What It Means to “Wait”

Here’s a sneak preview of David’s “Wait” music video – to premiere in Hong Kong on Christmas!

And since “Wait” is definitely going to be the name of the game, I’m very curious to see who’s going to be willing to wait for David after his two-year mission gig is up. Please take my latest poll! 🙂


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  1. I may be here. Happy holidays!

  2. Meanwhile, while we are waiting, here is a funny conversation for you (via Lisa and Frogcook on twitter):


  3. Joymus and Utah mom, i wish a fast and relaxing recovery,

    To all the SD posters , best wishes for you and your families this Christmas and New year 2012.

    Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel , Merry Christmas, Felices Fiestas, Bonnes Fêtes, Happy Holidays ,!!!!! Thanks for the very insightful moments of discussion and honest openness .

    HG Thank You again for you Site, you tolerance and open mind attitude towards to our different opinion. Special Hugh for you and your family

    Cmoi , a hugh in the distance for you too, not idea what you do by this time, but enjoy the season

    To all the foreigner posters, have a very special happy time too

    • aww, a big hug to you too ! I think that I’m going to miss David as much as the SD posters. And you know Tibitibi, I always appreciate your honest comments here and I wanted to thank you for often saying what I thought without daring to post it.

      My hope is that David recorded enough songs that he’s willing to share with us while he’s on his mission. I know it’s only wishful hope but it’d be a way to still be present in the fans’ minds and hearts. I’m sorry to say it but I’m a fan of his voice (and his music) first so it’d be hard to wait 2 years without it and even harder when you think about all the things he gave us during these 4 years. He was too good with us and I blame him for feeling so sad lol (I’m just joking, I blamed him first but now I just want him to leave as soon as possible, like yesterday, so the wait will be a little less longer lol).
      What we can’t say about this 4 years of being a fan is that there wasn’t a lot of drama lol. And I still enjoyed it all !

      Joyeux Noel à tous !!!

    • {{Hugs}} to you too, Tibi! 🙂 Your thoughts are always appreciated here.

  4. I’ll be here with baited breath to see the changes in him and hear wonderful new music with a more mature voice.

    If you’ll indulge me for just ONE more meditation (hopefully) on David’s beliefs: (BTW, in lieu of a mission, Donny Osmond has a very LDS-correct “beliefs” section of his website–so maybe we won’t have to have that for David, because he’s actually doing a mission instead).

    When David sang “Imagine” on AI, he chose his favorite, 3rd verse, because there wasn’t time for more. I’m sure he also didn’t want to possibly antagonize AI voters with the controversial 1st verse. Even though he sang the whole song in liberal Silicon Valley, and elsewhere in the past, at BYU, Idaho, he again left out the first verse, even though it wasn’t a time issue. Jeff has said that people were inspired to join their church because of that AI performance of Imagine. (OK, someone said that Jeff said that–I didn’t hear it directly).

    What I’m getting at–what I’m wondering is–what does that song mean to a Mormon crowd? Why would people convert to a RELIGION because of a song about “no religion”? Is David co-opting that song to mean something different? Maybe to mean that the world would be united when everyone is the SAME religion?

    I’m done now. LOL.

    • (P.S. Donny’s “beliefs” website is done mostly by a church-representative-type person, not by Donny himself).

    • Re. the lyrics to “Imagine”, I can’t speak on behalf of the Mormon crowd but to me, the song poetically reflects Lennon’s ideal world — a world where nothing divides us, where the darker side of religion doesn’t prevail.

      • TBH, I never really liked “Imagine” before hearing David’s version. He made me feel the message of the song.

        With all this talk about religion, I just wanted to say like some of you already did, that religion shouldn’t be an element of division and separation between people. We are all individuals first and we choose how to practice our religion.
        “Maybe to mean that the world would be united when everyone is the SAME religion?”. I never thought of that (because I believe that we all pray the same God) but for me, the world would be united when people would start to care about others regardless of their religion (or their sexual preferences, or their color, etc). I’m sorry, I recently read too much dystopians novels lol (about how ugly this world can be if we don’t react in times), so in this special time for all the Christians, I wish for worldwide peace and for tolerance and acceptation. Happy Holidays to you !

  5. I will probably move on but I will always check back again if there is new music or David news. By moving on I mean not posting every day or checking in every day. Which is good for my job and personal life. lol That is because I do not know how much new David news or music there will be in 2 years when he is on this mission. IMO this obviously is not good for his music career at all so I don’t know what the future holds. I really hope I am wrong. I do wish him the best as he is a great person. I will always be a fan even if a disagree with his music career decisions not his personal choices as that is his life. I still think you should keep the site open hg but it is up to you. It is a great site hg with diverse opinions and you have been a wonderful fan to David. Again Happy Holidays.

  6. Oh yes, I didn’t find my actual choice on the poll. It would be more like: “I’ll be here in 2 years, but I may pull back to more normal levels of fandom, if he comes back too orthodox for my comfort zone.”—or something more concise. lol.

  7. I’ll be hanging around. I have a whole archive of stuff to clean up and be sure it doesn’t disappear into the ether (those youtube videos, for example, need to be stored somewhere where they won’t be removed!)

    I think David has some musical tricks up his sleeve – we’ve heard he has banked songs, and Steven gave some hints in recent twitters. It won’t be the same as seeing David’s vlogs and concerts, but we’ve had some pretty dry spells during this last 4 years, remember.

    I think it might be interesting.

  8. I vote for #6.

  9. Longer version of WOTWTC:

  10. Off-topic – Here is a wonderful, joyful version of LDB from Canada: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IrNcD34KFhM#!

  11. “I will definitely be here for David – I’m a fan for life!”
    I’m so much a fan that instead of wrapping gifts, I’m looking at a time zone converter to determine when the “Wait” video premieres in around the world. 😀

    World Premiere: Sunday, 12/25, Hong Kong, 8 p.m.

    Sunday, 12/25, United States, 7 a.m. EST
    Sunday, 12/25, Paris, France, 1 p.m.
    Sunday, 12/25, Helsinki, Finland, 2 p.m.
    Sunday, 12/25, New Delhi, India, 5:30 p.m.
    Sunday, 12/25, Manila & Singapore, 8:00 pm

    • desertrat Love it. lol I have been reading some of the over 300 articles written about David’s leaving for a mission. I saw this article in the Salt Lake Tribune. I am going to post the last paragraph as I hope that the first sentence happens when David returns from his mission.

      “The other question is what will become of Archuleta, the singer, when he gets back in two years.
      Will he reinvent himself as a mature artist, ready to claim the international stage with a grown-up musical repertoire? Or will he play to the audience that still embraces him — the ones who bought the CDs and DVDs of his 2010 Christmas performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir — and join the ranks of musicians (like Kurt Bestor, Jon Schmidt and Peter Breinholt) who can sell out concert halls in Salt Lake City but are fairly obscure everywhere else? Or will he be so touched by his missionary experience that he’ll come back with a completely different set of priorities? “

      • Thought provoking questions!!

      • See? his fans are not the only ones thinking about, and tbh the second and third one look more like the possibilities to me, he will be happy? i guess, i have the impression that is the kind of success that make him happy.

        Look Kurt Bestor, the guy is just brilliant , but his career is reduced to his very critic LDS crowd , his story is very interesting btw ….

        Happy Holidays again Marie, GG, Desertrat, Raelovigangels, Peter, Marlie, Utahmom, CAS , Grammyj, Heidijoy, Julee, Kathy, Embe , Theotherdavid, Kb, lurkers, ocacional posters ……. Mic and Ray , and of course Idolfan and Charice lol !! 🙂

      • Happy Holidays tibi. So enjoy your comments.

  12. off topic here but some tweets saying someone from childfund said that david is going to the pilippines in jan, was this someone was giving out personal information wasn’t allowed too, just wondering????

  13. like i said my last post, maybe david going there for a training for LDS missionary???

  14. if david have to be training for the missionary, it has to be really soon, if he is leaving for mission half of next year?? i think the pilippines trip is supposed to be a very private thing, idk,

  15. it weird that david hasnt mentioned if he was going to the pilippines yet, that seems odd or maybe he isnt going after all but who knows. happy hoildays everyone!.


  16. Absolutely thought provoking questions in that article’s end, Marie. I know what I want to believe, but I have to admit I’ve wondered. Only time will tell. Who knows how any of our lives will change in that time. I’ve already decided to start a big David concert piggy bank for that first tour afterward. (Could use it to go on a trip if the worst happened.) Now I’ve decided to make a David-related journal entry, relaying my thoughts and hopes and fears, so I can look back and see how my expectations changed over time until his return. Don’t ask me why. Maybe just another bit of self-soothing.

  17. tibitibi,, you are too funny! and have a happy hoildays to you too. . it sound like david will be heading to the pilippimes in jan, who knows for what real reasons are!?!? have a great hoildays rest of souldavd members too. take care everyone.


  18. I’m a lifer. That is all. 🙂

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