Happy New Year!

Wishing you all peace, joy, good health, and prosperity for 2012.  May you all find the courage to start a fresh new chapter in your lives.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Happy New Year HG!! I love having a New Year!! Thank You for supporting David and his fans.

  2. Thank you, HG. Happy New Year to you and your family! Same to all SDers!

  3. Happy New Year everyone! The 2008 interview posted in the previous thread had me a bit nostalgic. Below is a blog from David on 12/31/2008. Enjoy.

    December 31, 2008
    Source: MySpace

    Happy New Years!
    Hola a todos! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season!

    I’ve been spending time with my family, and it’s been great! It’s been so nice to finally relax and spend time with all of them. We’ve been in Vegas for the last little while. I’ve been eating WAY too much, but hopefully I’ll be able to lose some of it lol.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for incredibly thoughtful things you’ve been saying wishing me happy holidays and also happy birthday! haha. I just had my birthday on the 28th, so I’m now officially 18. Thanks sooo much for all the comments and videos that you guys have sent! It was way cool to see them!! For my birthday we ate Thai food for dinner, and then saw the Blue Man Group which was really cool and creative.

    It was cool to go to a show with my family and have a fun time doing something together, so I had a great day. On our way to the show my siblings and I found out that we all happened to know the Harry Potter Puppet Pals and the Mysterious Ticking Noise and had enough of us to do the different parts… haha.

    We’re dorks, but we had fun. But thanks again for all the things you guys have done for me during the holiday season! And hope everyone has a Happy New Year!! I’ll be making an appearance at the Newphoria New Year’s Eve Dance in Orem, Utah for New Year’s, so for those of you going I’ll see ya there! But anyway my mom’s telling me to hurry up because we’re going to eat now so I’ll talk to you guys later!

    P.S. Thanks for making the Crush video hit 10 million hits!!!!!! I was like.. floored when I found out! haha.

    P.P.S. This blog is way shorter than my other ones! Hooray for not rambling insanely!
    Song for the day – If This Isn’t Love – Jennifer Hudson. This is a really cool song. I like listening to it. haha

    • Happy New Year to everyone. Aww, this blog from David in 2008 does make me nostalgic. I used to love his “song for the day”.

      • As much as I like David’s Vlogs, I miss his written blogs where we would get lots more detail and yes a “song for the day” from various artists.

        Thanks for the ADD.

    • He sounds so young here. Three years makes a big difference–or does it?

      • Depends on the age, I think. But yes, I feel that David matured a ton in the years after hie Idol run.

  4. Happy New Year HG!!!!

  5. Happy new year!

  6. Happy New Year Soul David!

  7. Happy New Year to you HG! Also, to all of you who make this site exciting and informative, thank you and have a wonderful 2012!

  8. Happy New Year to all! If circumstances cause me to lose connection with any of you, please know that I’ve enjoyed our shared experiences as fans of David’s.

  9. Great sentiments HG – Thank You!

    Here’s wishing everyone a happy and productive 2012! 😀

  10. archiesfan4life

    Happy New Year Soul David!

  11. Happy New Year Soul David! Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

  12. Happy New Year and thank you HG for the spot on blogs. I always look forward to what you might have to say, and I admire how skillfully you manage this site.

    Also, Happy New Year to the many who visit Soul David. My day is never complete until I read every comment.

  13. cc halo’s at it again:

    Just watched Kris Allen perform “Imagine” and Stephano Langone receive a standing ovation for “O Holy Night” at the Trevor Project gala, in support of suicide prevention for LGBT youth. Of course I prefer David’s glorious voice and passion, but I still can’t help but think that I’m in the wrong fan base. Sigh.

    For the next two years, David will have to ask every person he wants to baptize the following: “Have you ever committed a serious crime? If so, are you now on probation or parole? Have you ever participated in an abortion? a HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP?” These are each considered a “serious sin”, and his church has worked to remove the option of marriage everywhere it can.

    I wish it was only about the music, but it’s about the message too. This hurts my heart.

    • IMO there is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings, cc halo. All fans of David have differing and diverse opinions on things and I appreciate and respect that.

    • “Have you ever committed a serious crime? If so, are you now on probation or parole? Have you ever participated in an abortion? a HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP?”

      Is this an exact quote of what he has to ask? Where are you getting this from?

    • Add Baptist & Catholic and probably other religions to that list. Until recently, the US military excluded/discharged anyone who admitted they were gay Exclusionary institutions and practices are everywhere. As someone said before, institutional change is not immediate or easy.

      • Kris Allen is an evangelical Christian–which is one of the most gay-unfriendly religions–but I’m glad to see him participating in this event and standing up for gay youth.

    • “…David will have to ask every person he wants to baptize the following…”

      For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Regardless of what questions David will ask during his mission, people will respond. Their responses may profoundly influence him in ways we can’t imagine. I’m with Sandybeaches, let’s hang on before making too many assumptions.

    • I’d give anything for him to ask me that!!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist! cchalo, have you inhabited my brain??

  14. Just hang on everyone, we don’t have all of the details like the when and where are you going questions and his return date and what then answers or anything else for that matter. Hang on to your hats, it isn’t over yet even if some might say and wish that it is…there’s more, there always has been.


    • That is true SB. I am interested to hear what is going to happen cause there are no details yet. I agree with you on that. I just can understand the differing feelings of fans.

    • ”I’ll be going the first half of next year.” is a direct quote from his SLC concert announcement . I wouldn’t say anything was over. I’d say the beginning of the next phase of his life will happen in the first half of this year.

      • marsha, i read this week that david might to the LDS mission only for year not 2. if that is true, he could come back to music and other projects.

    • I agree with SB. David emphasized doing music while he is on his mission too and a plan in place for when he comes back.
      Not everyone has the exact same type of mission.
      I plan to be here for the long haul because I like his music and him as a person.

    • I really do appreciate any humanitarian work that David does do on his mission. That is very admirable to me and I think he is very sincere in wanting to help others.

    • I was informed on FOD that David will definitely be doing a proselytizing mission, not humanitarian. I believe that they’re allowed to do several hours of humanitarian work per week. The missionaries who come to my door ask if there’s anything they can do for me. If I asked them to weed my garden or something, I don’t know if that would count under humanitarian work or proselytizing.

  15. wow! i cannot believe 2012!. it still feel 2011 thought. i read a lot of david fans comments about david decsion go on a mission for long time but i think his decsion was last minute thing because when he was going to nashville meeting with songs writers and label sony people were at his show in new york just this year but i think his decsion go to the mission was made right after his sister got married, just my opinion.

  16. i meant in 2011 about nashville and sony label people new york, oop sorry about that.

  17. just heard that rumors that david could leave for missionary in april or may?? i think it gonna be sooner. i doubt it that david is gonna tell where he will be leaving and where is he is going for LDS mission. a lot of his fans think he will, don’t count it thinks he will tell where. he want to keep it private.

  18. Agree with SB. Many details that we don’t know yet.

  19. Happy New Year, HG and everyone here!

  20. in my opinion, i am pretty sure we won’t hearing for david at all when he go on mission, a lot of fans on other comments forums saying thinks they are, i wouldnt get my hope up.

  21. david could do his mission in the US not oversees, remember david mentioned on his tweet about fixing up a car and learing drive a stick, it sound like to he could be driving and go to door to door to people homes missionary thing, i could be wrong. i don’t think you can drive a car in oversees when you go on a mission, i guess prolly can. most stick cars are good on dirt roads and lot of lands and there is a lot of oversees counrty have that hmmm?? sorry for my misspelled.

  22. in my opinion, i think david will ended up going on a mission in a small state or small country. goodnite.


  23. sorry i have to come back, i just read that missionaries cannot have internet and tv, oh heck no!. if i was going on a mission, i would go nut!!. i didn’t know that there would be strick rules. i wouldnt last for a week geez! good luck to david.


  24. Happy 2012 everyone! Thanks HG for keeping this site up!. You are a wonderful writer and this has been an enjoyable and interesting place to gather. I have learned a lot from the posters and even if I don’t agree, have been challenged to think.

  25. I listened to Kris Allen’s “Imagine” several weeks ago. I really like his version.

  26. I just want to share this meaningful video, i’m sure this can put a smile in your faces and a profound thought in your hearts,
    Only God knows what is your Mission in this world and in what way you’ll touch people lives. Just don’t miss it.

    Part 1 http://youtu.be/tmlTHfVaU9o
    Part 2 http://youtu.be/a4LSEXsvRAI

    David is a good guy, with many talents and big ambitions in the spiritual aspect, i already said , i need to take distance of what in assumption he’s gonna teach about minorities and Salvation , the Bible and God , but it is what it is and should become irrelevant once he made his decision …his voice still there and hopefully he’s gonna use it in a wise way.

    Happy New Year and Best wishes with your new resolutions. 😉
    Me too Kathy , I’m definitely enjoyed the company here. 🙂

    • tibi thanks for posting those videos. Wow what a touching story. Love the Ben was such a fan of Kid Cudi, the rapper. It just shows how music, even rap music, can touch someone on such a personal level. It is also about faith, of course. It is an amazing story.

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