End of a Chapter, the Beginning of a New One!

Here’s David’s latest vlog:

Also, thanks to Peter for posting video to an amazing performance of David singing “Waiting on the World to Change” with opening act Jeff LeBlanc at his last show of the “My Kind of Christmas” tour.

As an aside, John Mayer has been dead to me in the wake of some bigoted remarks he made against black women, so you know, I don’t just blindly accept artists on the strength of their music. The character has to be there as well, and so far, David hasn’t disappointed me. I pray he will continue to amaze me and inspire me.


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  1. OK, so I was really hoping not to get deep into religion and race, but some comments from the previous thread compels me to say something.

    Is the LDS church problematic? Yes, like all churches, there are ignorant doctrines that have come from Christianity.

    Homophobia stems from a Hebrew scripture that condemns same-sex couplings (in a verse that also condemns eating seafood and pork!) and the racist view that black people are cursed (“the mark of Cain”) and here’s a newsflash: ALL Christian churches taught those racist and homophobic ideas. It’s a bit unfair to demonize only the LDS church (don’t have me listing all the sins of the Catholic Church now, and do you want to hear the sordid past of Southern baptists who went to church Sunday morning and hanged and burned black folk from trees that Sunday afternoon?)

    I come from a people who were placed like sardines in the belly of slave ships called Jesus and Redemption. And yet that oppressive religion also inspired former slaves like Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner to free themselves and other slaves. It is unfair to make assumptions about a person based on the doctrines if their faith. All we have to go on is individual actions.

    Like GG, I decided long ago to hope that David is as kind and loving as he seems to be.

    • hg.love your post,s i agree with you, hpoe you will keep the site open,for i like david can forgive all,i love david very much he came to me at a very bad time in my life when i didn,t think i would be here thes last four years but here i am, realy love to all rayps david i here you would like to talk to you more in privet,if you would like,i grew up in town woh hated,catholic,and democrates,and was bullide weekly, i ramble here bye

  2. Both the abolitionist and civil rights movements had their origins and greatest champions in the progressive churches of the time. Martin Luther King was a minister. My church has female and gay ministers and performs same-sex weddings, or commitment ceremonies.

    There’s a huge difference between churches like the liberal Unitarians and Warren Jeffs’ polygamous FLDS, and they shouldn’t be lumped together. All churches aren’t problematic, but unfortunately LDS is one of the most patriarchal, and took the leadership in eliminating gay rights.

    I have no doubt that David is as kind and loving as he seems to be, and have never said differently.

  3. Oops sorry I didn’t know there’s a new thread so I will repost my comment from the previous thread:

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone here. I started lurking here in SD just week. A fan that I met in Santa Rosa while waiting for david at the bus told me about this site. And I can’t express how much I like this site as you guys offer such thought provoking insights.
    About David’s choice to go to mission, I want to humbly say that I am not a Mormon, I’m protestant Christian, but from what i can see, although david is so into his religion, I think he is not so much about religion but more about his relationship with God.I think he worships and chose to serve in that religion because that’s the religion he grew up with.
    I think more so than anything, he values his relationship with God, tries his best to help other people and show kindness because that’s what Jesus would do.
    I dont think he hates gay or anyone. It’s just not him. I think he just wants to share God’s love and peace. Again, he serves in LDS church because that’s where he was brought up to serve and worship.
    I love everyone here and respects everyone’s opinions. Sorry if I have offended anyone, but I tried to be as careful as I could because my intention was just to speak my mind, and I love peace

  4. some typos, sorry: “I started lurking here in SD just last week.*
    and another one:
    *…but from what i can see, although david seems to be so rooted in LDS, I think he is not so much about religion but more about his relationship with God.*

  5. Posting this again in case someone missed it, since it might give hope to all worried about David’s return to music.

    “From snowangels:

    … and from @KimmieDavid (who was at the VIP):

    “To all David fans: He does plan on not only returning to music when mission is over but touring and concerts as well! Per David himself. 🙂 … David himself told someone at the vip that he plans on picking up where he left off…says he doesn’t know why ppl think he is leaving the business. just hope things do not change within 2 yrs. But as of now, its looking up”

  6. Kb–I agree with you 100 percent. I was formulating those thoughts in my head this morning, thinking how David is so inclusive, and it’s because he always talks about it as his relationship…it’s a personal one that he emphasizes. He also thanks for his blessings and his gifts…what he has. It always bothers me when athletes thank “God” for their victory, as though they are the chosen. Makes me want to reach through the TV screen, snatch that Trophy, and hit them upside the head. Maybe hand it to the second place finisher beside them and let them have a tap. Let ’em thank God for that.

    HG–I’ll have to look back at yesterday’s posts. I myself mentioned something on FOD yesterday. It really wasn’t a bash of LDS, but kind of a helping hand to someone who expressed feelings of alienation relating to fears that David would have to repeat the “dictated words regarding homosexuality” while on his mission. And, frankly, it’s hard to take day after day of references and slurs that people are so 1. in agreement with and/or 2. desensitized to the point they don’t even notice it. I don’t think that my pointing out “slurs”, though, is really trying to pick a fight. I’m hoping to educate and sensitise people, because “somewhere, a seven year old (gay child) is listening”.

  7. Hit a key and sent my post before I finished. Yes, the LDS is problematic when it comes to homosexuals. My partner grew up LDS and was pretty much tortured both mentally and physically at tthe age of 13, at which age he was tricked in therapy to admit his gay tendencies, and then suffered the consequences. I’m not going to tell you some of the “therapy” he received, as it is pretty disheartening, graphic, and disgusting. I’m sure, if he was not so strong willed, it would have been “eradicated” from him before he had to run away at the age of 16 and live on his own, three states away. The therapy was church sanctioned. I don’t care who you are, and what your beliefs, you don’t do to children, what was done to him.
    I do, too, have a problem with LDS spending millions of dollars legislating their religious beliefs regarding my rights, two states away. Working fervently to take away a basic fundamental protection that countless people have given their lives, figuratively, and literally, to achieve. Like I said yesterday, regarding separation of church and state, I wish the protections would work both ways, as they were originally intended. It’s not right. There are americans of every different religion. Religious beliefs should not be forced upon secular society. In America. At least. Religion is already protected. It does not need to give, or organize to give, any money to political ventures.
    That being said, yes, they are not alone in having homophobic teachings. Most western religions do. I’m not religious, but all of my family members are. I love them. Many of my friends are. I love them. I visit Utah yearly, and have for years. I have many Mormon friends. I love someone who was raised Mormon. I do not agree with anyone who has a stance that who I am makes me less or that I deserve less. I will NOT sit at the back of the bus and I will not sit idly quiet just because people who think less of me, thiink that this is not real. I’m on these sites, though, Daily. I’m not a trouble maker, because if I were, I wouldn’t make these comments more than once or twice a year, which actually saddens me sometimes because, “‘somewhere, a 7 year old is listening”.

    • Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your insightful remarks.

    • Thanks for sharing. Wonderful post. I think that prop 8 in Calif really angered many gays against the LDS church. As I mentioned in the previous post my brother is gay. He lives in LA and was just so angry at LDS at the time. The church should not have spent millions of dollars on that as that money could have been better served in other worthwhile causes. I hope that the church realizes that now. You seem to have a very balanced and insightful view on things, theotherdavid. Again they are not the only misguided religion out there but I just hope David realizes these things and does not accept every thing his church teaches . I guess he will have to on the mission but maybe it will change.

      • Marie and theotherdavid, just want you to know that there are many, many, many Mormons who did not agree at all with what the church did with Prop 8. As in any organization, the extremists took over and tarnished the entire church (and many of the extremists are in the hierarchy of the church ). Many Mormons realize that the church’s stance on homosexuality has to change……and I think in time it will. I hope, soon.

      • thanks mango. So nice to hear this. I bet there will be changes as everything changes somewhat. Even religions. The Catholic church, the church I grew up in, still needs to make changes too IMO. Very Happy Holidays to you.

      • Frankly, I found the whole Mormon church/Prop 8 issue to be embarrassing and totally wrong. Maybe worst of all, little did I know how it would affect David and his image. I think it’s very sad that David and his good heart and soul will have to in a way pay the price for the church’s involvement in the issue. (This is my opinion.)

  8. I should have said, “I would make these comments more than once or twice a year…

  9. What would you do if David came to your door as a missionary?

    I’d say I’d consider taking the lessons if three things happened: 1. There were female bishops, prophets and other leaders. 2. Same-sex marriage was allowed in the church. 3. The Golden Plates were found, authenticated, and put on display. Then we could talk.

  10. I am actually VERY nice to missionaries. I do, though, tell them I’m not a candidate because I am gay.

  11. I may not say this in the best way, as I had minor surgery today and am in a pain med fog, but here goes.

    I’m pretty sure Christ loves and cares about everyone. Black and white, men and women, gay and straight, Catholics, Jews, Evangelicals, and, even, Mormons, even Mormon missionaries. I think David does a pretty good job of following Christ.

    HG, I really appreciate your above comments. Thank you. Many of the comments here lately have detracted from the spirit of the season. I love Jesus. I feel His love for me. I want to follow his example. Remembering that baby lying in a manger is important to me, especially at this time of year. I want to be more compassionate, loving and charitable. I want to feel His spirit. So, I’m outta here for now. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and enjoys the holidays.

    • Wishing you a full recovery! 🙂

    • I wish you a full recovery utahmom. I have really missed your insightful and at times humorous comments. You are the one that taught me how to post articles from other sites here remember lol. I hope you know that any comment I make here would never be directed at you as I respect your ability to be so fair and open minded and nonjudgmental. I think we might share concerns about mic and David’s decisions on his music career and I know I still have them. Have a really great holiday.

      • At the end of the day I am just concerned about how all this will effect David’s music career if he still wants one. I do not see how he has one for the next 2 years. 2 years is a long time to be away from the music industry. But like Astrid posted in the last thread “How many times did we wonder if he really wanted a career in music, based on his actions or lack there of? Turns out he was more burdened than we ever could have imagined.” That states it for me. It is his choice. I am off to complete my Christmas shopping. Offtopic: I am not so sure Melanie from XFactor is going to be the next superstar. I liked Josh or Chris Rene as his addiction issues and story touched me. Also at least David did not get into a bar fight with his boyfriend and end up in jail in Finland like another idol runner up did recently. Isn’t the guy like 30 years old not 20. lol

    • I really like what you have said. Jesus does love everyone. It’s actually not about how good we are, but how good He is. For if God’s love is conditional and depends on our good works and on how good we are, then nobody can be saved.
      I really think that that’s the message that david is always trying to get across to us who are willing to listen to him, that God is a good God, who loves us unconditionally. And so therefore we ought to show kindness to ANYONE.

    • Oh and wishing you a fast, full recovery!

  12. Thank you, Utahmom, for reminding us about the holiday season and what David himself is about.

    I’ve said my peace, and IMO David is going to be just fine. If others don’t believe this, well, we will just have to agree to disagree.

    • I agree, that David will be just fine regarding the mission. I’ve told all of my nieces and nephews regarding college, “I don’t care what you study, just go to college.” Aside from the wonderful things they’d learn from the institution, it’s a shared peer exerience with new peers (kind of like a mission), gives them a different world view (kind of like a mission), gives them all of this out of the care of their parents (kind of like a mission), and in the end the experiences may take their lives in directions they never thought they’d take, or possible (kind of like a mission). The only problem I’ve had with David taking a mission is purely selfish, and was pretty much over by the time I woke the next morning and was able to articulate that I had vested and projected my hopes and dreams (kind of like a parent) on David, and how unfair I’d been.
      To Utahmom. I hope you are feeling better, soon. I too meant no disrespect or insensitivity to you, or anyone. I read on this site all of the time, and I’ve always thought your comments were very fair, compassionate, and insightful (I still do!). I know I came late to the party with my comments, probably after many were saying, let’s just move on. I’ve seen it happen in the past, when I’d already had my say on actually a similar topic. Even though I, and many were through with the topic, some would not give it up. I hope you understand, though, that being gay I am affected by not this issue, but these issues every day and have been my whole life. My intention was not to beat a dead horse, but to add my two cents. One cent is out of frustration, the other is that I feel that I owe my voice to help others like me who feel they have none, or wonder why someone/anyone wouldn’t stand up and say “hey, that’s wrong and it hurts”. Kind of like a couple days ago, someone on FOD said they had no idea why gay people even existed. Or a couple days before, when the conversation was about how many males were now showing up at concerts on this tour, and someone made a pretty hurtful distinction between gays and real men, which went uncontested. The sad thing is, it’s so prevalent, that people don’t even notice it.
      I hope you understand that I realised after I posted, that this did seem like beating the dead horse. Felt bad for hg that I’d taken her post to pick up the thread further, but really felt compelled to add my voice and have it counted. I know that this is getting muddled in with David’s going on a mission and following his faith, which I have NO PROBLEM with, but that I do have a problem with any shared systemic beliefs that lead to behavior that diminishes and negates me as a human being for a trait that I was born into this world with. I know that they are not LDS born, nor created, nor exclusive to the LDS.
      I know some people on this site probably recognise me, and not one of them can say that I come on to any of these sites prolifically to shove my agenda down anyones’ throat. I’m here everyday, since AI, and I’ve only jumped on this topic two or three times. Again, untimely with the mission stuff and Christmas coming up, but not untimely for me. My personal integrity compelled me to stand up and be counted…and not for personal reasons, because “somewhere a 7 year old is listening”.

  13. Oh, and Utahmom, I hope you’re healing well!

    Your post reminds me that others should be mindful that, somewhere, an LDS person is also “listening” to these generalized comments disparaging their faith.

    • Shanny in Australia

      So true. Thank you for understanding.

    • I’m hoping that was not directed at me? I only ask because you are picking up on my “somewhere….someone is listening” mantra. I don’t think my comments are generalised, nor disparaging of anyone’s faith. I haven’t even discussed religion here, which is the belief in a diety. I’ve only discussed a small belief and practice that promotes homophobia, which is certainly not a pillar of beliefs of the mormon religion, nor is it unique to the Mormon religion.

  14. As hard as it is to discuss these things, I believe that the discussion is good as long as we maintain a respectful tone. Living in our world is not and has not ever been easy. There’s a lot of beauty and just as much pain

    TheOtherDavid, as well as everything else you said, I want to thank you for saying this:

    “He also thanks for his blessings and his gifts…what he has. It always bothers me when athletes thank “God” for their victory, as though they are the chosen.”

    That kind of idea been problematic for me since a time when I questioned less (and considered myself more religious.) I’ve not seen or heard David do anything that wasn’t loving. I guess we all interpret what we see through our own complicated histories, but when David shed those tears at his announcement, I wondered if it was partly because he knew (on some levels) the vast complexity of his choice.

    • KathyHKs–
      I wondered if it was partly because he knew (on some levels) the vast complexity of his choice.
      Very interesting. Put a lot of compassionate thoughts in my head.

  15. Shanny and Utahmom and others who read here and feel hurt, I apologize for my part. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you or to your belief system. Something in me just responds to all of those who would like to participate but are told that they, themselves, are somehow unfit because of who they are at a very essential level.

    I think that many churches will come around on this issue. I believe that the change would be amazing. Discussion will only hasten this change.

  16. A few last comments before I get on with our family holiday preparations:

    1. I post under my name or a version of it. I say things and then worry that those who know me will be upset. It occurs to me how tough it must be to be David Archuleta, at times. He is loved by a very diverse group and he knows it.

    2. Thanks to all of you for engaging. The majority of comments have been intelligent and thoughtful and I’ve enjoyed the discussion. Thanks to HG for allowing it despite your own experiences dealing with David’s announcement.

    3. Happy holidays to all!

  17. Thank you HG for this blog and this post. I am a faithful Mormon, and I have learned over the years to respect different opinions regarding their religion, and my religion. I am not hurt about these comments, but rather understanding where they come from. And I really understand them. If you don’t mind, please allow me to share this video, from the famous 8throwcenter. I think this song shows what David is trying to do. It could really be just a simple message, rather than some deep troubled doctrines. I thought this may be a nice balance we all need, specially in this holiday season.

  18. Thanks Desertrat 🙂 There’s some drama going on over here, because Adam Lambert and his Finnish boyfriend had a fight at a gay bar and they spent the night in jail lol. I’d much rather be reading about David in the papers but what can you do 😛

    Oh, and a merry Christmas to everyone! We celebrate Christmas on the 24th so tomorrow’s the day!

    Here’s my daughter, Neela (4,5 months old), wishing you all happy holidays 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing the cute picture of your baby! It will be a wonderful Christmas for you with your little one.

      Since David wants to be more like Jesus I do think anyone has to fear that he will somehow turn into a bigot. I hope all of us will try to be more like Jesus and live by the golden rule per the lyrics of the song David sang posted above.

  19. Did you guys see this video already? Set up and posted on youtube by Karen (StaryNites01) where the whole VIP sang a song to David to the tune of “I’ll Be There” (they changed it to “We’ll be there”):

  20. David has been so good to us, and we in turn have been good to him. What an awesome message: “We’ll be there.” 🙂

    Thank you, Fish and other de-lurkers for sharing your voice here, and thank you, Embe for sharing that cute pic of your daughter.

    Happy holidays, everyone! Best wishes for a lovely Christmas season! 🙂

  21. What a cutie, Embe!

    On the website for LDS women that I’ve mentioned, they LOVE their church. But the doctrines that we’re concerned about, are what’s causing so much pain to THEM–not the fact that they’re being discussed. Young gay Mormons are living in pain because of the church’s policies about them. Many LDS women anguish for their daughters who watch their 12-year old brothers become priests and prepare to take on leadership roles.

    In normal David-world, it’s not my place as an outsider to go on and on about this. I typically just try to respond if it’s pertinent to the ongoing discussion. And I so appreciate HG allowing us to discuss these things on her site even though there may be some discomfort about it.

    David personally expresses only respect to other faiths and walks of life, but his mission story has become huge–and this is an aspect of it that deeply troubles not only gay fans. As theotherdavid says, the harm comes from NOT speaking up.

    Someone (on FOD?) posted a link to the website for the Missionary Training Center where David will go for up to 3 months. They make it clear that their goal is for the church to become universal. Over 50,000 current missionaries, including David, and millions of past missionaries have solemnly promised to consecrate themselves… and everything with which the Lord has blessed them or will ever bless them….to the CHURCH…. for the establishment of Zion. Not to God, or to humanity, in all it’s diversity, but to the church and Zion (definition: A theocratic community). And they’re dedicating two years full-time to it.

    Anything I say here is small peanuts. I don’t like to think that I’ve been disrespectful–I’m just aiming to be truthful, while still expressing how much I admire David.

    • small *potatoes* lol

      I hadn’t refreshed for a couple of hours…I’d like to echo everyone’s wishes for a wonderful holiday!

    • I wonder if the 3 months (or less) for the MTC are included in the 2 years mission or are additional ? (sorry, I’m not sure my question is clear)

  22. I sent HG a recap of SLC and Beaver Creek by e-mail to share as she wishes. I delivered cards etc. as requested. I arrived home safely to Iowa last evening after an emotion packed several days to attend Motab,SLC,and Beaver Creek. Didn’t think to mention Motab in my recap.(oops) Noticed the dancers,choir etc this year. Not quite the same but glad we went. Wishing you all Happy Holidays!!
    David seems very happy and has grown so much as a singer, performer and beautiful human being. Met many wonderful fans and feel grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Blessings to all !
    Now I must get back to thinking about Christmas, my family coming etc etc. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!! tommorrow is Christmas EVE. Peace!

  23. hi guys,wow! david will be training for missionary for 3 months when he is done with that, i guess he leave for a 2 years LDS mission, will he be training in utah???

    • Yes, it’s in Utah. My question is, does the 2 years start after that, or at the point he goes into the MTC?

      • cc halo, i had no idea LDS mission have to be training for that. i guess david will start training in jan if he is leaving half of the year??? i think he will be leaving in april for missonary, just my guess.

  24. I have been a lurker and just felt like sharing my thought, I hope you do not mind.
    I will start out by saying that I am LDS and married to a non member. We have had missionaries in our home on several ocassions had they have never forced anything on my husband. He enjoys have conversations with them but has no desire to be baptized. I feel that I was raised to respect others and I hope that I have been accepting of others.
    CC Halo I am not sure what website about LDS women you are talking about, but I grew up in the church and i have never know a women who has felt bad because she does not hold the priesthood. Women can have leadrship positions in the church, I am in a leadership roll in the youth program, I do not feel bad because I do not have the priesthood. Women are not looked down on in our church.
    I am sorry for those that have had a bad experience with someone in the church. I live in SO. California and Prop 8 was a rough time for all. I think that it is unfair to say that all mormons hate gays.
    I hope that you all dont mind that I posted a comment if you do please remove it. Sorry that this was so long.

    • It’s called “Feminist Mormon Housewives”, and it’s popular probably in more liberal Mormon circles. Feminism is only about equal opportunities, and not being limited due to your sexual identity. Even if most LDS women are happy in roles they’re allowed to have, others would make wonderful bishops, caring for their congregations–just like my female minister does–or even as a prophet, due to their often very spiritual nature.

      I believe that most Mormons LOVE gays, these days–they’re just taught that their relationships are sinful. It’s as hurtful to them, as it would be to you if someone said that your marriage relationship was sinful. I haven’t seen anyone here say that Mormons hate gays.

      (I’m shelbysmom 🙂 ).

  25. cmoi – In scanning the FOD comments yesterday “Rich” (Richard Parkinson made a few comments in answer to a few questions that people had. He said that the training time is at the start of their mission (part of the 2 years) and in answer to someone’s question about David using his Spanish on his mission, he said that language training sometimes takes a good part of the training and that if David is going to a Spanish-speaking country, he probably would spend less time in the training facility.

    • Thanks. I was worried that it could be 2 year and 3 months :(.

      • I have a question if anyone sees this. What happens if David does not stay at his mission for exactly 2 years? I guess I mean is that 2 years written in stone like joining the armed forces or is there some flexibility to it. Can you go for a year and then transfer to college or leave for a job? I just have no idea how this works. I would think like any religion there has been some recent changes in their rules but maybe not.

      • It would be a very bad thing for him if he left, unless he were to get sick or injured. Kind of like flunking out of college, but worse.

      • Thanks cc halo. hmmm. Not what I wanted to hear but not surprised.

  26. Hi!!!

    GG, i saw your last post, and i agree i can’t feel the same from the outside, but i’m can be hurting deeply if the people i love with all my heart become a target of discriminatory doctrines, politics and philosophies. Like Latin person we have a different/similar story , since we have our own story of oppression ,so when i talk that is offensive that preach the ‘Race Superiority’ i know what i talking about ….. and right now in some country you’re familiar with ,be Latin is synonym of many negatives views , almost thrash in the eyes of this people who promote this kind of garbage and i don’t need to said who are the promoters of this laws. and wave of hate against Latin people.

    HG , i heard you too, and i said in previous post how conflicted and disappointed i was about religion in general, that is what i learned after this 4 years , this is not about if my religion is better than yours, but to stand up by what is right, i can say without regrets that yes, some Sud Baptiste Church are out of touch with the reality of what Christianity means, so i’m not sympathetic with them neither , because is just WRONG , and not Christ like, but then i don’t gonna go in their name to sell this ‘particular ideas’… and i wouldn’t be afraid to confront them if a need to do it. …. i said long time ago i believe in Christ ,in christians not so much.

    I don’t know David, i don’t know what he has on his heart, i don’t know what is his perception of God or his relationship with Him , but i can say that a good person should have of courage to disagree when is wrong and standing by what is Just …. of course our conceptual definition of Justice can be different too so :/

    Anyway, i don’,t need to agree with an artist personal philosophy to like his music, i think John Mayer have a poor opinion of women in general, but the guy is a a excellent song-writer and you still can relate to his songs. 😐

    My image of David still positive in other aspects, i never put him in a Pedestal, and i received inspirations of many others people in my life, maybe because Latin kids are often smiley and optimists even in the most difficult situations .i don’t see him too much different to them, just more conservator.

    And if this discussion can hurt feelings, i just think shouldn’t be, in the past this fanbase in general jumped and was implacable very often to criticized any life style from other artists that come from other cultures and beliefs in order to make our Artist look better, regardless if were adults or teenagers and in the process we offended other fans, is another lesson learned, so i very careful now and more conscious about this kids , before to jump in this train of blind arrogance ….something i said many time already.

  27. Thanks, Shelby”s mom. I have never heard of it. Like I said that has not been my experience and I can only speak from what I know and have experienced. Thanks for letting butt into your conversation. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  28. i read some fans tweets that david will be going to the philippines in jan.i guess the rumor it true!.

  29. speaking of chistmas, i think david won’t be in utah for the holidays, be where it warm!!.

  30. Joymus and Utah mom, i wish a fast and relaxing recovery,

    To all the SD posters , best wishes for you and your families this Christmas and New year 2012.

    Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel , Merry Christmas, Felices Fiestas, Bonnes Fêtes, Happy Holidays ,!!!!! Thanks for the very insightful moments of discussion and honest openness .

    HG Thank You again for you Site, you tolerance and open mind attitude towards to our different opinion. Special Hugh for you and your family

    Cmoi , a hugh in the distance for you too, not idea what you do by this time, but enjoy the season 🙂

    To all the foreigner posters, have a very special happy time too 🙂

  31. maybe david is doing his LDS mission training in the pilippines not in utah??

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