David Dream Sequence #32

I’m trying to piece together fragments of a dream I had about David while I was away.

But it’s a bit hard, this time around, because he felt more shadowy than he usually appears.  As if subconsciously I’m already feeling his fading presence before he even goes away for two years!

The first part of the dream, I’m on a snow hiking trip with a group.  Don’t ask me why I’d be part of such an expedition, because I don’t do these things and think the folks who plan to go hiking up snow- and ice-covered mountains have a death wish, but there I was.  Somewhere in the large group, I detected David on the outskirts of the group.  All I know was we were trying to climb a mountain in the snow and doing this rather slowly.  I was out of breath and wondered if I should quit while I was ahead, but since no one else was turning around, I felt trapped. I didn’t want to go back all by myself when everyone else wanted to go climbing.

“Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” anyone?

I don’t know how I switched from the snow-covered mountain scene to the next scene, but next thing I know, as happens sometimes in dreams, I’m at a hotel resort. Hmmmm, rather resembling the Turning Stone casino resort, where I went to see David in Verona.

In the lobby, there was another crowd, an immense crowd.  There were all kinds of banners and posters advertising a performance by Lady Gaga.  It looked like I already had tickets for the show, but I was having trouble finding the actual concert showroom (very much like what happened when I was in Verona!).

Eventually I found myself sitting in a restaurant and lounge area, and in the back of the room (in the shadows no less), who do I see but David Archuleta!  Except he looked like he was trying very hard not to be seen.  I immediately went up to him, hoping he would remember my face from the VIP Meet-and-Greet (as many fans say he’s good with faces), but David shrinked away, becoming once again that painfully shy guy we often heard he was capable of becoming.  Oh No!  I backed off since he didn’t want to be seen, but I was left with a sadness that, in a crowded hotel where folks were lining up to see Lady Gaga, David was trying to disappear.

And then I woke up.

(It’s not going to take much psychoanalysis to interpret what this dream means!)

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  1. Oh Dear!! Bless You HG!!

  2. Your dream’s part one: the climb reminded me of an actual experience I had in my early twenties. Actually climbing. And having one of my friends want to head back down on the final piece of our ascent and getting yelled at by the leader when I offered to go with her. (We all went up and the view was glorious and memorable. Glad we did.)

    I hope that part of your dream wasn’t your subconscious mind saying you didn’t want to blog but felt a responsibility to your readers’ needs! Do what you need to do!

    The rest is easily interpreted, I think. It might be interesting for people to state their opinions of where a few big names (Gaga, the Biebz, etc.) might be in 2.5 years, when David should re-enter the scene.

  3. I think Gaga and the Biebs will still be popular in a couple years. I believe Gaga has more staying power than Justin, and he will probably be less popular and even fade away in say five years. Where David will be is anyone’s guess. He has the talent and X-Factor but does he have the drive and the luck to become a big star? I do know that he will alway sing, and my hope is that he will always record. I will be there to buy whatever he puts out there. He doesn’t have to be a superstar to satisfy me. He just needs to keep on recording music for us to enjoy.

  4. Shanny in Australia

    Hg, with your references to feeling trapped and wanting to turn back but no-one else did… I too wondered if you feel pressured into keeping this blog going.
    I would say it’s your life and you need to do with your life, what you need to, not what others are wanting from you. Also, there are other options, like sharing the administration and.blogging with a group of people. Or keeping the blog open on the understanding that you will only blog if/when you want too.

    Other than my little pep talk, lol, I hope you had a nice time away and feel a little refreshed?

  5. Me too, grammyJ. I’ll buy almost anything David records and attend concerts if and when possible. I’ve always loved a great voice and David’s is so lush and has been growing richer. We often wonder about whether he will choose to grab at larger success. I don’t guess he’ll ever grab at a world view of success but the absence may very well deepen his hunger for performing and creating good music. I believe Andrew Lloyd weber was right whe he said that david has a musical soul.

    I also agree with your guesses. Gaga might not be as big by then but I think she’ll have a devoted audience. I don’t know about Bieber. His young fans might not be there by then. I don’t see the “it” factor that his handlers have successfully pushed but they have been brilliant thus far. Who knows?

  6. HG…I enjoyed your latest dream and the possibilities of its meaning…

    In defence of Bieber we also do not know his path as he gets older and he is only what 17? Maybe he will not want a young audience as he grows older himself. He has acting on his mind and he has a whole lot of enthusiasm so like him or not he has made it this far. The young fans, older fans, tv personalities and other stars have had a blast with him singing so how can we complain? He hasn’t changed David’s career as David is a whole world away and there are a lot of fans to go around…in the millions. There have always been teen heart throbs and how good were any of them vocally?

    Perhaps it is all too early to speculate as David hasn’t even left yet or been away or packed to return…


  7. Great post HG. I so enjoy your writing. So thought provoking and insightful as always. These are the posts I like. The question for me in your dream is “why is David trying to disappear”? When he finally leaves to me he is disappearing for 2 years. The part in the dream about David being painfully shy again as he was before AI was interesting. I agree with grammyj that gaga will remain popular and have staying power but not so sure about the biebs. He will fade some I think. David’s future in the music scene is very unclear to me as I am not sure if he has the drive or the luck to succeed. By drive I mean that I do not know if he even wants to anymore. I guess I will wait and see what David says about his future in music.

  8. Re: the Beibs. I think he’s appealing and talented enough to be popular for awhile, though it’s tough to compare him to David, singing-wise. My daughter sheepishly admits to me that she really likes JB, as do her friends–even the ones in college.

    • I think the Biebs has made enough money that he is not going to have to worry anyway. His management works in overdrive to keep him him relevant. He has” people” that twitter for him. I just wish he could sing. lol My teenage son and nephews think JB is a joke but he is laughing all the way to the bank.

  9. My husband heard Justin singing Let It Be and thought it was bad enough to comment to me, and he usually wouldn’t. My teen daughters aren’t fans and think the kids their ages who like him like him in part because of his popularity. But I do understand the appeal. It’s interesting to me, looking at what, exactly, goes into those levels of success. That’s all. Because it is not only about talent, for sure.

    • When I heard Justin singing Let It Be, I had to shut it off and go watch David’s You tube of Good Place/Let It Be.

      He is quite poplar with young ladies but definitely can not sing. Not sure the appeal but I’m an old lady!

      Lady Gaga is quite talented. I liked her much better when she was somewhat new. (when she and David were doing Jingle Balls) I do think she’ll be around.

      As for David: I just hope he at least sings at the level he did in MKOC tour. I think he will want to continue music. It is in his blood,soul and very being.

    • Ha ha, my husband did the same thing–he came in and complained about it to me. He’s a huge Beatles fan, and just couldn’t stand it.

      • Lol — yep, Beatles fan hubby here too. He said he hoped Paul didnt see it.

        SB, I do understand your viewpoint.

  10. Well if you want to talk about those who cannot sing all that great then listen to this.

    You cannot compare some of the Disney singers to the better singers so why try? They are entertainers and the young girls/guys are happy with the fun that they bring to them.


  11. speaking of soap opera, david will be going to the philippines sometimes next week to do the show and will be there for 15 days, that what i read. i read that david will not be missionary training in provo utah, rumors reports. i am glad that david is spending time with family because he will not see them for 2 years.


    • Ii will be interested to see what this TV show is in the Philippines that David is doing. That seems to be all that is going on before he leaves. I still think David should communicate with his fans as to what his plans are for his music career. Everyone is just speculating on what he will do. There has not been anything since his announcement at his concert in Utah but that would mean hiring a PR person which is not going to happen now. He is disappearing.

      • I feel confident he will communicate before he leaves. One think I have observed is David is a good caretaker. Whether the cats when he was little, the goldfish or other various animals or his fans. ( ie trying to see all the waiting fans in the AI line, the blgs/vlogs/tweets, returning signed cards to folks etc… I feel sure there will be some type of formal thank you and goodbye and at least a hint of what he sees going on while he is gone ie music already recorded released and also on his return..

  12. i think david put his old orange pic on twitter, david just did a pic tweet of his sister dinner plate, it came to his old pic on top but the tweet and the pic did not pop up on his twitter? maybe there is twitter problems going on??

  13. a another tweet pic of the plate, it must been good dinner plate haha!. i think only main reason why david is going to the philippines is to see charice and i think he can care less about the soap opera show, just my guess. i am sure he is getting a good paycheck for doing the show. charice is in the philippines right now. goodnite


  14. oh! i heard a rumor that david spent his 21th birthday in las vegas!?!?!. charice was in vegas on the same day on his birthday!?!? hmmmm. if the rumor are true, i think it make lot of sense that david didnt tweet where he was on his birthday, his fans were wondering about that. he talk on his vlog how his birthday went but i pretty much doubt if he will tweet where he was on his birthday and he want that kept private?? i heard his family stayed back in utah and i heard he went alone?


  15. oop i meant if david does talk about his brithday on his vlog, if he does one thought?.

    • Just curious, idolfan, where do you hear all of these tweets? I must say that I read lots of stuff about David and I never come across the rumors that you hear…….only from you.

      I would dare say that David is going to the Philippines because he signed a contract to do the show and not for anything to do with Charice.

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