A Concert Recap of Events This Week

A special thank you goes to Heidijoy, who took the time to hand-deliver a card and letter that I wrote to David, which I didn’t think of doing when I went to see him in Verona. 

One of the incredibly wonderful developments in following David these past four years is the bonds formed between fellow David fans, both online and offline.

So, as part of my gratitude for Heidijoy’s generosity, I’m posting her concert recap of her experience meeting David and attending both concerts in Salt Lake City (where he made his announcement about his formal mission) and Beaver Creek (the last stop on his “My Kind of Christmas” tour). I hope you enjoy a fellow fan’s story this Christmas Eve! 🙂

A Recap of Salt Lake City and Beaver Creek
by Heidijoy

During VIP, I used my photo op for a small group of us to present David with a Certificate from the Golden Archie project in which we gave the Primary Children’s Hospital 50 of GCT CDS/DVDs, $250 check for the Music Therapy Program and a Penciled Protrait of David.  He was thrilled of course.  I was thrilled when I told him I was Heidijoy, and he said “Oh I recognize that name”.  There were probably about 200 there and no one was rushed.  It was fun to watch everyone greet David and pose for their pictures.

David sang the “Good Place/Let It Be” mashup, which was beautiful. He had a request for “How Great Thou Art” or a Hymn of his choice.  “Child of God” and “Dream Sky High” were voted on.  Child of God got the most votes and David sang it beautifully.  He then said “Oh! I’ll sing Dream Sky High too.” Beautiful and heartfelt.

The concert was spectacular!!  The Set List was the same as other concerts. The crowd was on fire and we danced to “Zero Gravity.”  David Osmond and Jenny Frogley came out and sang the background vocals like they did on the recorded version of “Melodies of Christmas.”  It was festive!  Some of the highlights in the second half of the concert were the Lycum Philharmonic Orchestra, an Adult Choir and a Children’s Choir alternating songs,  Mama Lupe and JONAH’s Particpation in the FA La La La La Song.  David’s growth as a singer and performer were out of this world! 

The highlights of David’s Banter were his appreciation of all of his fans and his gratefulness for us being responsible for all of the success and opportunities that he has had.  He also talked about turning 21 and  said he would just continue drinking water and then added, “I don’t know why I even said that.” 

David started getting quite emotional prior to “Silent Night,” when he talked about caroling with his brother and sisters, and he thanked them for being there.  He also talked of how grateful he was for the opportunity to sing this song with the Morman Tabernacle Choir last year and how meaningful that experience was for him. David ended with “Drummer Boy,” which was fantastic. There were many standing ovations, cheers, whistles etc.  We were beyond thilled with the Concert and begged for more!!

When David came back out for the Encore, that was when he told us he would be going on a full time mission.  As he struggled to tell us, he smiled,broke down in tears, and got his message out. He talked about the certainty that this is what he was being called to do at the time in his life.

The crowd erupted in cheers, and I felt like I had been kicked in the gut.  What a mix of emotions.  Exuberance for the concert, David’s growth and performances, and grief at the loss of him for at least two years. David then sang the most beautiful “O Holy Night” with his tears glistening.  He left the stage with a big wave and thank you to all. 

I was sitting in front of Lupe at the concert and told her how much we would miss David. She was very gracious and seemed happy that David has this opportunity.  We talked to Sunny too as she had sat with the family for the concert.  She said David still has some projects to do, including recording in the near future. I got to meet Jonah and tell him what a big fan I was.  He was so gracious with a hand shake and appreciation.  I of course greeted his Mom too.  Fans gathered afterward and were stunned for the most part.  I was glad we were going to Beaver Creek as painful as the grief was.

Needless to say I didn’t sleep much after SLC concert and we left bright and early for Beaver Creek. Chats with travel mate Grateful4all_DA were painful and we had a fear of how to handle all these emotions.  Lots of tears were shed. We looked forward to Beaver Creek.

At the Beaver Creek VIP,  fans gathered, and we sang “We’ll Be There,” set to the tune of “I’ll Be There,” that two fans had written to David when he entered the room prior to picture taking.  Karin asked David first if it was alright.  That was difficult, painful, tender, and very meaningful.  David expressed his gratefulness and said it was the first time a group of fans sang to him. 

I got in line near the front as I wanted to be as natural as possible.  I stood in front of David and shook his hand so I could look in those eyes one more time.  He recognized me and thanked me again for helping to gather all of the CDs/DVDs etc. We then posed arm in arm.  I again shook his hand and offered my wish of the best for him.  He thanked me with a big smile.

I then watched everyone else as they greeted and posed with him.  He was very attentive, and there was no rush of anyone.  We then went into the concert hall for the rest of the VIP.  We donned party hats and sang Happy Birthday to David, and he was touched noting the birthday hats.  He thanked all of us for everything and talked of how important it was for him to do this tour in appreciation for his fans.  He said that it was very difficult to schedule it because someone was trying to block him from having this tour. (I think that is part of why it was also difficult to hit all the areas he would have liked to include in the tour).

He answered a few questions, including did he have his mission papers in and does he know where he is going, and he said he did have his papers in and does know here he is going.  He said he didn’t want to be more specific at this time.  He emphasized that he will still be able to do music during his mission. 

He then sang “Good Place/Let it Be,” “Mary Did You Know,” and “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus.”  Oh boy!  Nobody can sing more tenderly and with such emotion while having the best vocals on the planet.  Words don’t do any of this justice.  He was going to do one more since it was the last concert but some guy said NO the doors were opening. It was non-negotiable!!!!!!! Boo!  We then readied for the concert, and fans were given a Maraca to shake during Fa la la la la.

David was on fire, as were his fans!  The show was Sold Out!! A side note: This was a thrill for me especially as I had selfishly promoted this concert so it would not get cancelled after I had spent considerable money on flight and hotel reservations which were non-refundable.  I had called and written to the local church and schools, including sending flyers and David’s CD’s to both P.O.C.’s.  I carefully watched the seat charts for months on the Vilar Performing Charts.  When the dots eventually showed full, I was thrilled.  When we got to Beaver Creek, we saw lots of promo in papers, posters etc.  I was glad that it was promoted so well, and I was not solely responsible for filling the place. (ha!ha!)

On with the show.  There was no orchestra or Choir, and the simplicity of David and the band was perfect for this venue and for us.  We sang, we danced, we cheered, and we shook our Maracas during Fa la la la la!!  It was a celebration.  It seemed like we (the fans) gave David a standing ovation for every song.  It was so much fun!  … The concert was special and David ended with “O Holy Night.” It was beautiful!

We screamed for an Encore of course. We had worried all during the show about how David would be singing Drummer Boy, because Steve and his drums were behind an acrylic wall.  Luckily they  took that down while we screamed for an encore.  David came running out, and the reason for two standing microphones was answered when Jeff LeBlanc came out to join David.  David said that they had been jamming to a song off stage and decided to add the song to this final show:  “Waiting On The World to Change.” We couldn’t believe our ears!

David and Jeff jammed and sang and it was wonderful.  Lots of full circle memories for sure. David had said it was his first time to sing the whole song.  David then closed with the Drummer Boy, and it was spectacular.

Lots of fans decided to wait in the lobby and then by the bus, and David did come out by the bus.  It was wonderful as fans asked for signatures, pictures, hugs etc.  I got an autograph on a picture that was in the big fat Vilar Performing Arts Booklet with David’s full page picture and ad in it. By this time, I got a big “Hi!” from David as he now knew who I was. Ha! ha! I also got a big hug and picture taken with David.  I gave my final heartfelt message with a Big Smile on both of our faces.

We saw Sunny out by the bus and asked her what song David was going to sing at VIP that got cut off,; she said “Be Still My Soul.” Divine Intervention???  She said David was looking for her before the Encore and was going to sing it but she had gotten locked out of the back when she had gone out to the Child Fund display area. I guess it wasn’t meant to be but Oh how we would have loved to hear one more Be Still My Soul!

I then joined other fans for a wrap up of the evening.  We were estatic that this last show and send off was full of Happiness and Joy.

Thank you, Heidijoy, for sharing this fabulous concert recap – surely we here in Archuworld will have all kinds of unforgettable memories of the events this week. It’s really moving to be able to hear from someone who was there to witness these events live.

May you and all of us here at Soul David find the same joy and happiness this Christmas weekend! 🙂


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  1. Thank You HG! Merry Christmas to all. Wishing everyone the best holiday and JOY!!

    • Heidijoy, I just loved your recap! Oh, to have been able to go to that last show. What a blessing to all that attended. I was just thinking, what if David records “Be Still My Soul” for all of us before he leaves. Now that would be a gift! Thank you for letting us know what happened at the last concert.

  2. HG, Thank you for all your wonderful posts. You are one classy lady. Merry Christmas to you and all here at Soul David. Have a wonderful holiday; one filled with our Savior’s love!

  3. I cannot fathom who would try to block the tour. Since Idol hasn’t mentioned the mission news, I wonder if it might have been them. Still can’t fathom why. At all.

    Thanks to HeidiJoy for sharing your experiences and impressions, and thank you from me for all that you have done to promote David. I know that name, too.

    Thanks to HG again for keeping us up to date.

    • Merry Christmas to those on the other side of the globe- and Happy Christmas Eve to those in the West.

      Peace to all David fans, what ever your faith is!

      Thanks Heidijoy for the lovely update!

      KathyHKs- re “who would block”- seriously doubt anyone associated with Idol. Usually games like that are based on power, control, vengeance, spite from feeling wronged or trying to undermine success to make a point. Unfortunately- in life and in business- those folks abound- gives new meaning to David’s song choice “Everybody wants to rule the world”. Regardless the tour happened and would seem to have been a huge success- including hopefully financially.

    • The only ones that I can think of blocking the tour would be Idol/ 19R or his old label Jive/RCA. I never did hear that 19R released David. I do not think it would have anything to do with his previous managements as mic basically has managed him. But who knows cause in the music business it is all about the money.

  4. Heidijoy,

    This is the best recap by far of David’s gift to his fans, his MKOC Tour concerts! Thank you for being there to give David the send-off full of love he deserved. And thank you for sharing what will be a cherished memory for you and which many of us would have been a part of had we known about David’s future plans. I am still coping with the reality of what is to come & not knowing what to expect when he is on his Mission so I’m so very glad he said he can & will still be able to do music while on his Mission. Thank you so much for relaying that information which will help to ease some of the uncertainty some of us are feeling.

    To you Heidijoy, HG & SD, wishing you the Happiest of Holidays and may the New Year be filled with Peace, Joy & Love for you & yours!

    Feliz Navidad!

  5. Thanks Heidijoy for your great, detailed recap. I will sure miss David on tour recaps along with his blogs, tweets, pictures, and of course the music when he is gone on his mission. It sounds like we might have David stuff for another couple months, and possibly some music releases while he is gone. At least I hope those rumors are correct.

    I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone here at SD and to all fans of David.

    HeidiJoy – Thank You for your wonderful recap of recent concert events.

    Tibi- Thank You for your kind wishes on the other thread.

  7. Merry Christmas, everyone! 🙂

  8. Merry Christmasl, HG and thank you so much for all your thoughtful posts!

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone on SD!

  10. Personal Greetings from David on the official site! http://t.co/CYPl0RXC Clicky to make it huge!

    It’s already Christmas Day over at this part of the world! Merry Xmas to HG & all the SDers!

  11. Thanks to HG,SweetonDA,KathyHk,raelovingangels,Silverfox,Ray,grammyj and Joymus for your appreciation of the Recap. I was grateful for the opportunity. Would love a recording of Be Still My Soul SweetonDA!!

    Thanks for sharing David’s greeting Junnie. Love it!

    Merry Christmas to all.

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