Happy 21st Birthday, David!

It’s amazing to me that I’ve been following the same person since he was 17, and here he is at the ripe old age of… 21!!! Wow!

And to think this young man starred in a reality TV competition show, debuted a single in the Hot 100, delivered a gold album, authored a bestselling memoir, recorded a Christmas album, headlined several concerts, and then walked away from a major label.

And he did all that before he planned to serve on a mission as a good little Mormon boy. 🙂

What can I say? If David can do so much in such a short period of time, imagine how much more he has to offer – whether on a religious mission or when he returns full time to a music career.  He’s still so young, and in case anyone ever wonders about that, let me repeat: 21 is STILL YOUNG!

There is no “quitting” or “giving up” yet. He’s still proving himself, and I continue to be impressed with the way he digs deep and follows his inner Voice and then blows the rest of us away with the external one.

Happy Birthday, David! May you be blessed this special day, and I hope you have a great big birthday dinner (with all your favorite foods), and since you will “continue to drink water,” I plan on raising a glass to you personally as I celebrate your 21st birthday for you (although I doubt I will get drunk the way I did when I turned 21 myself – haha!).

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  1. Jimmer Fredette was trending on Yahoo earlier which lead me to this article. The conversation in the 48 comments was what made me post. I found them interesting, and thought I’d share.


    • Those comments are very enlightening–so glad my family (and especially my son) aren’t in that church undergoing that kind of one-size-fits-all mentality. Poor David. I didn’t realize that going on a mission was a commandment from their prophet, even if you’re already serving and representing the church in other ways.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Lots of people were saying it is up to the individual also.

        Reading comment sections like that is usually a waste of time unless you like reading pointless bickering. lol

        I guess people are always going to believe what they want to about David’s situation. It is what it is. David knows the truth. I’ve done my bit here to try to present the truth from an insiders perspective on the mission thing, if people want to go on believing their own thing, and fault finding, then so be it.

      • Very interesting article and comments. Thanks for posting it. hmm. I would think Jimmer would have to serve a mission too. Interesting that Donny Osmond never did. I am a Donny fan and IMO he has a very driven and assertive personality which works well in the entertainment and music business.

      • The point that was made is that a more recent prophet has said that every worthy male should serve a mission. Donny was before that time, so it’s gotten stricter now.

      • Shanny, you right , we don’t know anything about David motivations to go away , but that the pressure on this kids to go on mission is rampant in the LDS community is undeniable . I mean you just need to read the comments in Deseret News or/and LDS sites from the mormons themselves to realize at what point pressure in a big factor, maybe not for all this kids, but sure for many of them , not going at mission make of them something like a second class citizen there ( their words) , they even put under fire the ones who decide to go to the military way instead of a formal full two years mission.
        So me too i said two months ago David’s name is the one they gonna use to put more pressure on the ones who have other choices ….. who can live with the feeling of ”loser”, because they decided a different route to serve God or their community?
        I bet many LDS fans would be equally disappointed if their children decided to not go …i’m wrong?

        Anyway, a new cycle start for David Good Luck !!!

      • Interesting that you bring this up. Since you may not understand what it’s really like to be LDS, I hope I can add one more perspective.

        We call the leaders of our church “General Authorities.” That is, they have an obligation to lead a fast-growing church with members all over the world, therefore, they give ‘general’ direction and ‘general’ counsel that will apply to the most people, in general. (And btw, I am not making this up – it has been explained many times in this way by said ‘general’ authorities). So when they speak in conference or write an article or give a talk, they will talk about what generally applies to the most people. They are not going to say “every young man should serve a mission, unless they are in the public eye, unless they are a world-class athlete, unless they are a famous pop singer, unless yada yada yada.” They will simply say, that every young man should serve a mission.

        When someone has a personal circumstance that may seem an exception to them of the ‘general’ rule, they then might talk to their local leaders, who know more about their specific situation than a general authority would. And in the end, local leaders notwithstanding, only the Lord and the person with the exception knows what is best for them and that is where the decision should and is made.

        If individual people want to take a black and white or one-size-fits-all approach to this counsel, that is their issue and their limited life experience speaking. The amount of exceptional men that I know in my church experience that did not serve a mission is astounding.

        As I’ve processed all that has happened I realized that I would also be upset and angry if my perception of David turned out to be false – for example if he popped off with a clubbing song about sex and drugs and did a sketchy video or got thrown in jail. It would change my feelings about everything. So I do understand that part. People misinterpreted all the signs that LDS folks knew in an instant represented his commitment to our fatih on a very deep level – his frequent attendance at the temple being just one. So I do feel bad about this. I can only imagine how it must feel.

        However, the difference that still causes me to shake my head is the continual bringing up of every negative stereotype associated with serving a mission. Where are the mentions of the the vast majority of returned missionaries who claim their mission was the best 2 years of their lives? Who return home, marry and raise a familiy (and btw, when did that get to be a such a disgusting thing to do) and become contributing members of society? Who look back on their service every day of their lives with gratitude? Because that is the reality. Yes, there are missionaries who have a very very difficult time and can’t handle the experience. Yes, it’s busy and causes you to dig deep. You would find that in any subset of the population of young men 19-21 years old. But it’s also a completely unique and blessed experience for each young man or woman who serves and the majority never regret it. Does anyone have any doubt David will be in that majority?

        And the Jimmer article sort of proves my point, does it not? Jimmer looked at the counsel, looked at his situation and decided on one course of action that he is perfectly content with. David did the same, and chose the other path. It doesn’t look like one size fits all to me.

      • “I repeat what prophets have long taught—that every worthy, able young man should prepare to serve a mission. Missionary service is a priesthood DUTY—an OBLIGATION the Lord expects of us who have been given so very much. Young men, I admonish you to prepare for service as a missionary. Keep yourselves clean and pure and worthy to represent the Lord” (President Thomas S. Monson, As We Meet Together Again, October 2010). (my caps)

        Doesn’t sound like a suggestion.

      • cc, I don’t think I said it was a mere suggestion? It is a big deal I don’t deny. We could parse the words out a million different ways, but what I said still applies. There are a myriad of exceptions. You just won’t hear about it in a talk to the general membership.

      • If a devout Mormon young man decides not to go on a full-time mission, that in no way affects his standing in the church. If a mission was a true commandment, then that wouldn’t be the case.

      • It says in that quote from the current prophet, that every WORTHY, ABLE young man should go–that “the LORD expects” it. The implication is that the exceptions are being unworthy or unable—not that you’re doing something else. No wonder there are so many strong LDS opinions that a mission is mandatory.

        I get that it’s like many churches, where there’s a big difference between what the leaders say and what the general population believes and practices. Like the Catholics and birth control.

      • All religion has problems/issues- as it is man made- but they serve as a vehicle for personal faith. One can mince words all day, and clearly in David’s culture ( not yours/mine) a mission is viewed as something to aspire to, But, when David said “no one made” me, is it really so hard to believe that is true? You have a right to not agree with many of the doctrines of LDS or any “church/organized religion”. There is plenty to find fault with. But this is IMO, a matter of faith- and none of us are in the position, or should we be, to test David’s motives and examind his heart.- why should we anyway? He did his best to explain. I for one, believe he weighed it out.

      • oops correction his exact words were “Its not because someone told me that I was supposed to do it”.

    • thanks Mom Julee for your explanation! Not sure why Jimmer Fredette is a topic under HG’s post celebrating David’s 21st Birthday.

  2. 😳 I hope David enjoys his 21st. I wish nothin’ but the best for him.

  3. Happy Birthday to David – he’s getting up there, lolol… anyhoo – may he have a great big fun time, surrounded by lots of love from his family and friends, and may nothing remove the focus from the fun and festivities on his special day. Off to work for me now, so I raise my glass of orange juice in a symbolic toast to him on his birthday- skoal! 🙂

  4. happy birthday to david – i too raise my glass (of water) and drink to his good health and wish him love, hope, joy and peace on his special day and all the days of his life. have a happy life david, you deserve nothing less.

    • Happy Birthday David. Nothing but the best to him. I do not remember much of my 21st either hg as I had quite a bit to drink. lol. That was a different time for me. David is such an “old soul.”

  5. Interesting about Jimmer.. so will he be next to serve it seems David has risen the bar now. pressure.

  6. Wishing David a happy birthday! It seems like just yesterday for some reason I was fretting over him turning 18, lol. Also, remember how in so many AI interviews David used to mention being a teenager? Ah, what memories…. 🙂

  7. Shanny in Australia

    ♪ Happy Birthday to ya ♪ David! From me and Stevie…

  8. Wishing David a very Happy Birthday with lots of friends and family.
    I toast my glass of water and smile thinking of his little speech (rambling )about turning 21 during the SLC concert.
    Ah! so many good memories of these last 5 years with David. Sweet 16 when he auditioned and so many,many accomplishments since then.

    It was fun to wear party hats and sing Happy Birthday to David in Beaver Creek.

  9. Good morning and a very Happy Birthday to the one and only David James Archuleta! My toast includes a very good cup of coffee and a glass of OJ to celebrate his special day!

    P.S. Shanny, I posted that article because it seemd as though the comments were equally shared as to whether Jimmer was already serving a Mission by his conduct as a highly profiled basketball player. I found it interesting also that the poll they took asking that question was over 70% that he was already serving. Things that make you go hmmmm…

    • Thanks for pointing out that most readers of the article felt that Jimmer was already serving. Only about 4 people out of 50 or so comments were self-righteously bashing him for not serving a mission. They were being called out by others. It’s too bad that some here chose to focus on the negative.

      • “I repeat what prophets have long taught—that every worthy, able young man should prepare to serve a mission. Missionary service is a priesthood duty—an obligation the Lord expects of us who have been given so very much. Young men, I admonish you to prepare for service as a missionary. Keep yourselves clean and pure and worthy to represent the Lord” (President Thomas S. Monson, As We Meet Together Again, October 2010).

        Sorry if that’s considered focusing on the negative.

      • I am reposting a statement I made a while back because it was made at a time when most sane folks were probably more involved in holiday preparation than checking blogs, and because I remain grateful to the LSD followers who provide clarification to those of us who need it.

        “utahmom & julee, I want to thank you for your periodic gracious explanations of the LDS church. It must be hard to not take questions and comments as personal criticism. I know little about the Mormon Church except that Mormons I’ve met were nice.”

        I am working to understand my own reaction to recent events and hearing your perspective helps. Thanks again

      • focus on the negative? noooooooooo

      • CC–there is a difference between saying must go…and prepare to go…I see a huge difference. And, prepare was used twice…which sounds like the word itself is being emphasized to me?

      • “…so glad my family (and especially my son) aren’t in that church undergoing that kind of one-size-fits-all mentality. Poor David. I didn’t realize that going on a mission was a commandment from their prophet”

        –Sounds pretty negative to me.

        Before the last few minutes of today runs out, I hope David has had a memorable 21st birthday.

      • Fair enough, utahmom. It was my honest reaction to the discussion, but I should learn that it might not be nice to post it.

        I was thinking that I hope the families David recruits know all the expectations that there will be in his church. I’ve read that the missionaries encourage people to be baptized really early in the process, rather than attend church a year or two before being baptized.

  10. The coffee was for me…the OJ for David! LOL

  11. Happy Big 21 Birthday David!! , i can’t believe he/we is/are closing this era in this many ways !!! Best Wishes for you David and bright future !

  12. Latina.com/Entertainment has posted 21 of his songs with a big fat Headline about his 21 st Birthday!

  13. testing:

  14. happy birthday to david! i hope he is having a good 21th birthday with family and friends somewhere!?

  15. Hope he has a great 21st birthday!

    I’m sitting here doing research at a major university library and wish David could have an experience like this someday. Maybe a school of music at a well-known institution?

  16. Whatever, David, but please make “Wait” available on iTunes. Thank you.

    • Ditto!!
      Cannot understand why make a music video and not promote it ?! Anyway, he is too complicated , already give up trying to understand or figure out some of the decisions which he made.

      • I am starting to look at things this way. David has to want his music career and the fans can not do it for him. He really has already had a year off as that is when he left his label. It was almost a year ago. I wish we were all talking about new music but that is just wishful thinking, Best of luck to him though in whatever he does do

      • Good point. I thought he was already on a “break”? I’d rather see him to go to college (perhaps a few years at a very good school of music) for his upcoming break, but the mission is one way for him to have some time away.

      • I so agree with you about college, thefreo.

  17. Discussion is not bickering. I believe we can all come to a better understanding of each other and ourselves if we continue to try. I appreciate cc halo’s ( and others’) questions as well as julee’s, utahmom’s (and others’) answers. We ask, listen and respond not to win an argument, but because we all care.

    • Well stated Kathyh. Thanks for expressing how I feel. I am always so impressed how David has so may fans that care so deeply about him. I know I am one of them. At the end of the day it is David’s choice what he does but that does not stop the concerns. Just like in my own family. lol

    • Thanks, Kathyh. I do believe that David is going of his own free will, and I think it’s even possible that his leaders and others in his community preferred that he stay and represent the church in the way that he has been doing, like Jimmer.

      It’s just a personal quirk of mine that things should be consistent . If the prophet had been more clear about young men also following their own conscience, I’d understand it better. Emerson said “…consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds”. I guess I just have a small mind. For example, if I had been raised Catholic, and the pope said artificial birth control was wrong, I’d probably leave the church, because I think that belief has harmful consequences. When my kids were small, we joined a very loosy-goosy, follow-your-bliss kind of church, so I have very little understanding of what it’s like to have leaders with strong opinions of what the Lord wants, or what followers should do.

    To help celebrate @DavidArchie ‘s 21st Birthday today, we will be playing one hour of his music, starting at 6pm ET!
    1 hour ago


  19. Happy 21st Birthday, David!
    Hello HG, Marlie, Burkey & Burkey’s Daughter. I met you all at the my kind of Christmas tour in Verona, NY. I’m glad that I went to that concert since David will be going on a mission for 2 years

  20. If David ever doubted how inspiring he is, how many lives he’s touched and changed, this should change his mind.

    • Beautiful International tribute,Marlie. Love the ending “Waiting On The World To Change” in Beaver Creek. It was so great. Definitely need tissues for this one.

    • Aww. Such a nice video. Thanks for posting it.

  21. I do not know if anyone has posted this video yet but it again shows what amazing fans David has. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpbkwiabN_M&feature=share

  22. Marie – here is the link. When you post it you have to remove all the junk after the & in the link.

  23. i wish best of luck with david in his 2 years mission in the plilippines, rumors are true!!. yeah you guys heard it here first!. bye guys


  24. i am not talking about the acting rumors, according to charice fans, he is not going and they says it not true.

  25. some charice fans that live in PH, are saying that the acting rumors are not true. i wonder if david is heading to las vegas because i read rumors that charice is hanging out there hmmm??? but isn’t david suppose to start training for the missonary soon or next week???

  26. charice fans that lives in the PH sure knows about david’s whereabout and good sources information!!.

    • angelofdja, wow! that is lot of missionary are going and david too. david is gonna be a very busy bee on a mission and i hope he will have weekend off at least to take a break from all that!. off topic here, i hope david will go to las vegas for new year eve and well he is older enough to go there now he is 21!!!.

      • Have you heard any rumors about David going to the PH specifically to convert Charice, so she’ll be Temple ready for marriage when his mission ends?

  27. I wonder, if the rumor is true and David were to go to the Philippines, would he go directly to the Missionary Training Center there (I looked it up, there is one there) or would he go to the one in Utah?

  28. Shanny in Australia

    Can you believe that in a couple of years time, all you folks will be able to say ‘I waited for a Mormon Missionary’ 😆 😆
    …kind of ironic considering what many of you think of mormonism lolol
    …oh the places you never knew you’d go when you fell in love with that exquisite voice huh?
    In fact what a fateful day it was for each of us when we heard that voice for the first time and discovered a person called David Archuleta existed.

  29. i read on a DA other forums the other day that david gave charice a his purty ring hmmm very intesting??????

  30. i wonder if david is las vegas right now or still in utah for new year eve weekend? well bye guys

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