David’s “Wait” Music Video

Hello SDers! I’m kind of late to the party since I was quite preoccupied with family and friends on Christmas Day.

Here’s a not-quite-official posting of David’s new music video for “Wait.”

Visuals are interesting to me, but I wish the storyline was better developed.  Hopefully after David returns to music, he starts to get more involved with his music video concepts the way Michael Jackson did and the way Lady Gaga definitely does.

Happy Boxing Day to all David’s UK fans! 🙂

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  1. Yes, I agree he has so much to offer both musically and on the production side of things upon his return to music,

    In as much as it is not the “traditional” boy/girl love story, I do see his hand in the story line. An easier way to go would have been to show lovers in bed- then a break up scene, then the lonely guy walking along the beach ( or something similar).

    I love the artsy feel of it. Still not 100% clear on the story but I assume it is intentionally vague.

    Am interested in what everyone thinks the story is. I see an auto accident and the little girl is lost. Not clear about the man bumping into David- except it shows a sudden accident- don’t see it coming- papers flying- not sure- symbolizes everything is out of order- messed up- out of place.
    The dropped coffee another accident- however not sure if the lady was a witness or it was her daughter- I tend to think she saw it and dropped her coffee. David in traffic shows he mentally keeps going back to the scene of the accident. Wants to re-live it.

    Just my off the cuff stream of consciousness thoughts…

  2. oh by the way- I hope it can be posted on VEVO on his site- as I think that generates revenue for him.

  3. The video’s pretty abstract and I’m fine with it conceptually. At surface level, I think of loss, with regret for rushing through life coming afterward. But like all good art, it could probably be interpreted in as many ways as people watching.

    It might not be everyone’s cuppa and since so many of us are fighting with moods, the sad tone is unfortunate. Since I’ve lived long enough to have survived several major losses, I guess my lens is less focused on the theme and more on what I see as the message (as I see it) to cherish what we have now.

    That’s a big part of what I love about David, though. He has such a big heart for the world out there, and doesn’t ignore the suffering to buy that racy car or chase some chart topping career strategy. When I think of things that way, I can get pretty darn excited about his long future in music. We need someone to present that unique world view.

  4. off topic here, do you guys hear!, there is good rumors that david will be serving a 2 years mission the in the pilippines!! it all for charice and told you all along that he is dating her and want to be spend private time with her without music and fans anymore. i bet they will ended up getting marry and have kids in the future. he prolly going to the pilippnies to fill out paper works there for the missonary next year!!.

  5. Oh, Idolfan. A mission is about anything but dating. I’m not LDS and know that for certain. Sorry.

  6. i read it okay for LDS missionary to be in a relationship when they are gone 2 years mission, david’s older sister caludia’s boyfriend went on a mission while she stayed in utah, now she is married!. i knew it david would go there!??!. it says 100% def he is going in the pililppnies, someone who live there might found out about david going there than it got spread around the internet this morning boy! david isnt gonna be happy now, he wanted to kept that private. whoop!

  7. now david fans are talking about it and it all over the DA forums now!! well david better change his location for LDS missonary now!?

  8. i guess the rumors about david going to the pililppines for serving 2 years mission, it got spread around there in the first place. david is not gonna be happy about what the pilippines, that for sure!? going out with the family. see you guys later.


  9. Idolfan, you were right long ago, about David making the mission announcement at the Salt Lake concert, but even if he goes to the Philippines on his mission, it has NOTHING to do with Charice. It just doesn’t work that way. His leaders choose where he goes and he has NO SAY in the decision. This shows how it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uweITtX-L-Q

  10. Idolfan,

    I don’t presume to know where David will be doing his Mission. I could be the Philippines. However I believe since David is a Star and well known in all of Asia, I don’t think he will be going there for his Mission. Most likely a third world country, perhaps in South America or Africa. I also believe he will be doing Humanitarian Aid rather than door to door missionary work. i do not know, this is only my thinking.

    And the Missionaries are “discouraged”, to use a mild word for it, from interacting personally with the opposite sex in any way which would interfere with the task at hand. The young missionaries cannot communicate with their own parents, so why would you believe the rumors to the contrary. Also, when David returns, when he is ready to marry, he will in all probability select a young LDS woman, not a celebrity. David has many female friends who I suspect have grown to love David even more because of his decision and have hopes of becoming “The One” for him. I believe David will and may already be thinking of spending the rest of his life with one of them whom he trusts and already loves deeply. Maybe not as soon as he returns, but certainly by age 25.

    This of course is only my thinking. Sorry Idolfan, but unless Charice converts to LDS and agrees to have lots of babies, she is out of the running to be with David forever.

    • IMO 25 seems pretty young for that type of commitment, with so much potential yet, for personality changes and growth.

      • Yes, I agree rae. There could be some major changes for David by the time he is 25 years old. Who knows what the future holds for him.

      • I agree 25 is young, however believe me when I tell you that young LDS missionaries who return after a successful mission are encouraged to think about marriage asap. RM’s are considered to be extremely desirable LDS mates and it’s not unheard of to have the young RM males heavily pursued by eligible young female LDS. The premise is to be young when they start their families.

        There is no reason to believe David could not have a successful career after marriage. Others have done it, Donnie Osmond for one, as well as the other Osmonds. As a young LDS, David will get married & have a family before long before age 30. I would bet on it because like all RM’s, when he returns, he will be encouraged to do so. As I said he may already have a special young lady he visualizes as his future wife. And it’s not Charice.

        My comments are not meant to offend. Just to “inform”.

  11. i mean the thoses rumors are true about david going to the pllilppines for 2 years mission, yeah i think charice is a ‘ little ” part reason why he is going and he can see her when he is there too, like i said before, i pretty sure of it he can spend time with her whenever he have a chance when he is there. he known charice since 2009 and still going. cc halo, i might be wrong about charice and again wouldn’t shocked me if thoses two ever get married in the future. david did says he wanted to start next chaper of his life at SLC concert!. sound like to me mission than get married.

    realovingangels, i am from the pilippines lol! just kidding.

    alright gotta go now. be here later tonight.


  12. yes i believe that david will do the LDS mission there(only if the rumors are true) but i just think charice is just “small” part reasons that all, just my opinion, like i said before i might be wrong about charice okay souldavid members. got to go

    • I did see the rumors on twitter about David doing his mission in the Philippines. But who knows if that is right. It would be an interesting choice if it is true. I do wonder if David would do more Humanitarian aid than door to door missionary work too, TooManySecrets.

  13. i don’t know if david and charice are dating or just friends, if the rumors are true that david is going to a 2 years mission in the pilippines, he can do the mission there and see charice at the same time whenever she is back home, if they are just friends, i think when david is done his missionary in 2 years, maybe david and her will start dating serious than get marry, who knows charice may not be the one, it may different girl. i am just stating my opinions that all. well i am done what i have to say about them and no point of talking about david anymore because he is leaving for long time. take care everyone. bye souldavid.


    • There is a strong possibility that as an LDS celebrity, David will be permitted to phone home and even have family visits while on the mission. I would venture that this will be very likely in his case, that he will not be reduced to two calls per year and no family visits. I would not be surprised if he even had some type of electronic presence during this time.

      However, I would be surprised if he were able to spend time with a lady friend, too, in the area, lol. Missionaries are not permitted to date or spend private time with people they meet on the mission, at least from what I have been told and read.

      I will always remain a fan (I am very loyal to artists I follow). I am looking forward to returning to more personal reading and writing, too!

      • It’s true that the Osmond kids, while on missions in Europe were allowed to be visited by their family several times. It seems unfair, but perhaps given how much the family has done for the church, they gave the OK.

      • You don’t have to be a celebrity for the rules to bend a little. I’ve visited missionaries from home when I’ve happened to be in their area. I’ve known some (non-celeb) missionaries that have been visited by family members as well. The visits have to fit mission rules though so they’re just a quick meal or a trip to church with them. You shouldn’t plan a trip to visit a missionary, but if you happen to end up in the area…it’s okay.

        Phone calls often are necessary to get a problem solved. The stated rule is twice a year, but life happens sometimes. David will probably have more complications than others and will need to call home more than most. I anticipate having to talk with my missionary son a few times to get him registered in college while he’s away.

        It will be interesting to see if David’s mission will be handled differently. I don’t recall any major differences with other high profile missionaries though.

        That was probably too much info, but just thought I’d clarify this a bit.

      • I should add that the mission president is supposed to be consulted with first for permission. That doesn’t always happen though. 😉

  14. idolfan, you need your own site for while David is gone. It can be called “The Straight-Jacket” and be all about the truth of David being in Philippines with Charice even though other people are saying differently.

  15. TMS is correct that David will be strongly encouraged to marry when he returns. I would not be surprised if there is a very short courtship (we’re talking weeks) and then a quick temple marriage. I am preparing myself for that because that is a typical process.

    • Isn’t that what happened to Claudia and her husband? Or did she know him before he went away? Anybody know?

      Oooh, gossip is fun.

      • I am not sure. Those quick courtships are not common where I live. Where I live, a quick courtship mean something quite different. 😉

        @theotherdavid, really appreciated your comments on previous threads. I have some hard questions myself about that topic.

  16. There was an Adam in Claudia’s/David’s circle when he was on Idol. I remember him at the periphery of conversations with David’s friends. It is my guess that Claudia’s husband could be that Adam … thus a longtime friend as toomanysecrets describes as typical for young LDS.

  17. Shanny in Australia

    As for the wait video, David said in his ‘Phil’s BBQ’ vlog after he returned from Hong Kong that the music video doesn’t have a.storyline and is just more symbolic. I think the scenes are just meant to be dreamy and emotive and even somewhat confusing like dreams often are.

  18. Been offline for awhile, so I’m skimming through to catch up. Forgive me if I repeat something or bring up a topic that’s dead.

    First, thank you for the well wishes! I’m mostly fine now.

    Regarding the Philippines mission rumor, who knows? There is a definite need for missionaries in that area, but should David go there, it would have absolutely nothing to do with Charice, and he would have little contact with her. I tend to think he’d go somewhere Spanish-speaking.

    I truly believe this is David’s decision. I’m betting that many of those close to him would not have urged him to serve in this way. I don’t think he cares what some self-righteous strangers say about him. I think he just doesn’t want to miss this experience and he feels compelled to do this while he still can.

    I spoke with my missionary son yesterday. He is so happy, and I can tell he has matured, is more confident and is wiser. He wouldn’t have missed this experience for the world. Also, he was able to watch TV for the first time in a year and a half — Glad Christmas Tidings! He thought that was quite cool, and since he has the CD I sent him, he can “relive it” now.

    I read that VRS, Rich, said that David didn’t have his call yet. David contradicted that, which pretty much verifies the thoughts of many here that he isn’t really in the loop.

    TMS. that’s more of a stereotype than reality. Some LDS young people marry at a young age, some don’t. In fact, over the past several years, the trend has definitely been towards marrying at a later age now.

  19. Utahmom,

    Glad you are mending well.

    Stereotype or not, David will marry well before age 30 and will have started a family by then. Had he not decided to go on a mission, marriage would be far in the future, if at all because as he has said, he was “married” to his career. The mission will change that.

    David did say he will continue “doing music” while on his mission. That is perceivable depending on where he is I would think. Also, I doubt David will want to be given preferential treatment because of who he is so I think David will sing as part of his mission duties. It will help keep his vocals in good health. Use it or lose it as the saying goes.

    Personally, I would prefer that David return, pursue & rebuild his career or decide to further his growth with a college education and put marriage on the back burner. Wishful thinking, I’m afraid.

    • I agree with you about rebuilding his career and college when he returns but it could be wishful thinking. You are right.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I think marriage and family is the most important and joy filled experience a person can have, so I hope David gets married some day. When that happens is no big deal to me. If David’s career can survive him leaving for 2 years, I think it will be perfectly capable of continuing even when David has his own family.

      • Of course he will be more than capable. I never meant to imply otherwise, I only wanted to bring attention to “idolfan” of some basic truths and that is that RM’s are typically encouraged to find an LDS mate, marry & start a family when they return from a successful mission. Some do & some don’t. Some can ill afford to pursue marriage financially but are still encouraged to do so.

        I do believe David will marry & start a family while in his twenties. That does not in any way mean he will not or cannot have a very successful career in music if he so chooses. I do think his priorities may change while on his mission which may dictate which direction he will follow as far as the type or genre of music he will do. But marriage is in the cards if he continues to be obedient to the church as he has been so far.

        Again, not meaning to offend. Just passing on some of what I know & some of what I believe.

        Good night to all.

      • No Shanny , you really need to go out of your world more often seriously, marriage is not the most important experience for everyone, non even for all the LDS members that post in obscure forums, to the vent their frustration about be married so young or quickly or with the wrong person or because the wrong reasons , i mean what works for one person doesn’t work for other, not even if they are exposed to the same strict rules.
        And family he already has one, many of us enjoy the family, doesn’t mean every one has a great experience with their families …. If a person feel his/she professional achievements fail because the pressure of be married , that gonna be problems for sure in the marriage ….. frustration feelings can be difficult to ignore ….. better to define what his real passion is before to go with a big responsibility like the Marriage …. so i hope and wish for him a place to be really free and independent with the decisions on his life.

        And about David’s career, well that was already in life support style, trying to survive …. so if at the end he realized that this business is not his place , kudos to him , and college gonna be always a good plan B, he actually talk about the plan B very often in the pass, and he already did good money this year too, so with good administration, he can have a good live in Utah ……. with Charice lol.

      • I agree with ya Tibi.Also maybe David and Charice will go to BYU after his mission and live in Utah. lol Night everyone. Back to my family and work this week.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Tibi you are right…marriage and families are not always the most joyous things on earth. In fact I think it would be the rare family that doesn’t have any issues at least at some stage. I’m not living in some little perfect world, and my past experiences growing up have been far from perfect but I do stand by what I said when I said family and marriage are extremely important (even most important) and that the most joyful experiences we can have in this life are those associated with family. Even people from severly dysfunctional families seem to wish they could have a loving family around them. At Christmas, what do most of us want to do?…Be with our family. When we are at deaths door, who do we want to make ammends with and have around? Our family. Just because they are not ideal doesn’t mean they are not important or have the potential for great joy.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I was just talking with my grandmother yesterday about how all the lose ends in our family seem to have finally in the last couple of years, come full circle and been tied up in a way, where it is all quite pleasant and functional. But I can tell ya….the family I grew up in…..days of our lives material! 😆

        Please don’t assume because I believe in families that I have my head in the sand and live in a perfect little paradise.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I guess I will say this much…..I was born to a 17yo single woman, who was also born to a 16 year old single woman. Think of all the stereotypes and risk factors that go with a scenario like that…and well….my life was not perfect. But I still believe in families.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Sorry, that should really read…. “I was born to a 17yo single woman, who herself was born to a 16 yo single woman’. Hope that sounds a little clearer. I will stop spamming now.

      • You probably have a lot of insight into David’s appreciation of family, maybe because of the problems, not despite them.

        I come at it from another perspective–having gone through 12 years of infertility, miscarriage and adoption attempts before being able to adopt our kids. My parents became grandparents for the first time at age 73.

      • Shanny in Australia

        You could be right about the problems.

        I’m sorry about your past infertility difficullties. I have had just enough difficulty myself, to have a little window of insight into how emotionally traumatic infertility must be for those who truly struggle with it long term. ((hugs))

    • I just want him to have freedom and flexibility to focus on music and career first and foremost not have to worry about the rest of the balancing act. JMO. I believe the 20’s are a very creative age and time for David. Either way, it is speculation- alot can happen in 2 years.

  20. Regarding all this talk of marriage after a mission:

    It’s so hard to understand why David would choose a formal mission, when he has said that music is his mission, especially in light of all the good things he has done, the people he inspires through his music, the many who’ve joined his church, the massive contributions to charity in his name, the goodwill inspired by traveling the world, the good example he sets in the decadent entertainment industry, and so much more. And four years of it , too. It’s especially hard in light of all that he’s potentially giving up. Could it really be because it’s a rite of passage that he’s always dreamed about? I suppose it could be–and there would be no selfishness in that at all.

    Right now, he’s probably THE most eligible bachelor in an LDS world with an imbalance of males to females (more girls) and he could choose anyone without going on a mission. Donny Osmond didn’t go on a mission, and he married at 20–his wife was 19–and Donny said in an interview that they were “that close” to not being virgins when they married.

    Maybe David hopes that a mission would give him a blessing that he hasn’t yet received from all of his good works. Maybe it would put his head into a place where he could be open to a relationship, that he’s not now ready for. Or maybe he’ll never be ready and it could be just to buy him time, what with all the pressure he receives on that topic.

    I think the pressure from his community isn’t so much to go on a mission as to date, fall in love and get married, and that could be his motivation.

    • I started thinking about this after reading several stories of gay Mormons who went on missions, certain that God would “cure” them of their homosexuality if they did an honorable mission. I’m not saying David is gay, because I see no evidence of it–he just seems…..uninterested, despite his mother’s wanting him to date (per an interview this year).

      I think it was the missionary blog someone linked to, where he mentioned the LDS legend that the better the missionary, the hotter the wife, lol.

  21. i pretty doubt it that david won’t be living in utah when his LDS mission over, just my opinion. okay bye guys.

  22. If you want an analysis of Wait check out Snowangelz site. Fun!

  23. If I had my druthers, David would move to Nashville, hire a real management team, and such as he rebuilds his career. But I am greatly managing any expectations upon his return.

    I am still unclear why he went to Nashville this year if he had no intentions of continuing after this year. What was the point of the meetings; was he just wasting both his and others’ time?

    • That’s a good question.

    • I’m guessing that at the time he still wanted to pursue his career. It seemed like he became distant and his work died off immediately following the Asian tour. Maybe he realized something pivotal during that tour?

      • I forget, is that when the rumor happened? Or was it before the tour? The rumor was probably based on real plans.

      • Do you mean the hacker? That was a while after the tour, I think.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Its interesting….David did seem quiet after the Asian tour and yet it’s kind of a strange time to have made the decision. After all, it was a very successful tour and would normally make a person want to do more of that sort of thing, not have a wonderful time only to back off and risk it all.

        I tend to think he was still undecided back then but then again, maybe the wild success of the tour actually gave him the confidence to think he could leave for 2 years and still have a career to come back too.

        If that is the case, I’m just honoured that David feels he can trust us like that. 🙂

      • The hacker incident was in October, I think. When was the tour?

      • He ended the tour in July.

      • Shanny in Australia

        If he did decide back around the time of the Asian tour to go on a mission, it makes me think the only reason he hasn’t already gone was he was waiting around to do the Christmas tour for the American fans. He was reported to have said quite emphatically that he did this tour for the fans.

      • Oops. The hacker tweet was August.

      • It does look like he may have made a decision during or right after the Asian tour. He probably started working on his mission papers in August and planned on an availability date in January once all his current obligations plus the Christmas tour were completed. That would be odd if he ends up going to Asia since that may have been where he was when he decided to go.

      • Utahmom. so good to see you back. Hope you are well.

        I totally agree with the perception that he became distant after the Asian tour. I remember a tweet shortly after he returned about “hiking with a friend” and “having time to think”. Afterwards I felt a change.

        David was making career moves before Asia, and he seemed very excited with the reception he received in Asia. My speculation when the Mission thing came up in August was that all the excitement and positive regard lead to him reevaluating his priorities. It’s not uncommon for major success to have that kind of impact on conscientious young people.

        Of course, speculation is just speculation. What is true is that a major life decision was reached and he seems at peace with the path he has chosen.

      • Yes, I think the hacker took action as soon as the plans came down–so it would have been August.

      • Shanny in Australia

        ” What is true is that a major life decision was reached and he seems at peace with the path he has chosen. ”

        I like that. Very true. 🙂

      • The only incident i remember i read in FOD to be specific , it was after his Asia tour, he was waiting his fly to US in HK airport and he found a LDS Missionary waiting too for his fly, i remember the person reported his son talked to David or David talked to him better and took a picture with him, the guy said he didn’t knew who David was btw.

        I remember too i noticed his change of attitude and myself made the link by then , with this casual meeting at the airport, maybe he was moved a feel some guilty or responsibility to do what in his community is the right thing , but then i remember too that in the Asia tour he persistently sang ATM to his mom and Stand by me what caught my attention ….. like if his decision was already made.

        And last but not least i know ( after the hackers incident ) some of the VRS informed he was very confused about what he want to do , if to go in Mission or Not .

  24. To me, David doesn’t seem like the type to marry someone for the wrong reasons, i.e. pressure from others. “My Kind of Perfect” is a good example of that – David expresses his will to search for the right person for as long as it takes to find her. He will not settle for just anyone. That is my opinion.

    About the Wait music video, there’s a lot of speculation on YT regarding the message of the video. Here are a few examples.

    – The song represents memories. He’s talking to someone who already left and all he has are his memories of that person. The woman spilled water at the beginning symbolizing something that is wasted and cannot be taken back. The scenes go forward and backward on the scenes that already happened representing the memories of those scenes coming back and making them last for as long as he could. Water is something that can be seen but difficult to grasp. The shattered glass represents the same thing. The man running chases something that we cannot see therefore appears to be chasing something that cannot be chased.

    – “I’ll find a way to make it last.” – Slow motion…. i think thats the meaning of the MV

    – I think it’s about reversing time and getting back everything that was lost…

    – Here’s my take of the video: The little girl gets hit by a car..hence all the sharded glass. The mom gets the news and drops her coffee..the dad races to get to her. The doctor bumps into David with all the medical paperwork. David’s standing at the scene of the accident.

    – I agree with @crazyshark22’s car crash take. But one thing I see different is the man who runs into David is not a doctor, he’s the one who was not paying attention while driving and caused the crash. Seems like the rain is a big part of the crash too. The little girl seems to be floating / dancing towards heaven.

    For some reason, I find the scene with the man bumping into David really upsetting… David’s expression is just… wow. I keep rewinding it.

  25. “To me, David doesn’t seem like the type to marry someone for the wrong reasons, i.e. pressure from others. “My Kind of Perfect” is a good example of that – David expresses his will to search for the right person for as long as it takes to find her. He will not settle for just anyone.”

    I think that that’s one reason for the mission, to withstand pressure to date and marry on a earlier time frame. The head of his church gave a speech this year encouraging young men not to delay getting married to a righteous young lady.

    He says, “I realize there are many reasons why you may be hesitating to take that step of getting married. If you are concerned about providing financially for a wife and family, may I assure you that there is no shame in a couple having to scrimp and save….. Perhaps you are afraid of making the wrong choice. To this I say that you need to exercise faith….”

    MKOP shows that David isn’t bowing to the pressure. OTOH, I know a couple of guys who waited and waited for the perfect woman. One is now married to another guy, and the other is 45 and still single….

    • Shanny in Australia

      Even in the LDS church where people do tend to marry younger, 21 is still considered to be on the young end. I would be very surprised if he was under the type of pressure to get married that you are describing. I really don’t think his going on a mission has anything to do with marriage or dating or anything.

      He sang I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus and said himself that it is a big part of why he has chosen to serve a mission. I think people everywhere within the fandom are overthinking it all. Is it so hard to believe there is a young man who loves God deeply and feels that serving a proselyting mission is what He wants him to do with his life right now? I really don’t think it is any more complicated than that.

  26. Having been told that David’s mom’s side converted because of missionaries (??) supports that notion, shanny. But I wouldn’t be shocked if any of these other theories were true in varying degrees. The fact that I’m up at 3:30am worrying over this is entirely my own problem. 😉 Good thing people don’t care too much about my odd-looking choices.

    And there’s another theory. Living in a fish bowl can’t be easy.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Well I have something I tend to say to my husband when we’re bantering over something…. “You can say what you want but it doesn’t change the truth”. So I guess us fans, can speculate all we want but it doesn’t change the truth. 😆
      Not saying anyone is right or wrong, just that David knows the truth and anything we say will always be speculation. (Although in defense of my speculation…. speculation based upon known facts gets us closer to the truth. Bwhahaha! 😉 )

  27. True. And if he’s always wanted to go on a mission he’d probably have avoided getting too involved romantically anyway.

    • Shanny in Australia

      I think there are probably a plethora of reasons why David has not had a relationship but that’s a whole ‘nother topic and we’ve got 2 years to brush that one through with a fine toothed comb. lol Better leave some topics for the slow times.

      And besides, for all we know, he has had relationships. He has said he wouldn’t tell us if and when he did. In fact I think there have been some interesting indicators along the way with regards to Jennette McCurdy but then I think it was HG or someone said they thought it was her who was pursuing him and I guess that could be the case. Anyway…I’ve said way more than I intended now and am well and truly drowning myself in speculation. lol

  28. i am going to stop this crazzeys some how and walk in my own two shoes,ans.go on a mission

  29. The strict structure for life being led this one way and set up by a church for young people since their childhood definately would not be for everyone. I know that they have a choice. I will trust google search for the reasons.


    • lol.

      Regarding the timing of his decision:

      tibi is right about the signs in Asia about a mission. People were commenting then about how it seemed like a farewell to his Asian fans. Some of us pooh-poohed that, and all of the other signals he could have been sending. I thought that all the appreciation was just part of his overall message of showing gratitude, etc.

      I have to re-think all those little signs he was giving that I brushed off. Sunny H. was so vehement about the hackers “lies”, I wonder if she even knew everything.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I’m probably in the minority in saying this but I still don’t think there were any clear indicators that he was planning a mission. If we could get inside Davids head and relive the last year, yes I’m sure a lot of the stuff that happened or didn’t happen can be pinned up to ‘going on a mission’ but from the outside looking in, those indicators still could have simply been David working on his musical direction etc. Plus there were.also strong indications.that David was going with music. Probably half of the problem was that David was probably undecided himself for quite some time. I’m sure he felt the strong pull from the fans to stay.

  30. uh.. wow. #happy21stDavidArchie is on Trending Topic Worldwide already, #2.

  31. I’m curious, but wouldn’t it seem that David had a sense he “may” go on a mission when he didn’t resign with Jive?

  32. We sure don’t know what he has on his heart, not even his fellows LDS members who claim to know what gonna happen with his personal life after the mission thing, what tbh is what ”freaking” (sorry for the expression) the most to people. Why ? because make it look like if his life was already programmed in advance , to follow the same path that all the LDS young male should follow, so i can’t believe we still talking about independence and free agency, when look like all his decisions should please first all his close entourage and community , to still be part of – ‘Our’ group.

    I guess because that the best souvenirs i had of David it was his first career phase, young David was brave enough not only to stand by his morals in a business extremely corrupted, but too to respond to his LDS community and their incessant question about the mission, by then he said he felt his mission was different and his music was part of it …… sadly after the release of his book all changed and easily we could noted his different attitude and a more stressed guy emerged by the end of the year and the TOSOD sales not helped at all, clearly he was conflicted by then , struggling to advance with his career.

    To me he knows still he can do better spraying his good message with his career, but he choose to stay and be part of the system, what give to his fanbase reasons to see him a different dimension than before, since before he was perceived like more ”religious crossover” person, now many are sure of what ideas he standing by, and yes that disappointed a little some of his fans , after all his new mission is strictly proselytism , selling the LDS doctrine that is conflicting to many for many reasons , but again it is what it is , his life , his choices, he look convinced and blinded faithful about he was showed to do…… People love him anyway .

    If he gonna be able to rebuild his career?, idk, is hard, he’s not exactly in a high point of success, he was building still some solid base, but i don’t think he succeed to end that process either, so we’re talking that next time he’s gonna release some pop music he’s gonna have at least 24 years old at least, because being realistic is not that he’s gonna arrived from his mission and his career gonna picked up , i mean add to that two year two more, if he really has the energy and perseverance to go for it and if a decent amount of fans still interested on him again, now if he gets married by his 25, family gonna be his priority (logically), and by what i read this can be really the end, due to the limiting time he’s gonna have to rebuild his business ….. i hope i wrong , by tbh looks like that. 😐

    • If he were going away for two years to do what non-LDS perceive as true humanitarian work, it would be so much easier to understand. It would feel like we were sacrificing for a good cause. Going away to proselytize a highly controversial religion, makes it seem so much more difficult for me to accept. I love your point about him previously being a “religious crossover”. Now we won’t be able to fool ourselves into thinking he’s “one of us”–whatever “us” may be.

      I don’t know if coming back from a mission would affect his standing in the larger music world, that is, if he’s able to get any traction there. All the media coverage about him going seems very positive–and most music consumers don’t care very much, as long as his music is good.

      I love the image of David “spraying” his good message–he’s “spreading” it also.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Considering how David has always tried to be very PC about religious stuff so as.to not exclude anyone, I can completely understand how going out to preach his own religion seems like a contradiction to some. lol I guess I make sense of it by understanding that this mission thing is a personal endeavour and has nothing to do with his career and public actions. Of course being a public figure it is hard for him to keep them seperated but perhaps the surprise is a.cushy he has been in his public life.

        To be honest I kind of feel surprised at how some are so surpris

      • Shanny in Australia

        Considering how David has always tried to be very PC about religious stuff so as.to not exclude anyone, I can completely understand how going out to preach his own religion seems like a contradiction to some. lol I guess I make sense of it by understanding that this mission thing is a personal endeavour and has nothing to do with his career and public actions. Of course being a public figure it is hard for him to keep them separated.
        To be honest I kind of feel surprised at how some are so surprised he is so into his own religion, to the point he wants to go on a mission. It makes me wonder if people have only seen what they want to see (and still do) or perhaps I am just looking at it from my little corner of the world and maybe it was completely un-obvious. ……just….isn’t a person who regularly participates in his own religion, likely to have some definitive religious beliefs….? I guess that is what I feel people have perhaps ignored.

        And anyway, just because a person can have personal beliefs doesn’t mean they can’t respect the beliefs of others. I think that is definitely David.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Argh, sorry I accidentally pushed post comment while trying to edit and thought that I caught it in time. Hg, please feel free to delete that first incomplete comment.

      • ”I love the image of David “spraying” his good message–he’s “spreading” it also.”

        Thanks!! 🙂 …. i just noted a lot of little mistakes in my post, not new from me, but my sincere apologized for the lack of good grammar , hope iclklear somehow ! 🙂

      • Many fans, especially LDS one, I think, have put David on an unrealistic pedestal of perfection. In our own way, some non-LDS fans have put him on a pedestal too–one where he doesn’t really believe the negative aspects of his church (or what we think are negative aspects–pro-Prop 8, anti-equality, for example). Now, since he’ll be an official church representative, we have to face the reality. His goodness speaks for itself, but we tend to want perfection.

        You’re perhaps right, Shanny, that we shouldn’t be surprised, but I guess that’s the nature of fandom–projecting things on to a famous person that we can’t know. Absolutely, we only see what we want to see.

    • The media’s idea about David’s mission is that his album failed, his label dropped him, nothing is happening for him, so might as well do a mission. Simple as that. Fans are way over-thinking this. Ha.

      • …and the truth probably lies somewhere in between… Of late, I’ve personally grown weary of trying to find out just what the ‘truth’ is where David’s life or music career is concerned… a lot of the simple joy of being a fan of his music has been dampened, and I hope one day to be able to just simply enjoy the music he creates and sings, without getting caught up in the constant analyzing, reanalyzing and dissecting of every aspect of his life, the decisions he makes, etc. I’ve no problem with those who thrive off that – being a fan encompasses many aspects and different approaches – all are needed and vital to the lifeblood of a fandom. I hope to personally continue tailoring mine into the much less emotionally invested kind – the kind that keeps tabs on the artists career from time to time, will go see and buy their material when it comes out, but in the meantime will move onto living life, and letting go of the aspects of expectation and investment that aren’t productive. In retrospect, and lotsa musing…. I think many fans saw what we wanted to see, projected too many of our thoughts, life experiences and worldviews / expectations onto David’s life and career, when the “Truth” about his committment to his church, serving ITS goals, following its precepts and ideals, even down to the possibility of serving a mission, was always there, staring us in the face. The only deception that occurred was self deception on part of many fans – many ignorant of LDS and Mormonism at the beginning of starting their fandom can’t proclaim to be so after doing research into the precepts and doctrines and expectations of the LDS church, especially those in regard to young Mormon men and the mission question. Our hearts didn’t want to believe David was really subject to those expectations/requirements, or with all his success and fame, THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE, THAT GORGEOUS VOICE – we didn’t want to really believe that he would hold himself accountable to his church, his beliefs over the desires and wishes of his fans/strangers… did we? David always placed his faith, his beliefs at the forefront of his life, his career. One good thing I think to come out of all this is the knowledge that he is after all… human. Humble to a fault. Doesn’t consider or place himself, his talent, his fame, his career even above doing what he has been raised to believe and do – be an upright and staunch member of the LDS church. Talking the talk, and walking the talk. He has chosen to follow the ‘traditional’ path thousands of other young committed LDS men have taken before him. That is the ‘truth’ of what is going on right now. I accept that. What he decides to do after he’s satisfied his mission committment – I’ll be interested to see. My hope would be that he still share his gift in the music mainstream, but I’m also aware that he may choose to go another route. All I can do is wish him well, and pray that he finds his real joy and happiness, and pursue whatever it may be with his whole heart, and self.

    • Tibi,
      Your post is true on so many levels. After the “I’m happy for him” phase is a distant memory as the song goes – What’s left of me? What will be left of us as fans. After a ton of emotional and financial investment in this artist’s career – some of us are burnt out and wrung dry by the experience. Was all the hard work it took to get him to this point in his career all in vain?

      Just as he will ultimately change so will some in the fanbase. My personal hope is he will be more articulate and forthcoming with information regarding his career. Because despite early acceptance of his decision, I still feel blindsided by events. As for now, we also only have secondhand information as told to a small group of fans about his music intentions upon return. Of course music is a given with David. Career? Not so sure.

      The brutal truth is – we might become a more skeptical, uncertain, questioning, whatever goes, bunch of fans. Nothing that has been said recently per David/VRS since the announcement has given me peace of mind. In fact I have more post-mission rhetorical questions than ever and sadly it may take up to 4 years from his return to get some answers. Now more than ever I will take a wait and see approach to anything David says because as with life, it could change in the blink of an eye. For example – saying in the Forbes interview certain things about his future projects and doing a complete 360 a couple weeks later. I will always support David as a person, his spiritual nature and future artistic endeavors (if any). Anything else (at this point) is up for debate.
      I am not bitter or angry, but simply taking a more realistic step back from this artist.

  33. The Asia fans did it!

    Yes!! We did it! #happy21stdavidarchie is trending worldwide at 1207am! @Davidarchie http://t.co/jfsiQ31j

    This is the fastest we get him to trend! Lol

  34. ”I will always support David as a person, his spiritual nature and future artistic endeavors (if any). Anything else (at this point) is up for debate.

    I am not bitter or angry, but simply taking a more realistic step back from this artist.”

    Well said Joymus – well said.

    • GG – Thanks and ditto to your comment as well. Excellent points.

      • I appreciate your comments GG !! ……….and others as well.

        I was able to write to David prior to his Beaver Creek concert, right after leaving SLC.
        Besides wishing him well, my own goal of being more useful myself was emphasized.

    • I agree. Well said Joymous,GG,cc halo, and tibi. I agree with you all on all points. I think “taking a more realistic step back from this artist” makes sense to me. But “without bitterness or anger”. I have never seen fans with the “mad” writing skills that David’s fans have. lol I am not one of them. I have been reading comments from here and other sites regarding David. Some fans just have a true gift for expressing themselves in writing. “Blisskasden on the Voice DA has written some poignant comments too.

    • Yes, GG, some of us have to wrestle with it for a while before letting go. It seems like a mistake to have gotten so emotionally invested, at this supposedly mature stage of life, but I’m not sure how I could have prevented it.

      • I have absolutely no regrets about flying too close to the sun. Afterall love does not come without a measure of pain and I do and still love David. The time and place of encountering him was perhaps already destined in the universe and besides who could be angry if a person of any age wishes to take personal time to reevlauate priorities?

        The problem as I see it was David’s unwillingness to play the music industry’s games before and probably after his mission as well to ensure superstar success.

        I cannot say for certain that I will never become emotionally invested in another artist if that person comes along because music never stops engaging our senses and hearts as it is constantly being re-created or created.

        Can lessons can definitely be learned from this fan experience? Definitely but it is up to each individual to determine what they are.

      • beautifully stated Joymus!

      • I have 0 regret in still being an ODD, invested fan of David. What is life if there are no passions, no throwing care and caution to the wind sometimes, and just enjoying people and things to the fullest – with no apologies or regret. As careful and balanced as I strive to be, I don’t apologize nor regret following and indulging in my passions in life – I’ve had many, some fit for discussion on public forums, some better kept to myself, lol… I hope to still have a few more before my time here on earth is through. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more cynical and careful about those people/places/things I choose to indulge myself in… the internet makes it so easy to do research on people and things, to gather and marshal all the info and facts necessary to get a fuller picture of things… having all the facts and info available about David and LDS didn’t stop me and millions from becoming fans. His talent and my appreciation and awe of it stays front and center – just like my love and appreciation for artists like Prince and Michael Jackson in lieu of them belonging to religious traditions many label as ‘cults’. Millions of folks the world over didn’t care or find MJ’s home religion to be nonfactors in their love and support of them as artists and entertainers… maybe one day some will feel the same about David’s…

      • TBH i enjoyed so much his first two years 2008/2009 , my ODD was intense lol , his sincerity and joyful attitude was really contagious, and i learned a lot of new things , good ones specially lol. 🙂 after that all slowly changed to a direction i was not expecting , so i tried to stay focus on his music and voice and expectations about his career by then , cheering for him, at the end i was more frustrated than anything :/ , but curiosity and hopes about his musical future make me stay, anyway i’m glad to know the reasons for him not moving anywhere with his career, i’m keeping good souvenirs and tbh i gonna miss my little english practice 😦 …. he’s a good guy he’s gonna have a healthy life and hopefully gonna be happy .

  35. ”To be honest I kind of feel surprised at how some are so surpris”

    Shanny and GG, i guess you right, after all we the fans were the ones with high expectations about his career, yes i think we were seeing what we want to see and suddenly with were confronted by the reality ….. that was caused this all feelings around his announcement. … just my guess . 🙂

    Is the reaction unexpected ? nah, after three years hearing people from all the world and from many different religions describing their experience on this fandom in a very spiritual and mystical way, you should expect some confusion expressed in many kind of feelings , this fanbase wasn’t just about music, many people really followed (and still following) like an spiritual guide , for some people he was really an angel and a perfect human being, almost like a little god, so is because that the reaction are just like his fans ‘Hard core”.

  36. Placing people on Pedestals, and looking to false ‘Idols’ has always been kinda tricky, huh lolol… I wonder if some took the American ‘Idol’ thing too literally… I know some people who have refused to support or watch the show because of the American Idols name… said it squicked them out, and didn’t jibe w/their beliefs – truefax, lol… I don’t judge them, and it provides us with interesting talking points and conversation points when we get together.

    • I remember having this discussion in IDF, and i remember the opinion of college guy poster saying ‘ that , that kind of ‘ Absolute Perfection ‘ expectations from him not only were unrealistic , but unfair with David, nobody should life his life carry on that kind of high expectations from others ‘ , he was right by then, well IDF was usually more independent about the way we perceived David anyway. Even this many of us still caught by this illusion of big success .

    • He’s not a saint–it could be that if his album had been a smash hit, he would never have considered a mission. Maybe he saw it as a sign from God–like “The Alchemist”.

  37. My plan is simple as far as David is concerned. I plan to continue to check out all the various sites and enjoy the amazing writing skills and thoughtful commentary on various topics. When he gets back, I will hope to hear him in person again and will continue to support him in any way that I can and I hope that he has a lifetime music career and that he is appreciated and is recognized for the amazing unique, charismatic, soulful and selfless musician that he is. Married or unmarried – I don’t care. The fact that he has not yet been in a relationship to me is so typical of the friends of my sons all through highschool and into and out of college. David is essentially a “music geek” similar to the math guys and the computer guys and many of the guys that I met through my kids who were very focused individuals and highly intellegent. They seem to catch up with everyone else in their late 20’s. Many of them shy. Very Bill Gates (married at 39). that’s how I see David. I think if he meets someone at any age that he thinks is his right person he will jump in immediately and it will not effect his musical career. David is music.

  38. I’m late to the train on this video, I just watched it. HG, what story? I don’t see a story at all, although I do see some images that make the viewer put their own story together. It is an emotional video, for sure, depending on the viewer and what they bring to it. I wonder, though, if David will continue to shy away from either promoting a particular storyline, when trying to invoke a particular emotion, so that he not “step on anyone’s toes”. I guess that it can be done effectively, but sometimes it’s nice to see what someone really is willing to put out there.

  39. This is lovely from those talented VN archies:

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