Daily Archives: January 6, 2012

David Dream Sequence #32

I’m trying to piece together fragments of a dream I had about David while I was away.

But it’s a bit hard, this time around, because he felt more shadowy than he usually appears.  As if subconsciously I’m already feeling his fading presence before he even goes away for two years!

The first part of the dream, I’m on a snow hiking trip with a group.  Don’t ask me why I’d be part of such an expedition, because I don’t do these things and think the folks who plan to go hiking up snow- and ice-covered mountains have a death wish, but there I was.  Somewhere in the large group, I detected David on the outskirts of the group.  All I know was we were trying to climb a mountain in the snow and doing this rather slowly.  I was out of breath and wondered if I should quit while I was ahead, but since no one else was turning around, I felt trapped. I didn’t want to go back all by myself when everyone else wanted to go climbing.

“Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” anyone?

I don’t know how I switched from the snow-covered mountain scene to the next scene, but next thing I know, as happens sometimes in dreams, I’m at a hotel resort. Hmmmm, rather resembling the Turning Stone casino resort, where I went to see David in Verona.

In the lobby, there was another crowd, an immense crowd.  There were all kinds of banners and posters advertising a performance by Lady Gaga.  It looked like I already had tickets for the show, but I was having trouble finding the actual concert showroom (very much like what happened when I was in Verona!).

Eventually I found myself sitting in a restaurant and lounge area, and in the back of the room (in the shadows no less), who do I see but David Archuleta!  Except he looked like he was trying very hard not to be seen.  I immediately went up to him, hoping he would remember my face from the VIP Meet-and-Greet (as many fans say he’s good with faces), but David shrinked away, becoming once again that painfully shy guy we often heard he was capable of becoming.  Oh No!  I backed off since he didn’t want to be seen, but I was left with a sadness that, in a crowded hotel where folks were lining up to see Lady Gaga, David was trying to disappear.

And then I woke up.

(It’s not going to take much psychoanalysis to interpret what this dream means!)