Merry Christmas!

So stunned were we by David’s announcement last week, we forgot to let his most moving performance of “O Holy Night” at Salt Lake City sink in.

May you find joy, peace, and love this Christmas as you let The Voice transport you to another plane:

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  1. Oh my gosh!! This picture was taken on our beach! It’s a private beach in South Laguna, CA. (Our relative owns a house here). I have pictures taken on the same spot, but I don’t know how to post them here.

  2. Merry Christmas everyone! Am traveling for the next week so won’t get to see the wait video until I get back. Saw D’s tweet… my mom is Danish, and we used to love eating aebleskiver growing up. Not really what Danes do for Christmas, but they’re always good.

  3. Good early Christmas morning …

    Thank you to HG and to Heidijoy for your accounts of the last concerts. I have not been wanting to fully read them yet but I will as the days go by!!

    HG, you were so much fun on tour! I am guessing that your picture with David is quite nice!

    No David, the sun will never go down on you! Everyone is still asleep so I must go!!


    • Thanks SB! Wishing you a Merry Christmas too. I like thinking of the sun never going down on David. The recaps were somewhat healing in a way. From Joy to sadness to Joy again.
      Am sure we will having plenty of both!!

  4. I’m sure there will be better versions soon.

    • That was great. Thanks Peter. Hard to believe that huge talent will be gone for 2 years very soon. Happy Holidays to you Peter. I enjoy your insights on David’s career as they are usually always right.

    • cool! just checking in to see if it was posted. \
      It is what I had visualized/hoped for- kinda dreamlike, soft lens, almost “inception” type feel- symbolic as opposed to literal- and very very emotive.

  5. I’ve only seen the blurry version of the video, but I like it a lot.

  6. Another version- not hd- Merry Christmas all!! Have a wonderful day- I really like it- reminds me of Inception.

  7. Latest one:

  8. Merry Christmas, everyone! I can’t believe I totally forgot about the video. Glad to see you guys like it. I don’t want to watch it, for the first time, on my phone so I’m going to have to wait a day or two to see it.

  9. Merry Christmas everyone.

    HG Thanks for posting that O Holy Night! Can you just imagine David’s emotions and the audience at that moment! He is so gifted and so strong. Couldn’t listen to this one for awhile. Love having it though.

    All we could think of about Wait that night(of his announcement) was that, that was us fans singing about David being gone and not being able to get him back.
    It’s a little hard to watch that video without thinking of our loss.
    Beautiful singing. Would love to hear David tell us his interpretation but know he wants us to come up with our own.

  10. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Glad to see that a lot of the fans like the Wait MV. I like it a lot, although at first it could get a little confusing, but then as you continue to watch it, you’ll come to realize what it means.

    Again, happy holidays to everyone. I can’t post too often, although I wish I could. So I’m really glad every time I get a chance to come here and read all your comments to know your thoughts. I treasure every minute I get to spend here in SD. I hope to get to know all of you more!

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