Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

Interpreting My David Dream

After sharing my latest David Dream, I was struck by some of the comments, which expressed that my subconscious was resisting the maintenance of Soul David.  Hmmm, I didn’t even think that my dream was reflecting this.  At all.

I have made a decision to keep my blog open because I love writing.  David has been a major source for that writing, but as long as I have a healthy readership, I’m motivated by that.

No.  My interpretation of that great big, snow-covered mountain I didn’t want to climb I believe had more to do with my dreams for David’s superstardom.  I believe my resistance to climb the mountain (because I was tired) was based on my wanting to aim a bit lower for David, especially when it links to the second scenario where David was relegated to a shadowy backroom out of the spotlight.

I dunno.  Something has happened from the sunny, optimistic David, who right after his stint on American Idol, declared he was “so ready for this!” (This referring to the fame, the accolades, the opportunities to record music) to the weeping David, who is ready to walk away at a time when he has no label, no professional management, and no successful album to ride on.

Does the dream represent my own weariness, or David’s?  Does the dream reflect my disappointment that David could not build on his success after “Crush”? Why was he so limited?  Was it Jive behind the limitations, or 19 managment, or #MIC, or David himself?

Was David’s willingness to revert back to his painful shyness in my dream a resistance to a music industry that’s more caught up in promoting the gimmickiness of a Lady Gaga while ignoring genuine talent?  What’s up with David?

After all, this “spiritual quest,” represented by his mission, isn’t the first time someone in the spotlight walks away from it all. (Remember David Chapelle?)

I’m not tired of blogging and writing. But I just may be tired of waiting for David to take his rightful place among the “stars.” Yeah, I unabashedly expressed that desire for David to be a successful pop star. As an avid Idol watcher, we’re pretty much assured by the show that’s the “natural outcome” of being a popular Idol winner or contestant.

I may need to put aside those particular dreams for David right now, until he determines for himself where he wants to go.

Oh, I have no doubt David will return to music after his mission. It’s the nature of that return that is up for grabs.