Interpreting My David Dream

After sharing my latest David Dream, I was struck by some of the comments, which expressed that my subconscious was resisting the maintenance of Soul David.  Hmmm, I didn’t even think that my dream was reflecting this.  At all.

I have made a decision to keep my blog open because I love writing.  David has been a major source for that writing, but as long as I have a healthy readership, I’m motivated by that.

No.  My interpretation of that great big, snow-covered mountain I didn’t want to climb I believe had more to do with my dreams for David’s superstardom.  I believe my resistance to climb the mountain (because I was tired) was based on my wanting to aim a bit lower for David, especially when it links to the second scenario where David was relegated to a shadowy backroom out of the spotlight.

I dunno.  Something has happened from the sunny, optimistic David, who right after his stint on American Idol, declared he was “so ready for this!” (This referring to the fame, the accolades, the opportunities to record music) to the weeping David, who is ready to walk away at a time when he has no label, no professional management, and no successful album to ride on.

Does the dream represent my own weariness, or David’s?  Does the dream reflect my disappointment that David could not build on his success after “Crush”? Why was he so limited?  Was it Jive behind the limitations, or 19 managment, or #MIC, or David himself?

Was David’s willingness to revert back to his painful shyness in my dream a resistance to a music industry that’s more caught up in promoting the gimmickiness of a Lady Gaga while ignoring genuine talent?  What’s up with David?

After all, this “spiritual quest,” represented by his mission, isn’t the first time someone in the spotlight walks away from it all. (Remember David Chapelle?)

I’m not tired of blogging and writing. But I just may be tired of waiting for David to take his rightful place among the “stars.” Yeah, I unabashedly expressed that desire for David to be a successful pop star. As an avid Idol watcher, we’re pretty much assured by the show that’s the “natural outcome” of being a popular Idol winner or contestant.

I may need to put aside those particular dreams for David right now, until he determines for himself where he wants to go.

Oh, I have no doubt David will return to music after his mission. It’s the nature of that return that is up for grabs.

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  1. Great Post, HG!!! I am glad that you love writing as you sure have a gift for it. We do not know what will happen when and if IMO David returns to music. That is up for grabs. It is because we are such fans of David that we or, at least I, wanted him to succeed in the music/entertainment business and be a pop star. Isn’t that what fans want for their favorite artist/idol? I am an avid idol watcher too. Of course, I now realize that will not happen. At least not now or for a long time.

  2. Fame and the level he reached after AI would be hard for anyone- but probably especially one so young. Good interpretation and interesting dream HG! It continues to be interesting to follow David’s journey.

    • Yep, he believed he was “so ready for this” – but “this” is alot different than what he thought it was. That would be true for anyone. So, IMO, he is redefining this- and we will see what that means after the mission. As long as he keeps making music in some fashion ( secular I hope), I will be content.

  3. HG, I’m also glad to know that you’re not tired of blogging and I appreciate you clearing the air for us.

    Upon my initial read of the previous dream thread, it reminded me of the quote: “There are many paths to the top of the mountain but only one view.” David being on the “outskirts” of the climbers, may have indicated that he’s more engaged with the actual journey (eg, exploring the scenery, finding himself/his purpose, etc.) as opposed to a final destination. On the other hand, the climbers (ie, the fans) are more focused on the final destination.

  4. dear hg thank you for keeping this up. i stumbled onto here only recently and i have been going through your archives. i am leaving some of it for later when the drought hits once david is gone, just as i am waiting till then to watch some of the mkoc tour videos.
    i too want david to succeed in the music world. he deserves to be a big star.

  5. I’m glad you still want to blog. As Dreams go, the dream is always more about the one having the dream,than who they are dreaming about.
    That being said you have told us what you think your dream was about. Your thoughts.

    As far as interpretations go,I identify most with what Desertrat is saying. David is taking his time to explore his life and all that he is experiencing along the way. He knows he needs to take the time needed with his life and his music. The fans(some fans) are more focused on the final destination.

    I like David’s direction since he took the reigns of his destination this past year. For those of us that saw/heard him on the MKOC tour we could see the growth musically and in his performance. David in This Christmas for instance shows us how he has his groove on.
    In watching videos of Beaver Creek, I was struck by David’s statement about knowing his mission will make him better not only while he is there but…….when he gets back.

    I’m quite satisfied to support him in whatever level of fame he wants.
    I will go to his Concerts. He is putting one foot in front of the other and so am I.

  6. Glad I was wrong in my attempt to explain your dream, HG. 🙂

    Not much to add today other than reporting that I’ve been able to listen to David’s TOSOD ATE in my car this week (after being too upset to listen for a while.) He just sounds SO good and, for today, I’m going to be happy to recognize and enjoy.

    • I’m not angry w/D but I still can’t bring myself to listen to his music since he made the announcement. I guess I still haven’t figured out how to move on, lol.

      • Start easy with This Christmas SLC!! I decided this past week that avoiding SLC videos was taking too much negative energy.
        I watched all of SLC and Beaver Creek now. It feels so much better.
        I watch This Christmas at least once per day!

      • Heidijoy, thanks for the suggestion. i’ll give This Christmas SLC a try later today.

      • Let us know how it goes!!

      • I haven’t watched the announcement video yet and I have no desire to watch it. TBH, I wasn’t angry with David but with myself for feeling sad about something I can’t control or change. I don’t regret my investment as a fan but I certainly don’t want to do it the same way if he comes back to music in two years. Also, it’s weird but I feel like he’s already left for his mission, maybe because I don’t visit the other fan sites like I used to do since D’s announcement. And it doesn’t help that I’m not interested in his supposed participation in a mini series in the Philippines or by his Wait MV (even if for me, Wait is his best song). I know that my comment can be perceived as negative so to balance things a little lol I think that leaving for a mission is not such a bad thing. Like Utahmom said in the past, I’d rather see him doing a 2 years mission that is really important to him than see him “sabotaging” his career by having no professional team (I’m sorry if I changed a little what you said Utahmom and I hope I wasn’t too far from your original opinion lol). And TBH, especially this last year, I was more frustrated and irritated by things related to D’s career that I found amateurish or cheap for an artist with his immense talent.
        That being said I’ll wait for his comeback and I hope for great music from him. And during this break, I’ll keep on reading this blog and all the comments.

      • cmoi: I hear you and agree.

      • You paraphrased me very well, cmoi. No worries.

        And I agree that this past year with David has been so incredibly frustrating. For me, a mission is much less aggravating simply because we won’t have to witness the constant stream of “management” errors.

      • cmoi- your post was very articulate and heartfelt. I am amazed at how well you, Tibi and others where English is your second or third language express yourself.

  7. This Christmas is what let me start watching vids again too!

  8. Shanny in Australia

    Hg, I’m glad you know you want to keep blogging and that you are doing it because you want to.

    One of the.things that stands out to me from his announcement is how he first mentions the trials of the last 4 years and then adds ‘and the blessings too’. I don’t think we understand what david has been through and if he is a little jaded about the entertainment industry, I don’t blame him.

    One thing though….people keep saying things like…’when he decides he wants a career’ and ‘when he knows where he wants to go’. I think there is a very good chance david knows where he wants to go and how much fame/worldly success he wants. It’s us, the fans that need to get comfortable with david being a smaller artist than what our hopes dream up for him.

    • I agree that we MAY have to become comfortable with him being a smaller artist–but I hope that two years away helps him realize that “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”–to quote Joni Mitchell. With his mission completed, I hope he’ll go for it, career-wise. He did first mention “the opportunities”, and then mentioned “the challenges, and the blessings, too”. Two out of three ain’t bad.

      • “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” cc halo it is funny you mentioned that quote as I have been thinking the same thing since David announced he was leaving. That might be a song quote that David might remember someday. I hope he goes for it too with his career when his mission is over but who knows.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Very true,.he did say opportunities first and that’s.virtually synonomous with ‘blessings’.

  9. This Christmas would be a great “motivator” indeed. So. good.

  10. None of us know David’s mind or heart, so we’re all guessing and perhaps putting our wishes, thought or fears into our speculations. If a break helps him connect with his deepest desires for his life and career, then I am going to view that as a positive. I hope he returns to music with a stronger focus and a more mature outlook. I can spend the interim time worrying that he won’t or I can focus on my own growth. How I think about it won’t change what happens.

    Hope that made sense.

  11. Oh my, so much insightful pondering here!

    If David’s career had really taken flight, a mission would not have been an option, but I think he would have regretted not going. So, this down time in his career may be a personal blessing for him, although maybe (subconsciously or not) David let this happen so he could serve a mission (we’ve talked about him sabotaging his career–maybe that’s true). Either way, I suspect that David felt propelled toward his decision. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I’ve seen that happen with other missionaries, friends, family and in my own life. It’s that deep-seated knowledge that you just HAVE to do something, let the chips fall where they may.

    “Something has happened from the sunny, optimistic David, who right after his stint on American Idol, declared he was “so ready for this!” (This referring to the fame, the accolades, the opportunities to record music) to the weeping David, who is ready to walk away at a time when he has no label, no professional management, and no successful album to ride on.”

    –This just grabbed my heart. I hope he returns to music. Unfortunately, for two years he won’t be working much on his craft, the progress that he’s made from more onstage experience won’t continue. He will, absolutely, gain a lot personally and will be much more confident than he’d be without a mission, unless he could break away from the hangers on (doubtful). Will that be the missing piece he needs to move forward in his career as well as his life?

    As to what limited David, I think it was a combination of Jive, mic, 19R and David. For the future, we know Jive is gone, won’t 19R be out of the picture by then? Were they the ones trying to block the tour? Or former management or tour promoters? I think the main problem David could have in the future would be mic, but the mission may remove his influence enough that it won’t have much bearing anymore. David would need an amazing team to get him back into the game, if that’s what he wants. Will he be able to put together that team? Will he want to?

    Sorry for rambling on so long…

    • My two favorite idols will always be David and Kelly Clarkson. Those are the only ones I felt had the “it’ factor. I think Kelly is on SNL tonight. Kelly has struggled at times but she has made smart career moves IMO. Of course, mic was not in Kelly’s career so that helped. lol I am still going to watch AI and the Voice and even XFactor but the difference is I am not expecting them to produce a star anymore. I just am watching entertaining shows. Well at times entertaining not always. lol

  12. (…we’ve talked about him sabotaging his career–maybe that’s true)

    Is true for many of his fans, consciously or not many of his decisions don’t went anywhere in favor of his career and that is what is frustrating for his followers , the fact that is so difficult to interpret what he really wants , his signals about what he want to become in the future are extremely mixed …. i agree young David was specially optimist, full of joy and genuinely spontaneous , but with the time a part of that energy just disappeared , so people still deciding if works some how to wait for him or not. …. i mean what if he just don’t want to go for it ?

    The point that he’s gonna be out for two long years of course affect the optimism of his fans , taking in consideration that for many people he was already out since 2009 and the real prospect for a possible return gonna take more than two years , that means 2015 , (not 2014) this being positive about a return probability .

    • You both raise some good points that I agree with utahmom and tibi.

      • “David would need an amazing team to get him back into the game, if that’s what he wants.”

        True and I do not think Sunny and mic would be considered amazing by anyone in the music/entertainment industry. lol

  13. To suffer for one’s art is very often a part of being one of the great ones.

    I am most struck here today by tibi’s insight, “the fact that [it] is so difficult to interpret what he really wants.”

    We often talk as if we know things we have no way of knowing, we read into things when we have no way of checking our assumptions. I believe that every poster here today has made at least one incorrect assumption about David, including me.

    • Isn’t that where the “communication” with the fans with the help of professionals in Public Relations would come in handy if you are a music artist? But David no longer will be for awhile so it really does not matter.

      • I’m going to disagree. I think some of us have come to expect communication at a depth that is unrealistic and not provided by other artists. If anything, the frequency from which we hear from David creates confusion between his short term goals and long term plans.

  14. ”Why was he so limited? Was it Jive behind the limitations, or 19 managment, or #MIC, or David himself?”

    Jive + Idolrules + Mic and entourage + Beliefs and Church rules + David Mystic personality ….All of them , but is up to David and only to him to realize what he wants and how to combine all this factors not only to build , but reach the goals in all the aspects of his life and not end with regrets and frustrations.

    Jive ( not because Jive it self, but because he was in the wrong label from the start and many, Many , MANY people said so by then,), + Jive financial moment should be taking in consideration too.

    19R or i would said all the idol machine, is not a secret that the Idol Alums still limiting to do some business out of the idol control, because the contract they sign, back in the show time …. remember Clay went to the court to obtain his freedom from them, i mean is not a secret that they take advantage of any possibility of success and making money with this kids, at least for the five years after their participation in the show …at least is what i understand.

    MIC , well yeah, tbh i never believed David had really that autonomy from his dad, to take decisions and tbh i don’t think this gonna change, because who you think gonna be in charge of his business in his absence ? ( at least is what many people assume ) , so i totally can picture this person present and controlling more than ever….. i mean is his dad and first mentor and star maker , sorry , the problem with him is that his ambitions doesn’t match his knowledge of the business and doesn’t look like he is open mind enough to let his son work with new and more big mentors. 😦

    His beliefs and Church, not wanting to be polemical, but looks to me that he’s still struggling to conciliate his career , with his Church exigences ,control and rules, following the links some people left in his fansites about the ‘Mission Rules ‘ , make me think how sad (to me at least ) that this guy with a BIG potential to do so much for many people around the world using his gifts and position , decided to go after an activity that limits his potential and independence in every sense, ‘To me’ he can do so much better sharing his natural views about life and moving people to do good that following and asking for an authorization even to do his limited weekly social service , accepting being instructed and ruled in every little aspect of his life , from how use his free time , to who and when he should talk or write? ……still scratching my head , because is sad to assume every one should show the same pattern behavior just to prove you’re worthy enough to be part of a specific group …..just to be clear is not the activity the problem , i know a lot of missionary people from many different beliefs, but i know too is something people do by vocation more that by rules …….. saying this i’m sure he’s gonna learn something ,maybe he’s going to reach some level of maturity and his desire of independence after the experience will be real ….or maybe not. who knows what his realizations after the mission period gonna be? … The BIG point is that he’s running away maybe rejecting his possibilities and maybe his responsibilities to be a Natural Leader for a wide group of people in the world because he’s not accepting his own gift …..something many here already said in the past ….

    David himself , you know lurking in some sites i realized too how much responsibility many of his fans feel for his success (any amount of success) , and how easy is to manipulate from the emotional point view a group of people to take that charge for two years , eventually we all going to understand that the only one responsible for his happiness and future is HIM, we can wish and try hard, but at the end of the day his decisions are the ones to rule his life ….. not otherwise.

    Deeply sorry for the long post . Tibi 🙂

    • Nice post tibi.

    • It does appear that mic will control David’s finances/business while he’s gone (which makes me very nervous–hope he does the responsible thing and finds a good financial adviser at least). However, I’m hopeful that after 2 years of separation, mic’s grasp will loosen. David will have been on his own, will develop leadership skills, will learn a lot more about life outside his family and will be used to making his own decisions without input from dear old mic. Despite all the mission rules, missionaries are pretty autonomous in their day to day activities. With over 100 missionaries in most missions, it’s impossible to micro manage them. I’m betting that David will return as his own man, and see no need to rely on mic as a manager. That’s my hope anyway… (If he has a career to manage.) sigh

      • Given the somewhat ‘messy’ financial details that were released about David’s parents divorce at the time, I would hope and think that he has a financial adviser that controls the finances/business. I would think his mom would not want it to be mic but who knows what goes on.

    • Interesting, I thought fans were generally somewhere between happy and delighted with Jive at first. What label(s) do you remember as being preferred, tibi? Jive was well-respected back then. Things changed fast but the truth is we have no information on how any other company would have done things differently.

      I am looking forward to seeing David become less dependent on MIC. Not that I really know what goes on there; none of us do.

      • Well i was happy with Jive tbh, still not sure if it was a good idea to left , but we know now why 😐 , i don’t remember if people actually suggested other lebels, but right after AI7 many people said Jive it was not the right fit for his style and image , and i guess he’s agreeing judging by his comments now …. many fans and not fans by then, if i well remember, expected him to go for a more inspirational/classic way , many (most not fans or casual ones of his voice) thought pop it was not his niche and they even predicted his ‘fail’ trying to be a pop singer ( David Foster included ) and they actually predicted all this what is happening right now, maybe in a mean way , but they were right after all,

        Personally i think David and entourage and yes , some fans too , are seeing too much evil in everything about this industry , and if he still being picky about the values of others in the industry , he’s not gonna go anywhere out of Utah and his LDS connections , people just not connect with a high level of mysticism that at the end become excluding or alienating of his fanbase , if he think the mission with his career is just to proselytize an specific doctrine …. tha’s it , hopefully well see a more relaxed guy in 2015 ..who knows, to me he still unpredictable.

        G’night 😉

      • I never thought David should have left Jive until he had another label set up for him. Also Jive in now RCA. There were other options for him, I am sure. I agree that some fans see the music industry as evil and I do not get that. It is like any other business. You have to play the game a little bit to get ahead. That is life.

    • I really liked this post too, Tibi. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. Another thing is that in the music/entertainment industry I believe a lot of success is just a matter of luck and timing. Almost like winning the lottery. David did have the luck of being selected for American Idol, but was not lucky enough to get that second single played on radio which is what ended his pop career, at least for now.

  15. david is going to serving a mission in US half of this year!!?? and in 2013, he might full year in south amercia!!??? very cool if it is true??

    • idolfan you amaze me with the information you get. lol

      • marie, thank you and laughing. i read it, i was like huh?? i thought missionares only go to somewhere in a country or aisa to serve in 2 years mission, not in united states, that what everyone is saying??? i am reading that lot of fans thinks he would serve a mission in somewhere in south amercia. i think it gonna be somewhere is asia, just my guess on this?

  16. i think a lot of his fans are conern when david get back from mission, when he come back to music, his music career will fall apart and nobody cares anymore, it could happen???

    have question everyone here: do you think david decscion go to the mission, was a good idea or bad one(leaving his singing career) i would said 50/50 on this one??? which yours?

    • I do believe it was David’s decision. I think it was difficult watching his career for the past year with no real management or professional team involved and really did not want to see that continue . I will leave it at that. lol

  17. why does a LDS mission guy/girl have to stay in one place for 2 years?? i think missionares should stay in serve one year in united states than serve one year in oversees, i think thay a good idea, just saying?? does that sound dumb???

  18. i am happy of david because he wanted to do this for a long time but it could hurt his singing career??? i hope it doesnt but it gonna be david’s fault if his singing career fail if he come back again from LSD mission after 2 years, just saying my opinions.

  19. i think serving a mission for only one year that fine but 2 years that too much. i think one year is pretty good enough. well have a goodnite everyone.


    • For a while, missions were just 18 months as opposed to 2 years. They were switched back to 2 years because missionaries complained that their best and most meaningful work tended to occur after being out for 18 months. A one year mission would cut out the best experiences.

    • That depends, if the person has the vocation and passion two years can’t be enough ..of course to the ones going just for the fun or forced , can be an eternity , each person is different so that depends of the internal motivations and their capacity to adjust their lifes to the new circumstances and enjoy i guess. 🙂

      • Yes, it depends. Everyone is different. I was speaking in general terms about why missions are scheduled for 2 years.

  20. Great review of Glad Christmas Tidings at Ultimate Disney

    “David Archuleta’s singing voice is one of the best of his generation and it’s in full and exuberant use here.”

  21. Shanny in Australia

    I did feel shocked by the news he was going on a mission but I don’t think of David as a.confusing and.hard to understand person. Maybe because I feel I don’t really have any expectations on what he should do with his life or career. For some reason I have never cared who his management was or if he was working hard on his career or not, if he decided to go on a mission or not (although I have had a little shock and some sadness for MYSELF to work through but I have never had a strong opinion on whether he should stay or go). I think i’ve always felt ‘whatever works for you david, i’m good with it’. It definitely has made the ride a lot smoother. lol

    Btw, maybe his plan is to sign with a label when he gets back. Maybe this mission stuff is the reason he hasn’t done so since leaving Jive.

  22. it’s confirmed. david will arrive in manila on 13 jan to act in a tv series. tv5 manila announced that he will be the leading man in the series. david the actor- lol. looking forward to the closeups!
    i have seen only one tv drama from the philippines. it was very melodramatic to say the least!

    • Well, this will be interesting and something new to talk about – David the actor. Maybe he will come back from his mission to more acting. The whole thing seemed rather strange to me when it was first rumored, but I’ll bet MIC talked David into it because of the money involved. It will be more income to pay the bills while David is away. It will be interesting to see the plot of this.

      • Yes, I am sure it is about the money for his family and mic is behind it. I also think that was why he had no pro. management for so long as they would have had to be paid.

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