist. Not all of them are “bad”. lol Good for Casey and he stayed himself. I think he will continue to stay true to himself and his jazz music.

  29. I don’t think david will cancel this gig because of the press
    or Charice. David has never paid attention to that stuff. I think we should just be happy for him and support like we always have.
    He doesn’t do this just for him, he does it foe his fans too.
    By the way does anyone know if his mormon beliefs will be added
    to the script,

    • Uh? I hope not ! that would be a little extreme and can be perceive like a try to alienate his fans there to his faith. Very Open proselytism can turn out and annoying many fans yet …. in my opinion.

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