Daily Archives: January 8, 2012

Keeping Fans Happy While We Wait

Let me offer my congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z, who just became proud new parents of a baby girl, Ivy Blue Carter, born on Saturday, according to various reports.

I’m bringing up Beyonce as a subject because I had thought, before she made her pregnancy announcement, that she was working overdrive to release a whole mess of singles from her 4 album, and in the wake of her pregnancy, managed to release four music videos plus a Live Concert DVD!

I’m very happy to have my Glad Christmas Tidings DVD and everything, but I can only play it at Christmas time, and guess what? January is here, and the holidays are over.  This is when I wish I were David’s manager.  For real, y’all!

Because, I’d be working overtime to keep David’s public presence out there in preparation for his two-year disappearance.  Had his label managed to get 3-4 singles from each of his albums released to radio, you do realize that’s a good number of songs that could have been playing in rotation in the next few years?  At least 6 songs that would satiate our appetites?

And how many Live Concert DVDs might we have gotten out of the deal, with all the touring David has done for one so young?

So, I must give props to Beyonce for keeping her music and her image out there, so her fans can be happy as she retreats from the limelight (we’ll see how long that lasts) to tend to her new duties as a mother.

I just wonder, if we had more of David in the mainstream media, would the prospect of his two-year mission be greeted with less sadness and disappointment? And no, I don’t count a Hong Kong released music video and the prospect of appearing in a soap opera in the Philippines as “mainstream media.” The American market matters more than anywhere else.