The Wisdom of Guessing David’s Heart

It’s been quite revelatory reading through comments here on Soul David in the wake of David announcing his plans to go on a formal mission for his LDS Church.

Sometimes, I wish we could be like the mainstream media, only accepting what is reported and drawing a simple conclusion: since David left his label and has not yet signed onto a new one, and since he has no singles playing on radio and no plans for a new album, now’s the perfect time to go on a Mormon Mission. And when you think about it, Okkam’s Razor and all that (i.e. “the simplest explanation is the right one”), what’s more likely to be true?

I guess I’m just wondering why, after first speculating about David and the direction he was taken on while signed to a major label, then speculating on whether or not his management was taking him in the right direction, we have now moved on to speculating about whether or not David’s church is leading him in the right direction.  And now some are even wondering if David’s heart will lead him in the right direction.

Can’t we as David’s fans just live and let live?  Can’t we accept that David knows what’s best for David? Can we even accept that David is in control and not anyone else – not his dad, not his “team,” not even his “church”?

Can we accept that David has “free choice” and that the persona he has crafted for us to adore is one that he nurtured and genuinely projected? Who can ever know what’s in anyone’s heart, and why should we speculate?

Most of my own speculation has to do with my own priorities in life and figuring out how (and if) I should maintain a blog when the main focus of the blog will be away for two years. Now, I haven’t made any decisions yet for the new year, but please know that I must make a decision.

Besides, I’ve already decided that David going on a mission is an opportunity for me to take stock of what David has meant to me and what his absence will do to my writing. I’ve actually taken it as positive sign. The new year will bring increased pressure to work on my forthcoming book, so the less there is to write about David, the more I can devote to other projects.

David leaving my orbit will also force me to take stock of the other real, concrete people in my life and other artists creating music out there. Oh, have no doubt: I will wait for David’s return and eagerly consume any new information that becomes available.

But in the mean time, I’ve got a life (and other writing) to tend to: David going away for a while will give us all breathing space and time to assess how we can live life fully and meaningfully without his presence.

Heck, any of us who have been in relationships know that a “break” (temporary or permanent) brings with it opportunities for growth and reflection, and usually you come out a whole new and transformed person as a result. I would hope we as David’s fans would embrace such opportunities. 

I guess what I’m saying is: if we’re going to start speculating about what’s in David’s heart, I think this is a real waste of time. It’s better to speculate about what’s in your own heart and what is its capacity in waiting for someone like David or in accepting the personal decisions he makes for himself.

I just think that’s healthier all around. I just know, during this holiday season, when I’ve been able to reconnect witih old friends and family, and even been able to share some of David’s music, that sometimes that’s all we’ve got going. I personally just don’t care to investigate David’s church and what their missionaries do because some things I consider “too much information.”

I can’t possibly be bothered with all the tenets of his religion and if he’s going to get married after his mission. Why should I care if he’s got a girlfriend picked out or if he doesn’t have any interest in romance or marriage or what have you? Why are we personally invested in either his religious life or his sexual one?

There’s being curious about your idol’s life and life goals, and then there’s just being nosy.

Why do we care about the TMI aspects of David’s life? Why do some of us feel like we’ve invested time and money and then perceive there is no payoff?

I have zero regrets about spending $195 (plus hotel and gas money) for a VIP ticket to see David in person at his “My Kind of Christmas” tour. I have no regrets spending four years chronicling his music and my own musings. I have no regrets spending money on all his singles, albums, his book, DVDs, and anything else David-related. I have no regrets blogging about him. 

David touched my soul, and he was worth every penny and time I put in. Yes, I’d like him to be a super star; his talent deserves it, but David himself needs to decide that for himself.  I as a fan can only give him the confidence to know that he will be supported if he dares to grab at the stars.

In the mean time, the new year is about prioritizing and re-prioritizing. David has made up his own mind about what will be his priorities. Are we ready to bravely do the same in our own lives?

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  1. HG…I know that I am ready myself to accept what we can not change despite our love for his music with him close by.

    It has become a reality that if he has made his decisions at the height of a highly successful comeback then he may continue to make new decisions and changes as the next two years unfold.

    No one has the time to not venture ahead into opportunities for themselves. You may only ever have that one person to count on during your hopes and dreams and that is yourself.

    Thank you HG, your fine writings bring a little more clarity to me today.


  2. Thanks from me too. Much to think about.

  3. Shanny in Australia

    Thanks Hg. 🙂

    When he made the announcement and cried, I believe they were tears of relief and gratitude and just a release of a build up of nerves and tension. Then in his last vlog, the way he smiled when he mentioned his mission….now he seems a.bit quieter lately and his tweets seem more reflective.and he sounds like he’s taking care of business and making preps for this next phase. It makes sense, it’s healthy, a mission is something you need to prepare your mind, heart and spirit for. He needs room and privacy to do that. I’ve always been one who is torn between wanting to know every little detail about David and wanting to give him room, space and privacy. I think now it is time for me to be doing a lot of the letter and less of the former. The first few days after the announcement kept going through my head… ”If you love something, set it free, if it comes.back, it is yours, if it doesn’t, it never was”. I love david and I’m willing to set him free now. Ha, actually as soon as I heard the news, Natasha Bedingfields song started playing in my head…”Live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten”. That’s what David is doing, he is courageously living his life with arms wide open and who knows where it will take him, what stories he will have to tell and what words are still to be written. They could yet be marvellous and amazing for both him and us. We should all open up our arms and let the possibilities in, there are silver linings to be found everywhere if we will just have the ‘wisdom to listen, per the advice of one very wise young man, who is listening with all his heart.

    Wow, I ended up saying a ton more than I thought. Didn’t know that lecture was in there. lol Thanks again HG. 🙂

  4. It has been refreshing to spend the holidays at a place with basically dial-up Internet to give me some mental space. Looking at the bright side, I will be doing a lot more reading, writing, and also traveling in the coming couple years!

    I tend to be very loyal to musicians I have followed, so I plan to carry on and look forward to his return.

  5. Shanny, openly and honestly as that seems to be the way right now, I will say that I am somewhat embarrassed that I cared so much, that I counted on his inspiration in his music so much in my life. It is my fault that I cared that much and had my feelings invested in a singer.


    • Shanny in Australia

      David spreads light and joy around. Through his music, through his huge smile, through his goodness. I think it’s those regular doses of happiness which has caught us all in the grip of ODD. lol And I don’t think there is any shame in that. I do think it is good for each of us to find something else that makes us happy while he’s gone.
      Hopefully people will eventually come to terms with their sadness and feel that while there is something about love that breaks your heart….they won’t give up….and will be back again in 2 years to welcome our guy home.

  6. I guess I’m still adjusting to the idea of him going, and although I understand the wisdom of letting go enough to allow myself to redirect energies to my own new growth, so far I seem to be ODDing about as hard as ever. Been visiting every fan site more than once daily, and commenting constantly, and I hadn’t done either of those things in a long time. LOL.

    But. I am forming plans. Besides the change jar I started and labeled “David Archuleta Concert Fund” — to keep me looking forward to something that has brought me great joy — I intend to wean myself off the Internet a bit. Walk more. Journal more. Explore ideas for an evolving career path. Seems like plenty, to start.

    Thanks so much, HG. I say this often, but I so appreciate the time and thought you’ve put into your posts, as well as the allowance for discussion. I feel that you want me to move on from talk that is controversial and (although not intended to hurt) perceived as negative or personal, and that’s what I intend to do.

    • Please do share the secret of how to reduce fan site browsing time to once per day, lol. As you can see, I’m not there yet.

      • LOL, desertrat. I meant that I *intend* to learn this. I have no idea how I’ll do it. (I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t hitting *every* site, *all* day. I usually checked twitter and maybe one website a couple of times a day at most. Now I’m on here unless something or someone in my real life requires my attention, for Pete’s sake.) I think maybe I need to develop some sort of system where I decrease the amounts of everything by a little bit every day. Maybe I’ll develop a graph or algorithm. LOL. Like that would work.

        But I’ll get there. Need to use the time well and develop some healthier habits all the way around.

  7. I’ve stopped investigating his religion also. TMI for me. I have no desire to learn more about what missionaries do, or what beliefs he may subscribe to by virtue of doing a mission. I have my own beliefs and it just ended up frustrating me, and for what?

  8. Thanks HG. As you know I was honored to be at David’s last two MKOC concerts. My travel mate and I had a day in between and spent part of that day writing and sharing our own wishes for David and for ourselves. Being able to deliver best wishes to him and tell him in writing that I would be using the time to Volunteer more and re-evaluate my own spiritual life was a beginning. His song “I Want To Be More Like Jesus” was so beautiful and Hearfelt. I listened to it again this morning. There are simple lessons there for believers and non believers as well. I will use this time wisely and I will be here “Waiting”, while living a full life. Thank You for all that you do for David and his fans.

  9. “I guess what I’m saying is: if we’re going to start speculating about what’s in David’s heart, I think this is a real waste of time. It’s better to speculate about what’s in your own heart and what is its capacity in waiting for someone like David or in accepting the personal decisions he makes for himself.”

    For four years fans have done nothing BUT speculate about everything to do with David and then began to believe that their speculations were fact. That might be one thing to be ashamed of.

    The other might be this: What he has wanted us to know about him, he has told us in his music. Now, when he has really and truly shared one corner of his soul with us in a concrete way, some have chosen to bitterly stomp on it. I guess it was fortuitous that he already has a song about that.

    I have over 200 songs from David on my ipod. If I watched 3 YouTube videos a day for every day he was gone, I wouldn’t have exhausted the supply. My heart can wait. Thanks for your words HG.

  10. I rejoin the group who thanks HG for this post !!, i mean sometimes what you need is a little push to move on.

    I had problems with the all discussions from this last days? not, if i accepted and i was open to see and hear the positives about his Doctrine affecting his career this past four years , i felt was fair too to hear the other side of the story. I’m leaving with great knowledge and new vision about religion in general, with an interesting and personal experience about how a fandom can influence people lives in many ways, both in the positive and negative way and knowing how careful adults should be to handle this experiences, specially when you have in the middle emotional and very influenced teenagers….just to name some.

    I agree is David’s life and decisions, even that, i still having an opinion about his career and my opinion about him like person changed a little; but since he’s gonna go from the public eyes for two years , i gonna make the Peace and don’t gonna feel guilty to leave and take with me my free time to new projects i hope ..
    I’m not really the kind of person who promise loyalty and eternal fidelity to one person who really don’t know, and i don’t gonna start right now, i don’t believe either in the Group pressure and the old and annoying prejudice ”You’re a good fan if ” . I’m a free thinker and i’m planning to stay in that way.
    If in the future i hear news from him relate to good pop music, i will be there to buy, because i genuinely believe his voice is beautiful, is all what i can say and is all what can expect and wish from him , otherwise i just can wish him a Happy Life full of Blessings.

    Thanks you for your Blog, your patient and for let express our feelings, i understand your point, but is easy to be tented to replay to some comments, specially if you have a view from the outside bubble fandom …. again in both ways. Good Luck with your projects too and i wish you too a great life full of Blessings, LOVE, Projects, Great writing time, New discoveries and New memories. 🙂

  11. There is not one fan or friend who needs to be ashamed of anything that they gave done. Secrecy or so it seems at the time breeds speculation. People have PR people hired for releases of appropriate information and when that does not accompany a public figure then speculation is born.

    Perhaps this break has great positivity for the fans after all. Should he return then his career will be in a better place and it will become just his singing that we talk about once more except for when he alone chooses to share his life with us.


  12. ”For four years fans have done nothing BUT speculate about everything to do with David and then began to believe that their speculations were fact. That might be one thing to be ashamed of.”

    Seriously Julee, what you think the fans of others artist do ? …. exactly the same!!! 😐 , if this fanbase speculated about his career and future is the industry, we did it both in the good times and bad times, we speculated about the positive and the negatives , but most important regardless our general view about his decisions , we always supported him with every single project he did, with or without Jive , with or without Management, with or without accepting his Church doctrines, agreeing or not with his ways , at the end of the day we were always there celebrating the most small progress, spamming polls all around the internet, some aggressively defending him in the most little article from the buzzy press ………. so ashamed, really ? not , it is what it is, he crossed to people (not only fans) some times like a independent person and sometimes like a shelter boy, he’s not easy to understand, fans were confused by his signals about his career and maybe according to some VRS (trolls) him too, how many times did you heard the same expression and still hearing ” He wants a career or not? ” ” or ” Why he’s sabotaging his career? ” , clearly communication is the lost key here and it was one of first reasons to people perpetuated the speculation.

    I understand perfectly that David’s role in each fan live is different and because that some are very sensitive to the criticism or/and speculation from others that feel or see him in another dimension , but if you want to be fear in this discussion, you need to be fair with his fans too.

  13. Man!! :|, i fell again :(, so i’m sorry HG !, not my intention, i gonna go back to my regular Idol fan mode, just because i love that show!! 🙂

    So it was a pleasure, to be able to discuss, talk and chat with you guys this year , i keep with me great memories , Have a great New Year 2012 !! 🙂

  14. Hmm! Speculation can sometimes be a fancy word for spreading false rumors, gossip, an excuse for criticizing someone’s religion, an excuse to try and run someone’s life,career etc etc.

    Many times Criticism says more about the person Criticizing than the one being criticized.

    I appreciate your piece HG.

    • Heidijoy, i don’t know what you expect from the other fans, but i don’t think fans should be ashamed, we are different persons from different backgrounds, with different ways to see the live.
      Prejudice (if is what you assume) about other lifes style is not new in David’s Fandoms, and everybody included the ones affected by the comments stayed supporting his career.

      Non definitively to have an opinion and loudly express what we think should be his next move on his career, is not the same to pretend to run his life or career, is just that, a simple opinion or wish for an ideal situation, i really don’t think someone here is in denial to pretend to affect his thinking. 😐

      I agree though many of that speculation started with rumors and gossip, from fans ? i’m not sure, his family and friends were very active too in that department, VRS’s with hints that only caused more speculation , in fact that became a regular situation and the origin of many of that ‘speculation’ moments.

      And about his Religion, i understand HG want us to move on from that subject, something myself i even suggested many times in the past, i really don’t see the need to bring that in the fansites, but that became a regular practice, and not , not only to criticized , we sure put value in many positives aspects, becoming a problem only when some negative aspect in ”your eyes” ( or the eyes of some fans) surfaced ….. most of us understand he needed his time, actually since long time ago , everybody knew he was in need of a break to organized his priorities in life, many don’t even criticized the activity , but the logistic and ”ways” , so the religious discussion was valid and inevitable at this point, why ? because he’s leaving his career to go in a Proselytizing Mission , i mean you really think people don’t gonna check what he’s gonna do and what he’s gonna share? of course people have an opinion ……. :/

      We need to move on??? …YES definitely , but many want to leave in Peace, so I’m sorry if you have hard feelings with other posters that don’t share your views ….. i really enjoyed all of them, even if we disagree.

      ”Many times Criticism says more about the person Criticizing than the one being criticized.”

      Totally !! 😉

      From my heart have a Happy New Year 2012 ! 🙂

  15. HG says: “…a “break” (temporary or permanent) brings with it opportunities for growth and reflection, and usually you come out a whole new and transformed person as a result.

    This is what I’m hoping for. I also agree with your statement that It’s healthier to speculate about what’s in our own heart. This has been a fun journey but I sensed that I couldn’t keep up my obsession. With mixed emotion, I thank David for making it easier for me to let go of him.

    I must admit that I will miss all of the SD posters too. If this site does eventually go away, I hope all of you will periodically drop in on one of the remaining sites to say “Hi”.

    Stealing from an Oprah tweet — Here’s wishing David and everyone here the best days of your life in 2012!

  16. David has shared way more than music IMO. While we don’t know him personally, we feel we do. He has introduced us to his family, his travels, his favorite foods, his friends, his dental work, his positive outlook, his inspirational quotes, the charities near to his heart etc… David is like a cake, where each layer and filling was different than the other and still yummy. He shared his insecurities and what he viewed as his shortcomings, in his books, his blogs and his public interviews. He not only is mega talented, but someone who has been a delight to discover and uncover. Watching his growth has been a joy. I don’t regret one moment, appreciate how much he shared with his fans, and have learned and grown so much myself. Not only do I have great music, and have learned so much about the music industry- I am a better person. He has set an example of grace and kindness under pressure. He has shared his heart. While he wlll be missed sorely, I am thrilled he gets to do something so important to him. I am going to take what I can from his departure, just as I have from his journey. I do think everyone’s feelings should be respected as 100% valid, as long as it is not a personal attack on his faith. JMO

  17. Thanks for another great post HG. I hope you continue blogging in some way. I will miss your writing. I do wish David all the best in his mission. I was one that believed that the hacker was a family member so I didn’t have the big shock that others had when he made his announcement. There were just lots of signs that David was going on a mission. I too need to spend less time on the internet and more time being productive. I will miss all the people that comment here too.

  18. Besides David’s absence, what I don’t want to lose is the great writing and funny conversations that I get to read while being a mostly-lurker for David at all the fansites. I would be happy if you would keep your blog open, HG, and just write from time to time about anything that you happen to be thinking about. I like the way you think. And I like reading all the interesting commentary and the back and forth thoughts and the different moods in the conversations on different days. Thank you for it all!

  19. Rae, great list of David’s activities!

    He wanted into our hearts as he entered ours!

    Positively a two way street!


    • Thanks. I have always enjoyed your thoughtful posts. I have enjoyed everyone’s even those I don’t agree with. The controversies have been a microcosm of life- and it has been interesting to be a spectator and a participant. I have watched less TV- which is a good thing over these last 4 years. The various personalities have been delightful. I will be here when he returns and don’t foresee ever getting as invested in an artist- but alas, I never have! But have been exposed to other music and enjoyed new artists and David truly did bring music back into my life again, So, I am in it for the long haul with David- but clearly won’t be following his every move as there will be nothing to follow. But I think HG said ( or someone) on to the next chapter….

  20. For those that were not able to go to the MKOC tour and for those that were: now had new tour merchandise for sale for those interested.

  21. has …………not had

  22. BRAVA! Seriously, standing O!

  23. HG… *FISTBUMP*

    You said all that needed to be said…

  24. HG,

    ITA with everything you said. Amen.

  25. HG,
    Thank you for this. Perfectly said. Perfectly written.

  26. HG – Yes! Sometimes the analysis just gets tedious. I’ve engaged in it, so I’m not putting anyone down, but after a while, it becomes tiresome.

    David has told us what to do besides just “Wait” … put one foot front of the other….

  27. I agree whole heartily with your post, HG. This coming year will be a little different from the past 4 years and I’m curious to see how it will play out.

    Life has already forced some re-prioritizing for me, so this extended “break” comes at a good time. I understand that you need to do what’s best for you, HG, but I would hate to see this blog close completely. Maybe we could all virtually gather once a month on the anniversary of David’s departure? Or once a week if, perhaps, David’s weekly emails are posted? Just a thought…

  28. And while I am reminiscing today, thinking about the funny tweets. Hard to pick a favorite- but up there at the top with me is one about being a cartoon character-who gets to wear the same thing every day.

    • Hmmm. I just got home from work and these are all very interesting comments and an interesting post from hg. I just wish the focus could be David’s music and his music career or lack of at times but since he is leaving for 2 years that makes it tough. I think if you are a music artist in the music industry than fan speculation comes with the territory whether you like it or not. That is what fans do. Tibi is right about that. However, David is leaving so I do not know what there will be to speculate about. lol hg, you have been a great fan to David and have written some wonderful posts. Whatever you decide to do I support you and understand. I can certainly understand not making posts as frequently. I am now ready to move on. I am really interested to see where David is sent on his mission and wish him well but beyond that I really do not have that much of an interest. It is his music career that interested me not his religion. I do agree with Utahmom that it will be interesting to see how this all plays out . I ,of course, remain a fan although I have to be honest at first when he announced this I was not so sure. lol I will miss all the posters at SD because you are all some great writers and great fans.

  29. Thank you HG for saying so well what I’ve been trying to say and I agree with every word. David has been an enigma and a delight and I don’t regret the time I’ve spent learning about him and his interests. But to think one knows the heart of any other person is pure arrogance. Our thoughts come from our experiences, not David’s; from our perspective, not that of any other person even when we are trying to understand. We can learn about ourselves from how we see David.

  30. hg These two sentence from you post just say it all for me. It is up to David. Well stated. “Yes, I’d like him to be a super star; his talent deserves it, but David himself needs to decide that for himself. I as a fan can only give him the confidence to know that he will be supported if he dares to grab at the stars. “

  31. If David goes to the Philippines for his mission we will get all kinds of videos and photos of him. He seems to be more popular there than he is here. I can’t imagine him being selected to serve there, but I have no way of knowing how the missionaries are assigned.

  32. I also wondered if Honduras would ever be a possibility but I agree that I have no idea how they assign the missions.

  33. There is another rumor out there that David is going to the Philippines in January for three weeks to film a mini-series. Of course there are always lots of Philippine rumors.

    • I wonder if it’s for that Spielberg project. 😉

      • the rumours say it’s a mini series on a new tv station in the philippines owned by a very rich man. d has supposedly signed on to be the love interest of two young women, both very pretty. fans have been telling him on twitter not to do it because they can’t stand the thought of him in any romantic situation with those actresses and because they think filippino tv dramas are not very good. they want him to stay away from the philippines and to go on his mission asap. lolol.
        btw i am not related to idolfan in any way and i did not get this info from her/him. haha.
        i have been trying to disengage but my odd is still going strong!
        hg – thank you for writing this blog. i hope you continue this in some form even while david is gone. i have enjoyed the very interesting discussions here and have learnt a lot from all the posters.

  34. “It’s better to speculate about what’s in your own heart….”

    For me, this experience, strangely, has only partially been about David himself, but what he has gotten me to understand about my own life. As much as I poke and prod and speculate–and it hasn’t always been pretty–it’s been mostly about reassessing what I actually believe, not so much about what HE believes (though that does fascinate me too).

    Ironically, my thinking since getting so immersed in his career, has gone in the opposite direction that he would likely advocate, God-wise. My interest in him started me on a path of reading and research, very much including his religion, that opened me up to ideas that I’d been afraid to consider. It’s given me a new sense of peace, and been so helpful in my life and in my relationship with my son, who like David, is a 21-year old from whom I’ve learned so much–old fogy that I am.

    I would like to say that as much as I’ve questioned David’s church, I’ve also learned so much from people of that faith. My daughter recently was asked to write a paper on a person who is a hero to her. As I’ve mentioned before, she has a condition which for many people could be considered devastating. But this person she chose as her hero, created an organization that has been instrumental in shaping her attitude to one of pride. She dances through life like it’s a constant party. Her hero was a Mormon man, as are some others living with this condition, who have inspired her so much.

    It’s been a bittersweet Christmas for me, not only due to the news from David, but due to a new feeling about Christmas. I love it as much as ever, but for different reasons. I took down all of my angel ornaments from our tree (sorry, Sunny), and replaced them with my recently deceased mother’s musical-instrument ornaments (she lived and breathed music), and things from nature, and I’m in a new era now.

    I’ve appreciated the chance to indulge this affection for David with people who come from so many different walks of life. Thanks, HG.

    • Thanks for sharing your personal story, cc halo. I found it very touching. I wish the best for your daughter.

    • I was very touched by your story cc halo. Bless you and your daughter.
      Your musical Instrument ornaments remind me of some I bought my mother years ago.
      Congrats on your new era.

      I believe I will be too!

    • Hugs cchalo, i always admired your open and honest opinion, along with your courageous and fearless posts, is always a special mean behind each post, so i’m glad i was be able to participated, in some of this discussions. Your girl sound like so much fun, i don’t know her age, but i’ll love if someday my niece ( that is the most special person for me in the world) can have the opportunity to know a person like her on her path and learn from her happiness and positive attitude , she has been victim of bullying for the past years and sometimes is hard to give her hopes and cheer up her days …. she is a happy girl , but we started to see the consequences of this problem on his behavior, and is sad.

      Anyway i wish you and your Family and Happy New Year !!
      Same you Marie and Shanny girl (other fearless poster lol) Love you Shanny !!! and all and each one here , whatever is the origin of your sad moments just share to liberate the charges and whatever your happiness origin is share to multiplied the joy!!

      • Bullying is so tough–my son is in college and is still so bothered by some middle school bullying–and we didn’t even know about it at the time. I hope that the schools are getting better at preventing this–and so hope that they can do something for your niece.

        This isn’t my daughter, but it’s very much like her 12 years ago, except she’s blonde.

  35. from what i read on tweets that david isnt going to the philippnies to do the acting mini series, some tweets from charice fans that lives in the PH. it was reported a rumor.

  36. reading DA fans tweets, it seems to me that david is going to the mission early but does he need to do the missionary training before he leave??? if that is true, perhaps he could start training in sometime in jan???

  37. last post, it already been reports that david is heading to the philippnies for LDS mission? david did said that he want keep his serving mission place very private, well it sound like to me it a well known place where he is going and he had been there before, just saying.

  38. david himself picked the place where he wanted to serve the mission, the LDS church did not, did you all know that!?

  39. oop! when david picked out where he wanted to go for his LDS 2 years mission, that when there was speclations that he rumored going to the philippines. sorry i forget to post that.


  40. Rumors said the star of the mini-series already sign in. .. and everyone seems excited.

    • hey! maybe it true, i read it this week that it was a rumor by charice fans who are from the PH but who knows, i guess wait and see if david tweet or say if he is going to do the mini series in the philippnies in jan. happy new year!!!.


  41. if david is doing the mini series, i bet he was pressure doing the the show tv and perhaps for the rating, just my opinion. i think he should worry about the missionary training if the rumors thay he is leaving early for the LDS mission than doing a tv soap opera show. again, charice fan this week tweets that he isnt coming to the philippnies to do the tv mini show?? in my opinion, i don’t think david isnt doing it the tv show because i believe charice fans from philippines, they must know something about this?? again who knows?

  42. Idolfan,

    David does not get to choose where he goes. Why do you refuse to tell people where you are from when asked? Is it a secret?


    What your said…very touching and honest. Thanks for sharing. Seems like you don’t need fake angels with a daughter like that.

    • angelica, yes the big rumor was that david did choose where he want to go for the LDS mission, it wasnt the LDS church idea, i thought everyone knew about it this and why do you think david said himself that he wanted to keep the mission location very private!!. happy new year everyone!!.


    • angelica, who the heck cares where i am from and i really don’t care where you all from either, i thought this site is about david not his fans? okay bye.


  43. HG i send you a tweet , do you have a way to communicate with you at last? Thanks . 🙂

  44. Heidijoy, tibi, and Angelica–thanks so much for your lovely thoughts–I’m getting teary.

  45. I think david is going to the Philippines to make a movie, His co star are already giving us hints by twitting his songs.

  46. Cc, I have always appreciated your posts, including and especially now.

    For whatever the reason, David himself has always seemed to inspire a thoughtful and sometimes controversial sharing of viewpoints. Although sometimes frightening, I suppose, I feel that I’ve learned so much from the vast majority of my fellow fans. I’ve decided to remember one of David’s greater gifts — gratitude — and keep that as a focus in the coming months: to be grateful of all that I’ve learned.

    Thanks for telling us about your family, cc halo. Your daughter and son sound amazing and are also lucky, I think, to have you for their mother. I imagine you’re a very determined and passionate advocate when they need one.

  47. *for all that I’ve learned

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