Blog Break: Week of Contemplation

Dear Soul David readers,

I’ve made a decision to keep blogging for 2012.  What I will focus on, when, and how often, I have not yet decided. But since I’ll be away for the next few days, I thought I would take a blog break and devote my time to contemplating the next phase of Soul David.

Have a blessed week, everyone! 🙂


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  1. Have a very good week HG! I am happy that you will be writing on your site in the new year! Hey, I just met you and anyone’s leaving would be too soon!


    • Good news, HG. I am glad that you have decided to keep the blog going for 2012. I would have missed your well written posts and the comments here at SD. I understand that it will probably not be as often with David being away. You are such a supportive fan to David. Have a great week .

  2. I’m so glad that you’re going to keep blogging HG! I have loved your writing and all those who comment here. I was sad that David was leaving, but also sad because I thought that his fan-sites would be gone too. So far the David fan-sites that I read daily are all intending to stay up. This one is my favorite, so thanks for deciding to keep blogging.

  3. Have a nice break HG. You are a great writer and fan of David.
    Glad you will be blogging.

  4. goodkarmaseeker

    I’m really so very happy that you’ll continue writing and blogging in 2012!!! I respect your writing and perspective on David and other things as well. You have created this safe place to share thoughts, ideas and news about David and I would miss the fellowship here.
    It makes the next year a little easier to navigate and a little less lonely.

  5. HG – that is good news! I look forward to your posts and would be interested in your perspective on lots of topics – your music ones in particular! Have a good week off!

  6. I’m happy to hear that SD will continue in 2012! Thanks HG!
    There are many subjects we haven’t even talked about yet. Like, why is the sky blue? Or, how many jelly beans are in Abrra’s candy jar over at The Voice?
    See, we have lots to discuss… 😆

  7. …or maybe it’s salt water taffy in Abrra’s jar?
    Oh, never mind!

  8. archiesfan4life

    Enjoy your week HG and I am happy that you will continue writing – thank you!

  9. I am so glad you are going to keep blogging. I rarely comment, but read every post and always find your writing inciteful and informative. You almost always say something a new way and give me an a-ha moment or a “yes, that’s it exactly.” You are a wonderful writer

    I am having trouble signing up for the e-mail notices for new posts, but will keep trying.

  10. YES!YES!YES! Thank you hg for you decision to keep blogging. I enjoy your writing (even the non David stuff). They are always interesting. Happy New Year SDers.

  11. lurker who loves reading and enjoying everyone’s thoughts and support for a great artist(you included HG!)

  12. Great news!

  13. i read that david have to get marry right away after the mission is over, rumors that he gave charice his purity ring, there is proof pics of her wearing it!. yeah those two will def get marry for sure!!!. good luck to david and charice if that does happen. take care souldavid, bye.


  14. So glad you are continuing this blog. It will make the 2-year wait that much easier. I enjoy reading your insightful, well-written posts and the always interesting and thought provoking discussions that follow.

  15. again rumors are saying that charice is wearing a LDS ring. she is a christen girl and wearing a LDS ring!!!??? there is proof pics she is wearing a LDS ring.


  16. the rumors about charice wearing david’s purity ring came from charice and david fans also!!. the fans also saying it the same ring that david wore on the tour bus on his vlog from the chirstmas tour he did in 2010. i have seen it on charice, it is gold band and she is wearing it on her left finger. i hope the rumors are true!!. well i think i am not going come back for a a lomg time because we won’t be hearing from david himself in next 2 years. it not the same anymore since davd made that annoument that he was leaving for LDS mission. so long souldavid members.


  17. Ah!! So glad my secret pleasure will be continued.

  18. David does not have a purity ring. His grandmother gave him a CTR ring – the letters stand for Choose The Right – meaning try to make the best choices in life. This is different from the “purity rings” that people were talking about a while back in connection to the Jonas Brothers, etc.

    • collegemom, yeah you are right it CTR ring not LDS, i am sure david asked his grandmother if charice can have his CTR ring. like i said before there is proof that she was wearing a CTR ring. the photos of the CTR ring were taken it very rencently. i believe the rumors that david gave it to her.


  19. the truth is that charice has never wore a CTR ring until now. if you all don”t believe me go ask any charice fans, they will tell you.


  20. I’m reading this blog just for the Charice gossip lol. No seriously, I love this blog and I’m really happy that you decided to keep blogging ! It will make the wait easier lol. Can’t wait to read your posts and all the comments here !

  21. I am only guessing, but even though it is the start of a busy and short week following the holidays, previously there would be more comments no matter how small. The excitement of the concerts has died down which is natural by now. But as each day passes by, more information in regards to the nature of his departure surfaces and to some it is startling revelations and to some it is simply just too much information …

    Well if everything has a beginning and an ending then this must be a new beginning and I mean that for the fans…


    • Shanny in Australia

      I thought all the ‘startling revelations’ and ‘too much info’ was pretty much done and dusted. But then I don’t hang out on twitter much, so who knows what is going on over there. I sense a sort of sad acceptance settling over Archuletaland, a quiet expectation of the inevitable. When and where seems to be the news people are waiting on.

      I was.just thinking before logging on, how this ‘quiet period’ feels different from the previous ones. There is no angst and debate over ‘will he or won’t he’, there are no complaints of David not doing enough to kickstart his career, there are no wishes being expressed for news of a new label or new management, people are not anxiously wanting to know what David’s plans are for music over the next couple of months. Of course people care about all of these things still, I.m sure but their importance and relevance has settled into the background for these next couple of years.

      I think we are all still anxious to know what these few projects are, that David still has up his sleeve and we still want to hear news and tweets from him….but…this is just a taste of things to come…and so we all sit back and begin trying to adjust to the new normal in Archuletaland.
      Thats my take on the quietness about the place anyway. Besides, lol, with a weariness of missionary talk and no knowledge of any new events, theres not really a lot of stuff to even talk about…..maybe that is another reason why it might be.better for David to go sooner than later…..people will start rewatching vids and reminiscing.once he’s gone but until then, it seems people are in limbo not wanting to wear out the supplies before he’s even left yet. Of course, the date he will be leaving is more than likely set, so we just wait on…and give him the space he deserves and needs. Love ya always David.

    • raelovingangels

      Just curious what you mean by startling revelations? Is it just learning more about the expectations of the mission? Or is there more….

  22. Now I can write in more detail (only typing on iPhone at home)!

    I am delighted, HG, that you will continue the blog. I enjoy coming here and value the thoughtful posts and discussion here. I look forward to another year!

    • I check twitter on the internet all the time but I do not have a twitter account and do not want to bother opening one. That is why I like this blog so much and am glad hg is going to continue it. I know many of David’s fans are on twitter but I am not one of them. lol I think it is good for David’s fan sites to continue as long as they can.

      • I’m with you Marie. I don’t want to open a twitter account either, so having hg’s blog to hang out at has been great. I’m happy that hg and the other sites are continuing on for now. Realistically speaking, it seems like a long shot that all the websites will stay up for two years. It would be so depressing to see them die off, but if any fanbase is passionate enough to persist through a two year drought, it’s David’s.

      • Yes, I agree with you utahmom that I am not quite sure how long the fan sites will keep going but I guess you can only wait and see. It is good to be realistic about things too.

  23. School started up again today, and I was driving carpool. Apparently, a hot topic of conversation among the junior high set was David’s mission announcement. For a carload of mostly oblivious 13 and 14 year old boys to have noticed the chatter, it must have been pretty rampant. The talk in the car then veered toward a “true story” about an older brother’s friend who insisted that David asked her out when she was in high school. She turned him down and then told him she’d never go out with him because he was so obnoxious. I should mention that the story teller tells lots of tall tales.

    • Obnoxious is never a word I would have attached to David. I wonder if she is sorry now?

    • That’s funny. I must say that “obnoxious” is not a word that could ever be used to describe David. I’m thinking that this is definitely a tall tale.

    • Obnoxious? The other side of David, lol.

    • Maybe the girl’s name was Olivia, and she was the famous “luscious Olivia” that spurned David, and then tried to contact him when he became famous.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Who was ‘luscious Olivia’ Cchalo? Obviously a story from the early days I don’t know.

      • The original “luscious Olivia” story was way back during AI, before I started reading online about David, but it got resurrected again when ALTNOY came out, because people were speculating that she was the one he wrote the song about.

        Soooo, apparently during AI, his personal MySpace was still public, and people read comments between him and his friends. He had supposedly made flirty comments on Olivia’s photos, but she had a boyfriend. I just Googled it, and there’s a whole 11 page thread on idolforums about it, including her picture. LOL.

      • That thread was in 2008 just after AI. That was at the height of David’s popularity when he still had a young tween and teen fan base. I am not sure if many of those younger fans are left.

  24. the year in review failed to mention any of the music that David released this year and overlooked GCT altogether…and we wonder why other ppl don’t realize how talented David is

  25. hey! i read on twitter that david could be missionary training in provo utah now, i guess the philillpines soap opera is a ot true at all in the being with, david just cancelled it or he is still doing acting thing?? a lot of his fans are wondering??

    • LOL David is not tweeting while training for his mission. So I’m pretty positive he’s not at the MTC yet 😉

      My guess would be in a couple months. We’ll see.

      • Looks like David is going to the Philippeans not MTC this month.
        I found this posted on FOD. Also fans have been saying that the guy who was on tour with David for the charity said that David was going to the Philippines this month.

        officialTIMYAP Tim Yap
        Good news for David Archuleta fans. Heard @DavidArchie is coming to Manila soon to shoot a new TV series with @jascurtissmith!

        The guy’s an “Eventologist, TV host, editor. Your source of entertainment, enlightenment & empowerment!” and has 500,000+ ff on twitter. Is this legit enough? Been hearing various tweets too from the aforementioned jascurtissmith hinting at a foreigner coming around Jan 13 to the Phil to costar w/ her. She’s been getting herself in shape (diet, Muay Thai, lol, intense) for “his” arrival, and was tweetsinging STR.

    • Dearest Idolfan: I can’t figure out how you read things on Twitter others don’t… lol.

  26. HG,I’m happy that you will keep this site opened one more year.
    I’m a fan of your writing since 2008 and it would be a shame if it’ll be closed.

    I want to send you a personal e-mail but don’t know how or where.

  27. This pic made me laugh. Obnoxious (j/k :-)) D telling us to get it together, lol.

  28. David on tv …. yippee! He does quite well in his videos so I expect an Oscar worthy performance, lol. I bet he’s at home now practicing lines with his sisters (or Sunny?).

  29. in response to Shanny above, “luscious olivia” was prior to my time too. below is a link to an idol forum thread on her that included her photo.

    • Interesting story on “luscious olivia” lol I hope David is on TV in Manila.

    • Oops, didn’t realize you posted below while I replied above. Yes, she was rumored to be the ALTNOY girl.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Thanks Desertrat and CC halo. Had a bit of a read through. Pretty funny. My take…yep, she looks like Sara B. Things that make you go hmmm…. lol
      Actually from reading more of the details in the thread, sounds like we don’t know if David said those things for sure. Sounds like Olivia implied he called her luscious etc. And going by her myspace comment to him, calling him out on not responding to her texts – yes, she sounds a little sassy. I could easily see her teasing David and implying that he called her luscious even though he didn’t. She probably just wishes. lol
      Anyway, twas fun to read. And pretty funny if David did actually say that….. lololol

      Thanks. 🙂

  30. TooManySecrets

    David is going to Manila and is shooting a mini-series there. He will be there a few weeks or however long it takes to shoot his scenes.

    I believe “acting” is another goal he has set for himself and so it appears he is ready to achieve it. Many people may think he inherited his talent and love of music & singing from his parents, and that may be in some small way. However I believe it was from his late paternal Grandmother who was not only beautiful, but an accomplished actress & singer. She passed away long before David was born, but she left a legacy of talent which was passed on to David in spades.

    I do hope he enjoys & comes to love acting as much as he does singing & performing. It will be just another aspect of David we can look forward to when he returns.

    • Sounds good to me. Love the idea of looking forward to him sin ging, performing and acting when he returns.
      …and before if possible.

    • I recall Fanscene posting an article on D’s paternal grandmother. D looks a lot like her too.

  31. well, now I want to see that pic, desertrat. Will head over to fanscene soon.

    HG, glad you’ll keep blogging. I appreciate you, your blogs and your commenters!


    Link to that page on Fanscene. I do see some similar features. See that David’s sister, Claudia, got the eyes of her grandmother, too. 🙂

  33. speaking of soap opera, david hant mentioned about going to the manlia to do the show yet, we all don’t know for sure if he is going or not, maybe he will mentioned it his vlog this week. he hasnt been tweeting as much now, like i said he could be missionary training right now, i am sure it only for few hours not all day thing, just saying. i heard a rumor that david could talks about the mission thing on his vlog?????

    • TooManySecrets

      Once David is in “training”, he will officially be “gone” for all intents & purposes. He is not in training yet. He is spending quality time with his family now and where is mind is now as we all should understand.

      His Mission Training will be in Utah just before he leaves for his mission sometime in the spring, May or June, unless something unforeseen comes up to move it up or back. He still has projects coming up before that.

      • I wish David would do a vlog as I would be very interested to hear what he has to say at this point. It is too bad David does not do an interview with someone on what he is doing and then have it streamed online or posted. IMO an interview would be a good way for him to “communicate” his plans for the future of his” music” career or new music if he has any plans that is. I am interested in that and where he is going on his mission and if he is doing “humanitarian services” while he is there. That is all I am interested in.

      • Makes sense that David is spending valuable time with family and friends now. I think we will hear from David more before he leaves.
        Interested in his projects.
        January has always been a little quieter as David has done charity projects etc.

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